Sunny leone bf story jabardasti rape sin

Sunny leone bf story jabardasti rape sin
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We had been living together for a year or so, still enjoying our sex on a nightly or more basis when not too exhausted at work. We normally kept to me fucking Sarah's pussy but occasionally I zoe parker finger fuck krissy lynns milf twat naturaltits tribbing her ass too and we both liked it. We also like massaging each other with a variety of oils which was great fun and usually resulted in a hot sex session too which was even nicer.

We had taken up reading stores in girlie magazines like Penthouse but also swinging contact magazines too. We had noticed that the stories that turned us on were not so much the straight m/f ones, but the threesomes (two guys and a girl) and foursomes where one mather sleep son hot focking was sometimes the centre of attention. Usually the girl of course with both guys sucking and fucking her at the same time, and in a foursome the other girl joining in too so there were lots of different combinations.

Sometimes there was a bit of bisexual play the guys sucking each other or the girls kissing and sucking each other too. I had to admit to Sarah these turned me on and I was a bit bi-curious. She was too but less than me. She had never indulged with another girl but I had wanked a few times with other guys over the years and always wondered what it would be like to do it properly suck and be sucked and fuck and be fucked.

Sarah said she would like to see me suck a cock and get fucked in the ass watching me getting some of what I gave her. I wanted to see her get fucked too watch another guy's cock going in and out of her, then licking her clit and the guy's cock together as he fucked her.

Perhaps me getting a mouthful of hard cock when he pulled out, giving him a lick and a suck before pushing him back into her with my hand. Then of course I would take him up my ass, feeling his hard length sinking into me perhaps when I had my cock in her too.

That still gives me an erection today I find it really hot. Sarah always loved feeling my spunk trickling out of her afterwards. I would lick her thighs or her ass to collect my own spunk or lick her pussy out if she wasn't too sensitive. I wondered what it would be like to feel than myself be fucked by a hard cock and filled up with sperm so the spunk trickled out of my ass afterwards.

This was pre-internet so film porn was limited but we had been to see hard core movies in Soho and Amsterdam and been turned on by them. One evening, we watched a gangbang movie together in Soho which showed a girl in a string hammock being fucked in turn by 8 guys, ending with them all wanking off over her together.

I was actually a bit embarrassed watching it with her dp german rodox porn 2019 I thought Sarah would object to seeing men exploit a single girl even if she seemed more than willing.

As we left the cinema however, she said she was absolutely soaking wet. The film had hit straight onto her own fantasy of being the centre of attention from a bunch of guys all 'worshipping' her sexually and her coming time after time and then being covered in their sperm. We returned to our Inner London flat and screwed ourselves silly. She was really wet and it was a no holes barred evening she finger fucked me as I fucked her and we both loved the feel of her in me whilst I was in her.

I fingerfucked her ass while fucking her pussy, then fucked her hard in her ass. All bareback of course and spunked a big load in her ass. She felt it hitting her and that triggered another orgasm she usually came at least three times in our sessions.

I would manage two or three myself and usually stayed hard in between too which she liked so our sessions would last for hours. In Amsterdam we watched a live sex show and found bi videos with mm as well as ff and mixed group bi action. They were hot and we had smuggled a few back into the UK to fuel our lovemaking. But they also helped us decide we wanted to try some of our fantasies and combinations out with other people.

We wondered how to meet people without too much pressure so when we saw an advert for a mixed massage group in North London, decided to answer it since we enjoyed massages too.


We turned up at this chap Mike's flat and talked with him about the group. He had a picture of the group on his piano about thirty people, all 30 50 years old and formally dressed. He said to turn it over and there they all were in the same pose but this time stark naked and interestingly attractive. We said that looked like fun. Mike talked about how they did their massages together but also indicated some of the group liked to do sensual massages and more than just massages too in smaller, more private groups.

That included him and his partner Maria, whom he pointed out in the photo. She was an attractive Asian lady, smallish but nice boobs and I thought eminently fuckable. While we were chatting, Maria arrived and said hello. She looked as nice as her picture. After joining us in a cup of tea, she asked if we would like them to give us a massage. She would love to do me and Mike would do Sarah.

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Sarah and I looked at each other, both obviously interested, and nodded to each other - why not? We both enjoyed receiving a massage and if it went a bit further, well we were interested in exploring that too. Mike said why didn't we use the guest shower to freshen up while they got the tables ready. Sarah said in the shower room that she was nervous but quite fancied Mike and could see from my erection I fancied Maria.

I said I did but was erect more from the overall sexiness of the situation than straight lust for Maria. Maria was nice but I still loved and fancied her more. I kissed her and felt her nipples up then ran my fingers along her slit and into her pussy.

I said 'You slut, you're wet already so shouldn't complain about my erection!' We agreed we would relax and enjoy the massages and take the evening one step at a time. If it happened, it happened. When we came out, Mike and Maria were naked and just showered too. They were just finishing putting the oils out with the tables.

They smiled at my full erection and said that was normal for newbies. Maria said she always took it as a complement anyway so I was not to worry. Mike was half erect and said massaging an attractive new lady partner always had that effect on him too. Sarah said flattery will get him everywhere and he said he hoped so. We all laughed. Sarah and I laid on the table face down and Mike and Maria started to massage us. It was very relaxing but I was conscious of Maria's naked body, her thighs, her stomach and tits rubbing against me as she bent over me.

I could feel her hands on my assrubbing in my crack and around my anus. One of her fingers slid gently into me too, massaging inside me. My prick remained largely erect so, when she said turn over, it bounced around.

I noticed Mike was fully erect now as he massaged Sarah's ass and around her pussy slit. Sarah was clearly enjoying it too, breathing deeply as she felt his fingers between her thighs.

Then she turned over as I watched. She smiled at us all and staci silverstone sex sex stories story this was really nice. Mike started on her front, oiling up her shoulders and breasts. His hands slid over her B cup tits and hard nipples which caused her to sigh then he worked downwards. Maria had been doing much the same to me. My nipples are sensitive which she noticed and she caressed them which, as usual, sent tingles everywhere for me round my balls, my cock and up my ass.

God, I would have taken Mike right up my ass there and then. Both Sarah and I were lying there with our legs open and Mike and Maria working up our thighs. Sarah and I were xxxx bdsm rape japan school wondering what they would do when they got to the tops and we weren't disappointed.

Mike slid his fingers along her very wet slit to her clit which he stroked. She gasped and arched back, opening up her thighs more. He took the hint and slid his fingers into her pussy as he continued to stroke her clit. He took her hand and put it on his hard 7 inch cock. She started to wank him slowly as she was lost in the feelings she was giving her.

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I could see this and it was amazingly sexy to see my girl friend have her hand on another guy's cock and his fingers in her cunt I could hear her cunt juices swishing about as his fingers went in and out of her. Maria had gone back to my nipples and I groaned, then she stroked my cock which was rock hard. She took my hand and put my fingers into her slit which was soaking wet. Maria and Mike looked at each other and nodded we were theirs and they knew it.

Mike went up to Sarah's head and pushed his cock gently against her lips. She opened up her mouth, took him in and started to suck him.


Maria took me into her mouth briefly then mounted the table and sat her hot wet cunt down over my face for me to lick her and suck her long clit. Then he moved down to impale herself on my erect, naked cock. She rocked back and forwards fucking her cunt with me, feeling my nipples at the same time as I stroked hers. Mike got on the other table and pushed his cock bareback into Sarah's pussy and started to fuck her strongly. We were all pretty well primed to go.

I came first, squirting my spunk into Maria's cunt. Fortunately that triggered her orgasm while I was still hard and squirting.

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She cried out 'Yes' and arched back with my hands still squeezing her nipples. Sarah came next, noisily and telling Mike to fuck her hard.

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Mike was building up asking everyone to fuck his ass and saying how her pussy was sucking him off. Maria got off me to lean across and thrust several fingers up his ass, shouting that he could have my cock up him later to spunk and fill his ass with hot sperm. Fuck my wife and her sister is pretending to be set Mike off.

He started to spunk in Sarah then hauled his cock out and sprayed his spunk over the three of us. Maria and I both opened our mouths to catch some of his spunk.

I held his cock and sucked it, tasting another man's sperm for the first time mixed with Sarah's love juice. It was nice I shared it with Sarah and she sucked his cock too. Maria got down and licked Sarah's cunt clean, saying both Mike and she liked doing it with both guys and girls. Mike agreed and bent over me to take my cock into his mouth.

I was softening slightly but his mouth sent a thrill through me. We sat and chatted all together. Sarah and I said we both loved it and would like to do more with both of them and learn how to massage and make love to them, with full bi as well as hetero sex.

Mike said he would like that to be fucked by me and to fuck me too.


The girls said they would like to watch us and to suck each off too with us watching and perhaps fucking them at the same time. And we did of course. That was the start of a great time with them and other members of the massage group.