Skinny teen drilled hard by her stepdad on the couch

Skinny teen drilled hard by her stepdad on the couch
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Hello readers! This story is a little different from what I generally write. I got the loose idea in my head and decided to start writing and see where it goes. I have never written futanari stories before but I had a lot of fun with this one. If this is something that people like, let me know in the comments and I can certainly deliver more. Disclaimer: All characters are 18+ years old.

***** "Mellissa," my mom called up the stairs. "Jenna is here to get you." "Ok mom," I called back down and grabbed my phone off the charger before bouncing down the stairs and skipping out the door.

"Don't be out too late. And remember your father and I won't be here tomorrow or Sunday so you'll have to find your own food." My mom reminded me as I left. "Don't worry we'll be back later." I replied and hopped Jenna's new impala. Jenna is my best friend. We have been best friends for a few years now ever since I transferred to this high school. Jenna was definitely more popular than me because of her gorgeous looks and tight, curvy body. I'm pretty and have a good body too with big juicy DD breasts that fill out my tops nicely but I have always had insecurity issues which I will go into why later.

"You ready?" Jenna asked, looking down at her phone. "Yeah, let's go." I huffed, a little out of breath as I clicked my buckle into place. "All right we're off then." She said. She tossed her phone into the cup holder and put the car in reverse before pulling out of our driveway and out of the town. "You know how to get to this place?" Jenna asked as we turned out of the subdivision where I lived and onto the main road.

"Not really. Hold on I'll look it up." I replied and pulled out my phone to get directions. Tonight we were heading a party that a girl, Rachel, in our senior class was hosting.

She was the daughter of some rich company owner or something and so she was popular and had everything that she wanted. So when she wanted to throw a party, she always had plenty of people and plenty of alcohol. "What's the address? Wait I found it. Keep on this road for a few miles. I'll tell you where to turn. It's by that fancy golf course down by the city." "Oh yeah I know that place." Jenna said. "Makes sense they would live in those houses. Ugh why do your parents live so freakin' far out in the sticks.

It's gonna take us like 45 minutes to get there" "I can't help where I live, Jen. Okay so you know where it is? Just head that way and I'll direct you when we get itrsquos been a while since wersquove seen such a perfect pussy like the one gina russel has with th I told her.

"Works for me." Forty eight minutes later, we were pulling down the long, winding driveway leading up to a huge brick house right next to the gold course. There were already plenty of people there and so we had to park along the drive a ways away.

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Whatever walking is fine. Loud music floated to our ears well before we reached the door. "C'mon Mel, let's get wasted." Shouted Jenna, smiling at me before dragging me to the booze table. Stacks and stacks of red solo cups filled one small table. Below it was a few kegs full of cold beer. The wall next to the table was lined with coolers full of ice and more beer. I have never drunk so much before. Needless to say, everyone got fucked up.

Jenna drank plenty but knew to moderate herself somewhat. An attractive girl like her would never last long at a party full of beer fueled guys if she let herself get too drunk.

I wasn't too worried about myself so I drank plenty and had a good time talking with friends and drinking. At around two in the morning, the party was winding down.

Most everyone had either left to go to other houses or was passed out somewhere. I was just about to grab another beer when Jenna came over and took my arm. "C'mon Mellissa we're all going swimming." She said, slurring her words a little. "Sorry I didn't bring my suit." I replied. "Don't worry, girl. Rachel has tons of bikinis. She's letting people borrow them if they want to swim." "No way. I'm not swimming." I argued. "What? C'mon on Mel, it'll be fine. Everyone is jumping in.

We'll have fun." "Uh-uh, not for me. Sorry Jen but I'm not swimming. I'm just gonna sit awhile and relax." I never wore bikini bottoms. Every time I went swimming or to the beach, I always wore board shorts or something along that line. I didn't want anyone to learn my secret and those tiny bikini bottoms that barely covered anything would expose me right away.

"Well, all right," Jenna sighed, disappointedly. "But at least come out to the pool area and chill with us." "Okay I can do that." I told her and took my cold can out with me to the pool.

The people who were still awake at the party were all in the pool. Most were just talking but a few couples were making out. Then the door to the house opened and Jenna walked out onto the deck. I almost dropped my beer. She was wearing one of Rachel's designer bikinis and it looked phenomenal. Every curve on sexy brunette model masturbates with sextoy livecams camdotnet tight little body was seemingly magnified by the Neon pink swimsuit.

Her perfect C cups stood out and her round, toned bottom looked absolutely gorgeous. I could feel it happening. 'Shit', I thought to myself. I couldn't let anybody see what was happening and discover what I had been hiding all these years. I quickly stood from the chair and hurried inside, holding my beer in front of my crotch. I raced upstairs and dashed inside the closest bedroom before slamming the door behind me.

My jean cutoffs couldn't take the pressure anymore. I un-buttoned the tiny jean shorts and unzipped them. Instantly, my cock sprang from where it had been growing erect inside. I let out of sigh of relief as it was released from its denim prison. This was my big secret that I teen homemade punish my yearold arse and mouth been hiding for my whole life from everyone.

Only my parents knew about my cock. We hadn't been certain whether I was a boy or a girl when I was real young, but I had quickly developed breasts that grew large during my pre-teen and teenage years.

I looked and felt like a girl in every way except for the massive meat stick I was hiding in my pants. That was why I never wore bikinis or got naked in front of others. This was why I didn't pursue boyfriends or even acknowledge any guys who hit on me.

Suddenly I heard a soft moan from the direction of the bed. "Shit!" I cursed and grabbed a pillow from a nearby chair to cover my erection and keep my secret hidden. I had been so worked up before, I hadn't checked to see if the bedroom I had entered was empty. Hearing no further sounds, I slowly approached the bed. Lying in the middle of the bed was a pretty brunette girl.

I didn't know her so she must have been from a different high school in the area. She was wrapped in the sheets naked and smelled strongly of booze so I suspected that she was nice and deep in sleep. I dropped the pillow I had been using to cover myself. Curious, I slowly pulled the thin white sheet off of her naked body, exposing her milky skin. She rolled over on her back but otherwise stayed asleep.

I glanced at her pussy and saw a fresh stream of cum flowing from her recently used hole. Judging by the large amount of cum covering her legs and pussy, someone had really pounded her hard and filled her up nicely. I could feel my erection once again returning as I thought about the pretty girl lying in bed getting railed.

I started stroking my cock absent-mindedly and soon I was at full staff. Seeing Jenna in all her glory in that bikini had really gotten me worked up and I was horny as hell.

I had to pornstar gianna nicole fucked in the office this girl. I had to blow off some steam or I would definitely end up doing something I regretted. However, the idea of sloppy seconds was rather unappealing to me.

I kneeled on the bed next to her and rolled her onto her stomach. I gripped her meaty ass-cheeks in my hands and spread her ass to reveal her unused asshole. 'Perfect!' I thought to myself. I went into the attached bathroom and found some hand lotion in the cabinet. 'This'll do.' I thought and returned to the passed out girl. I got on the bed and straddled her legs.

My cock rested between her cheeks beautifully nice pounding with hottie hardcore big dick I humper at her butt a little.

I uncapped the lotion and spread a generous amount on my erect phallus and put some on her puckered hole. I used a finger to work the lotion in a little but she was so tight, I just had to have her.

I placed the tip of my penis against her asshole and slowly began to apply pressure. Her butt resisted at first, but eventually, her muscles gave way and my thick shaft slid into her a couple inches. The girl groaned in her drunken sleep and her arms twitched a little but she didn't wake up. 'It's a good thing she didn't wake,' I thought to myself.

'because she has got a tight fuckin' ass and I'm gonna stretch her out real good.' Her ass was so tight, that I couldn't just start pounding away at her. I could tell that as I pushed further into her. Eventually, I got all nine inches in. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt.

Because of my extra appendage, I had never been comfortable trying to enter a relationship with anyone, boy or girl, so I was a virgin. I had jerked off my penis before and knew that it would feel great to have sex, but I had never experienced it until now.

The way nymphos chantelle fox sexy tattooed and pierced english model just wants to fuck blissedxxx new seri butt gripped my shaft.

The way her hips felt in my grip. Her soft grunts in her sleep. It was all getting to me immediately and I knew I wouldn't last very long. As soon as she started to loosen up, I went to town. I began drilling her ass with a fervor that I had never experienced before. Jenna's body had awoken something in me that I had never felt and now I was gonna take it all out on this dumb slut here.

I pile-drived her sweet ass like there was no tomorrow. Every thrust into her tight hole was an attempt at me to pump her through the bed and into the ground below. She was groaning hard now and I could see her bloodshot eyes were half open.

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She attempted to make some kind of verbal sound but was unable. Her hand weakly slapped at my hips in a pathetic attempt to push me away. I laughed at her and instead just started thrusting harder. I grabbed her resisting arm and pinned it behind her back with one hand.

I took my other arm and wrapped it around her neck pulling her head up off the pillow and back towards me. "Stay down, slut!" I growled softly in her ear. "Stay still and let mommy use your body!" She let out a strangled gurgle and her eyes rolled back in her head as she came. The sudden spasming of her muscles on my cock sent me over the edge. With a roar, I pulled out of her and aimed my hose just nasty honey gets team fucked at home time as the rush of splooge exploded from my cock and onto her back and ass.

I rolled her on her side in time to catch the second shot across her right arm and her chest. The third and fourth shots I aimed onto her stomach and thighs. Finally drained I squeezed the last drops from my deflating penis onto her cheek and face. The adrenaline quickly left my body leaving me with a limp cock and a headache. I wiped the final drip of juice onto the sheets before pulling on my jean shorts. I left the girl passed out on the bed with a gaping asshole and coated in my cum.

"There you are, Mellissa!" I heard a voice exclaim as I entered the kitchen. "Oh, uuhhh, yeah hey Jenna." I replied. "C'mon girl, we gotta get goin'," she slurred. "It's already four." "Yeah we better get going. Get changed into clothes and we can leave." I told her. "Issokay. Rachel said I can wear her bikini home tonight and bring it back tomorrow when I come to get my stuff.

Now lessgo before I drink some more." I followed her out to her car, keeping her from falling and cracking her head open on the driveway. I took her car keys from her and made the horny milf stepmom sucks a stepsons dick under a shower decision to be the driver. I helped Jenna into the passenger seat and began the long drive home. Jenna had passed out long before we arrived at my mature asian slut rides a stiff cock brunette. I parked and tried to carry her inside but she was too heavy.

I was about to give up and leave her in the car for the night when she opened her blood-shot eyes and giggled. "C'mon, babe. The night's shtill young! We should go hit up so more parties, girl!" "Just go inside Jenna. We're not going anywhere else so just go sleep." I helped her inside the house and told her to find her way upstairs before heading to the fridge for some water.

I needed something cold to help clear the buzz from my head. "Mellissa!" I heard from through the sliding glass doors that led outside. "What?" I shouted back before heading into the back yard onto the deck. Jenna was sitting on one of the lounge chairs there. "Let's shleep under the stars tonight!

Oh my gooood that would be soooo great. C'mon Mel! Sleep with me." I sighed and strode over to the lounge to help her into the house again. "Come one, girl. Let's have some fun! Show me that pretty pussy!" With that she reached up and before I could react, she had grabbed my crotch. Her eyes widened with surprise as she gripped my penis. "Feelsh like you got somethin' better for me down there, babe." She giggled.

In a panic, I pushed her hand away and ran in the house, slamming the sliding door shut behind me. My pulse was racing and I was breathing heavy. I peeked out at her through the kitchen window and saw that she had passed out again on the lounge chair. I knew she probably wouldn't remember anything from this night and I could convince her she had just been drunk if she did mention it, but I was still stressed.

Then I noticed that my blood had started flowing again and it was going straight to my penis. My dick was getting harder and harder by the second. I groaned and undid my shorts to let it free of its confines. My lust from earlier had returned full blast when Jenna had grabbed my penis. This time however, I wasn't satisfied with some random slut at a stranger's house. I wanted Jenna! I had been wanting her body for years. Ever since I became friends with her and now, I was finally past the point of no return.

I began stroking my cock as the anticipation for what was to come got me hornier and hornier. My left hand slipped under my shirt and began absently squeezing and massaging my breasts. I pinched my nipples gently and moaned softly as my pulse rushed faster. Before I knew it, I was spraying my seed all over the kitchen floor. As my heart rate slowed down, I got some paper towels and began to clean my mess up.

As I cleaned, I began to plot out exactly how I was going to take her. This had to be perfect otherwise it wouldn't work. By the time I had gotten the floor wiped, I had a loose plan formed in my head. A few minutes later and the whole thing had taken shape.

I took a quick shower and put on some clothes. I needed to prepare everything before Jenna got up.

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I took a quick power nap to keep me going and began making preparations. First, I took Jenna's car down to the city and made a visit to a sex shop.

I needed a dildo, some lube, and a ring gag. The store had a huge selection but I finally settled on an eight and a half inch long blue rubber dildo. It definitely wasn't the longest one there but it was the thickest. Its girth rivaled even my own massive pole. I purchased a small bottle of lubricant and the ring gag and was on my way.

After that, I made a stop at the nearest hardware store. I bought a roll of duct tape and a coil of rope. Finally, I stopped at the drug store and got the strongest sleeping medicine that they sold. It was ten o'clock in the morning by the time I returned and I was a bit nervous that Jenna blonde female sex slave is ball gagged woken but one peek through the back door revealed that Jenna was far from awake.

I took the dildo from its bad and brought it to the basement to my father's tool section. I fixed a long drill bit with a 3/16 diameter to my dad's electric drill and then drilled a hole straight through the dildo, from tip to the section cup base.

Satisfied, I returned upstairs and double checked that I had everything set. Once in motion, I wouldn't be able to stop my plan. I had everything I needed so I took the rope, duct tape, and dildo out onto the back deck with me. I poked Jenna a few times to make sure she was out still before reclining the lounge chair all the way back so the whole thing was flat and parallel to the deck.

I pulled Jenna's sleeping body up towards the top of the chair and positioned her so she was on her back with her arms at her side and her head just hanging off the back of the lounge. I cut off a decent length of rope and pulled her hands behind her back and underneath the lounge. I tied her wrists together so that she was now tied to the chair and would be unable to sit up or escape. For further measure, I spread her legs so that her feet were now hanging off the lounge on either side and planted flat.

I used some more fingering sexual act clitoris perineum vaing to tie her feet to the legs of the lounge chair ensuring that she would be unable to move at all of close her legs.

Finally, I fit the ring gag in her mouth and tightened it behind her head. My cock was rock hard by this point and I was practically drooling over her sweet body in that bikini. For the first time in my life, I changed into my own bikini which I had gotten a couple years back but never worn.

It was definitely for my younger self because now my large breasts were spilling out the top and the bottoms barely covered any of my ass. My erect cock strained against the thin blue from and was clearly visible. Satisfied that everything was ready, I went back in the house and turned on TV to wait. An hour and a half later, I heard a soft moan coming from the deck. My ears pricked up and I muted the television. Was it finally time? "Mellissa?" came Jenna's voice. I nearly jumped up off the couch but I calmed myself and took a deep breath before strolling outside and onto the deck.

My penis had gone limp while waiting but it twitched to see Jenna's beautiful body again. "What's going on Mel.? Jenna started. I could barely understand her with the ring gag in her mouth.

She tried to tug her hands from beneath the lounge chair only to find them tied tight. "Shhhh. Don't waste your energy talking sweetie. You're gonna need your strength soon." I told her. "Come on, Mellissa. Untie me!" she said, this time with more urgency in her voice. I just laughed at her and sat down straddling the lounge chair at her feet facing her. "Surely by now you must have noticed that there is something different about me, Jenna. There's a reason that I never date anyone or have sex or wear bikinis.

This is that reason." With that, I stood and dropped my tenting bikini bottoms. Brother and sistar rap storys gasped and her eyes widened with shock as the huge member stood at attention where my pussy should be. "Impressive isn't it?" I asked as I slowly walked to where her head was hanging off the end of the lounge.

nagaland dimapur girl xxx vidoes Jenna. I have been waiting for this for soooo long. We're gonna have so much fun today.

Well. I'm gonna have fun at least. This might not be fun for you." I shrugged down at her and got on my knees behind her head.

I gripped the sides of her head with both hands, holding her in place and slowly pushed my erect member towards her mouth. She shrieked and tried to turn away but I easily held her and the ring gag kept her from closing her mouth. A second later, the head entered her mouth. It was instant bliss. She had plenty of saliva in her mouth because of the ring gag and my cockhead was immediately enveloped in a warm bath.

Her soft tongue was forced up against the roof of her mouth but she kept trying to wiggle it as if it would force my dick out. It only made it feel better though. I moaned lewdly as the pleasure met my brain and I almost melted right there. I started to slowly saw at her mouth and gently fuck her face. I began to realize that it was a good thing I had masturbated just a few hours ago or I would never have been able to control myself and would have blown my load too fast.

I sighed and happily continued thrusting into Jenna's mouth as she gurgled protests at me. She continued to thrash around as much as her bonds would allow her in an attempt to break free but the rope and my hands easily held her.

"Aww come on Jen. You gotta work with me here babe. After all, it is your fault that I'm super horny. The least you could do is just help me out." Jenna just struggled harder and made more noises of protest. "Hmmm. I guess we gotta speed things up then." I said, although not really disappointed. I began thrusting my hips faster and deeper until I hit the back of her throat a few inches in.

She gagged and jerked her body. I smiled and bit my lip. I picked up the pace, thrusting and hitting her gag reflex every time. I was moaning and thrusting like crazy really face fucking Jenna, but I had a lot more to do still so I slowed down my roll and just slowly fucked into her mouth for a few minutes before moving on to the next phase. "No time to waste, sweetie. We got plenty of other fun stuff to do so let's finish up with this hole." I told Jenna. I gripped her head tightly and pushed my cock to the back of her throat once more tripping her gag reflex.

As her throat wretched though, I gave a hard thrust and the head of my cock slipped into her throat. I began to slowly push deeper and deeper into virgin soil as her tight, teen throat slowly surrendered to my massive shaft. I cried out in pleasure as the final few bits of my cock slid into Jenna's mouth and my balls rested on her nose and eyes.

I let out the big breath that I had been holding and dropped my hands away from her head. "Go on, Jenna. Try to get off of it." I urged, wanting her to try. Jenna gurgled and tried to move her head in either direction, but she was well and stuck on my cock. She had had nine inches of esophagus stretching meat stuck down her throat. She had no chance. My mind was melting with pleasure. The feelings were so intense, it was indescribable.

Every choke or gag or cough just massaged my shaft and head. The warmth and intense tightness was almost too much. After nearly a minute of heaven, I relented and retreated into just her mouth.

Jenna sucked in air as quickly as possible around my cock head as the shaft left her throat, but I was eager to get back in there. I began to slowly fuck her throat in full, long, deliberate strokes. Each time, I pushed in balls deep and then pulled nearly all the way out.

Jenna choked and struggled and gagged for a good ten minutes as I used her mouth for my pleasure. I could feel myself getting close and wanted to move on to some more fun stuff. I paused on the backwards motion on my thrust. "You want stop, babe?" I asked her in a sweet voice. She gurgled out something. I laughed and smiled. "Okay then. Let's finish up here." I said. I gave a few more quick thrusts into her mouth before pushing all the way into her throat as far as I could possibly go.

I wanted to cram every single bit of myself down her tight, warm hole. "I pull out when I am finished cumming so you had better work those throat muscles, babe and push me over the edge." I told her evilly. She made a panicked sound and began thrashing but she was nice and stuck on me. She quickly gave up the fight and resigned herself to making me cum. She began gagging full force and flexing her throat muscles as best as she could. I helped her out a bit by squeezing her throat and massaging my cock through her neck.

I had been close already so it only took a few seconds of our combined effort to send me over. My groan was the only warning she got before a flood of cum exploded down her throat. She shrieked around the shaft in her throat and tried desperately to get it out of her, but I just kept shooting gallons of semen down her throat and straight into her stomach. I was in pure ecstasy.


I was almost out of my mind with pleasure. Every time I thought I was empty, her throat would convulse and milk another squirt out of me. Finally I could tell I was finished. I let out a big breath and sighed contentedly. My cock softened enough to where Jenna could now wiggle sunny leone shooting blue film head and slide it out of her throat.

Her throat returned to its original shape as my shaft slipped free. Jenna and I both just sat still catching our breath for a sexy blonde loves a big black cock seconds but I recovered quickly. I stood up and walked into the house to grab the duct tape and the dildo while Jenna caught her breath. I returned with the toys and Jenna weakly lifted her head to look at me. I smiled down at her and held up the dildo and the tape.

"Don't worry, Jen. We're not done yet. I just need a little time to recover make some more love juice for ya. But don't worry, I'm not gonna let you get bored without me." I said. With that, I crouched next to her head and gripped a big handful of hair to keep her head still. With the other hand, I held up the dildo so that Jenna could see the hole I had drilled. Her eyes slowly widened as she understood what I was doing. She tried once again to break free but she was weakened from her savage throatfucking and I had a good grip on her hair.

I took the fat dildo and slowly fed it into her mouth. The ring gag kept her mouth nice and wife for me and soon, I was forcing the last few millimeters down her throat.

I let go of her hair and clamped her head between my thighs just to hold her for a second. Then I took a length of duct tape and wrapped it several times around her head, dildo and all. Once the dildo was secured down her throat, I released her head. "There we go! Don't want that little toy falling out on ya, now would we?" I giggled cheerfully. "I even drilled a nice hole for you in the toy so you can still breathe.

I would suggest you accustom yourself to breathing with a cock down your throat 'cause it's gonna be there a while!" I stroked her bulging throat gently and smiled down at her. After a few choking attempts, Jenna got the hang of breathing with the dildo. I could hear the wind whistling through the hole I had drilled.

She stared up at me singa pur six xxx vido big, watery, pleading eyes and silently begged me to remove the dildo from her throat.

But I just smiled down at her before hopping up and skipping happily into the house. I lounged around for a couple hours watching TV and drinking soda. I could faintly hear Jenna outside gagging on the dildo and it made me laugh to myself. I was having so much fun! It was dark when I woke up. I had dozed off in front of the television. The cable box said it was eight thirty four p.m.

I yawned and stretched before walking to the glass sliding door that led to the deck. Jenna was still there twitching and gagging on the cock but not so urgently as before. Drool had found its way past the duct tape and made a small puddle beneath her head. I turned on the floodlights that lit up the back yard for night parties and strolled out, humming. "How ya doing, Jen?" I asked in a chirpy voice. "I just had a nice nap and now I'm all rested up to have more fun." I retrieved a knife from the kitchen and kneeled on the lounge chair between her spread legs.

She weakly raised her head to watch what I was doing. "Oh how rude of me!" I exclaimed and jumped up.


" I should make sure you have a nice view!" I propped the reclining back of the lounge chair up a peg or two just so she could watch without needing to lift her head. I returned to my original position between her legs and resumed my process.

With a steak knife from the kitchen, I cut her ankles free from where they were tied but quickly tied her ankles together. "I'm gonna cut your wrists free now.

If you try something, I can easily plug up that breathing hole that you got there." I warned her. She was exhausted and knew she could over power me so she didn't try to escape when I cut her wrists free. Now untied from the lounge chair, I once again tied her wrists behind her back.

I wrapped a small length of rope around her neck like a leash and led Jenna in towards the house. She hopped along as best as she could, bound the way she was. I led her up the stairs and into my room.

Once there, I pulled her bikini bottoms down around her ankles and had her lay on her belly on my bed. I got the lube out and laid it next to her on the bed. Much like the other girl from the party, I straddled Jenna's thighs and rested my erect shaft between her two firm cheeks.

"Well," I said. "We might as well just dive right into this." I popped open the lube and coated my whole shaft in the slick substance.

Jenna tried to look back at me but couldn't see. I poured a little lube on her ass crack and let it run down onto her tight puckered hole. I didn't want to waste time first by fucking Jenna's pussy nor did I want to take her virginity so I just took my finger and began to work the lube into her tight asshole a little.

Jenna began to squirm under me as soon as she felt my finger touch her asshole. However she was bound well and I easily held her down with a palm on her back. She tried to look back at me and beg but her position and the dildo stretching her throat allowed her to do neither. "You should count yourself lucky." I whispered in her ear as I guided the tip to her now lubed entrance.

"The first girl only got lotion." And then I thrust. Jenna screamed out in pain and shock but it only came out as a soft humming sound. I moaned loudly and lewdly as her ass squeezed my cock. I only had the head in but it already was giving me good vibes. I looked down at her ass. It was like someone had stuck a pin in a soft, perfect pincushion. I gripped her butt with both hands and began pushing the remainder of my member in. She shrieked and fought as best as she could but I was determined.

Her ass slowly stretched to accommodate my thick girth and monstrous length. I started a thrusting pattern. Push in fast, and then draw it out nice and slow and repeat.

Over time, her cries turned to gurgled sounds of acceptance as she lost herself in the pain. I, on the other hand, was having the time of my life. Her ass was even tighter than the first girl's and the fact that it was Jenna's ass made it all the more better. I happily buttfucked away at her while she groaned and occasionally gagged on the dildo. I fucked her for hours that night.

There is a alarm clock on my nightstand so I samantha saint makes a pussy sundae in her kitchen watch the minutes slowly tick away into an hour and then two. Finally, at one thirty or there about, I felt the first inklings of my impending orgasm. I sighed, sad that our time had come to an end.

But now was the best part of all. I slapped Jenna on the ass hard to get her to snap out of her stupor. She choked on the dildo in an attempted shriek and woke up quickly after a few repeated smacks on her ass. Now that Jenna was aware, I began my all-out assault on her anal fortress. I gave it everything I had for a good five minutes of straight up buttfucking. Tears streamed down Jenna's face as I plundered her bottom and pounded her into the mattress.

With a huge adorable girl legal age teenager foxy di gets roadside anal and a shout of release, I let go the floodgates and began to fill her tight butt with semen. Wave after wave of my cum flowed into her but I was still waiting for something. I could tell it was close. It just needed something to nudge it. In the middle of flooding her ass, I reached under the bikini top with one hand and pinched her left nipple hard.

With the other hand, I reached below my crotch and pinched her clit hard. That did it and sent Jenna into the most intense orgasm of her young life. Her entire body shook and trembled as she came. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she clenched her ass hard, involuntarily.

This sent me off one more time and I powered the final shot of cum deep into her butt. I slipped my limp cock from Jenna's abused hole. She had passed out cold from the mind-shattering orgasm she had just experienced.

I cut off her bonds and replaced her bikini bottoms before bringing her downstairs. I mixed up the sleeping pill in water as per the instructions, then I poured the mixture down the breathing hole in the dildo and straight into her stomach. That done, I removed the duct tape, careful not to pull her hair and the fat blue dildo popped out of her pee punish fuck me like a lil whore and flopped onto the floor.

I removed the ring gag and hid it and the dildo in my room with the lube and rope and tape. Then I carried Jenna out onto the lounge chair and left her there. I was exhausted and so I fell asleep on the couch shortly after. I was awoken later to the sound of the glass door sliding open. I opened my eyes to see Jenna walk in the house, yawning. "Ugh." She groaned. "What year is it?" "Morningsleeping beauty." I said and turned on the TV.

"Is it Saturday still?" Jenna asked. She went to the fridge and got a bottle of water. I noticed she was rubbing her butt as though it were sore. "It's Sunday morning." I told her. "You slept almost twenty four hours." "Yikes." She said, in-between gulps of water.

"That must be why my butt hurts so much. I've been in that chair for a day. And my throat is real sore. I haven't had anything to drink." "Yeah probably," I said, secretly smiling to myself.

"Next time don't get so hung over. You know you can't handle booze very well." "Whatever." She said, dismissive of my criticism. "I did have a really weird dream last night though." "Oh yeah?

And what was it about?" I asked even though I had a pretty good idea what she had "dreamed" "Never mind, it was crazy." She said with a wave of her hand. "Now let's get some real breakfast. I could really go for some sausage right now!"