Teen babe learns how to satisfy cock by big boobs milf

Teen babe learns how to satisfy cock by big boobs milf
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The knock in the door turned into a loud thud.


Patrick and Hannah both scrabled to get put together so that no body would be suspicious that anything other then normal had just taken place. Once ready, Patrick went to open the door.

He was a little shocked and relieved only to find that it was his little sister Erin at the door. She was the same age as Hannah. Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and a slim figure. She had only come up staires to tell Patrick that they were leaving to go home. Erin then ran into the room, hugged hannah goodbye, and went back out the door and down the stairs. Patrick and Hannah were left standing there akeardly. Finally Hannah spoke and said " I can't wait until next weekend when you guys come back for another men and women sexy story, I'll make sure I'm ready." with that final statement, she walked over to Patrick, gave him a passionate kiss, then walked away to go down the staires.

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Patricks mind was spinning, but soon his fathers voice ringing shouted up the staires and Patrick snapped out of his trance. He reluctantly left his aunts house but started to plan what he could do next weekend. The week had gone by so slowly. Every day felt like a year to Patrick. It might have been summer but he felt like he had nothing to do.

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All he could think about was this past weekend and his cousins sweet feminine treasures. Sunday rolled around. Once one'o clock came, Pat knew it was time to hop into the car and go to his aunts house. Once he arived, he couldn't wait to hop into the pool this time. He walked into the house where he was greated by relatives. He tried as best he could to make story story my sister husband sex abuse me way to the backyard as quickly as possible.

Eventually he made it. Now the fun can begin. Hannah was already in the pool so Pat ripped off his shirt and ran in. Hannah had such an excited look on her face when he jumped in.

She swam over to him to say hi and give him a hug, the couldn't kiss, not in public with their family around. Pat in turn hugged back but let his hand trail down to squeez her ass. They were in water, who could see that? Hannah squealed in delight as Patrick played with her soft ass but had to break the close contact before people got currious. The pool games continued. Then some conversations broke out and everyone was at their own edge of the pool.

Hannah was right by Pat. As the group of people were talking, Hannah slid her hand over to Patric'sk thigh. While it startled him at first, he quickly relaxed and let her hand roam freely. Eventually, Hannah was rubbing his balls through his swim trunks.

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It was so busty lesbo gets pussy drilled with big dildo in bath for Pat to keep a straight face while talking to everyone as his little cousin fondled him under the water. As the rubbing continued, patrick wanted some fun of his own. He let his own hand slither over to Hannah and squeeze her ass cheeks.

They were so soft but firm at the same time. Pat could play with her ass all day. Wanting to push the envelope more, Pat let his hand slip between her thighs so that through her bikini fabric, he was rubbing her clit. A quick gasp of breath escaped from Hannah from the sudden shock of erotic pleasure. Patrick picked up his speed which caused Hannah to grind against his fingers. Patrick was having a field day, having his hard-on stroked through his swim trunks while rubbing a young girls clit and making her gasp and moan softly.

Eventually, Patrick could not thake anymore, he needed to go all out on Hannah. But where? Patrick got a great idea. He spoke up saying he was going to the bathroom. But before he got out of the pool, he gave hannahs ass one last squeeze and a look in his eye that sujested that he wanted her to follow.

Hannah got the message. After waiting a bit, she too said she would have to use the bathroom. She darted into the house. She looked in both bathrooms but couldn't find Patrick. She then checked her room to find him in there.

She imediately ran in, locked the door, and jumped onto Patrick. Both of them were kissing in a wild passion. Patrick was giving hannahs ass the ocasional smack while Hannah was tearing her bikini top and bottom off.


Next she proceeded to pull Pat's trunks down, exposing his 13 year old cock. Hannah looked on with awe as she busty brunette step mom slurps step son big dick never seen something so wonderful before. The past week, she had been finding and learning new things on what to do with a mans cock, and now was the time to put the information to the test.

Patrick was laying on his back in total bliss as his 10 year old cousin layed on top of him naked. She slowely moved town his body while kissing every part of his torso. Once she arived to Patrick's dick, she look devilishly into his eyes and then moved her mouth to his dick.

Patrick was both excited and amazed that his young cousin knew how to act like such a slut. His eyes grew wide and he let out a low groan as his cock becamed envelloped by the little girls mouth. Hannah swirled her toung around the head of his cock which sent chills through out Patricks body.

For her first cock sucking, Hannah was doing amazingly well. She bobbed her head like a pro and had Patrick moaning in no time. After a while, Patrick knew he was reaching his breaking point, so he warned Hannah.

But she didn't stop, she actually picked up the pace! Patrick couldn't hold back any longer, he erupted into the little girls throat. Hannah could not keep up with the streams of cum that were rocketing out of his dick so some began to leak out of the corners of her mouth.

Eventually, Patricks balls became compleatly emptied.


His cousin was a cock sucking pro. Hannah licked every last drop of cum off of her chin and lips. She just smiled at Pat, knowing he enjoyed it as much as she did. But there gazes were broken by the shouting of Hannahs mother up the stairs that dinner was ready.

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Safely the two had to hold off on their fun for a bit. But to ensure Pat that the fun wasn't over she said " maybe after we eat dinner, you can eat my desert".

After that coy statement, she left the room, leaving Patrick standing there with his jaw dropped and his mind racing of what else could go on tonight.