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Peaches was attending another planning meeting for her next mission.

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Her original deal with Dubai german man fuck in burj al german hotel Samuel had been to attend every meeting and be allowed input, and he'd agreed.

He was true to the letter of his word, she reflected, but maybe it could be easier for her to talk. Peaches was naked except for a black leather sleeve that held both her arms tightly behind her back, and her body was folded into the space beneath the Prince's chair.

Her head alone protruded through a gap at the front of the chair, leaving her mouth in an ideal position for the Prince to feed her his cock as he spoke. As Peaches obediently slurped on his cock, trying not to gag as he pushed into her mouth, she struggled to listen to the plans being made around her.

'We'll drop the team in on the first day of next week and leave them for the day, let them get a feel for the place, bring them back and debrief them, and then we'll take it from there. The place is degenerate but it could have its uses.' 'Agreed,' came the voice of Peaches' part time owner, Colonel Ewing.

She flitted between three stable blocks, the Prince's, Colonel Ewing's and that of her mission partner and handler.


This time she expected it would be someone different. The Kagney linn karter in argue with stepson about fucking cock flexed in her mouth and Peaches tasted precum, and began to pay more attention to her task again, feeling the heat of anticipation rise in her groin as she felt the Prince get ready to cum.

She was hot and willing constantly, thanks to indoctrination, brainwashing, constant sexual attention and aphrodisiacs surgically implanted, slowly dissolving into her bloodstream. But the vibrator strapped between her legs didn't help matters! Peaches knew she was allowed to cum when the person usoing her did and she had long since lost any sense of shame about being used and made to cum in front of her mission team.

Just because she had brought them the material, just because she had broken Frankiin's code, just because she was nominally a member of the planning committee, didn;t mean she hadn't been used for sex by every single person in the room, sometimes by several of them at once! 'I think,' Lady Cordelia was saying, 'that we ought to look carefully at Franklin's research for this place before we send a team.

They're a non-slave-owning society but these barbarians are all different, you know.' A chorus of approval ran around the table, and the Prince leaned forward, forcing his heavy cock deeper into Peaches' mouth.


Peaches felt her own excitement build as the Prince roughly fucked her mouth for a couple of strokes and then came, his sour, salty semen filling her mouth. Peaches screamed her own orgasm around her user's cock, gagging on his cum and choking, drooling onto the surface of her cage-seat.

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The Prince smeared the excess semen off his cock onto her face and then stepped out of the chair, unconcernedly buttoning his flies in front of the whole room. Peaches, gasping from her orgasm, the royal semen still lining her mouth and hanging off her chin, was released from the chair where she had spent the morning and pulled by a handfull of hair to the conference table.

'I suggest Peaches here explain the Franklin files' information on World 794 tomorrow. Are we agreed?' The rest of the company cheered their approval, the Prince casually pushed Peaches to her knees and the meeting was adjourned. Peaches left the room ten minutes later, with a trooper holding her lead. He led her, still naked and bound, to the room that had been set up as her study, and unzipped the sleeve that held her arms behind her back.

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Putting on what Peaches thought of affectionately as her 'study cuffs,' manacles that went behind her back, and allowed her to make her hands meet, just, in front of herself.

As a result she could reach quite far with one hand if she pulled the other one around behind her. After giving her a quick grope, the trooper put her chastity belt on, a glittering stainless steel contraption that hugged her hips and covered everything from her clitoris to her anus with a broad strip of glittering steel, and held a small, cold steel buttplug inside her too!

The chastity belt held one final torment, and Peaches closed her eyes in resignation as the trooper applied it. Inside the strip of steel was a pair of rows of tiny steel claws, one row for each of Peaches' pussy lips, and a little cluster of them for her clitoris.

The pain wasn't so much that she couldn't think, but it was a constant, humiliating reminder of her status. Finally, the trooper pulled everything tight, locked Peaches' chastity belt tightly in place and pushed a big pink ball gag behind her teeth and buckled it in place. Peaches sighed and set to work, trying to ignore the dozens of tiny steel claws stabbing into her tenderest flesh as she sorted through the files on the Franklin computer, a major machine they;d turned over to her for working on the Gate problems on.

By the late afternoon fo the same day, Peaches had discovered enough to put together her notes for the lecture she would be required to give tomorrow to the mission team. She was glad and relieved when the troopers came hot mom xxx with son friend take her back to the cell block, remove her painful chastity belt, wash the Prince's dried semen off her face and feed her and put her to bed.