Movies japanese dad and daughter uncensored

Movies japanese dad and daughter uncensored
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Continuation of the same location as 1st story.


I had a free hour yesterday afternoon, and decided to try the adult theater at the late afternoon hour. I didn't expect much activity at that time of day, figuring all would be at work, or with their wives, or something such as that. I bought a ticket, and proceeded into oral stimulation previous to fucking pornstar hardcore theater in the back of the adult store.

It always takes time for the eyes to adjust to the dark in this place. Today I took some time to allow for my eyes to do so. As I began to be able to discern features in the light of the movie, I noticed a couple of young men loitering at the back.

I went to a secluded area where I could watch them both. Both were touching themselves thru their pants, and they were not sitting close together. I stood in the area near one of them and noticed he looked over at me a couple of times, so I pulled out my cock and started to play with it. A minute later he did the same. As I was on a tight schedule, I slide over near him and asked him what he liked.

He said, "I love oral." I asked him if he meant giving or receiving, and he said receiving mainly, but he had sucked some too. I asked, "Can I suck you off?," and he replied, "Yes!" He was half sitting on the shelf structure at the back of the room, I mentioned in my first report on this place, and I dropped to my knees and got my first good look at his cock.

It was very HARD, and nice in length. He sat stroking it as I watched closely. I noticed a small drip of pre-cum seep out the tip of his circumcised head, and couldn't stop myself from licking it off. When my tongue touched his cock head, he moaned and I tasted the now familiar salty creamy feel of pre-cum on my tongue. That was enough for me to suck the tip in my mouth. His cock sister force brother in sex was about golf-ball sized and I noticed his ball sack was up tight.

I felt the ball sack, and his testicles were smaller than I expected, but he moaned again as I cupped them in my hand. Hearing that I slide the flat of my tongue down the underside of his cock, and sucked it flat against his cock as I slide back up.

I was rewarded by a seemingly involuntary hip-thrust into my mouth as he again moaned. This time he moaned louder! As he was young I thought I might be rewarded by a quick orgasm, and I wasn't wrong. He began thrusting up and down quickly into my tightening, sucking mouth.

Each time he went deeper into my mouth, until he was making me gag, and I could feel him banging the back of my throat. I did not have his full length in my mouth!

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I sucked back up the length of his erect, and slick with saliva cock and let it "pop" out of my mouth. As his hips relaxed I quickly sucked it in completely until he hit the back of my throat again, and immediately he moaned and grabbing the back of my head began to hump my mouth quicker and quicker. His cock head was firmly soft when I began, but now it was VERY solid and his ball sack was up tight to his body and I knew he would cum in a second!

He humped faster for a few strokes and pushing my head down on his cock, I felt the first splash of his hot cum on the back of my throat. He pulled his cock almost completely back from my mouth and shoved it back in fast as he shot a bigger blast of cum into my willing mouth! He repeated this 4 or 5 times quickly and each time shot another load into me.

It was hot, and slightly salty, but the cream of it was thinner than some, and had a kind of sweet taste. He groaned really loud as he pulled out of my suctioning mouth, and shot the last nude girl hard suck clips free down of cum on my lips. I licked it off, and he whispered, "God, that was amazing!" He was panting as he gasped it out. I smiled up at him and said I enjoyed it too!

As I stood back up from the floor in front of him I saw that the other young man had set very near us and was jacking and staring at me with lust. I stepped in front of him and asked what he liked? He said he wanted me to suck him too! He found he had a very willing partner.

I began to treat his cock, which was very hard and gave off a lot of pre-cum, the same attention as the first one. His cock was shorter, but about the same size around. I was able to take him completely into ky mouth and he was just touching the back of my throat!

Perfect, I thought to myself. As I worked on him I saw the one I had just sucked off step away to my left, and suddenly I felt his hands on my jeans, which I had unfastened. He began to slide his hand inside and he felt my silky, tight bikini panty I had on, and he pulled my jeans down around my knees as I knelt and sucked the other boy into my mouth over and over.

I can assume that watching me suck the other cock had made this young man horny again, for suddenly I felt his hard cock bump against the back of my panties, where they covered my boi pussy. I pushed back onto it to let him know I liked it!

He withdrew and reached around to where I was moistly sucking the one in front of me, and cupping his balls got some of my saliva on his hand. I was really drooling with lust and his hand was very wet.

I felt him apply the moisture to my anal opening. He then slid a finger in and out a couple of times.

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He said, "I am going to fuck you baby!" I felt him pushing his nice, hard again, cock at my asshole. His aim was perfect, and I felt the head POP into me. The slight discomfort was gone quickly, and I pushed back into him a little more. He said, "Oh, you do like that, don't you?" I couldn't answer, as my moth was impaled on the nice cock I was sucking.


I felt the youngster behind me grab my hips and push his nice long cock into my pussy until he bottomed out against my cheeks! I was so full of lust by now that I was really sucking on the man in front of me, and the one behind me began to match my speed, with his own pumping into me. I felt the balls of the young man in front of me begin to tighten, and shortly he pushed up into my mouth and I was rewarded with a second load of cum into my hot mouth!

It was saltier and a little tarter than the first load and I swallowed all of it I could. He groaned "I am cumming in you sexy girl," and pushed his last thrust into me deeply and fired the last blast into my mouth. This was apparently enough for the boy pounding me from behind to growl out, me too baby, I want to fill you with my hot cum, okay?

I nodded on the cock in my mouth and felt slippery and wet blowjob hardcore and mature one behind me in my boi pussy slam into me and felt it jerking against my insides, and felt the slightly hotter sense of a load of cum in me.

Having been filled with cum, back and front, The one behind pulled out and as he did he wiped his cummy cock on my panties as he pulled them up tight against my well used asshole.

I felt the moisture from his cum against my ass and anal opening too! It felt so good! I stood up from the man in front of me, and he too stood and deep kissed me and said I love the taste of my cum in your mouth, and wish I had time to do this again today. I would have loved that, but his mention of time made me realize I had to go, for I had an appointment to make in 5 minutes.

I hurried out the front of the store, into my car, and as I drove away I felt cum seep from my fucked ass and soak my panties, I also was very aware of the cummy taste in my mouth, and licking my lips felt a big glob of cum on the area just below my lip. I smiled as I drove to meet the people I was too see, and was semi-hard in my panties as I made my trip. I knew I would have to return, for this place was a good luck charm for a man who loves cock and cum in all my openings!

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I had become a cum slut, and I loved the idea.