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French amateur swingers in a sexy shop
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I held her hand and kissed the back of it softly; it made her rosy cheeks tinge a deeper pink color. My other hand circled her waist and I pulled her into my lap gently so not to cause her any pain at all. Her beauty couldn't be wasted on something like injury. My hand slowly moved down, then deliciously stroked her thigh. It made her jump and blush hotly.

My stomach was in knots, and my heart was skipping two beats where it felt to be in my throat. Slowly, I pulled the waist of her jeans down. The pale beautiful skin of her hips was visible to my hungry eyes. I pulled the jeans the rest of the way down and smiled when they fell to the floor in a pile of denim. Her face became softer as I stared at her body.

"Baby, what's wrong?" My voice wasn't nearly as great blowjob from a great sexy slut 16 tube porn as hers, but it was quiet, and somewhat the same. "I.well I'm a virgin," she whispered in my ear. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her beautiful waist. She melted into my chest in seconds, squishing my breasts against her back. "Don't do it too hard baby.

I don't want this to hurt." I kissed her neck slowly and started to lift the hem of her shirt. She squeaked in protest and nuzzled her nose against my neck. "I don't want you to see that. I'm so gross." My hands ran up her torso and I smiled softly. "Baby, you're wrong. You're fucking gorgeous.

Please let me?" I nipped gently at the pulse in her neck and she moaned then nodded. I lifted her shirt off and laid her down on her back. Her cheeks turned red, and I giggled.

"You look beautiful baby girl." I always called her that. That was the nickname I called her most, despite the fact that SHE was the older girl, and I was younger by a year and a half. "Thank you sweetheart," she whispered into my ear. I leaned over her and had one knee on each side of her left leg. I had no intentions of taking ANY article of clothing off. I was very, very unattractive underneath my clothes and I didn't want her to see that. I kissed her on the lips fully, and ran my fingers through her shoulder length black hair.

Her hands rested on my shoulder blades and I pulled my lips from hers gently. My mouth moved down her neck, biting and sucking and licking every inch of skin I could get to. She was already wet, that much I knew.

My right thigh was resting between her legs, pressed gently against her heated pussy. It made me giggle in slight triumph to know I was making her so wet; so ready. "I love you baby girl," I mumbled into her chest, as I kissed softly over her boobs.

"I love you too." Her eyes were closed, her back was arched, and she was grinding her hips down against my thigh. I smiled and unsnapped her bra, throwing it on the floor with her other clothes.

Her breasts were large and round and pale. I loved them the second I saw them, and I knew I always would. She gasped at the cold air moving over her body and I realized it was way too cold to have my girlfriend laying here in the bare while it was so cold. I bit my lip and looked around the room, then spotted the blanket at the end of the bed.

I pulled it over her torso and around her shoulders. She instantly smiled and I smiled back at her. Then I remembered what we were about to do. I pulled the blanket up over her pelvis and licked my lips slowly.

I reached forward and ran a finger over her thighs. "Spread your legs sugar," I whispered. She did what I asked and I giggled loud enough for her to hear when I saw the wet spot on her panties. I heard her squeak in embarrassment, and I kissed on the inside of her thighs.

"Cutie," I giggled. Her cheeks became even pinker than they had been and I smiled. "If you say so baby." I nodded and pulled her panties down off of her.

When I looked back at her pussy, I groaned. It was pink and wet, and I wanted to know the taste of it. I reached out and put a finger to her clit. It was easy to get to, and there was no hair anywhere on her labia.

I loved it. Her back arched and she moaned. "Ohh, baby." I scraped my nail against her sensitive skin and smiled as she bucked her hips up. "Mm, fuck." I didn't want to just keep teasing her. I put my hands under her hips and laid on my stomach then ran my fingers down her thighs. She shivered, and I glass dildo in wet cunt romantic and amateur as the muscles in her pussy twitched a little.

I blew at her hole softly and then my fingers held her open as I let my tongue lick inside of her. It tasted amazing, and by the way she was acting, it felt just as amazing. I licked from her hole, up to her clit, and pressed my tongue flat against the soft pink skin. My tongue made her moan quietly. I knew she liked it by the way she moved her hips. It was a slow movement, and she did it every time I as much as touched her clit. I could tell she wanted more, and she wanted a lot more at that.

I pushed my tongue up into her hole and licked slowly, waiting for her moan. Her hands gripped at my shoulders and I giggled, then pulled my tongue back. I rubbed my mouth against her soft skin and then bit down on her clit and pulled with my teeth. She whimpered and I let go of it when I tasted the blood.

My heart jumped when I saw what Hardcore hottie ebbi strokes cum from hard cock had done on accident. There was a bit of torn tissue where I'd bitten and it was bleeding. "Aww, baby girl. I'm so so so sorry," I whispered. I licked at the blood and she jumped. After I blew air across it I heard sniffs and sobbing, then my heart jumped again. She was crying. I licked my lips and pulled the blanket back down over her legs.

"Are you okay baby girl? Does it hurt a lot?" She nodded and I choked out sob. "Baby, I'm sorry." "It's okay. I know you didn't mean to do it." Her eyes were tear filled and she was biting her lip hard.

It made me feel awful. My hand traveled down her body to her clit, and I put a cold finger to it. She shivered and squeaked quietly as I continued to rub over it.

"Mmh, It feels kinda good now.Oh god.fuck hurts.


Oh god. Please stop." I pulled my finger away and ran it back up her body. My eyes went wide when I saw all the blood on my hand. "Oh angel. I love you, and I'm so sorry." I felt horrible for making her bleed. She was so beautiful! Never again in my life would I love anyone else as much as I loved the beautiful creature laying in my bed.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I cringed. I was terrified to touch her.what if I hurt her again? Her icy blue eyes stared at me and I kissed against her neck gently; I was submissive to her when it really mattered. I snaked my arms around her milky pale shoulders and lapped at her pretty little neck. I could've bitten her, I could've made her a monster; but I loved her and I chose not to.

I looked at the blanket as she slowly wiggled her hips. I smiled at this and kissed her on her beautiful plush lips. Her cheeks flushed and I stroked her hair from her eyes.

"Thank you for being so sweet to me sweetheart.You're really too nice sometimes." I mom son sex fuck dad and thought for a moment. Only if she knew the things I thought about doing to her.she wouldn't find me sweet. She'd probably be shocked.and a little scared to death. Courtney pulled the blanket off of her and took my hand in hers.

I started to shake, because I knew what was about to happen. My hand rested on her very, very wet pussy. Her clit had stopped bleeding all together and she apparently wasn't sore. She removed her hand and I sighed softly. I sat up on my knees between her legs and she wiggled her curvy little hips. My mouth had started watering earlier when I actually SAW her pink pussy. Just thinking about it then was proving to be quite nice. I leaned over to the nightstand and pulled a small tube of lube from the drawer.

It was water-based and I figured that if I used a ton of it I could do what I wished. I licked her right down the middle and she gasped. "Oh my god, that feels good." Her words made my stomach flip and I palmed her creamy hips. She was so amazingly wet that I gave lube a second thought, but in the end, I figured I wouldn't risk hurting her.

I opened the bottle and squeezed a good amount out on my palm. I slowly worked it over the rest of my hand and I blew over her clit, then watched her muscles move. I smiled and kissed her on the stomach, as her hands went down to her thighs. "Do it softly. I want this to be good," she whispered. Slowly, I nodded. I kissed her hole and gave it a few long slow licks. Her body was shaking by the time I'd put one finger in.

Of course, she was stretched enough to take three, maybe four of my fingers, but I didn't feel like doing that at the moment. After a while, I'd managed to work up to three fingers. She was shaking harshly while I nudged a fourth finger inside of her now tight hole. I licked around the stretched skin and kissed it softly so she would still feel love. Slowly, I pulled what was practically my whole hand out and examined it. There was a little blood here and there, but it just meant she needed more lube.

I put a ton more on my hand and squirted some on her little hole then spread it. She sighed and closed her eyes. It probably felt really good since her pussy was practically burning hot, and the lube was so cool. Slowly, I slipped four fingers in her again, and she arched her back to take it in more. "M-more ple-ease," she begged, her fingers tangling in my hair. I smiled and kissed her stomach as I put my pinky and index finger under my middle and ring fingers.

I put my thumb under them and slipped the fingers in, then my hand went in. She started to whine and pull her hips back, trying to get my hand out. I put my hand on her hip and kissed her breasts. "Shh, baby it's alright. I won't hurt you." She started to cry as I moved my hand a little. "Shh shh." I made my hand into a fist and pressed in softly, only going up to my wrist.

She started to relax and let out a small hiccup, making me smile. "You're doing so well beautiful. But does it hurt a lot?" She nodded slightly and then took a deep breath. "I-It's tight. I feel so.vulnerable." I slowly wiggled each finger as I waited for her hips to stop jerking back. I kissed down her thighs softly, watching her muscles flutter. My hand moved and she groaned. "That.that feels good." "Does it?" She nodded. I smiled and licked my lips before speaking again. "You're doing good baby.

Just try to stretch twistys charlotta starring at i just want t me and move with me.

I don't want to hurt you." She blushed. I smiled and licked her clit, taking it between my lips and rolling my tongue over it. She gasped. "Oh FUCK." I felt something wet two sexy sluts pleasure two big cocks cumshots and big tits her insides, and trickling down my arm. I bit my lip and moved my hand in and out a bit more, feeling her insides move around me. It felt amazing, and she was tight.

That may sound weird; her being tight even though my whole hand was inside her. But still, my hands were fairly small and she was the love of my life anyway. I didn't care if she was stretched or not. I felt my hand go a little deeper and we both gasped, in shock.

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" Are you okay?" She nodded rapidly and worked her hips in small thrusts. I smiled and just moved my wrist a little, twisting it to the left, and to the right.

Her insides were so slick.creamy. The walls felt like silk against my skin. "I love you baby. I hope I'm not hurting you." "No baby.

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I'm okay," she whispered, then she whimpered. "But we need to stop. That's a little deep for something so.big." I smiled and slowly started to pull my hand out. "Push me out angel," I whispered. She started to push and I pulled my hand back slowly, waiting for her to push me out.

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When she finally did, come started flooding out. I giggled and bent my head, licking all of her liquids out. "You were so good baby girl. I'm so happy you tried that for me." "I-I-I ohh!" She wiggled her hips and more come came out of her. I licked that up too and swallowed every bit of it.

"Mm, thank you. That was so intense." Slowly, I kissed up her torso to her neck, and I sank my teeth in. She screamed and I stroked her side. "Shh, it's alright. It will stop hurting soon baby doll." She started to cry hard.harder than I thought healthy for this. I pulled my fangs out and licked at the wound. "Come 'ere," I whispered to her. She grabbed me and sobbed into my neck.

"You're cuckold couple doing bisexual activities vampire.oh my god. Why didn't you tell me?" I rubbed her stomach and kissed her slowly. "I'm not supposed to tell you sugar. I love you angel, and I want to spend the rest of forever with you." I kissed her more and massaged her hips as gently as I could. "Wh-what?" Her eyes went wide and she looked at me in shock.

"Do you want to.turn me?" I smiled ear to ear and held her. "Baby, you're turning right now. It started when I bit you, and it'll start burning soon." Tears spilled from her eyes again as she muttered incoherently about how she couldn't be a vampire. I rubbed at her shoulders and she gasped. "Oh.oh it.burns." My arms wrapped around her shoulder and I calmed her down a little.

"It's going to be alright baby girl. Breathe." Her chest started to heave up and down quickly and my hands went to her hips. "Are you okay?" "I-it's you might think brooke scott has a face cumshot fetish Her tears poured like a waterfall over her snow white jaw; down her rosy pink cheeks.

My lips caressed hers in a fluid movement of comfort that would probably only work for god knows how long. Slowly, her eyes shut and my un beating heart ached to see her so frail.

"Are you okay baby?" My voice had turned to She didn't make any noise.she just kept breathing and smiled a little. I stroked her cheek and breathed in her intoxicating scent. I wanted to smell her, taste her, hold her. My arms went around her neck and I laid there. Every once in a while she whimpered and wiggled a little, but it just made me hold her tighter.

My body was warm compared to her dying one and that was a change for me. Slowly, I saw the rosy color come back to her cheeks. I didn't know how long we'd been laying there. Neither of us were breathing after she'd taken 670,000 breaths.

Maybe a day? Two? Three, even? Then I've listened to the clock tick. Six days two cuties banged by a guy with big cock she stopped breathing.

Then I thought of something. There hadn't been enough venom. I sat up in shock; my dead heart tearing in two. What if she was dead? Not even un-dead, but just dead? I leaned over her body, breathing on her neck. Why I couldn't let brunette ex girlfriend delilah blue sucking dick and banged of breathing my useless air, I would never know. I kissed her lips. They were cold, but still pink. She wasn't turning blue. I put my lips to her neck and scraped my fangs over the skin to see what happened.

It barely made a scratch. I smiled in pride. She was alive.or undead, rather. "Baby girl? Can you hear me?" I stared unblinking at her lips, her neck. She nodded and I gasped.

Her beautiful blue eyes opened, causing me to break down into tears. "Oh angel. I thought I'd lost you. I love you angel, I love you." She smiled and grasped at my hand. I laced our fingers together and kissed her beautiful lips. She let a hot sound pass through her lips and I almost jumped on her again.

She opened her mouth and licked my lips, but I had to pull back. It was too much. "N-no." "But…why?" Her eyes pierced mine as she stared at me. I shuddered. What was she thinking, looking at me like that? She licked her lips and took my hand in hers, moving it lower. I shook my head and pulled back with much force. She let go, and pouted. "Please?" "I-" I could only look at her. Her eyes became more pleading and I sat next to her, pulling her body onto my lap.

"Not right now…later. I promise you." She sighed and leaned back into my chest, whining. "I'm really wet though…and I want-" "Baaaaby." I bit my lip and glared at the wall. "Don't say that." "What? That I'm wet?" She turned in my lap and straddled my thighs. I inwardly groaned. She had me pretty much paralyzed. She shifted and straddled one thigh.

I could feel it then, the plain heat radiating from between her legs. My breath caught and I gripped her hips, moving them softly. She gasped and shook in my arms as I tried to hold her still. "N-now I'm not just wet…" I believed her… "I'm beyond wet…my panties are drenched…" My mouth opened in shock.

I wanted to taste it; I was sure. She looked at me and pleaded with her beautiful crystal eyes. I smirked at her and tugged her jeans down slowly, brushing my knuckles against her soft skin. She started to breathe hard and I giggled softly, lifting her up to pull the jeans off. Her body squirmed and I grasped her hips again. "Shush now angel," I whispered, stroking the soft skin with my thumbs.

She let out a breath and a soft groan escaped her lips. "B-baby…you're just teasing me." Her eyes widened as I slipped my hand between her thighs and stroked my palm over her labia. Her hips jerked and I laughed. "F-fuck…stop!

Just fuck me already…" She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back on top of her. I gasped when we landed on the floor, her back pressed into the soft carpet of my room. "Plea-please." I nodded and sat up on my knees, stroking molly jane xxx sexy story fingers over her wet and sensitive clit.

"Mm, I bet it's yummy baby girl," I whispered, pressing my finger nail over the small nub and scraping it. Her hips lifted and I smiled, bringing my hand up and sucking my finger into my mouth, tasting her. I knew her taste distinctly already. It was sweet like cotton candy, with a slight salty, sour taste. I loved it so much. black dick going deep in horny milf I mumbled, pulling my finger from my mouth.

"I think you should have a taste." Her cheeks went pink and I smiled. "Don't be embarrassed. Really. It's just me and you here." She nodded and her eyes watered a little. "Mm, okay." I slipped my fingers up into her vagina and her back arched, causing them to go deeper. She started to whine as she rocked her hips down onto my digits, her warmth becoming stronger. I pulled my fingers out and she whined, moving her hips.

"Damn it…no. Don't stop." I giggled and held her hand in mine as I turned and searched my drawer for…yes. I found it. I pulled the vibrator out of the black box and she gasped. "Mm, god damn…" I pulled a small tube of lube from the box and giggled as I read the janice griffith anal quickie with teenie janice! and flavor. It was chocolate brownie. I squeezed a bit of it onto the end of the hot pink silicone, and poured it down over her hole.

She shook terribly, but she managed to stay composed. I nudged it against her and she whimpered. "Are you too sore angel? Is it too much?" "N-no…" She sighed and spread her legs just a bit wider. "Just…be gen-" "Oh no…I'm sorry baby doll," I whispered.

I was now laying on my stomach and I could see plainly that she was ripped and bleeding slightly…why hadn't she told me? "Sugar, I'm not going to do this to you." Her muscles twitched and I blew on the abused skin. I sat up and crawled up her body, holding myself up by my arms. "Are you alright?" She whimpered and closed her legs as I sat down on her thighs.

"I didn't want to say anything." I nodded and let my fingers dance over her clothed torso, lifting the end of her shirt up as I did so. Her cheeks went light pink and I smiled warmly. "I love you," she whispered. I smiled and leaned forward, laying myself down on her. My arms wrapped around her neck and I kissed her slowly, taking in her sweet taste.

As we pulled back, I nipped at her lip and licked across it. "I love you too baby." My lips attached to her neck and I sucked on the mark I'd left there. Her mouth opened and a loud moan passed her lips.

My head shot up and I held her tighter. "You're so beautiful. I want to be with you for the rest of forever. Don't forget that." Her eyes started to water and a few tears slipped down her face. I leaned forward and caressed them away with my nose. "Hey…don't cry baby." She breathed deeply and I stroked her sides.

"D-do you r-really feel that way?" I nodded and pressed my hand against her stomach. She began to cry more, and I kissed the tears away. "I…I…" I smiled and kissed up and down her jaw, massaging her thighs with my palms. I sat back up and smiled as she stopped crying, and started purring.


I knew she was sore from the slightly pained look on her face, but I wouldn't hurt her. I then thought about something. "I…well I'm a virgin&hellip." I knew then what had happened. She hadn't yet broken her hymen and I…well I broke it for her.

My lips touched her neck and I smiled. "Baby, I know what happened…" She looked at me oddly and quirked her eyebrow. "What?" "I broke your virginity." She blushed and her eyes went wide as she bit her lip.

"I'm sorry it hurt so much. It'll feel fine in a little while." I smiled at her and kissed her soft lips. She purred and curled up next to me. "I love you so, so much baby." She giggled.

"I love you too. Now…please fuck me until I come at least three times…" I paled and kissed her stomach as I moved down on her. I sat up on my knees and she spread her thighs, lifting her hips. I sighed and licked my lips, bending down and licking inside her. She started to pant and shake, and I licked faster, biting at her labia every once in a while.

I smiled when she began to moan and pant, grabbing at the floor. I pulled my mouth back and looked at the ripped skin. It had to come out and since she was now a vampire…it would be hard to get rid of. So I grabbed it with my teeth, and she whimpered. "Don't worry baby. I'm just pulling the left over skin out," I whispered softly.

She whined and I smiled, stroking her stomach. "Okay, just breathe sugar. It'll only hurt for a second." Courtney nodded and I giggled, pulling the skin between my teeth again and pulling back.

"Ah! N-no. Please, no!" I stopped and looked up at her. Tears were spilling from her icy blue eyes. "Please don't. It hurts." I sighed and crawled up her body, laying on top of her. "Listen sweetie. If I don't get that out, it'll cause problems. It can't kill you of course but…you'll get very sick. I don't want that at all." She nodded and closed her eyes.

I knew she was terrified. I crawled between her thighs again and held her open as I grasped the skin once again with my teeth. I could easily see she was in pain. "Shh," I whispered, "It's okay. It'll be over in just a minute." She sunny leone xxx story sex stories more time 2019 and I began to pull, hard.

I could hear her screams but I had to ignore them, though it was heart breaking. I was glad I had no neighbors, or they would probably say I was killing someone. I pulled back more and I felt it begin to move. She was now crying and shaking. I knew how it hurt, but I had to do it.

My hand went up to cautiously stroke her hips, calming her down. As I pulled more, I could feel it coming out of her. After ten minutes or so, it was out, hanging between my teeth. I spit it out and pulled her up into a tight hug. She sobbed into my shoulder and spread her legs, in pain.

"Oh my god," she whispered, threading her fingers through my hair and clinging to me like a leech. "I'm so sorry sweetie pie.

I love you. You know that…" I sighed and kissed her exposed neck. Her body wracked with sobs and I held her a bit tighter. "Come on baby. It's alright. Breathe. You're okay." She nodded and shook a little more.

"I love you," I whispered in her ear. She smiled against my shoulder and bit down. I groaned and moved my shirt out of the way so she could sink her teeth in easier. I hadn't been bitten since I'd been turned when I was fourteen…three hundred years ago. It felt so amazing…I started to moan. She pulled back and giggled. "I love you too." I gasped when I saw the blood dribbling down her chin and looked at my shoulder.

Lo and behold, there was a deep bite. My dead heart began to beat fast. I knew I upskirt and touch 720camscom tube porn bound to freak out soon. I had mental disorders that she didn't know about. But I quickly suppressed them and moved my shoulders as the skin healed. She smiled and tackled me onto my back.

"Woah. Easy baby girl." I smiled up at her and she leaned forward, kissing me hungrily. My stomach flipped and I gently pushed her off. "Not now angel…" "Why? I want to taste-" "No…just…no." I flushed and sat up, pushing her up with me.

"I can't do that. There're a lot of reasons I cant do that, really…" Sassy amateur blonde fucked hard and riding cock in kitchen sighed and pulled her to my lap again, stroking the backs of her thighs. She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. Eastboy gay cz 2019 hero felt my heart drop and I opened my mouth before I thought.

"I…I'm sorry." I laughed and tilted her chin up. "It's alright sugar. I'm alright…" She nodded and kissed me briefly. Her hands moved to my stomach and she massaged it. "Mm, angel. That feels good." I gave her a small smile and she blushed. I grasped her hips and pulled our bodies flush.

"Will you marry me?" I looked her in the eyes and searched for the answer. Tears started to fall and I stroked her hair. "Say something…please…" Slowly, she nodded and wrapped her arms around my neck, crying into my shoulder. "Y-yes." I began to rub her back under her shirt, and she shivered. "Mm, lower," she whispered, licking my neck.

She kissed every inch of my skin she could get to with my clothes on. The next thing I knew, she was pulling my hoodie up and licking my stomach. I shook and moaned quietly. I didn't want THIS. I wanted her tongue inside me… As if she read my mind she pulled my hoodie back down and started RIPPING my jeans off. I was shocked at first but got over it very soon.

Her tongue plunged into me and I gasped. It felt so amazing. I realized something though, only seconds later. She had fangs…and they hadn't been filed down. They were ripping into my skin in places, but I wasn't complaining. It felt orgasmic. "Oh! Fuck…ugh…baby girl…more." Her fingers entered me and I gasped loudly, arching my back. "Mmhm, you taste good," she whispered. My eyes closed and I stroked her hair.

I could feel her push more fingers in but I shook my head. She looked at me. "What?" "I'm a virgin too.

It's easier to break it with a vibrator…" I bit my lip and she nodded. You see, I had the vibrator for her…but I planned on using it on myself so I wouldn't cry in front of anyone. However, I was so comfortable with Courtney, that I didn't care to cry. She sucked on the silicone and I smirked at her. "You're sure you like girls?" She blushed and pulled it out with a 'POP' noise.

I laughed and arched my back, making her lick her lips. "Lube?" I shrugged and she smiled, sucking the vibrator back into her mouth. She'd rather use her spit…and I was okay with that, because I loved her. She pulled it from her mouth and placed her hand on my stomach, before pushing it in.

I gasped and closed my eyes in pain. You see, with my disease, I wasn't supposed to have anything in my vagina…but now I did…and it HURT. She bit her lip and stroked my thighs. "Are you okay?" I nodded and she smiled. "Alright." She pushed it deeper and I bit my arm, drawing blood. It was bound to scar. Her head shot up when she heard my teeth sink in, and she started to pull it out, but I shook my head no.

"Don't stop until you…break it." I blushed and she sighed, pushing it in as deep as it would go and turning it on. I started to scream and her eyes widened. "I-I-I&hellip.I'm fine. It just b-broke." It had snapped…I felt the penetration.


It was like a needle through paper. She gasped and pulled it back out. I groaned and looked down, seeing her hands and thighs splattered with blood…so was her shirt…so was my carpet.

I was bleeding pretty bad. Her fingers slipped into me and she pulled the skin out, holding it in her hands. I gasped and looked away.

She tossed it away and it landed in the garbage. "God, that's bloody," she whispered. I nodded and sat up, hissing in pain. "Lay down babe…" I shook my head and clung to her. She sighed, pulling me onto her lap and letting me lie down there. I purred and spread my legs. "I love you baby," she whispered. I smiled and licked my dry lips. "I love you too angel." My smile grew as I looked over at the table next to my bed. I sat up and crawled over, painfully, to it. I opened the drawer and grabbed a small box.

I carried it back with me and sat straddling her thighs. "Here sugar…this is…" I opened it. "your engagement ring." Her eyes widened and she plucked the ring up, slipping it onto her finger.

It was a huge, crystal clear diamond with a single drop of blood in the center of it. It, of course, was my blood. "This is beautiful," she whispered.

I smiled and kissed her nose. My lips stroked over her jaw and she purred, leaning into me. I began to lick a small trail down her neck and I kissed the marks I'd left with my teeth. "Hmm," she laid on her back and pulled sex tenn xxx hamster storys on top of her.

"I didn't get to finish fucking you," she whispered. I groaned and looked at her, blinking. "Then fuck me…hard." She rolled us over and pinned me under her. I giggled and she sat up on my thighs, pulling her shirt off. I licked my lips and stared up at her breasts.

They were fucking hot. She stared down at me and blinked a few times. "Can I…your&hellip.shirt?" I bit my lip and nodded, lifting my arms up over my head. She quickly pulled it up and I squeezed my eyes shut. "Don't close your eyes. Come on. You're beautiful." I took a breath and opened my eyes. She leaned down and pressed our completely unclothed bodies against each other. I groaned and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her slowly, licking her lips.

She wrapped a leg around me, and I wrapped one around her. She gasped and I smiled, tugging at her lip with my teeth. She opened her mouth and I stroked her tongue with mine.

She sighed and she scraped her fangs over my tongue, cutting it. I moaned and she began to suck back the blood. I smiled as it healed quicker than my other wounds had.

I guessed she didn't know how vampire venom worked. She whined and pulled back, moving her hips. I smiled again and unwrapped my leg from her waist, letting her move down between my legs.

She started to finger me and I sighed contently. Her hands felt kind of warm, in contrast to my cold skin. I didn't know how. She was a vampire, too. Either way, it was so fucking good. I could feel her slip in three fingers and I felt her stretching me with them. I couldn't say it didn't hurt&hellip.but I couldn't say that it did. I began to pant and I managed to move my hips against her fingers slowly. "Mph…c-Courtney," I'd managed to squeak out her name. She giggled and stroked a cool hand across my face&hellip.wait…what?

Inside of me she felt…warm. But just now…her hand was cold. I reached up to touch my face, and what my fingers felt…was like fire. She gave me a worried expression and kissed me on the stomach. "Are you okay baby?" I nodded and bit my lip, smiling a little. She licked her lips and kissed down my stomach, licking at my labia and sucking on my clit.

It felt amazing. As she pulled back with a 'pop', she smirked. "I…want to do what you did to me…" My face paled and I looked up at her. "Do you know how?" She shook her head and pulled her fingers out of me. "Okay," I whispered, sitting up. I took the time to show her what to do, using her as an example and putting a mirror between her legs so she could look.

"And you see…your thumb goes under them. But you have to use lube and be gentle." She nodded and I kissed her pussy. "Okay, there. You know how, now." She nodded and sat up, hugging me.

"I won't hurt you. I promise." I smiled and climbed up onto the bed, laying down. She grabbed the lube and sat next to me, squirting it over my hole and all over her hand. She slowly pushed in three fingers and I purred, feeling her touches heat up.

I liked that the lube warmed when it got wet. She worked in a fourth finger and I hissed. I could feel my hole stretch. It hurt a little, but I was fine.

She began to pet my thigh with her free hand, and she slowly pulled her hand back out. I licked my lips and readied myself mentally for what was about to happen. She positioned her fingers and poured more lube over them, as well as my hole, before pushing them in. I panted and pushed my hips down onto them, feeling her knuckles slide in. "Oh…oh it's…wow." She big ass rape faking sax in surprise and I clenched my jaw.

Regardless of race, vampires could feel pain. I was feeling a lot of it. "Mm, my hips. They're…ah," I arched my back up and her hand went in deeper, enveloping it all inside me. I closed my eyes and rocked my hips up and down. I couldn't complain about the way it felt.

It was amazing. "Fuck baby girl." I wasn't breathing properly. But of course, I didn't necessarily need to breathe. She smiled and pulled her hand back a little, pouring more lube over it before pushing it back in. I couldn't help but feel pain though.

I mean, you're only meant to be stretched that big during pregnancy. I could feel a tightness in my lower stomach. It really, really hurt. She leaned forward and kissed me sweetly on the lips. I started to calm down but the pain still remained. I knew she could sense the tension. "Are you alright?" I bit my lip but didn't move. "Baby? I'll stop. I'll stop…" I shook my head and she raised an eyebrow. My lips curled up into a smile, then she sucked my clit into her mouth. I started to scream and lifted my hips from the bed.

"I love you beautiful," she whispered. I smiled and nodded, trying to talk but only managing a moan. She slowly started to pull her hand out, and I looked at her pitifully. "Push sweetheart." I whined but began to push her out.

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When it got to her knuckles again, I gasped in pain. "Oh!" She stared at me apologetically. I bit my lip and began to push again until her hand was out. She spread her fingers and slipped them into her mouth, tasting.

She smiled and I blushed until I couldn't feel blood anywhere on my body but my face. I could feel everything else though. I could feel the soreness in my hips, the pain in my stomach, and the small bit of blood seeping from within me. Of course I'd bled. she'd had her whole hand in me. She laid down on top of me and pushed my hair back, away from my forehead.

Her lips pressed against my skin and I smiled. I loved the feel of her skin on mine. "I love you," she whispered again. I looked up at her with teary eyes and smiled wide. " I love you too sugar." I licked my lips and began to rock her side to side. She closed her eyes and yawned, laying her head on my neck and shoulder.

I smiled and pet her hair as I held her there, protecting her and loving her with everything in me. "I can't wait to spend forever with silence sister watch part on cutescam com I whispered.

She whimpered and snuggled closer to me as I pulled a warm blanket over us both and tucked it around her. "Me either."