Myself enjoying myself playing dress up tube porn

Myself enjoying myself playing dress up tube porn
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The shower was relaxing. Amber ran ahead of me and got the water started as I dragged my body up the stairs. By the time I got there the water was letting off some steam and already fogging the mirrors. Amber stood by the door with a big smile of her face.

I returned the smile and stepped into the shower, immediately pelted by three shower heads. I loved my showers so when I bought the house I had the master bathroom remodeled. A shower head stuck out from opposite sides of the wall and a large head hung from the ceiling.

Talk about some of the best showers one can take. I went straight to the wall and leaned against it. I was exhausted because of last night and this morning. The excitement of fucking my daughter was intense but like a drug I came down hard. Amber slid up behind me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed sister brxxx storys sleepin sher bad luscious breasts against me back.

"I love you daddy," she whispered. "I love you too baby," I answered back. "Do you think this will last?" I asked not really sure why.

"I certainly hope so daddy." Her answered in a way surprised me. I felt myself wanting to be with her for the rest of my life as ridiculous as it sounds, but I could always want couldn't I?

She suddenly let go breaking me from my thoughts.

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She returned to me a moment later with a sponge and she started washing my back. She ran the sponge down my ass then to the backs of my legs. When she was done I turned around. I was starting to get aroused, my cock hardening slightly. I couldn't believe it was getting hard again, but I wasn't complaining. She stood and rubbed the sponge across my chest and arms. Slowly she dragged the sponge down my stomach then on to my cock. She took extra care to stroke the sponge along my head and shaft.

My cock stiffened the rest of the way shooting out at the fourteen year old like a lance. Amber smiled but continued to move to my balls. She cupped them with her left busty japanese schoolgirl maria amane got cream and caressed them with the sponge in her right hand.

Oh, it felt so right and so good at that moment. I couldn't get enough. When she thought they were cleaned enough she finished the rest of my legs.


When she was finished, she dropped the sponge to the side and sat up into a kneeling position. I felt her lips kissing my thighs; the feeling sent a rush of blood to my cock. The throbbing caused it to bounce and hurt. Have you ever had your cock so hard it hurt? Threesome with the waiter pornstars group sex purposely made her kissing sounds loud and erotic which only intensified the anticipation I had.

Then her mouth slipped onto my balls. I let out a moan that came out of nowhere. Amber swished the around inside her mouth She tenderly licked my balls while warming them up with her hot mouth.

She used her tongue to move them around; my entire sack was in her mouth and I began to wonder what else she could do with that mouth.

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"Oh, that's it Amber!" I moaned loudly. "Oh, baby!" She removed my balls from her mouth. Her mouth moved up to my shaft and her tongue shot out and she worked it up along the underside of my cock. She then carried her tongue up and down a few times until she got the head of my cock. She wrapped her mouth completely around it and my body gave a shudder. Her hand wrapped my balls and she slid my cock all the way into her mouth until she reached the base.

Now I'm not incredibly big with only eight inches, but I was shocked to see that she could take it all in. I've had my share of blowjobs, but none of the woman, not even Amber's mother could take it all in without at least gagging. Amber took it all like a pro and seemed to rightfully be enjoying it. She started taking my cock in and out of her mouth filling the air with slurping sounds. She continued to fondle my sunny leone pron hot girls while her other hands joined in to stroke my shaft.

"Oh, fuck yeah," I moaned. "Suck it good for daddy!" It was amazing. As she sucked she used her tongue to swirl around taking the intensity to a whole new level. I couldn't help but grab her head, wrapping her hair around my hands.

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I moved my hips slightly as if to face fuck her. It brought a series of erotic sounds from her. "Oh, my God, Amber." I groaned. "I'm not going to be able to hold it any longer…" Amber increased her sucking, tightening her lips around my cock even more. My cock pulsed all the way to my balls and I could feel them getting ready to let a load of cum fly. "Oh fuck!" I yelled. My cock contracted.


Amber's hand squeezed my balls tightly. My grip on her hair tightened and I pulled her head in hard. I could feel the head of my cock pressing to the back of her throat. Then I exploded in her mouth. And I do mean exploded. There is no other word for it. My cock pumped load after load of hot cum straight down her throat. I threw my head back letting out an almost howl sound from deep inside.

I'm sure I had so much cum to offer that her tiny mouth couldn't hold it all because I could feel the sticky white cream stream down onto my balls and onto her hand before the water pushed it away.

When my cock stopped spewing I let go of her head and stumbled back against the wall. I was drained but felt so alive. Amber followed me over and wrapped her sweet lip around the head of my cock sucking on it trying to drain whatever cum was left.

When she was done she looked up at slippery wet oral job delight hardcore and blowjob with a smile. "Did you enjoy that as much as I did daddy?" I looked down into my little girl's blue eyes and said, "More than you know." I helped her stand up and she sunk into me planting her full pouty lips fully onto mine.

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Her tongue slipped out taking over my mouth. Our tongues danced in our mouths. Her breasts rubbed against my chest as her pussy did against my limp cock which was once again trying to swell. She broke away suddenly. "Ah, daddy," she said in her sweet innocent fourteen year old voice.

"If you keep getting hard we'll never make it out of the house for tonight's supplies." A grin spread from ear to ear. "Well if that's what it takes." "Oh you are impossible," she said before landing a hard kiss on my lips.

She turned around and jumped out of the shower. —— We went down to the grocery store where I decided it best to let Amber do the shopping. An hour later I thought maybe it wasn't the best idea. She had the buggy filled with everything straight out the snack aisle. When we checked out I about had a heart attack. "Are you trying to kill me kiddo?" She put on a pouty face. "Well I can put it all back and just have an okay time." "Now you're really trying to," I said joking.

I paid and we left the store. We headed to the video store to drop off our movie from last night. I offered to rent another one, but Amber insisted they could find something in my movie collection to watch. Little did I know just which movie collection she referred to. "So who all is coming over tonight?" I asked deciding to strike up some conversation. "Um, I invited Jessica McToolie," she answered with a smile. I grinned.

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"Then there's Sandra Castillo, you'll find her attractive." "And how old is Sandra?" I asked. "She's eleven this year so she'll probably be in your class." "And I'll find her attractive why?" "Because she is," she said with almost a squeaky voice.

"She already has a nice rack for being only eleven." "How nice?" "There a little bigger than mine." I let that fly through my mind a little. A petite eleven year old with almost a C cup? Amber had a large B and that was nice. I felt my cock stirred and I had to mentally take my mind of the image I formed in my mind. "Well why would I want her when I have you?" "Oh daddy, don't be silly.

You will always have me, but who says you can't still have fun. I'm not worried about being monogamous. Besides, her pussy tastes great." I almost wanted to hit the brakes, pull over the car and twenty question her.

Instead, I gripped the wheel tight to calm my nerves. I wasn't angry at her. I was angry with myself. I never noticed her prancing around in the tight teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz body or even thought one day Amber would be so sexually fun.

Damn I had been missing out for years. She must have seen my reaction or sensed it because she said, "It was a couple of summers ago. She didn't have her breasts then or last year even, but, oh daddy it was the first pussy I got to taste." Now my cock was hard.

I had a nice teepee formed, but I completely ignored it. I wanted to find out more. "How do you know how big they are?" "We keep in touch over the internet. You know trade nude pics and stuff. We even masturbate together over the web cam." "Is she the only one?" I asked now very curious.

"No. There's also Jessica McToolie." When she said that, she looked straight at me with a smile. "She likes to play with toys." I licked my lips.

I enjoyed a woman that played with toys. But a twelve year old was even better. "Have you been with any boys?" I asked already knowing the answer. "God no daddy," she said. "None of us have." Now that was a happy thought. All Amber's friends were virgins and from how I perceived it, she wanted me to have them all. "Who else?" I asked in anticipation.

"Um, Renata Jonusaite, she's fifteen. Her mom let her get a piercing too." That piqued my attention. "Where at?" "On her clit and one of her pussy lips," she said. From the look on her face I knew she knew them all too well. "Can I get one daddy?" I smiled. I would love for her to have one, but even with my consent she would have to wait until she was fifteen. I told her as much and she became overjoyed. So overjoyed I had to bring her back around to the conversation we were having. "Then the last one is Cindy Ayers, she's twelve, but she hardly has anything." "Breasts?" I offered.

"Yeah," she answered with a frown. I said, "Even small breasts are fun to play with." "Yeah and she's pretty fun too." "So do I get to play with any of you tonight?" I knew I was being over eager, but I was having a house full of sweet, young teens and preteens, I didn't want it to go to waste.

"I don't know daddy," she said putting her finger to her mouth. "It all depends on how good of a boy you are." She grabbed my cock through my pants to emphasize the point. "Daddy I want you so bad." I swallowed hard. Thank God we had just turned onto our street. I pulled into the drive way, threw the car in park and almost bolted out the door when Amber tugged on my cock so hard it fucking hurt. "Oww!" I shouted.

"What the hell is that for?" "You're not going anywhere mister. I want you to ravish me here and fucking now." I looked around out the windows. For the most part my driveway was lined with trees that blocked most of the view, but anyone really looking or walking by would see what was happening in the car. It was now I wished I would have started building that garage like I wanted to last year.

"We can't be seen Amber. You're only fourteen and I'm thirty." "And?" "And I could go to jail," I said. "Please daddy," no one around here is going to care. Hell, just about everyone in this neighborhood are perverts. How else do you think my friends are always so horny?" She had a point and no one would know better than my daughter. Before I could argue anymore she reached over and unbuttoned my pants. Her hand slipped inside and wrapped around my cock and a moan escaped my lips.

After a few minutes of playing with my cock Amber unbuttoned her shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra so let see how keiran almost choked jacklyn with his huge cock missionary fantasies breasts just hung out nicely supported and held in place.

Her nipples were hard and fucking large. I wanted to put them in my mouth right then and there but I resisted, letting her be in control. I looked down toward hr pussy and her pants were completely soaked. She had a nice, large patch of wetness forming. She let go of my cock and stripped off her pants.

I did the same and got them to my ankles just as she decided to straddle me. My cock presses against her small, tight pussy before popping into it fully. She let out a loud moan and I looked around to see if anyone might have heard it. She smothered my cock with her wet pussy and started riding me. I reached up and ran my fingers through her blonde hair and pulled slightly. I could feel the little fine patch of hair that rounded her mound each time she came down on me. "Oh, oh, oh, daddy!" she moaned.

"I love your fucking dick!" In response I let go of her hair and grabbed both her breasts, gripping hard and squeezing then popped a nipple into my mouth. I licked and sucked then I switched. The act made Amber pump my cock harder and harder.

"Oh fuck!" I said. "I'm going to fucking hard one eyed monster enters beautiful virgin pussy, yes daddy," she answered. "Fill your little girl with your cum. I want all of it!" I held back trying to force my body to force it out of me.

Then my cock erupted bursting everything I had into her teenage pussy. She bounced one or two more times, then frowned when my cock begin to shrink. When she realized it wasn't going to go back up she slid off back onto her seat. "So do I qualify as a good boy?" I asked panting.

"Almost," she said. "Now you need to clean my pussy for me." She turned around and bent over sticking her fat lipped pussy in my face.

I dove in not thinking. My tongue shot deep into her and a combination of her juices and my cum touched the tip of my tongue. I lapped up the juices and cum, swallowing them hungrily. When I finished she turned around, leaned on me and we kissed. We kissed long and hard. I don't think I ever made out with someone as long as we did.


When we did finally break away she said, "My God daddy, I may just need to marry you one day." I was surprised to hear words like that and I knew it had to be the heat of the moment so I said, "Maybe when you are old enough." "Of course silly," she said. "Now why don't you bring in the groceries and I'll make us some lunch." "Agreed," I said and we both got dressed and headed inside.