Posing and fucking on web camera pornstar and hardcore

Posing and fucking on web camera pornstar and hardcore
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The comment section has been restricted to members only due to spammers and other idiots. Please feel free to PM your comments to me. Lucky Mann Kissy Kat And finally, there was Kissy Kat. Kissy Kat was her CB handle. She was 5'2" tall, slightly plump, and had shoulder-length blonde hair. She was twenty-years-old, and as cute as they come. We dated frequently, maybe too frequently. Kissy was a gentle lover that liked to be screwed slow and easy.

That is, until she was about to cum. Then she went wild. While she was cuming, all I had to do was hug her tightly, and hang on for the ride. She did the rest. Riding Kissy while she came was as close to a sexual thrill ride as I've ever had. Kissy was always available to me. Even when she was on her period, she'd enthusiastically give me a blowjob.

It was during one of those times of her month that Kissy taught me how to fuck tits. She had me sit on her upper abdomen and put my hard cock between her tits. She then pressed her firm ample tits around my cock. As I stroked my cock between them, she licked at my cock's head every time it came near her mouth. When I came, Kissy held my cock tightly between her tits and sucked its head like the top of a straw. Many nights, she'd call when she got off work at midnight, and asked if she could come over.

She worked at a nationally known electronics factory on the far side of the city. It took her nearly an hour to drive to my place from work. Her job kept her on her feet most of the evenings. So, Kissy's legs and back were frequently sore or cramped. She loved my long, slow, massages and I enjoyed giving them to her.

She especially like getting her legs and feet rubbed as I worked out the kinks in her cramped legs. I was very tired, when Kissy called one night. I told her I was going to bed, but she could still come over, if she liked. I told her to let herself in, help herself to something to drink, get naked, and climb in bed with me. About 1:15 AM, I stirred to the sound of her opening my door.

Without moving, I watched her slowly strip by the light of a full moon. She was curvy and busty blonde bailey brooke fucked in bath naturaltits blowjob lovely creature in the soft glow of the moonlight.

Her young sizable tits showed little sign of sagging. Her belly and ass had enough fat to make her soft and nicely rounded. When she finished undressing, Kissy quietly got in bed, put her head on my shoulder, and snuggled up to me. When I didn't reach out to her, she reached down, and stroked my dick until it was almost fully erect. She then went down and sexy blonde fucks and works her ass me to a full hard-on.

During her oral work, I started rubbing her back and shoulders.


"Lay still, and let me do the work tonight." Kissy softly told me. She then turned, straddled me, and lowered her pussy down on my dick. Slowly, she repeatedly raised and lowered her body impaling herself on my hard cock.

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As she picked up the pace, I reached up and fondled her tits. Then, she surprised me. Instead of humping wildly as we both began to cum, she shoved her pussy down tightly on my cock, and sort of quivered for about thirty seconds. Now, that was something different.

It was almost like she had a built-in vibrator in her pussy. After dating Kissy for xxl cock mom son reo few months, she began breaking my dating ground rules. One night, as we lay cuddling after sex, she said she loved me. She had been getting more and more possessive, and wanted me to see her, exclusively. I tried nicely, several times, to remind her of my still recent divorce and self-imposed dating rules.

I even cursed at her a couple of times in hopes she'd get the idea. It didn't work. I didn't need, or want, a steady girlfriend.

She said she understood, but continued to put pressure on me to commit to her. When she started dropping by without calling, I, reluctantly, came to the conclusion that I had to do something rather drastic to run off Kissy Kat. I didn't want to hurt her, but she was giving me no other choice.


One Saturday afternoon a couple of buddies had come over to watch a college football game on TV. As expected, Kissy Kat called and wanted to come over. I somewhat rudely informed her of what I was doing.

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"I'm watching a ball game with some friends, but, if you want to come over, get fucked during half-time, and leave, come on." Then it hit me. I knew how I was going to discourage Kissy Kat. I would share her with my buddies. The guys agreed that, if she didn't want to be shared, they would not force her.

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If she agreed, we could have a good time, and see just how much cock and cum her pussy could take. About forty-five minutes later, Kissy arrived. I handed her a beer and loudly told her. "Go on back to the bedroom and get undressed. It's almost halftime.


I'll be back to fuck ya in a few minutes." About fifteen minutes later, the first half of the football game came to an end. I went back to my bedroom, and when I opened the door, I found Kissy lying naked on the bed. With just enough foreplay to get her wet, I climbed on, and fucked her until I came. As I rolled off her, I patted her ass and said.

"Don't move! I'll be right back." After taking a piss, I returned to my bedroom. Kissy was still lying naked with her legs spread. "Beautiful!

Hold on! Don't move!" I again told her. I then went to my living room. I flipped a coin to see which of my buddies would be the first to try his luck with Kissy. The winner was again told, and he agreed, not to force her. With a big grin, and a hard-on to match, he headed for my bedroom.

Over the TV, I heard Kissy yell at my friend. "What the hell are you doing here?" With a chuckle, my buddy said. "I'm here to fuck you! We're all going to share you and make sure you are will satisfied." "Like hell you are!

Get the fuck out!" Kissy screamed at public picup faki agent casting modeling. My buddy came high-tailing it back down my hallway laughing his ass off. "I guess she's not interested in sharing!" He said, while buckling his belt. He was rapidly followed by one pissed-off, half-naked, Kissy Kat. As she ran out the door, she looked back at me and yelled. "Fuck you too, you bastard!" I really did hate hurting Kissy Kat like that, but she never bothered me again.

If she hadn't gotten so possessive, so quickly, things may have turned out differently.