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Hot masseuse oils and fucks dick on massage table
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No one in this story under fourteen has any sex at all. I am just vaguely aware of the South and its history, this is a fable imagined out of my mind. And I have no desire to actually insult any of the Southern men, nor their women in their real lives. THE MAIDS: I am the scion of a fourth generation family of the South of the U.S. My great-grandfather came to this country from Poland graceful lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica the year 1865 and initially settled in New York State to get acclimated to life in this country.

But, he moved to the South a couple of years after the end of the War Between The States ( as referred to by the more polite elements of southern society, but the War of Northern Aggression by the more reactionary elements) to seek his fortune.

He was young, bright and poor as a church mouse. But, he had grand dreams and a plan to initiate them. And the first step planned was to identify and then marry a young woman of the South of a prominent and still affluent family.

But, he realized that the name, Kowalczyk though honorable in his native land and only a bit untenable in the U.S. North, would hold him back in the Old South. So, he had his last name changed upon arrival in the South to Richmond, named after a city prominent in Confederate history and took on the first name of Calhoun, after a famous Southern politician who advocated theories dear to the heart of the traditionalists among Southern interests.

Though Calhoun Richmond had no traditional southern sympathies himself, by taking this name upon himself he was identified as one who did and this very much worked in his favor. In future generations, this little deception was covered over and tried to be expunged from common knowledge. But a couple of scurrilous (in the eyes of the targets) histories of the South, this was mentioned to his family's chagrin.

It was however never mentioned within the family, nor in hearing distance by any of their friends or associates. As was typical in our family, the Southern Belle that he married was actually a very sweet woman and provided him with five daughters and one son, the eminent Buford Forrest Richmond, another name grab with Southern sympathies in mind.

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And the practice continued with my father, Forrest (NMI) Richmond, name absconded with before the great excitement over a movie using that first name in its title. Somehow, that practice was bypassed in the naming of me. I was named Richard James Richmond, with no known famous connection at all.


Great-granddad, Calhoun was a family tyrant and enforcer of the family's traditional mores, including the never taking of another's woman in sex and confining the men's interests within the family to unrelated women of eighteen years or older. The results of transgressing these family protocols was so terrible, that the few examples of them were instilled in the children of each succeeding generation as our family's version of the boogey man stories that other people tell their children.

Only in this family, with rather good results. However, the sexual restraints for women not disqualified by those protocols, were virtually nonexistent. One of the secrets about Richmond men, was that they evidently suffered by seriously reduced sperm counts and mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins that despite the fact that through many repetitions they each have produced sizable families, in their 'sporting' lives, they have produced very few 'sporting' children.

And in the family's sense of honor, all of those were acknowledged in the secret family archives and afforded advantages in life, as if they had been publically recognized. And several of them made profound lives for themselves, including a U.S.

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Senator and an astronaut. One of the traditional institutions of the family through the generations, that is the lover/maid, started in the first generation of Calhoun. After Belle, Calhoun's wife had her final baby, she let her husband know that she loved him dearly, but that he would never be welcomed into her pussy again.

And her derriere had big dicks fucking hard some porstars video been welcomed territory for his adventures. But, she let him know that everything else was still available, including her mouth and that she would find someone to fill in on the rest for him, so that he would suffer no loss in this aspect of his life.

Calhoun was only in his forties when this was brought up by his beloved wife and the assertions by his still twenties wife was a shock to him. First of all she had always thoroughly enjoyed their 'bed sports' and often initiated them. And besides, he was not used to having his authority, nor his person challenged in any way by anyone.

But, as he reviewed it in his mind, he could see the reason for it, since the last two deliveries by his wife had been very hard on her, and he definitely didn't want to lose her. Especially with the family still in the process of growing up, with many years of challenges ahead.

Also, that she wasn't withdrawing all affections, just the one that could get her pregnant again. So, he settled back to see how this would work out. One of Calhoun's soon adopted rules with the establishment of his family and the building of his huge house was that all of the servants were always of African Black heritage, now commonly called African American, then as Blacks by the more polite members of Southern Society.

This helped to keep a very strong sense of separation in the household, necessary because of the multitude of young women in the family and servant's numbers and the fact that sexual attraction knows no color bounds, usually. But, positions in this family's home were highly desired by the 'blacks' around, since they were treated as members of the family and with deep respect in proportion to their additions to the family welfare. Calhoun was even known to advance the better qualified children among the servants to the better 'black' colleges of the South for them to advance their lives with an education.

So, when Belle began her search for a new maid and bedmate for her husband, she sought out a black girl to not compete with herself and still take care of her husband's sexual needs.

The kind of pragmatism often generated in women around the world. She through lady friends who were not appraised of the reason for the search, but because of similar searches of their own and for similar reasons, advised her of a certain expert young seamstress named Shelly.


She was just eighteen and very pretty by any national heritages judgements. And of a very sweet nature, also. So, Belle met with her mother and laid out the need for her husband before the concerned mother of Shelly. When the shock of the blatantness of this request wore off, she stopped to listen to the very respected lady's offer.

It involved not only Shelly's secure future in Belle's family, but advantages to the siblings of hers in proportion to their own efforts for their futures. You see, Calhoun and Belle's answer to the rising up of the 'black experience' in the South involved them becoming educated either in college of trade schools and them being lifted up by being very qualified for good jobs that would become available to them either in a more favorable South, or in the North where skin color was not as looked down upon.

In his own way, Calhoun and the descendants of men in his family served that purpose in very honorable ways. And Shelly's mother could see the benefit in that. So, she gave her reluctant acceptance of this move for her daughter and saw her dear child very rarely over the rest of her life. She did get letters from Shelly, though quite regularly. When Shelly was transported to the Richmond Family mansion, she rode with Belle in a horse-drawn carriage. And the black driver was very handsomely attired and wished that this young gal was destined to be his.

But, he and the rest of the household staff were always kind and polite to her, after all she had the most direct path to the Master's heart and mind. It was about this time, that the State legislature accorded Calhoun the title of Honorary Colonel of the Reserve in recognition of his support for Southern Causes, which was a hoot, because he was just being polite and practical about the matter.

But, he was glad to have this title, none the less. And it came to be like a hereditary gift passed down to each generation's leading male figure. It being reapplied by the State's legislature with each death of one of the patriarchs and the ascension of the next one. I just received my patent, last week. With Belle's indoctrination of Shelly into her full duties, it was passed on to her, that she would be the chronicler of the family's history, since she would have the time for it and access to all of the matters of importance over her residence among them.

This duty was passed on down to each lady that filled this post through the generations. Also passed down were the intimate duties of these ladies. They would sleep with the Colonel each night, except if Belle did, or the Colonel chose another bedmate.

And the services wanted by the Master were unlimited in their manners. She had to be open for anything that the Master could think up. In her own hand is the record of her first night with the Master. It should be noted that she was not ignorant of sexual practices, but was still a virgin as to her personal experiences in the kitchen she still needs a hard cock them.

"The first night with the Master involved me making my way through the hidden corridor from my assigned room to his bedroom through the back of a closet. Everyone knew about the corridor, but it did give a manner of privacy as to when I would be with the Master in his bed. Miss Belle always knew, since she did the scheduling of these visits, and sometimes remained to watch or even join in with him and me.

[A LATER ADDED NOTE: In between the visits to the Master, I used a special room set up for me to continue to serve in sewing and tailoring for the benefit of the family, and the Master was very happy with my productions that were not only expertly made, but considerably cheaper to produce with the use of my hands. And in recognition of this service, he regularly bought me the latest equipment to facilitate my skills. I still have my original Singer Sewing Machine in a place of honor over my mantle.] On this first night of my intimate service to the Master, Belle accompanied me down the corridor and led me by the hand into their bedroom.

Then she withdrew to another bedroom designated for her on the nights that she wanted some privacy, with her babies. I was very nervous about this start to an important part of my life. I had been told that women are often intimidated by this at first, but if the man is gentle, firm and loving that it all falls into place as a very enjoyable part of the responsibilities of being adults. As I moved through the back of the closet hand in hand with Madame, I was shaking in nervous fear at what was about to happen to me, but the Master was sitting on the side of the bed in his very handsome night clothes with a very warm smile for me and that did a lot to relax my stress over this demarcation of my life.

I had arrived in his room dressed only in a very light and somewhat transparent night gown that showed me off very well. He was very pleased with this.

And then Miss Belle excused herself and I was left alone with this man who was going to take my virginity that night. I stood inert for a few minutes and then he beckoned me to approach him at the side of the bed. He reached up and took me into his arms and then guided me to sit on his lap, with his hands very gently caressing my arms and back. After several minutes of that, of which he must have felt me relax further, he moved my head to in front on his and began to kiss my lips, barely touching them.

This gentleness and his hands caressing around my body then, began to light up desires that I didn't' even know that I had until then. Soo, I was initiating at least part of the kisses between us, to his stated and demonstrated delight.

I wasn't experienced at all in this prior to this night, but I came to welcome his fun-loving manner of sexual intimacies. He obviously really enjoyed them and dedicated himself to sponsor his partner to enjoy them also. And he had a sense of humor about this part of life which rubbed off on me, too. He regularly shared in very funny jokes as we moved along in our sexual activities, but they were never insulting as to my person or responses to our love play.

And it is true, I came to love this man very much, and I always felt that he did me, too; though he never stated it. That first night, he limited himself to activities that would sponsor a gentle taking of my virginity, so after we had kissed and caressed each other, he moved me off of his lap and onto the surface of his bed. He lifted my night gown, which caused a brief bout of intense embarrassment, but with his gentle hands and fingers, this soon abated and I became intrigued by the progression to the event of the night, the first hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage of a man's male member up into my virgin young body.

He next did something completely anya olsens giving a hot closet deep throat blowjob hardcore bigcock, he with my gown raised and my nether regions exposed, moved down with his face and began to kiss, lick and suck about the area.

This very quickly had me on a high state of expectations of the next stage of this little personal intimate play. So, he moved his hands to gain blonde masseuse decides to punish horny bastard massage and handjob couple of pillows and a towel, evidently for any blood that would be produced, and with gentle words to me prepared me to receive his excited member that I could see in its hardened and extended state and officially join the deserved appellation of 'woman.' With my hips up on the pillows and my legs spread out, he moved up to me nude in his lower extremity and with the towel in place, he began to rub his member about my most intimate area of my body.

By this time, it was feeling great and I was enjoying having him address me in touch and words to this changing of my life. Then his motions changed from rubbing up and down the crease in my abdomen to probing about at the very small hole below and I wondered how he would ever get that monstrous, as I regarded it then though I came to know of it as very average, thing up into my body.

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It turned out that it was completed with some little pain and bleeding, but in just a few minutes it came to feel very wonderful and thereby initiated a lifelong desire and enjoyment of this part of life. It was always with him as long as he lived. With him plunging up into me, I noticed that some liquids were being produced and I saw stains on the towel, but the Master was unrestrained in his desire to complete his mission and soon emptied his father load up into me, with us both then relaxing from our efforts.

With this, we moved to be besides each other and he was very praising of my looks, body and manner of this transition of my life. I never forgot his kindness then and the continuance of it for the rest of his life.

In another time and place, I would have enjoyed being his wife and giving him all of the children that he could ever desire.

But, such was not the case now, so I would enjoy what Sweet babe marina angel fucked and creampied on the bed would get and be glad of it." When Colonel Calhoun Richmond died, Shelly left the household and married a local blacksmith and still was young enough to produce a couple of sons.

She apparently lived out her days happy with her life and was honored at her memorial service by the spokesman for our family for black dick for bulky beautiful girl hardcore blowjob many years of service to our welfare.

Most knew of what a substantial part of that service was, but no one ever imprudently said anything to her memory. She was a very much appreciated person of the community. The next patriarch in line was his son, Buford Forrest Richmond. And he was much like his daddy, but was unreliable in leaving wives alone. Again, since my family then and now have a tremendous amount of financial resources and a very strong Southern Identity because of their careful use of it, they have been able to get away with anything, but murder over the years.

I have read the records of the family as written by the various Maids and have found no reference to any taking of lives ever by our family. I find a lot of comfort in that fact. During Buford's tenure, no wife in the area was safe, and many of them got a very up and personal views of his cock. But, in other ways, he was a very responsible man.

One problem that arose, was that a new generation of politicos of the party that the family supported with a lot of funds, became disenchanted with the status quo and decided to break with the old guard of behind the scene policy makers, including Buford.

I guess that they thought that the money would just keep rolling in, but it didn't work out that way. Buford reduced his contributions to the party precipitously and the party found itself in financial trouble, with elections coming up. To try to breach the hard feelings of Buford and other old guard political contributors and policy makers, the new guard invited them to the nomination convention of statewide officials including the new governor.

The list of possible nominees was full of new guard politicos, and they expected to walk away with the nomination for our party easily. But, because of budget constraints caused by the inner party schism, they had to retract to using the auditorium of a local high school and built a ramshackle stage with a thin white muslin curtain as a back drop.

The sound system was top notch though. During the candidate's speech of a lessor possible nominee, in the background behind him a pair of silhouettes appeared on the muslin curtain that for all the world appeared to be a slim woman hunched over a chair with a man plunging into her from behind.

With this active scene behind cum drinking asian attractive babe likes deepthroat, the audience of adults broke out in raucous applauses and the candidate speaking rose to the challenge and delivered the best speech that he had ever offered.

He walked away with the nomination and then was crushed by the opposition in the general election. With that the new liners lost their stranglehold on the party and the old guard came back into power with men of their choosing.

This remains the case even up to our present time, and the contributions started to roll in again, too. Afterwards, when a head count was done of the members of the party, the man and woman were identified as Buford and the young wife of the then party chairman.

Buford and her husband were never on speaking terms again, but she became a regular visitor to the mansion and after their divorce was hired to be an instructress to the children, numbering two and who had always excelled in school.

She was very intelligent, though and helped Forrest to qualify for Harvard where he graduated with a law degree in the top four of his class. This served the family during his generation very well. Nobody ever did find out who back lit the curtain during the speech, but suspicions arose over a janitor who was on duty and was known to be a strong supporter of the other party. When Buford passed by to the sorrow of ever so many pussies in the area, Forrest took over. He had worked in the law offices of several firms of different specialties and so was very qualified to take over the family's leadership and a strong place in the party's background control.

He had also learned some other things from the prostitutes of the area of Harvard and they stood him in good stead with the ladies, the continuation of a family tradition. When Forrest was twenty seven he married one of the local southern belles and settled in to having a fine family. She was just like all of the ladies of the household over the years, beautiful, gracious and very respectful to the help. The South seems to specialize in creating such women.

They had two children, I and my sister. Then as so many women do, she lost interest in the process that made them. She didn't have difficult deliveries or anything, she just found other interests in life and so that part of the marriage suffered.

She then had her own bedroom, the one occupied by other wives over the years in the mansion, but did show up to cuddle, kiss and coo on a couple nights of the week. But, no actual sex involved at all. But, there was no way that father was going to divorce her over this, he just loved her so much and in every other way she was a perfect wife.

So, after a couple of months, he decided to take the same path as had his father and grandfather to cope with this immediate and necessary need to manage. And so he brought it up to his dear wife and though she was somewhat abashed by this, she adjusted like all of her predecessor wives had and helped make the necessary intimate arrangements for him.

So, he thought through the process and decided to break the tradition and not bring in a very beautiful lover, to compete with his wife's total beauty. One thing that he had learned at Harvard was that the less favored girls made superior lovers, because they would make a determined effort to over compensate for any shortcomings in their looks by being totally accepting of a wide range of sexual activities that the more beautiful girls would forbid out of hand.

So, he set out to identify some young woman of about eighteen or so to fill his need and that identity. It so happened that one of the local ultra wet japanese bawdy cleft toying hardcore blowjob who sometimes came to the house to take care of somethings that the in-house staff couldn't cope with was discussing his youngest daughter who was a good heart, but not a mental giant nor beautiful.

He mentioned that she was having trouble getting guys to date her, though she was known to 'put out' enthusiastically, he asserted. So, Forrest asked if she would like to take a position in the family, with the unspoken knowledge of what this would include. And the father was very enthused over this and gave his permission for her to be interviewed.

So, a couple of days later she showed up at the mansion and was to her surprise interviewed by the lady of the house. It appeared to mom that she had been seriously spiffed up over the last couple of days, with a very stylish hairdo and new clothes that fit her well. She still had the appearance of an average girl, solid in build, hearty in the breastworks and with a very warm smile. Mom fell in love with her right away and strongly recommended her to father, as she would obviously fill his need without compromising her still strong relationship with him.

So, with her parent's approval, she moved in and took up residence in the 'whore's room' as it was secretly, though kindly, assigned by the other staff of the house. But, no one in the household ever said or did anything unkind to her during all of her tenure in the home. With her intimate duties to my dad, which she reportedly took on with considerable gusto, she was taught by mom to knit, crochet and sew like her predecessors.

To fill her non-intimate times and to make her feel useful to the family in other ways. And she became highly skilled in this too. Even all these years later, there are still many of her productions spread through the house covering every flat surface available. But in her intimacies to dad, was how she really shined. In the records, which contrary to what we had been led to believe she was very skillful in keeping, she recorded many of the events of her loving sessions with dad.

To say that they made interesting reading to a young fourteen year old boy growing up is to underestimate the matter. Since, I was the heir apparent, I was allowed to read them at my leisure as they were stored in the walkway between the two bedrooms of the lovers and the man of the house and available to no one else but him, her and me.

One of the accounts, I repeatedly read because of its vividness and outrageously creative nature. When I got to the age of sixteen and was then allowed to partake with her, this was the session that I truly wanted. And after a breaking-in process had me prepared it was the one that I repeatedly asked for and occasionally got. This is her account in her own words of one of the occasions of this happening between her and my father: "The Master signaled me to come to him that night and that he wanted something truly special that evening.

So, I thought up all of the things that I had shared in up to them and made a mental list to share with him in his bed that time. I came to him through the walkway in the early evening to catch him with his pants down and his energy up, just after his usual evening shower.

I was wearing one of my pretty shifts that he liked. It home alone arab woman gives head in proper pov scenes off my figure to its best effect and reveled in my bounteous chest works to enliven his spirits to be with me. I wanted this night to be especially perfect and draining of him.

As I came out of the closet, he had not put on his bathrobe yet, so my timing on that was flawless. And he then gathered me up into his arms and kissed me very fervently all over my face and eventually deeply into my mouth. Then he sat me on the side of the bed and lifted my shift up, so that he could enjoy my nether regions that he named my pussy. He would at first just visually appraise them to my usual embarrassment, and then use his fingers to admire its various features.

Sliding a finger up and down my cleft was the first thing this time, as it usually was and soon with this, my baby hole began to leak my girlish cum. He loved that, since it tasted very good to him, and also lubricated the whole area for his further attentions.

And he followed through with this as usual this time. Then he moved his face up to my 'pussy' and began to lick and kiss it with attentions spread all over but regularly passing my clit to its delight. It got up hard like his member would and this was very exciting to the Master. But, he got his greatest excitement this time as usual by his licking up my girlish cum and expressing his pleasure over its taste. This unfailingly caused me to blush in embarrassment, as did a lot of things that we did together.

After enlivening my body, he moved to sit down to allow me to do the same for him. I got down on my knees with my shift still on, but lowered so that my breasts hung out and then began to administer my version of what he had done to me.

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His semen didn't taste all that great, but I used some flavor packets that I had bought on him and that helped it to be much more pleasant for me. The idea of serving him in this manner though was strongly felt by me. He was a lovely man and for him to accept me in this manner when others wouldn't was a very great honor to me. His cock got up especially strongly this time, so I decided to pull out some of my more exotic tricks this night. I offered to have him 'fuck me' as it was so coarsely put by him and he welcomed that opportunity and soon he was entered into me up as far as he could reach and with a seven inch cock that was up to the end that had stretched out with his continued attentions to it.

He never did make it up into my cervix which was reported possible but difficult, but few other sites on my body were ignored. This time, he grandly came up into me with a very slight climax on my part, but I knew that I would be getting much more in the practices that were coming up. Since his 'cock' as he called it was still firm, I rolled over and had him enter me with some lube up that way to expand his fun for this time. But, I had other plans for him, too. He didn't cum with this, since it was so soon after his success up my pussy hole.

After a little breather cali carter mia malkova hardcore and natural a small glass of white wine each we got on to the main event of the night. I raised my hips up onto a double stack of pillows, slavered it up with a bonus amount of lube and invited him to fist me. I had been introduced to this practice by him, and he averred that he had learned of it from a pro while he was at Harvard.

It involved him, working a growing progression of fingers into my pussy hole until it was stretched out enough for his hand and eventually his arm to reach me all the way up to his elbow.

We had been working on lesbian amateur teens use strapon dildo on webcam for some time and this was our first total entry success.

He then began to pump in and out of me and I went nearly nuts with the intimate feelings emotional and physical that this engendered. It was like being fucked by the Jolly Green Giant, repeatedly.

And since every woman likes a big cock when she can get one, I came with a vengeance and sprayed my cum all over the place. I figured that the cleaning staff the next day would retire after taking care of his bedroom and move to their bedrooms to take care of their bodily inspirations with the scene that they must have imagined then. With my needs accomplished, we then moved on to something that I have never heard of anyone else doing. With my pussy all stretched out, I had him move his cock and balls up to inside of me and with my stretched out muscles massaged them, the confrontation turned out to be a hot threesome with ryans daugters enlisting my pussy lips in the process.

The idea of him so deeply entered into me and the process of my massaging him in there must have fed the common desire of men to return to where they came from up into their mother's womb and he just sailed off with this service to him and totally filled my baby path with all of his remaining cum and strength. So, with this accomplished I wrestled him into my arms on our sides and mounted his mouth on my tit for him to sleep the sleep of a newborn thru the night." You can imagine the effect that this account had on a young man just learning of intimate things, without an outlet for them yet.

I got my first taste of this by prearrangement on my sixteenth birthday night. And I was never the same after that. The only disappointment of my father and me in regard to Darla, was that neither of us ever gave her a child. She would have made a wonderful mother. However, when my father passed away and Darla took her leave, she did have a child by a tradesman that she married and she named him after my father and me.

I am now in my forties and married to the seemingly required fair and gorgeous example of southern womanhood. She is the delight of my life and shows no lagging in enthusiasms for our intimacies. And we already have the traditional three children too. But, now there are reliable methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies and that might be the inspiration to continue our loving services to each other.

And so I might never need the maid/lover that has been traditional over the generations of the men of my family. No problem for me, since the 'whore room' is still available for that need, and I know how to use it properly after all. But, I still need a girl to keep up the histories.