Mom foking son rep story sex stories

Mom foking son rep story sex stories
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CHAPTER 1—Basement Antics "Mom I'm headed over to Nicole's house" I shouted up the stairs. "Alright. Her mom there?" "yeah. We might be by to swim later if that's ok." "Ok.

make sure you are safe with just two of you here. I don't want somebody to hit their head and go underwater. I'm going to leave to pick up your dad and head to the airport in a couple hours, so we'll see you in a couple days." "alright. Bye!" I closed the door behind me as I left and walked out to Nicole's car where she waited. It was a hot, humid, July day. I was wearing khaki shorts and a loose fitting tee, but I still started sweating almost instantly as I left the house, despite the fact that it was only 11 am.

"Hey" I said as I walked up to Nicole and kissed her. At 5'9" she was just a little shorter than my 5'11" height, but she was slightly heavier than my 130 lb (not much of a feat, as I was always "a twig" as she put it), and she stepney mechmohan xnxx story sex comwdtest perfectly in my arms.

Her dark blonde hair came down to her shoulders. She was wearing a loose weave polo and some of her favorite shorts, plaid, tight-fitting, mid-calf ones. She liked them because they were comfortable. I like them because they made her ass look great (not that it needed much help). "hey" she "what did your mom say about swimming? It's plenty hot enough" "she said it's fine.

We still gonna go watch a movie before or did you bring your suit now?" "Movie" she said as she climbed in and shut the door. I walked around as she put the car in gear and once I was in she backed out of the driveway. The first few minutes of the drive were a little tense.


We had been dating for just under a year, and would be heading to college in the fall, but we'd been stuck on third base for a while because of both our parents' rules. We got away with some stuff, but we hadn't had a chance to take the next step until now. But my parents were leaving for a business trip for a few days, and Nicole's parents were taking her sister to a lacrosse tourney in Indianapolis, so they would also be gone for a day teen has lesbian sex with tutor during halloween two so both our families would be out of town for at least one day, and we had planned a big night, and we were both really nervous.

Finally, Nicole looked over at me at a red light. "you weren't able to get them were you?" "no.


My mom insisted on going with me when I ran errands the past week. Kinda hard to get them with your mom in tow." "yeah.

Well let's stop up here at the dollar pharmacy" "alright," I looked right at her now. "sorry, not much I could do about it. What, am I supposed to 'hey mom, I need to go buy condoms, so don't come with me this time'?" "I know. Don't worry about it." She pulled into the parking lot and parked. "go." 5 minutes later we were back on the way to her house, the tension in the car a little less prevalent. When we got there, we stowed the bag from the pharmacy below the seat and wandered in.

After grabbing some cups of water we wandered down to the basement to watch a movie. An hour later her mom called down that she was leaving to run some errands with Nicole's sister Cara. As we unpaused the movie, I whispered into Nicole's ear. "you're really edgy." "what?" "edgy.

On edge. Nervous." "oh. Well I think I got reason to. Can't stop thinking about tonight." "can I take you mind off it?" I gave her a sly grin, and she looked back at me "my mom's only gonna be gone like 20 minutes. And Cara will come right down here when they get back." "then we'll have to be quick," I whispered as I kissed her. I then ran my left arm from her shoulder up and down her arm, before dropping it onto her back and replacing it with my other arm.

As we broke the kiss she looked at me lustfully, "damn you're good." She said as she grabbed me and leaned sideways into a laying position on the couch, pulling me down behind her into a kind of spooning position with her laying partially on her back and me mostly beside her.

I leaned down and kissed her again, letting my right hand wander across her stomach and side. My left was pinned under her and I slowly worked it out while we kissed.

About the time that I started kissing up her jawline to her ear I got my left hand out from teeny lovers anal redtube and xvideos facial tube on teen porn a cum shot shaved pussy and cunniling her and started caressing her right arm, which was wrapped up around my head, playing with my brown, curly hair. As I started to kiss and suck on her earlobe I gently brushed my hand up the side of her firm but soft 38D breasts ever so slightly, and I heard her breath catch in her throat.

I then traced my hand across her chest and brought my other hand down from its entwinement with her hand to the hem of her shirt and stroked her bare stomach.


By this time, I had kissed back down her jaw and up the other side to her other ear, where I hesitated just long enough to get a moan of complaint that I had stopped, and then I dove in at her earlobe. "You'd better skip a few steps, or I might explode" I pulled back slightly and looked into her beautiful blue eyes, which were shining brilliantly.

"oh, yeah?" "yeah, hurry up and help me get these off" she said as she reached down to undo the snap on her shorts. I reached down hardcore anal session with a lusty brunette grabbed the side of her shorts and slid them down, and realized why she was so worked up.

"You're a naughty girl. No wonder you're so worked up." She just gave me a lusty look and pulled me down towards her. I eagerly planted a kiss on her nice mound, but then forced myself to kiss around it until she grabbed my head and forced me to stay on her pussy.

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Once she did I went to town licking and sucking, the way that I knew got her really going. As she neared her peak, I latched onto her clit with my tongue and gave it a good sucking. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her harder as her body tensed and her intoxicating aroma got stronger.

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Then all too soon, she pulled me up away from her womanhood and kissed me. "Thanks. You're getting really good at that." "I'm always up for some more practice," I slyly whispered, "feel better?" "yeah, but we better straighten up. Sorry, I'll have to repay the favor later." We sat up together (with some effort) and straightened up the couch a bit.

Nicole put her shorts back on and sat down next to me, then reached over and grabbed her phone off the end table. She opened up a text and read it. She quickly replied, then flipped it shut and put it back on the end table. "Guess what? Some idiot ran into the side of a bus blocking the intersection at Main and River.

Nobody got hurt, but it clogged up traffic really bad and my mom's not bf looks at hotty fucks girlfriend homemade at the grocery yet. We've got at least another 20 minutes," she gave me a kiss, then whispered into my ear, "What do you say we calm you down a bit?"