Mom and son big tits

Mom and son big tits
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I went back to school proud. I wasn't a virgin anymore, and my friends were all going to be so proud that I had finally gotten some instead of staying at home playing with my pussy. I walked up to school on the sidewalk, because the rain would have caught me in it's muddy clutches of doom. I had dressed up that day in a black lacey top that flowed out on both sides like a poncho.

I wore tight fitting jeans that made my ass shapely and sexy. To top it off, I had the sexiest pair of black cage heels known to mankind. I slowly but surely made it to the place out front where my friends had been sitting. "Hi guys! How was your suWOAH!" and as soon as they saw me I fell flat on my face.

I felt bad because I had dropped all of my things and scraped my knees up in front of two sexy guys they had with them. One of them walked up to me and started to help me out with my things. He had long dirty blonde hair, and eyes light green like that of an apple.

"Are you okay?!" He asked with fear in his voice. I hopped back up as fast as I could and he helped brush me xxx story sex stories 10yer rache. "Yeah I'm totally alright!" 'I feel like a fucking idiot' I thought, 'but hey I got this guy's attention… I could use this to my advantage' "That's Aaron" Rebecca, my loud bisexual friend said.

"This is Max, these guys are new here." I looked at Max, and he was the epitome of sexiness. His face was basically perfect, and even more so if his glasses were off. Max had shorter blonde hair, and a German accent with eyes the deepest, richest brown.

Max was too quiet for my liking though. As I sat down at the table, I got reacquainted with my friends and told a few dirty jokes as I always had.


Aaron laughed at my jokes more than anyone, which boosted my spirits like nothing ever would. I got Aaron's number that day so I could talk to him more about video games I liked. Aaron was an avid gamer, as I had grown to find out. He was also a virile stud and his hot floozy hardcore blowjob dresser.

Every day he would come in with a suit shirt and tie, and I loved the way his ass looked in the tight fitting jeans he wore. All that day, I couldn't really focus on any of my classes. 'Shit, why the fuck am I so wet. Nothing even happened to me today!' I thought to myself. I had my hands in my pockets and through a hole inside them, I slipped a pencil in it and started to gently massage my clit with the cold metal clasp that held the eraser to it.

I got goose bumps all over my body. It was absolutely exciting having my peers around me, unknowing of my secret little pleasure. I thought of Aaron and his long hair, and if I had the chance I would free his cock from those tight, prison-like pants and suck on him like he was the cure to my deadly illness, that had only just begun to grow within me.

When the bell rang, I could smell the freshly penetrated wet ground, and that same thought made me think 'I wish I was the ground… I wanna be dirty and wet and plowed through' I giggled to myself as I closed my eyes to imagine yet another scenario in which I could take advantage of Aaron, Max, or hell even both of them at the same time.

"OOF! Ow, what the hell?!" I ran into someone on accident. 'Dumb ass, two screw ups in a day, fucking genius you are' I thought of myself. I opened my eyes to reveal my ex-boyfriend Gordon, who had been rushing to get to his college classes. "I'm sorry!" I said, as if to compensate for the incident, but he had already stormed out. Hmm. I remember the day I had met him. I was online feeling pretty lonely after a big breakup, so I went to my yearbook and started sifting through the guys of my area.

Click, click, click. Raver, gangster, druggie, dumbass, dumbass, dumbass… I was just about to call it quits when I clicked a few times more to see his golden locks of hair.

I saw he was online so I sent him a message. "Hello?" I started "Hello," He typed back "It's nice to meet you, my name is Taylor but you can call me tot" "ok J" "So, would you like to be my friend I guess?" "Sure " "How old are you?" "I'm seventeen." "Go to the high school in Loftville?" "Yeah, it sucks" "It is kinda lame. Do you like metal?" "Fuck yeah I like metal!" "Well that's good because it's pretty much my favorite type of music." ":D" "Haha, so what is up?" "Oh nothing, I'm just jamming right now" "Oh shit, I love musicians.

What do you play?" "I play bass, guitar, and the tuba in the marching band." "That's cute." I was so hot and heavy for any man that could play me a few riffs on the guitar at that point. "What are you doing?" "Oh I'm just reading about these crazy feminist extremists that are all taking things out of context. I'm all for women's rights but when ya go about acting hd passion hd threesome in bed with two gorgeous teen a bitch about everything it gets annoying and all women get a bad rep for it you know?" "Lol, so you're like an anti-feminist or something?" "I guess I am.

I love guys lol" "Aw man, marry me? Lol" My heart started to race at the little comment, serious or not, it definitely made my day. I grew the confidence back in those two seconds that 6 months with my ex took to build, and Perv stepbrother tricks his teen stepsister into fuck grew anxious to know what would happen next, so I made the next move. "Hey, wanna go see a movie with me Gordon?" "Sure, how about tomorrow?" "Sounds good.

See you then J" That next day was Saturday and I had just bought a new zip up top and some tore up jeans with heels. My hair had been tousled up, looking messy but kinda sexy if I could think so myself. I painted my nails black and put on my KISS perfume that smelled like a fresh bouquet of roses and the last thing you wanted to smell before sex. I couldn't really describe it any other way. Gordon drove up to my house in his own car, which was not that bad for a high school car.

He was wearing a band t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and a pair of tripp shorts. He stood about a foot above me with muscles that bulged out like mountains. Gordon was a mountain himself.

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"Cmon babe, let's go." He took me in his arms the best he could and helped me into his car. We saw something with Will Ferrell in it; I told him Will Ferrell was my favorite actor, and he agreed. During the movie we really just focused on each other and talked a lot more than I thought we would. The whole time I just wanted to kiss him. Before I knew it, the movie had ended, and there we were alone in the theater.


Everything was dark and quiet, so I kissed him on the cheek and got up to leave, but I was stuck. Gordon had caught me by the pants and thong and pulled me back down to sit in his lap to kiss him again. I felt a raging hard on underneath me.

It had been so long since I had gotten to suck a dick, so I took his hand and cautiously led him out of there, and towards his car. Gordon and I, in this empty parking lot, were breathing heavily and sprinting to the car. We both had one desire, and that was to get a little taste of each other before going home.

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He bent me over the hood, us facing each other, him kissing me and pressing his hot shaft up against my already wetting pussy. As he reached petite liona pleasures a thick dong brunette cumshot his pants, he grabbed his keys, and tried opening the door as fast as he could.

He could not get the key into the slot, because his hands were shaking from the excitement. I grabbed his hand and steadied it and together we opened the door to the backseat and I pounced upon him. I shut the door behind us and I took off my shirt and his, and as I did he bit into my neck and kissed it like a wild savage tearing off a piece of meat. "Hold on" he said, and he put the keys into the ignition. He turned the music on, and the metal started to play full blast.

No one was remotely around us, so we decided to fool around to the steady paces, rifts and breakdowns.

Gordon celebrated a break down by taking off another article of my clothing with his teeth and I would mimic. We got down to shirtless and pantless in a matter of about 5 minutes. Gordon played with me and fondled my breasts with carefulness, but when it came to his mouth he showed no mercy. Every riff of the guitar meant a lick, and every lick on the guitar meant a nibble.

I pulled away and pushed Gordon to make him lay down in the back seat. I kissed him on the neck and bit his ear lobes and he started to moan himself. His deep voice vibrated though my body. Back then, I had only loved to give oral, but not receive it, so I pulled off Gordon's boxers to reveal the monster within them.

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There before me stood an 8 inch long, two and a half inch wide demon, waiting for my tongue and suction. I learned a trick from watching online porn to spit into my hands and rub a cock down with it as I started off with a hand job, and from Gordon's pelvic rotations he seemed to like it.

His was soft to the touch but all rock underneath. I she watches her hubby fucks her mom in in my hands, like a baker of love and passion. I was ready, and so was my mouth and throat so I opened wide and started sucking away at his long, hard love maker. He moaned loud and raised his hands to the top of the head rest in the driver's seat. I put his hands at the back of my head so he could control me to whatever whim he had wished.

It had grown so steamy and hot, it was beginning to suffocate us both. For a good while I sucked. Gordon's endurance was impressive, but now it was time to put the finishing touch on this lovely fun night. I backed off, and just as Gordon was about to orgasm, I took his entire dick into my throat and deep throated him until he had shot long and hard his creamy metal load into my mouth.

He was so exhausted, I started to worry I would have to drive him back.

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I cracked a window to let the steam flow out. Feeling the cold air outside woke Gordon up, and he proceeded to dress himself and put on his shoes to drive us both home.

I arrived back at home, and I gave Gordon a kiss goodbye. "We should do this again sometime." "Definitely. I'll text you when I get home." "Bye." By the time I went inside, took off my clothes and hit the bed, I had been so tired that I forgot to play with myself and get my own orgasm, but I guess it could have waited until the next time I saw Gordon.

He does OWE me now&hellip.