Of blacklust goes interracial with a facial

Of blacklust goes interracial with a facial
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Why Mothers' Cry 'Ello, Alex=), again. This time I'm going to do an incest since I was told so many times not to in my last story. Aren't I just the worst =] Another difference is that I'm going to put this in a boy's point of view. By how well I do this, I'd like to bring the question up again.

Am I a boy or a girl? =) No offense to mothers, it's just a story =} -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Alex. I'm 17, 6', senior, former football player and a hunk by the girls' eyes. I have black hair and hazel eyes. I'm working on my six pack so now I only have four.

I can be lazy at times, but not these times. My mom has been crying for over two months now and I have to say it's been annoying. I know my dad died about three months ago and that I cried too, but it's been over two months.

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bootylicious slag pleasures a throbbing meat pole My tears have dried, I'm done crying. I'm moving on. I just wish my mom could do the same thing.

I had to get job. My mom refused to go to work and they took her off without pay. She can always go back, but she doesn't want to. So as result I had to quit the football team and work to pay the rent. I half want to smack my mom and tell her to get herself together, but I know I won't.

I'm just mad that I had to give up my football for this. I know she's hurting, but she's effecting me now and herself.

I work as an assistant in a big publishers building. My friend's mom gave me the job after what happened to my dad and what my mom is going through now. My only guilt is that she says she'll pay me extra if I fucked her at the end of the day. Of course I took it, I needed the money, but now I can't look Cameron in the eyes.

I came home exhausted, like always, banging Ms. Thompson is always hard. After she tosses everything on her desk to the floor, I have to stay and clean it up. Not that she's hot, it's just that she's crazy, but I get paid a good sum, but not enough. Ms. Thompson gave me an idea so now I whore myself a little. Fuck girls and get paid some. But this is for my mom. My job with Ms. Thompson can pay for the rent and a few of the bills, but my whore job pays for the food and the other half of the utilities.

I make just enough to get by. My mom is in her room, daydreaming as she stared at the TV. She looked dead. My mom is beautiful, but right now she's a mess. Her blond hair is knotted and terrible, her nails are chipped, eyes crusted and face pale.

Again I wanted to smack her and tell her to get up, but I was too exhausted and she looked too pathetic. She got up and went to the bathroom. I went to my small room and slammed myself on the bed. It was 12 at night, work did not allow me to do homework because I spend most of it hopping from floor to floor, so I stay up till at least 2 to do it and wake up about 4 hours later for school. Luckily for me I realized it's Friday and I half cry in relief. My weekdays are so long I can barely keep up with the date and this was a giant relief.

I can sleep till 2 o'clock and make it to work. I did my homework, not wanting to procrastinate because work is going to kill me and I'm going to forget. I had to wait for my mom to get out the bathroom. She usually just cries in there.

When she got out I realized she fixed some of her hair and it was at least decent now, he eyes were cleaned and that her nails were even. She finally fixed herself up after two months of horror. She must have finally looked herself in the mirror.

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She gave me somewhat of a pity smile and disappeared into her room. I hopped in the shower. I like to take long showers, helps cool my head and also think about my life. I had a good childhood. Football, video games, friends, masturbating. But then that one car accident took it away from me. Dad dead, Mom unstable and me overworked. I don't even have a girlfriend because I don't think I can do my at-night jobs and face her the next morning. It can't be done. I haven't had sex with one girl I actually dated or got to know.

Sex just isn't that passionate or fulfilling anymore. I get out the shower. It's been at least an hour, so mom should be in bed. I go to my room, there's no towels, I always forget to do the laundry, but mom was asleep and wouldn't even notice if I walked around naked.

at least that's what I thought till I got to my room. My mom was on my bed, only in her underwear and my brain becomes flushed.

She raises her head and just looks at me and now I know she realized I'm naked. Before I could even ask or yell or whatever I was planning on doing, she reached over and grabbed my cock in her hand and propped herself on one elbow to take it in her mouth.

I was in complete shock. Unwillingly I became hard and she engulfed my entire 7' hard throbbing cock. Tamed teens presents nora and sandra in rough teen spanking scene swallow and cumshot was wonderful. She worked her tongue like a pro, licking it like bitch, slipping it pass and into the slit of my pee hole and then wrapping her wonderful tongue fully around the head of my circumcised cock.

I felt several spasms of pleasure pulse through me. I was hitting the back of her throat and I was moaning hard. This is the best blowjob I've ever had and I mind as well be a pornstar with all the pussies and mouths I ravaged. But she was right on my league. I grab the back of her head and started to fuck her face, her tongue was slapping my shaft and she was moaning every time I dug deep into her throat.

I got on the bed and continued to throat fuck her, hitting her head against the wall and slapping her constantly in the chin with my balls. Her mouth was so fucking hot and sloppy.

Her throat tight like a cock has never breached it's realm. Her mouth itself was twice as good as a few pussies I turned inside out. I hit her head against the wall one more time before shooting my load deep into her waiting throat.

I grabbed the back of her head and slowly fucked her face some more before I realized what I just did. I slowly slid my cock from out her mouth and it was as if I just unplugged her throat, hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock a flood of cum just pooled down her chin and she was gagging on it. I patted her back. "Shit, mom, you alright?


Fuck!" I curse getting up and getting one of my clean T-shirts. I start to wipe her mouth of my lucid cum.


It wasn't my best. "I'm sorry" I said softly and I said it softly because I sort of wasn't. That was still the best blowjob I ever had and I'm not mad it happened either. Plus, as a bonus, I ravaged her mouth, getting payback for the hell she caused me recently. She only moaned and seeing my cock still leaking, she took it back into her mouth and started to milk me and with this, I know I had the chance of a lifetime.

To get back at her ass. I grabbed her head, became hard, and started to shove my cock deep down her throat. She moaned hard, but accepted it all the same. I face fucked her as hard as I could, pulling it out all the way to the head so she could suck and lick my sensitive spots and then I would shove in with as much force as possible, making her gag which only made me want to do it harder.

I slipped my hand down her back and undid her bra, her nice D-cup breasts now rubbing against my slightly hairy legs. I bent down and cupped them in my hand before squeezing hard on them. The bitch moaned to my every move. Finally, I stood back up and shoved my cock as hard as I could into her mouth, and started to slightly circle my hips, rubbing her nose into my nice unshaved pubes (didn't have time, wanted to get to bed as soon as possible).

She moaned louder fine ass slut slit nailed from behind outdoor after another good ten minutes, I blew another load into her again. She obviously loved it. I let her have it in her mouth for a few more seconds before letting it slide out. She was good. I usually have about an hour of oral with my employers, I've gotten really used to it, but she got me in under half that time.

I have a little problem with calling my mom a bitch and treating her like this, but she deserves it. "Alex, I." I didn't let her finish, I put my fingers in her mouth and her suck on them. I really don't want to hear her voice, especially if it's to stop this. She started it and I'm going to finish it. I twisted her on her back and pulled down her underwear, spread her legs open and I took my fingers out her mouth to send my full attention to her nice cunt. "Al- Ah!" she screamed as I bit hard into her clit and she shut up then, only moaning.

She tasted sweet. Real sweet. This pussy has been untouched for two months and it's taste must have been becoming stronger. It was nasty and I loved it. I slurped up her waiting juices. She was seriously wet. Then I started to eat her out. I bit into her tender walls, letting the juices come falling into my mouth.

This was a giant turn on. Mom was screaming at the top of her lungs and I continued to lap her cunt with my tongue and scraping my teeth on her sides. I loved her yelps of ecstasy as her son ate her out. In two minutes she came and I slurped her up, before slamming two fingers in her to finger fuck as Beautiful hottie takes schlong in her mouth pornstar and hardcore tongue fucked her beautiful cunt.

To tell the truth, I like doing this than getting a blowjob. I love their reactions.


Plus. I bite into her sides, clenching my teeth as hard as I could, taking the walls of her cunt into my mouth and I started fucking her as hard as I could with my fingers. I love their screams. Mom screamed as loud as she could as her monster orgasm rampaged through her tunnels and I gladly opened my mouth to accept it and it flew right into my waiting mouth.

I made her squirt before this mouth even had a taste of my cock. This is going to be fun. I finished licking up her fluids and she was too busy catching her breathe to talk. I cristal caraballo and jaye summers enjoy horny some scene stared at her.

It's true. I do hold some type of hate for her. All she put me through. I missed so many end of the year school activities because of work and a few of my friends walked out on me because I couldn't hang with them anymore.

Also. I was never that smart, football was my fallback and now that's over. The scouts have already come and gone. They didn't even get to see me. Truthfully, I think that's more than enough to loathe her. She tried again to speak but I put finger back in her mouth. I'm going to ravage her till she cries. I position her on the bed roughly. Grabbing her ankles and forcing her to open her legs wider.

She wasn't even hesitating. She wanted this as much or more than I wanted and I was happy to oblige. Without warning I thrust my 7 1/2 inch cock deep into her throbbing, wet cunt and she screamed, clawing at the wall and the bed. Apparently she knows it's been too long and being invaded by a cock like mine was a clear call.

I had to savor it. She wasn't loose, she was squeezing onto my cock tight, suffocating it. She was burning up like a dessert ocean, and was a sloppy and wet as the mucus she slapped onto my cock only hot college babes shares with the neighbors dick hardcore groupsex ago. The cunt was a dream. I only savored it for a second or two before I started to turn her cunt inside out. I didn't start slow, I went full speed with full force.

Pulling out to the head and slamming back in. She screamed with all her might and I loved it. I went faster and harder. She was blasting all over my cock in ten minutes and I can keep this up for two hours. I never did get to cum with my employers.

Eventually they'll tell me to stop before I could even get close to cumming. Ms. Thompson didn't like that though. She would have me piss on her and she would drink it too. Then I'd have to clean it up. But my mom couldn't even last an hour before she screamed for me to stop.

I didn't. You can call this rape if you want, but she asked for this first. Of course she didn't know about my endurance, she didn't even know about my job. I use to think she went crazy and just believed the money and food was coming from thin air. She probably didn't believe I was working my ass off for her. Now I was working her ass for me. It's been an hour and surprisingly she hasn't passed out.

She was still screaming and still awake and still asking for more. Sometimes my employers would pass out and I would take my pay and extra from their purses, but this woman is just too stubborn. She tightened up again as she came and squirted onto my cock and I was still banging her into the bed. Which I guess is about to break under us, but that didn't stop me into going into doggy-style.

I put the head of my cock to her pucker as the oddest thing crossed my ears. "Thank you Alex, Thank you" Mom sobbed and she was finally crying, but not for the reasons I hoped. She was thanking me! Thanking me for, for fucking her!, raping her!, ravaging her!, turning her cunt inside out!- Literally, her pussy was exhausted and slacking. Her lips were loose and hanging. That pussy will never be the same. I growled and pushed her head into my pillow before painfully, for the both of us, slammed my cock deep into her ass all the way and her scream was music to my ears.

Again I didn't go slow. I was going to do the same I did for to her pussy and ravage each of this bitch's holes.

After this, her shit is going to be flopping out her ass. Her ass was tighter than her pussy and I knew my cock had no oxygen in it. "Relax!" I growled at her and she did after awhile and I go on an rampage, making this ass mine.

She was leaking all over my bed. Eventually her legs gave out and I was flat fucking her. My semi-hairy chest pressed against her back as I railed my cock in and out of her tight, fat, beautiful ass. In 45 minutes, I felt my cock churning, ready to erupt. "Fuck!" I scream, "Hold your ass up!" I tell her, getting back to my feet and with much struggle she got back on her knees as I shoved my cock in and out slippery wet oral job delight hardcore and blowjob her about four more times before going as far down in her as I could, unleashing my loud.

She screamed as loud as possible as my load invaded her body to it's deepest corners and I squeezed her ass cheeks tighter as she did.

(This was my best) Before finally, she went to sleep. Funny what a little fuck from your son could do. Mom went back to work less than a week later. Fixed her appearance, talked to my coach and Ms. Thompson and even got herself dating again. I don't even think she was crying for dad anymore. Now she's crying for me. Why do mother's cry, you may ask. The same thing they cry for. Sex =}