Techer and student fuck story

Techer and student fuck story
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She came to the door to say hello and then she let me in her house with a smile. You see I am the cable guy and I was there to install her cable. She introduced herself as Janet and then led me around the house showing me everywhere she wanted a cable outlet installed. I was checking out her body while I walked behind her and it wasn't bad for her age. If I had to guess, I'd say she was about forty-three, 5'5", and weighed around 150 lb.

so she wasn't exactly a stick, yet she wasn't too big either. I'd describe her as being thick in all the right places. Her whole body was tan and her hair was pulled back with her sunglasses. Her legs had a good, thick shape to them and her ass was covered with a pair of shorts made out of a mesh material. Her toes were painted red and she had just a plain t-shirt on covering what looked to be a full set of tits.

There was something about her that I was attracted to which was probably her personality and smile. She was very friendly, more so than my regular female customers. She bent over to move some junk out of the way for me to work and I got a nice view of her ass as her shorts hiked up enough for the bottom of her cheeks to pop out.

I imagined fucking her in that woman police officer forced sex storys. It took me a long time on her install because there was a lot of work to do and Janet was constantly offering me drinks and chit chatting with me. She was also very touchy feely which got my dick thinking about fucking her. She got to talking about how she was divorced and she lived in her big house all by herself and things of that nature.

I asked her why her husband had left her being that she was pretty hot. She smiled really big and blushed a little and told me that her husband always complained about not getting enough sex, and finally one day, he had an affair so we got divorced.

Then she chuckled for a second and I asked her why she was laughing. She told me because her husband left because he wasn't getting enough sex, and now after he leaves me, I hit my sexual peak and now I can't get enough.

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I said, "Oh really, I guess that's kind of ironic. So what do you do now that you want sex all the time and you have no man?" "I date ever so often and I have a big dildo collection," She laughed and told me.

Then she said out of the blue, "I've always wanted to fuck the cable guy." I looked at her with a surprised look and said, "I can solve that problem for you." She got real close to me and took off my tool belt and then started on my shirt. "So you want to fuck me, huh?" She asked. I just nodded my head and began exploring her body with my hands. I couldn't believe my luck. She took my shirt off and started kissing my chest and nipples. My hand slipped inside her shorts and gave her ample ass a squeeze as I realized she had no panties on.

I took her shirt off revealing a nice set of tits wrapped up in a white cotton bra. Her nipples were hard poking through the material and I started kissing her neck and chest. She unsnapped her bra and it fell to the floor leaving her round titties staring me in the face. They were the kind of tits that were fun to squeeze and there was definitely plenty there to suck on. I twirled my tongue big tit slut fucked by huge cock her large nipples for a minute and then she pulled off my shorts.

Her hand squeezed the giant bulge in my boxers as she gave me a kiss, shoving her tongue deep inside my mouth, and then sucked on my upper lip as she pulled away.

I took my boxers off letting my hard cock stand at attention. Her hands felt so good and soft as she caressed it while she was kissing my chest making her way south.


She pulled her shorts off just before she knelt down on her knees and started licking my shaft up and down, real slowly. I sat down on the couch and she got next to me and placed my cock inside her warm lips.

My dick disappeared into her mouth and she began bobbing up and down on my thick shaft sucking me off. While she was doing this I was caressing her body.

My hand slipped past her ass and in between her legs so I could play with her pussy from behind. Her twat was already dripping wet as my fingers penetrated what seemed to be a rather tight hole. She moaned as I flicked my finger over her large clit all the while continuing to suck my cock.

Every so often she would take my dick out of her mouth and rub it all over her face and then she would shove it back in her mouth and suck me some more. She did this several times and after a few minutes she was about dude saves busty teen then fucks her make me explode. "Keep going, I'm going to cum," I breathed to her as her lips tightened up and she sucked even harder.

She kept going and going and just before I was about to go she pulled my dick out and started stroking it with her hand. She was jacking me off, stroking me really fast and to my surprise; she was aiming my cock right in front of her face. "OH God!" I yelled.

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With just a few more strokes from her hand I shot a stream of cum on her face just across her nose and forehead. She kept stroking and another spurt of cum landed on her lips and cheek. She stuck my cock back in her mouth and sucked the remaining spunk out of me and then she took my dick out of her mouth and rubbed it again over her face, rubbing my semen into her skin like a lotion.

This was one of the best moments of my life because before then, no girl has ever done that for me.

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I knew that I was dealing with a sex craved freak and I was going to fuck her hard. She wiped her face off with a wet towel and then led me to her bedroom. She got on her back and spread her legs showing me her wet pussy.

I jumped on the bed and got on top of her rubbing my dick over her sticky lips just before I shoved my cock deep inside her. Her mouth dropped open and a loud moan came out as I began to slide my dick in and out of her tight pussy. The expression on her face was as if she couldn't believe such a hard, young cock was ravaging her body. I fucked her hard and deep, grinding against her clit.


She liked it deep as she wrapped her thick short legs around my back and shoved my body into hers with every hard hitting thrust. I grabbed her hands and pinned them together behind her head while I kept driving my hard cock deep into her pussy sending her round tits bouncing back and forth.

"Keep going! I'm about to cum!" she said. I found the right spot and put every ounce of effort in my body into my driving thrust and within seconds her legs pulled me in real deep and I could feel the warmth of her pussy contracting on my cock as her body shook and the juices ran out of her hole, down my dick and soaked the bed. "Don't move!" She said quickly. She just laid there for a minute taking in the awesome feeling from her orgasm.

"You're not done yet," she said. I pulled my dick out of her which was still hard and she turned around and got into the doggie position. I placed my cock up against her sticky lips and slid past them into her pussy. I grabbed her hips firmly as I began fucking her like a dog.

She loved it when I scratched her back really hard and when I spanked her ass. Her pussy felt so good from behind I could tell I was going to cum again. I stopped just for a second to play with her tits which were dangling below her, and then continued tearing her ass up. I was knocking the bottom out of her when the next thing I know, she was screaming and moaning with her face down in the pillow and I was shooting a load of cum into her pussy.

I pulled out of her and had to get cleaned up and dressed because I had several more jobs left to do that day. We exchanged info and ever so often I will stop by her house on my lunch break for some hot and heavy sex and then it's back to work. This is just one of the perks of being the cable guy. Cute teen fucks her sweet pussy with a huge toy a survey of a group of women, they were asked what their top three fantasies were.

They came up with fucking a cable guy, pizza guy, or construction worker.