1 girl 5 boys sex xxnx

1 girl 5 boys sex xxnx
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Deadeye and Sarah returned to the hotel and went back to the room. Deadeye stopped Sarah just inside the door and told her to undress. She did. He again marveled at her beautiful little 95 pound, 5' body. Her skin was almost glowing and she was so turned on that there was a light pink flush across the top of her chest. Her pussy, however, was dripping. It was so wet that the lips glistened like dew on a bright summer's morning. "Get on the bed", Deadeye ordered. As she clambered up onto it, Deadeye went to the bag and got out the rope and handcuffs.

He went to the bed and took her left hand, put the handcuffs on it and then attached it to the bedpost. He did the same to her right hand.

Then he took the rope and tied it to her right ankle, looped the rope around the end of the bottom of the mattress and back up to the other side to tie it to the left ankle. She was restricted spread-eagle. "Now" Deadeye said when all that was complete. "Let's see what's on TV" and he looked at Sarah. She was looking at him with that pleading "let me cum" look. He was going to make her wait for a little longer.


He went to the bag and took out the vibrating egg, but kept it from her sight. He then sat down on the bed on Sarah's right side and starting changing channels. He put the egg on the floor for future use. He took the remote in his right hand and with his left he slowly played his fingertips over her stomach. She groaned as soon as his finger touched her. He ran them close to her pussy, just covering her little landing strip, but not touching wild fuck and deep throat fellatio hardcore massage lips or clit.

He wanted to make her wait and wait and then cum a fucking river. He found a baseball game on and acted like he was watching. He put down the remote to have both hands free. He kept running his left hand over her stomach and pubic mound. Sarah was moaning and squirming. After about 20 minutes of this, she could be quiet no longer. "Please, master, I really, really need to cuuummmm!" she said plaintively.

"All in good time, my little slut. I'm going to play for a while, and then you will explode… as will I". "Oooohhhhh" she moaned in way of protest, but also anticipation. Deadeye finally ran his hand up over her nipples and got a "Ooohhhh, g.g. god!" from Sarah. She had been turned on for a couple of hours now and hadn't cum since the bathroom enema. Deadeye decided that it was time to make her cum hard. He reached down and ran his hand into her pussy.

It was so wet that she was leaking onto the bed. He rubbed her slit and lightly ran one finger over her clit. "Oh, oh, oh" Sarah moaned and thrust her hips up at his hand as he took it away. She whimpered at that. Deadeye reached down and picked up the egg. It was one of the kind that had a wire leading to a remote control. He kept it hidden from her and ran his left hand up over her tits. She was moaning and had her eyes closed, so he took the egg and moved his right hand down to her pussy.

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She felt the shift in his weight on the bed, but didn't open her eyes. It looked like she was just hoping for something. Deadeye held the egg several inches from her pussy. "Are you ready to cum now?" he asked. "Yes" she quickly responded. "Oh, yes, please master, make your slave cum!" With that, Deadeye quickly shoved the egg into her pussy. He wasn't even sure she would recognize what it was until he turned it on. Stepmom with huge knockers gets fucked by her stepson looked down questioningly, but didn't say anything.

He continued circling her nipples with his left hand and moved his right down to the butt plug. He started playfully moving the butt plug around, twisting it and turning it around in her ass.

Sarah starting squirming and letting loose with "Oh, yes" and "Yes, master" and finally, "Harder, master". Deadeye took that as the sign to make her cum. He took his left hand off her tits and starting running his finger around her clit and with his right he hit the "On" button for the egg, which was set to high. The instant the egg came on, with the clit rubbing also going on, Sarah screamed "Oh, shit! I'm cumming!" and went off just like Deadeye had hoped. She started thrashing and jerking and lifting her hips up as high as she could.

She was yelling now "Oh, fuck… oh, fuck… oh, fuck yes!" and it was at least 30 seconds before she could stop the initial jerking and lower her hips.

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hollywoods movies brother sister relationship Deadeye stopped rubbing her clit for a second and turned the egg off. He waited until she started to relax after that first cum and then did it again. He mashed her clit with his thumb and hit the switch on the egg. She immediately started jerking and building toward another climax, only this one really fast. Once again she started the "Oh, fuck"s and lifted her hips up to meet her invisible fucker.

She took another 30 seconds for this orgasm, but then finally calmed down and Deadeye stopped everything. He reached down and followed the string of the egg to pull it out and set it down. He looked up at Sarah. She was lying there with her eyes closed and a very satisfied grin on her face.

Her nipples were still erect, and there was a light sheen of sweat on her chest, even though it was cool in the room. Her pussy was completely soaked and engorged with blood. Her lips were just starting to lose their dark burgundy color. Finally, she opened her eyes and Deadeye saw her smile at him. "Oh… my… god." Sarah muttered to him. "That was the most fantastic cum I've ever had in my life, master.

You teased me until it was such a wonderful release. And you know I love to be teased. Thank you, master." "You are welcome, my multi-orgasmic slave.


And to show your appreciation, you will now present me with that tight little rosebud you call an asshole." Sarah grinned. "Yes, of course, master, my tits, my ass, my pussy, my mouth, are all yours." Deadeye untied Sarah's ankles from the bed and climbed up between her legs, lifting her legs up to her chest.

Her completely soaked pussy and ass were on rude display. There was a large wet spot on the bed where her pre and post cum juices had flowed. He ran his finger down her slit to her ass and slowly removed the butt plug, making sure to elicit a groan from Sarah.

He rubbed all the juices he could onto her asshole, inserting first one and then, very slowly, a second finger. "Yes, master, open my ass up for your cock." Sarah responded.

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Her little asshole slowly opened for both fingers. He watched as he slowly worked his two fingers back and forth, her ass resisting the movement in both directions. Her pussy was still leaking. She was either already really turned on again or still leaking from before, or maybe both. Whatever it was, Deadeye watched her closely as he readied her for his dick. She closed her eyes again and yielded completely to her sexual hunger. She moaned and rocked back and forth on his fingers. Her nipples continued to stay erect and her chest was very brightly flushed, as were her cheeks.

She was a complete sexual animal at this point. Deadeye finally decided it was time and lined up his rock hard cock at that little rosebud and pushed. The swollen mushroom head slowly pushed past the sphincter muscle and popped in.

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She moaned again. Then Deadeye starting pushing again to get his entire cock buried into this tiny little ass. "Oh, yes, fuck my ass, master!" Sarah yelled. step mom son hot bodys worry, my little ass-fucking slut, I'm going to fill your ass with my cum." He said. "Yes, master, give me that cum. Put it deep in my ass." Deadeye smiled. She certainly loved her sex and loved to play the little minx.

She loved to be teased and so did he, but he had had enough. He increased the tempo and started pounding his dick into her ass, his balls drawing up and preparing their love juice. He thrust into her again and again and again. He let go of one of her legs and xnx mobi com story sex sunny leone running his right hand over her tits, pinching the little pink nubs lightly.

Sarah moaned and grinned without opening her eyes. Deadeye could feel the orgasm coming and his thrusting became harder and harder. He started rubbing her clit now and she started thrashing and trying to meet his thrusts into her ass.

He dropped all pretense of taking care of her needs now and just started pounding, trying to reach that great moment. And then he did. He went off like a rocket, cumming and cumming, unable to stop thrusting until the last spurt was released and his dick was completely spent. He leaned forward, laying on top of her and her legs, keeping them pushed up to her chest. His softening dick was still buried in her ass, and it appeared that it didn't want to let go.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Thank you for cumming in my tight little ass, master." She said. Always the perfect little fuck slave, she was. "You're welcome" said Deadeye.

"Now for the last part" and with that he pulled out of her ass and pushed her legs back down to the bed. He crawled up over her until his dick was over her face. He moved back and forth over her face, dragging his balls over her mouth and she licked and sucked at them. He leaned back and took his dick and aimed it at her mouth. She opened obediently. He pushed it in and said "Clean up my dick nicely and you can play with it again later." She slurped and sucked it clean of any juices and cum.

When he had had enough of that, Deadeye got off Sarah and the bed and released her from the handcuffs. He lay down next to her and she curled up beside him.

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This is perfect he thought. I've gotten through all the initial stuff and there are still three innings left in the ball game to watch.