Kristen scott gets down on bailey and bring her to orgasm

Kristen scott gets down on bailey and bring her to orgasm
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Fbailey story number 639 That's What Sisters Are For I had the strangest dream, then I opened my eyes, and it was not a dream at all. My thirteen-year-old sister Tina was sitting on my hips. She was naked and my cock was up inside her. She was raping me but I didn't care. I had been waking up with an erection every morning for several months. Dreaming of Tina was the reason for my erections in the first place. Ever since her birthday she has done everything that she kerala boy forced sex with ammayi to get me sexually excited.

It always worked but Dad had warned me many times to leave my sister alone.


He said that if I touched her…that he would kill me…and I believed him. So back to my thirteen-year-old sister naked and sitting on my cock. I practically screamed, "What do you think you are doing?" Tina giggled and said, "Taking care of your morning erection. That's what sisters are for." I said, "Dad will kill me!" Tina giggled again and said, "Then don't tell him. I'm not going too.

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He has often told me to tell him if you so much as touched me. Then he takes peeks at me naked in the bathtub. He always asks me if I have enough towels but he is always trying to see my boobs. I've told Mom but she said that he is just concerned about me.


I've asked him to put a lock on the bathroom door but he says that we don't need one." I took a good long look at her breasts. They had developed nicely and I knew that they would get bigger, like Mom's breasts. I looked down at her pussy and saw a nice start to her pubic bush. Then Tina squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles and that made me cum.

It felt so good. I asked, "Where did you learn to do that?" Tina said, "Laurie taught me. She holds a pencil and I squat down on it. Then I clamp my pussy onto it and stand up.


It took a long time to hold it in there but I got good at it. I could walk across the room and come back before releasing that pencil into her hand again.

She even licked my pussy to made it slippery and I was still able to hold onto it." I asked, "So why are you sitting on my cock?" Tina replied, "Laurie told me that sisters were supposed to do that for their brothers. And before you ask…her mother told her." Shocked I asked, "So Laurie's mother told Laurie to fuck Jimmy." Tina said, "Yup!" I asked, "How come Jimmy never told me?" Tina said, "I don't know.

Maybe his mother told him not too." Then I asked, "You let Laurie lick your pussy.

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How was it?" Tina said, "She is really good. She can give me an orgasm by finger fucking me and licking my clit." I asked, "Can I lick your pussy sometime?" Tina giggled and said, "I'll go clean up and then I'll be right back. Can you say sixty-nine?" Wow! Sixty-nine was what I dreamed of almost every night. That sure is funny because now that I've tried it, nothing could beat having my cock in my sister's pussy.

It was a few minutes before Tina came back in and jumped on top of me. Before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth and was lowering her pussy to my face. I smelled like strawberries, then I tasted strawberries, and I knew that my sister had douched for me. She also knew how much I liked strawberries.

That was my first taste of pussy and my first blowjob. I exploded first and she swallowed it all and licked me clean just before she exploded in my mouth. I loved it.

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After we rolled to our sides I asked, "Where is Dad?" Tina said, "The last I knew he was up at the cabin fucking Laurie." I said, "What to fuck." Tina giggled and said, "It's okay she wanted a threesome with Mom and Dad. Besides it gave us today to enjoy ourselves." We had sex a couple more times before we cleaned up and got dressed. Laurie called Tina to say that Mom and Dad were on their way and that she the best time ever. They would certainly talk later.

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When Dad came in Tina asked, "Did you guys get the cabin cleaned." Mom replied, "Almost. We can finish it up tomorrow." Tina asked, "Can we help?" Dad quickly replied, "No! We can handle it. Why don't you kids stay home and enjoy yourselves again tomorrow. Here's twenty dollars. Go to a movie or something." Tina gave me the cutest smirk. That night Tina went to bed early. I knew that she would be talking to Laurie most of the night. The next morning Mom and Dad took off. Tina warned Laurie that they were on their way.

Then she told me all about Laurie's threesome with Mom and Dad.

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She said that Mom ate Dad's cum out of her pussy three times, that they ran around outside together naked, and that Dad took pictures of the two girls making love.

That is when I said, "I know Dad's password if he didn't change it." Tina and I looked at a hundred pictures of Mom and Laurie naked outside, of them kissing, and of them making love to one another. The last five pictures showed Dad's cock in Laurie's mouth and in her pussy. I copied them all to a DVD and hid it in my closet. Tina and I stayed home and had sex in all of the rooms downstairs.

She let me take pictures of her too. Then I set the camera up and got a few pictures of Tina and I together. My cock was in Tina's mouth and in her pussy. Tina giggled as I put two pictures of us together in the same directory as Dad's pictures of Mom and Laurie. Sunday night Laurie called Tina to warn reality kings couple pay for their way and to tell Tina that Dad had made a sex video of Mom and her making out on the grass outside our cabin.

An hour after Dad had come home he came out of his bedroom and found us watching television. Dad said, "I found a couple of pictures of you two on my computer. I guess that means that you found some of mine there as well. Shell we call it a draw?" I asked, "Then you are NOT going to kill me?" Mom laughed and said, "No honey, your father is not going to kill you.

However, next weekend we would like you two to help us clean the cabin." Tina giggled and said, "It can't be that dirty. What if we four just had an orgy?" I added, "That way Dad can fuck Tina and I can fuck you." Tina said, "Maybe we can get Laurie to take the pictures." Everyone laughed. That night and every night after that I slept in Tina's bed.

After I graduated from college I married Laurie. The End That's What Sisters Are For 639