Awesome erotic action on cam hardcore blowjob

Awesome erotic action on cam hardcore blowjob
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This is a story about an experience I had last year at a local gay cruising spot that I frequent. I go to this place most weekends and 9 times out of 10 I get some action. Up until this time I had only ever had experiences with 1 guy but this time I got a lot more that I was expecting.


It was around 11pm and I had just arrived in my car at the cruising area. I parked my car up in my usual spot where I can see an old bus shelter where guys meet each other to have a bit of fun. It was quieter than normal and it was about half an hour until someone else turned up and parked their car a little behind mine. After about 5mins I noticed the guy get out of his car and amateur blonde milf on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg proceeded to walk past mine, slowly so he could take a look in and also give the indication he was looking for a bit of action.

He cut across the little field that led to the bus shelter and he disappeared into the darkness. I hung fire for about 10mins to see if he came back but he didn't. Eventually I got out of my car, locked up and began the walk across the field towards the shelter. The shelter itself doesn't have any street lighting around it so its always fisting loving dyke likes it deep and hard darkness and its hard to see if anyone is there or not.

As I got closer I saw the guy standing facing towards the internal wall, it wasn't until I got a bit closer that I noticed he had his trousers and his ankles and another guy was sitting on the bench in front of him sucking him off.

I didn't want to disturb them so I walked to the other side of the shelter where I could still see them but out of their way. I could here the guy getting the blowjob moaning and it instantly gave me a hard on so naturally I unzipped my flies and pulled my hard cock out.

I stood there for a few minutes wanking my cock before I heard the guy letting out a load moan and I assumed he was pumping his load into the other guys mouth.

The sound of him cumming made me wank my cock harder and faster. A little while after I noticed the guy pulling up his trousers and walked off. I stayed where I was watching the guy sitting on the bench while I wanked my cock. Soon enough the guy got up, walked over to me and said hi. I said hi back but didn't stop stroking my now throbbing cock. "Wanna suck?" I said to the guy "Sure do mate" was the reply I got I put my cock away and sat myself down on a bench right in front of the guy.

He undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock was hard and he started stroking it. It wasn't the biggest cock I had ever had but I didn't care, I just wanted it in my mouth. He moved a bit closer and I reached out to grab his cock. I started by slowly stroking his cock before I moved in with my head and began by licking it around the head. I couldn't resist for long though and sunk his hot cock into my mouth.

I felt nice sliding into my wet and wanting mouth and I began to suck him off. Slowly at first I slide his cock in and out of my mouth, sliding my tongue up and down it as I went. It mustn't have been long before I noticed the other guy (the one who had just been sucked off) in the corner of my eye walking over to us.

He came up and stood next to us but I continued to suck this hot cock. Next the guy undid his flies and he pulled his cock out.


It wasn't completely hard but it was hard enough. He began to stroke it while watching me suck this guy off. I reached out and grabbed his cock and began to stroke it for him. He moved a bit closer for me and I couldn't help sinking my mouth onto his.

I then proceeded to alternate between the 2 guys sucking one and wanking the other. I was getting so turned on and I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants. I was so engrossed in these 2 cocks I didn't notice a 3rd guy turn up. I now hard 3 guys standing in front of me, I was in heaven.

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The 3rd guy already had his cock out and was wanking so as I did with the 2nd guy I reached out and began to stroke his cock for him.

I did that for a while before I started to suck off the 3rd guy insext net real mother and son well, alternating between the 3 cocks, sucking and licking and wanking. I was so turned on now and all I wanted was cum.

I didn't have to wait long but surprisingly it was the 3rd guy who came first. I could feel his cock start to tense up while I was sucking him and I knew he was about to cum. I kept on sucking but he pulled away and started wanking his cock hard and fast before he arched his back, let out a loud moan and shot his hot load all over my face.

There was loads of the stuff and it got everywhere. Running down my face I could taste his sticky cum on my lips and I couldn't help but lick them. I was still wanking the other 2 guys while doing this. The 3rd guy pulled his pants up, said thanks and walked off. I went back to the other 2 and began again sucking and wanking them. It wasn't long again until I felt guy 2's cock start to tense and I knew he was ready to cum. This one didn't pull away though when he was ready and he started to pump his warm cum into my mouth.

There wasn't much of it as he had already cum earlier with guy 1 but I didn't mind, the feeling of his sticky cum hitting the back of my throat made me so horny I felt like my cock was going to explode in my pants. Once he had finished and I had sucked him completely dry, getting every little drop, he pulled up his pants and walked off. So now I was left with guy 1 who's cock was still throbbing in my hand.

"That was fucking hot mate" he said to me "Your telling me, I'm ready to explode here I'm that horny" I replied with "How about we try something a little different" he said to me "What you got in mind?" I replied "How about I stick my cock in your ass?" he said I didn't need asking again, I let go of his cock, stood up and dropped my pants.

I turned round and bent over the bench I was just sitting on, exposing my ass to him. I felt him grab my ass and he began to stoke it. He parted my ass cheeks and I felt him push a finger into me.

I've had a few cocks up there before so this was no shock to me. He fingered my asshole for a little before I violet domme fucks her with a strapon him move up and push his cock into my. I hadn't realized before how thick his cock was and I could feel it throbbing as he put all his weight into me and pushing his cock as far as he could get it.

He began to pump his cock into my ass, slow at first but I think he got a little carried away and he quickly built up pace, slamming his cock into me. I was horny as hell as I felt his cock slamming my insides. He grabbed hold of my waist and began to fuck me so hard.

We were both moaning loudly by now and all I wanted was for him to pump his load into me. I didn't have to wait long and the next thing I knew I could feel my ass getting warm as he filled it with his hot cum.

There was loads of the stuff and he kept on pumping till he couldn't go any more. We were both exhausted as he pulled his cock out of me. I couldn't move so stood there for a little while feeling his warm sticky cum dribble out of my asshole and down my leg. My cock was still throbbing and I just wanted to explode everywhere. The other guy pulled his pants up and sat on the bench next to me. "Your turn I think" he said I stood up properly and moved in front of him.

He instantly sunk my cock into his warm waiting mouth. To be honest I have had better blowjobs from guys but I didn't care, I just needed to cum. He sucked me hard and fast and soon enough I felt myself about to cum. He could feel it to and he pulled my cock right into his mouth. I couldn't hold back any more and I let out a load moan as I unloaded myself into his mouth. There must have been tons of the stuff coz he couldn't keep it all in his mouth.

I pumped my load into him till I felt like he had sucked me completely dry. I pulled away once he has finished licking my cock clean, pulled up my pants and sat on the bench next to him.

I pulled a tissue out of my pocket and wiped off what was left of the 3rd guys cum on my face. We both sat there panting for a few minutes and sparked up a little conversation before we both parted our ways.

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I got back into my car and drove home but all the way home I could feel the seat of my ass getting wet as the guys cum dribbled out of my asshole. I went to bed a very happy person that night.