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Cumshot facial blowjob cumpilation by cezar73 tube porn
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This is a remembrance of an afternoon back in my high school days. Here is a brief history before I get to that afternoon's story. Being a "boy" who never since as early as I can remember felt I was or ever wanted to be one I was somewhat a loner and an outcast. I was very feminine acting and appearing. I made friends with girls as I was easy to talk with and more like one but not actually one. My high school days were not like when I was much younger when I actually seemed accepted as a girl among many of them.

It just seemed that as my body matured into a form I hated my mannerisms and mind stayed girly and feminine as ever and that's what made them comfortable around me. Boys on the other hand ignored or bullied me. I was a sissy and in that name I found refuge as it affirmed what I knew, I was not the "boy" everyone demanded I was and what my body was becoming but truly a girl. So in this environment life was tough. It was also tough because I liked girls and I mean I was sexually attracted to them.

So here I was seen as a "boy" two sexy brazilian babes making out in thong bikinis a sissy one at that with a mind, heart and spirit that was female and I liked girls sexually. I had had a few girlfriends and they knew my thoughts and feelings on my gender identity. Most were okay and comfortable with it but those relationships were never lasting.

Then along came Cathie. It was my junior year and my younger sister and I rode the bus to school. One day as we got off the bus and were walking home Linda asked if I had seen the blond freshman that got off at one of the earlier stops. I replied yes and she asked if I thought she was cute. I immediately replied yes, why?

She then told me that they had talked several times while riding home and that Cathie had asked about me saying she thought I was cute.

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My sister told her that I was her brother and that I was a junior. She also said Cathie had heard around school stories about me and asking if they were true. Yes Linda told her I truly had always felt I wasn't a boy but a girl and that I was not very well liked or received among most kids in school. However may sister said Cathie seemed really interested in me and pressed Linda not only ask me how I felt about her but to introduce us as well.

So here we were. The next week when Cathie got on the bus she walked down the aisle stopped next to the seat I was sitting in and asked if she could ride with me. Before I could answer this wonderful blond beautiful girl sat down next to me. I was a girl lost in the moment. I could feel her heat and smell all the wonderful smells of femininity.

They were such a sparkle in those soft sensitive and inquisitive blue eyes. I could not believe that such a girl older guy satisfy insatiable sexy blonde teen only was interested in me but was actually sitting beside me. During the ride to school we talked about many things but Cathie wanted to say that she knew and had heard all the stories about me.


She also said that she thought I was sweet and interesting not only as a person but how I saw myself and in my gender identity and will to be true to myself. Before that school bus arrived at school were holding hands like lovers. Well at least I knew I was. Minutes on that bus turned to days and our time after school with one another became weeks. Most every weekend I found myself at her house. There alone as her parents both worked late during the days our love for one another flourished.

What also was wonderful was that with her I was openly accepted as a girl. Not only did Cathie enjoy me in my female identity she encouraged it.

As we were closely the same size she was always having me try something on. She also went through her older sister's things; she had moved out and was married.

We were finally comfortable enough that when at her house I was always dress as a girl. Her older brother discovered this one day when he came home for a visit but said nothing. Later he would help me greatly in my fear of being drafted and what I then thought safe enlistment into the Navy. Her parents too would discover this in me but were also accepting of not only our relationship but of my self-identity as a girl. I was in heaven. I had a real girlfriend who loved and accepted me as the girl I knew I was.

One sunny afternoon we walked to the park from her home as she was in a girl's softball league and had a double header. Cathie was while soft and feminine very athletic and loved sports. As I was always careful and safe I wore my boy's clothes but under them I was all girl. I had on panties and a camisole.

After her first game we just stayed in the park and walked around and enjoyed ourselves. Soon however Cathie had a strong urge to pee. It was a long walk to her home and she seemed not to be interested in using the parks restrooms.

She then grabbed my hand and into the trees and bushes we went. We had been in these trees and bushes before as it was one of our favorite necking places. Here a new and wonderful activity between us would take place. We entered a spot we knew well. It was secluded and somewhat safe.

Once hidden from view Cathie started a little dance of sorts as she was saying that she really had to pee and badly. She had been drinking quite a bit of water during the game.

As she began pulling down her shorts she asked me to keep watch. In between glances at looking out for anyone I watch her as well. I was early in life introduced to pee play by my older sister. It had begun with her peeing on my head when we were bathing as a way of showing me she was the boss as she put it.

Not hearing any complaints or telling anyone she saw in me an enjoyment and it became an activity we did a lot till she left home and married. How here I was with dady sex daughter sleeping xstory girl Cathie and there before me she was going to pee. Not only pee but doing it out in nature something I liked doing but mostly alone.

I watched in awe as she lowered her shorts down her soft yet muscular thighs, thighs I had felt with my own hands during our petting sessions. Then she lowered her panties, white thin cotton with a soft padded crouch. I knew just how they felt against her skin because I too was wearing a pair just like them.

In one seemingly quick movement her shorts and panties were around her ankles. Cathie looked over her shoulder at me and seeing my intense gaze she smiled. If I thought that seeing her stunning ass there before me naked and expose was sexually exciting nothing quite prepared me as she turned toward me. There my sweet beautiful Cathie stood before me with her shorts and panties down around her ankles in the ever shifting sun beams breaking through the shadows of the tree branches.

I looked at her beauty not only with but with envy as well. Her skin was so soft and her hips so defined. I had all my olivia del rio anal fuck best edits longed to see my own body formed just that way.

Then there was what I so had always prayed, dreamed and hope I wake up and find in place of that awful I had, her pussy. Its soft petal lips framed with what were the softest looking blond wisps of hair.

She again smiled and asked if I thought she was pretty. Pretty I said, no, you're beautiful. With that she squatted down. I had thought I was excited seeing her naked ass and pussy for the first time but there in front of me with her looking into my eyes she started to pee.

I could not take my eyes off of her as her pee began to flow out of her. It was as if the stream of her pee which was very golden in color was flowing out of her in slow motion. It started as a short thin stream which softly hit the sandy soil between her stretched feet forming a small puddle. Soon it was a fast flowing torrent which seemed more a desperate urge. The puddle of pee between her feet was no longer quickly being absorbed into the ground but forming a large pool of what I knew fondly, sweet tangy tasting pee.

I just could not look away.

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I was both struck by the beauty of it as every soften the golden liquid glittered when the sun rays hit it but also with sexual excitement. I could see and I could smell Cathie's wonderful pee and I was in such awe. I so wished in my mind that I could lay down under her and drink that wonderful nectar from its beautiful source. Soon the flow slowed. The fast somewhat straight flow started a fanned out like spray. Then short quick blast. Then a few drips and then it was over. In all my experiences with my older sister I had seen her pee.

I had watched her pee on me. I had seen her pee squirt from its hole and felt it flow over my face. I also had tasted it and drank it but all that had been nothing compared to watching my wonderful Cathie pee before my eyes there in that secluded spot.

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Cathie looked at me and I heard her piss mich voll du sau2 but did not hear her words. Then I seemed to come out of my excited fogged mind and heard her voice. She was asking if I like what I saw and I just could not speak as I could not find the words to describe the beautiful display I just witnessed. All I could do was nod and smile. She stood up and began pulling up her panties and shorts but stopped quickly.

She made a face and groaned that her panties had gotten wet. In peeing it seemed some of her pee had soaked the panties crouch area. She quickly pulled off her shorts and panties and there she stood naked from the waist down.

Then with a slight grin she asked if I wanted to try something. I would have agreed to walking barefoot on glass at that moment had she asked and I quickly said yes. She asked if I had ever licked a girl's pussy. I nodded my head no not wanting to let her know that I had tasted my older sister's pussy many times.

She moved to a spot clear of the now absorbed pee and held out her yevonne hot blonde sucked a big cock. Going to my knees she pulled my head into her pussy and asked, well pleaded, lick me please. The first thing I noticed was the strong pee smell.

A smell I was familiar with but her smell was drawing me in. With my sister it was her domination of me that was the whole intent of the play. I enjoyed it but it was a dommn/sub situation. Here it was a loving relationship. I was being drawn into the muskiness of her. I was completely lost as my tongue touched the soft lips of her pussy. I licked down as low as I could reach and then forced it as deep as my tongue could go and licked upwards.

I could taste that sweet tangy flavor of her nectar.


I wanted more and began licking as if it would be taken away from me and I'd never taste and enjoy it again. Soon I heard he moan as her body shook. She had an orgasm that quickly and in doing so released along with her orgasmic discharged a little pee which I quickly lapped up.

I then stood and held her as tight as one could and whispered that I loved her. She hugged me back and said she did as well. She then asked what was she going to do. She had another game shortly and it was too far to return home for a dry pair of panties and she could not play without wearing a pair. I had a solution I told her. Wear mine I said, after all they were hers. She said that would be a great idea but what was I going to wear. She knew I hated that outlined bulge that would show in my jeans.

I told her it would be okay and fine as I would wear her wet panties. She looked at me in a questioning gazed and said that they would be uncomfortable being wet. I told her that it would be fine and that I could deal with it. So I quickly turned my back and took off my jeans and panties. She grabbed my shoulders and turned me around.

I stood there covering "it" with my hands. She said it was okay. She handed me her wet pair and I handed her my dry pair.

As we slid into them she watched me intensely. As I slid them up around my waist she asked if I like it. She also said to be honest as she said she could see an excited look in my eyes and a smile across my face that just had not gone away since I first mentioned swapping them. I told her yes. We finished dressing and walked out of "our" spot in the trees holding hands and so happy with one another. I could feel the wetness between my legs, her wetness, and her pee was what I felt against me.

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Several times that day when no one was looking she would slap my ass and say "hi my little pissy pants" She had discovered my little fetish. Later I would like it and enjoy it even more as pee play would as with my sister become part of our relationship. Those panties a treasured possession I kept that is until my ex discovered them and disposed of them after our divorce. The Bitch!