Waitress romi rain sits on bartenders schlong pornstars and hardcore

Waitress romi rain sits on bartenders schlong pornstars and hardcore
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'Jesus Sarge. how much longer You reckon they are gonna keep us here?' Sgt Reed sighed. this really was teen babe gets her ass and pussy ripped by big cock lousy duty.

a small backwoods village. checking what few cars were running for rebels and 'contraband', whatever the fuck that was. The only thing actually worth checking was currently picking her way back towards the small house that she called home, it held most of his attention. 'Just can it Perkins. we stay as long as we have to. and I don't make that descion. so just watch your arc and amauter puremature perfect milf brandi love fucked from behind the whining for somebody who gives a shit.

which would be NOBODY!' 6 months in this dump of a country, no beer, no decent food and no women. and for what? Well that was gonna change. tonight. . 4 AM. Dead man hour. Charlie fire team had just taken over the road block and His was heading back to the barn they called home. or they should have been. Instead the Squad watched the woman's house through night vision goggles. there was no movement, no heat signatures. all was very quiet. the ghostly green images revealed exactly what he had hoped for.

nothing. Motioning with his hands the team began the approach, no words were spoken, no noise betrayed them as they moved closer. As it should be, they were very good at this game now. they just had a new, personal, objective in mind.

a little R&R with the only sexy looking woman they had seen in the whole damn country. As he slid up to the front door he switched to IR and scanned for thermal traces, bingo. just the one. she looked to have fallen asleep fully dressed. he knew she worked long hours at the local school and then at what ever she could find to get enough simply to survive.

He tried the door handle, it clicked loudly as it began to swing open. all his attention was on the sleeping form, looking for any signs of motion. despite the eqpt taped to his chest rig.

the wpn's and the bulky armr. he made no sound as his boots ghosted down the hall towards the back room. he looked to his team mates and signaled 'on 3' the fingers closed doen. 3,2,1. a boot smashes into the small door frame ripping it from th wall.

in 2 seconds he is over to the bed a strong hand covers her mouth. she hasnt really woken yet. that changes as she feels 4 pairs of hands grab each limb and quickly pull her body taut. He chuckled softly to imself. she cant see a damn thing yet. its just darkness and rough hands. 'I know you understand me. this goes two ways. either you dont cooperate, we take what we want and you vanish, or you be a good girl and you get to keep breathing. im gonna take away my hand now.

if you make any noise. it will be the last sound you ever make.' He withdrew his hand. the other was already filled with a rag ready to stuff in her mouth should she be stupid enough to scream. all that came was a slow sob 'Do what u will and leave' 'Show time boys, me first. rank has it privaleges' He moved off the bed, and began to drop his kit. it all went into a neat pile. wpns on the top. then he climbed up between her legs.

planting his knees between hers. he placed his hands on her ankles and ran them slowly upwards, the touch was firm, strong and unstoppable. his hands pushed her legs further apart. the hands on her ankles locked her into this new vunerable position.

'Nice' he thought. better than had expected. much better. stockings, garters. and silk underwear. he roughly fondled her mound. 'Oh Please stop'. 'shut the fuck up'. you lie here in bed dressed for a night on the pull and dont expect to get fucked?' Lady you got a lot learn'.

'And we are gonna teach you' As he continued to fondle her he shoved two fingers into her mouth.'Suck em. get em real wet'. he felt her lips and tongue begin to crudely work his fingers. 'Do it like its your lovers cock.


not a fucking meal. You blow me like that bitch and I will just fuck your mouth till you pass out.' She began to put in some effort. the tongue swirling and dancing. he quickly changed hands. new fingers in the mouth. the first driven straight into her pussy.

she cried out round the hand in her mouth as he drove them in as far as he could get.hang on. 'Fuck boys. she is dripping already. I think she likes it. ' 'Just remeber cutey. no noise.'. with that he withdrew his hand from her mouth and placed it with the other between her legs.

then tore away her panties. both hands return to her crotch. 3 fingers now. probing, flexing. fucking her. then a new shame. cum on his cock use as lube tjerk him off tranny finger at her ass.

she bit her own lip as his finger slid in. already wet from her own betrayal. Her hips were moving ever so slightly, he could sense it rather than feel it. in the muscles inside her. as she struggled not to like it. He wondered how long it had been for her? Enough. i gotta have this bitch.

he undid his pants and slid them off his hips. then lay on top of her. relishing the feel of her breasts. he placed both hands on her neck and kissed her.

'Kiss me back. and u had better be nice too. His cock felt like an iron bar. Jesus im gonna last about 20 secs at this rate. her tongue probed his mouth. he felt her teeth nip his bottom lip. JESUS. make that 10. 'Come on Sarge. u gonna marry her or fuck her?' 'Fuck off Jackson' He inched up her.

letting her thighs guide him to her entrance. he pressed the tip of his cock against her mound. feeling the heat. then when he knew he was at the very wet hole. drove forward.

burying himself in her in one thrust. she half screamed into his mouth as he took her. then he began to fuck her in short hard jabs. only pulling out 2 inches and ramming his whole length back in. Fuck this pussy is hot. it feels like she is on fire down there.

I know Redheads are called firecrotch's but this is unreal. she was begining to thrust back onto him. the steady puonding and friction was almost to much. then she breathed into his mouth. 'Oh God yessssssssssssss'. that was to much. he shuddered as he spent himself in her. nasty blonde vs black monsters her with every piece of him he could get in. Then he slumped onto her. She whispered into his ear.

'Will you leave now.' 'You are shitting me lady. you gotta another 4 to service' The leader pulled himself off. she could feel him move to the head of her bed. they were so quiet. even with thier boots and guns. why didnt they make more noise?

'Perkins. your up. Jackson. perimeter sweep'. the two men released her wrists. but the leader swiftly replaced their grip . with his own.' I want to watch you.

watch you take it. Listen to you try to resist. listen to you give in. listen to you cum' 'Never' she hissed. 'we shall see' The second one mounted her, no foreplay. no prelimanaries. he just climbed on and thrust himself into her. there was no resistance. a mixture of her own juice and the leaders enabled him to enter her swiftly. but this one was in no hurry. he liked to use the whole length. sliding it in and out slowly. 'Yeh bitch. gonna fuck you long and slow.

enjoy your sweet pussy. you like it dont you. I can tell'. his hips busty taxi driver tries lesbian sex in public moving in a slow figure of eight. it felt like no part of her wasnt being slid or rubbed. Worse was the growing heat within her as his pelvis slowly ground into her clit. A pair of lips mashed into hers. the leader? no one of the others. there was still no noise. nothing.

only vague sounds of breathing. it seemed to magnify every small sound that escaped her.

Hot woman wearing a black bodystocking plays

He was speeding up now. becoming more urgent. the pleasure was increasing. no matter how she tried to resist. her lips were on fire and her clit felt like ice. against his heat. 'nearly there. here we silvia loret maritza mendez daughter mother. at the last moment hew withdrew and shot his load all over her stomach.

great splashes of it that seemed to splatter all the way upto her neck. he sighed and rubbed it all over her exposed skin. massaging it into her nipples . it pooled in her belly button and ran down her flanks. she could feel the sticky heat all over her.'Jesus Perkins. i dont wanna lie in that shit'. ' ah fuck off. least i aint filling her so that she can hardly feel that pencil u call a dick!' 'Arnold go.

' 'Sure thing sarge. but flip her over man. ' What! no. they pulled her up and quickly push her back down onto her hands and knees. the leader still holds her wrists. the third man positions himself behind and eases himself in.

her head slumps forward as she is taken from behind. different again. a new angle. new sensations. he uses the whole length but is hard, fast . hwe whole body is rocked froward each time he slams into her buttocks. his balls whip up and lash her already sensitive clit. 'Hey bitch. remeber when i said you better blow me good. Its showtime.' Her head is pulled up by the hair and she feels a sticky cock press into her mouth.

she can taste herself and the salty tang of his cum. he pushs deep into her mouth and stops. she sucks it clumisly. at that momemt the soldier in her pussy seems to go berserk. ramming her like an animal. each thrust pushes her onto the cock in her mouth. it jabs her throat making her gag. they dont care. 'suck it slut. suck it good. u need to get me good and wet. cus im taking your ass after this.' The third is close,, she feels his cockhead expand then explode into her as he cums.

she feels like she will pass out, she cant breath. then they both withdraw. 'Ok Jackson, your up. lie down buddy. slut here is gonna fuck you.' She shakes her head weakly. but feels herself lifted as the forth soldier slips under her, they dump her on top of him. they are not holding her now.

she has no strength to fight them anyway. she feels the mans cock under her. its . its huge. much bigger than the others. 'Please. I cant. its tooo.'. 'What. big. yeh we know. why the fuck u think he goes last. would amazing footjob session with a delicious babe like throwing a bag in a truck after Jacko's done with you.

Now get the fuck on with it' Sobbing she pulls herself up and positions the head. his cock is at least 10 " long and thick too.

she tries to slowly wiggle on to it. he has no patience for her . he grabs her thighs and pulls her down.


the leader is behind and drops his weight onto her shoulders as he grabs her mouth. She screams as the monster grips then bursts into her. She has never felt so full. 'Now work it whore. ride it like the little cockslut you are.' She leans forward and grabs the mattress edge as she rasies and drops her hips. low grunts escape her as she is forced to fuck. Behind her the leader begins to spank her ass. 'Faster bitch'. he sets the pace with the slaps.

and then. a finger begins to probe her ass. NO! not a finger. a cock. The hand is back over her mouth as he pushed into her ass. slowly inching in. until she thinks she will split in half. then they begin to move again.

first the pussy then the asss. in out in out. the pain blurs into the pleasure. the leader is biting one side of her neck. the other soldier. licks her ear and encourages her to move.

she can only grunt like a beast as she is filled. her cries become louder as her orgasm approaches. 'Oh GOD NO. NOT LIKE THIS' 'Fuck. Perkins. shut her up' Her hair is grabbed and her head is twisted to the side. a wet cock. her juices again. stuffed into her mouth. she is now throbbing all over. she hangs limply as all 3 thrust into her. using her every hole.

as their pace quickens the fire in her crotch spreads. it pushes her over the edge as the begin to cum in her. her mouth floods with spunk. it leaks round the cock and she is forced to swallow just to continue breathing. her pussy floods with juices. his. hers all running down his balls. her ass fills with hot liquid . And She cums. 'Gggggggoooooooooooooood. YES!' They quickly dress and prepare to leave.

The leader. throws something on the bed. its money. Foreign money. the stuff u can spend in the few stores with anything in them. then sweets. a ration pack. 'Now I know why the fuck we are here. ' 'No shit perkins. no fucking shit. Your mine now bitch. Charlie fireteams gonna pay u a visit tomorrow. play nice. Noone is gonna fuck with now. you get any shit. you come find me. or just tell them Sgt Reed thinks they ought to fuck off and leave you alone.' Then they are gone.

for now The looks were the hardest thing to bear. not hatred. not revulsion. but sympathy. the poor woman who the soldiers abused. who they took and degraded, little did they know. she was almost looking forward to the visits now. Charlie Fireteam rarely came.

The 'Fucking Cherries' had very little time in country and still observed the laws of armed conflict. Delta, well the were a different matter. 2-3 times a week they would descend as a group and force her to submit. they no longer tied her, unless they felt like it, mostly they expected her to perform. But recently there had been a new twist, her mind played through it as she walked back across the square.

she tried not to look at the road block, knowing that 'He' would be watching. Sgt Reed. his dark eyes boring into her as she struggled with the bags. there would be no offer of help. he would just watch, as he always watched. making her look at him as she was forced to cum over and over. either by his and his mens ministrations.

or more recently. by her own hand. He always stayed behind now. on his own. to service his little slut as he knew she wanted it. Bastard, and what was worse. was he was right. She found herself thinking of him constantly. what he would do next. what he would bring. make her do. There seemed to be a small celebration amonsgt the soldiers, Charlie team was boarding a truck that had just emptied itself of 4 new soldiers. 'So long suckers. enjoy the fucking war.

we are outa here' The new soldiers seemed odd. different. then with some relief she realised that they were all women. at least there would be some relief from the constant rapes. That night. she waited. as she was expected to.

in the lingerie they had provided. All Black and the high heeled boots the Sgt seemed to love. Then he was in the room. how did he do that. never any noise. ever . even when he came there was only the softest of moans. more a ragged breath really. and he always took her from behind. she was not 'permitted' to see his orgasm. He was alone. she looked up with sullen eyes. waiting. 'On the bed. spread eagle. NOW' She jumped at sunny leon new sex xxx last.

rushing to the bed, she quickly adopted the desired pose. he moved round her. tying each limb to the bed posts. then a collar on her slim neck.

What this time. what will he make me endure. 'This is your chance to peform slut. to show me how well you beg.' Silent defiance was her only response. He moved in and pushed the pillows under her ass. stretching her tighter as her pelivis arced upwards. then he reached into his web gear and extracted something.

'This is a butt plug. as the name suggests, it goes in your butt. not too big. and it vibrates. I control how much' He pushes it into her mouth. she knows what to do. and what will happen if she doesnt. it will go in anyway. only it will hurt more. so she complies. eating and licking.

applying as much saliva as she can. He then sits beside her and pulls aside the crotch of her panties. which are already soaking. he chuckles at this. 'Slut'. then he simply shoves it up her ass. where it sits firmly lodged. buzzing ever so slightly. 'Good little whore. all ready for toy number two. This is a standard vibe.

with a little twist. you notice this harness. this holds it and the butt plug in you. you will notice that it completly avoids any contact with your clit. no orgasms for you. not till you beg. properly' He slips the straps around her waist. then pushes the vibe in. it is tiny. barely 3 ". it too begins to buzz. the sensation is warming. pleasent. 'these are remote controls. i will demonstarte' He pushes somthing and the butt plug responds .

the buzzing grows and seems to make her whole body shake. another press and the vibe buried in her uk teens get fucked suck cock and get facial explodes into life. 'guh. aaaaah gods' ''Impressive arent they. but thats a little too much for now.' and the sensations drop away. sliding back to the ache that drives her mad. He moves away from the bed and sits at her single chair.

watching her from the side. his feet rest on his pack. and he lights a cigarette. and watches. for the first time ever you see a small smile play across his face. He never moves as he tortures you. a single press changes the speed . she arches up in response, trying to grind against something that simply isnt there. then as she gets close. he kills it. and the frustartion builds.

the time between each cycle seems to speed up. or does. time has no meaning anymore. there is only the burning desire to finish, for release. and the silent presence in the corner. Hours. minutes. beauty dior sucks on her man cock. she no longer cares as waves of pleasure build.

then die before they release her . he knows exactly what he is doing. she is only capable of low grunts as each spasm comes. her whole body arches up each time now. she has no control over it. 'You can end this anytime you want. you know that.' She does know it. but is barely capable of thought let alone speech. another spasm rocks into her and she screams. 'PLEASE' 'Please what. ' 'Please finish me off.' 'Be more. specific.' Oh gods he really wants me to beg him.

to voice her desires. needs. wants. 'Please. oh gods. please. I want you to fuck me. fuck all of me. use me as your slut.' 'BE MORE SPECIFIC.' The vibe is twisting in her and the butt plug is buzzing like mad. her body is swamped with sensations. 'FUCK MY ASS. fuck my mouth. fuck my pussy. cum in all of them. make me swallow your spunk. fill me, fuck me use me. anything. just finish me. please.' The sensations are turned off. NO! 'Anything.?' 'ANYTHING. ANYTHING YOU WANT.' 'Good enough' With that he stands over her and commands.

'Look at me' She stare into his dark eyes. and see's her surrender reflelected. He holds up his hands and slides the two controls to the maximum settings.

her body arches up. twisting in the restraints as pleasure explodes out from her crotch. then something new. he drops betwen her legs and begins to hungrily suck on her clit. it is too much. She grinds against his mouth as she cums. and cums again.

and again. juices squirt from her pussy spraying his face as she ejacualtes and her orgasms meld into one.then he stands and the sensations die away. He removes the toys and bends to kiss you. she kisses back. totall uncaring at her display as she licks her own juices from his face. 'Anything?' 'Yes. anything.' 'Good.' He stands and opens the door.

four soldiers enter the room. 'I would like you to meet Corporal Saunders and her team. do as she tells you . as you would me. She will tell me if you fail to perform. .' 'Fred here tells me you have a talented tongue. I do hope so. its gonna need a sling by the time me and the girls are done with you.' They begin to drop thier kit. lingerie appears as they disrobe.

seemingly out of place under the dirty combats. She watches as they move closer. horror, disgust and something else play across her face. 'Enjoy yourself slut. you can tell me how much you enjoy it tomorrow.' Then she is alone. with four female soldiers. and they are climbing onto the bed. She watches in horror as the 4 girls crawl onto her bed. one to each limb. they begin to inch up her body.

small kisses. light touches as each unties the ropes that bind her. Once she is freed they begin to move inwards. licks, kisses. small moans escape her and are echoed by the soldiers. The tender assault continues. the back of her knees, the elbow. inwards. thigh, upper arm, she can feel the heat of thier bodies as they press against each of her limbs. The hot breath reaches her crotch.

then begins to retreat back down her leg. a mouth appears at her neck and licks and kisses softly. nibbbling the tender skin beneath her ear.

It is so different from the men. gentle persuasion rather than required obedience. The Corporal begins to kiss her. lips gently touch hers. small kisses around the mouth. then firmer, a tongue presses insistently, she opens her mouth to recieve it rilynn rae gives her plumber an upskirt view it darts forward.

swirling round her own. she responds. as the kiss becomes more passionate so do the other three. biting and fondling. kisses and licks. firm grasps on her already tired legs push them upwards so that she lies with her knees bent and legs wide open. The corporals hand begins to stray downwards. cupping her breast. squeezing tenderly. the nipple is pinched, teased. stretched. firmly. 'You like?' A simple 'Yes' 'Hmmm good. Fred does have fantastic taste.

you are stunning Red.' Such a simple thing. not 'Slut' or 'Whore' but a name. it makes her feel strangely drawn to these women. 'We need more room girls. Nest in the centre.' There is giggling as they leap off the bed.

She is pulled to her feet and almost collapses . The corporal holds her and guides her to the chair. 'Shh sit'. She can feel 'his' warmth retained in the cushion. The soldiers are pulling large sleeping bags from their packs. then her mattress and bedding are dragged to the centre of the floor.

the sleeping bags are added to the pile. The four soldiers then recline amonsgst the mass of soft cloth. 'Come here Red. join us. join in. I promise you wont regret it. but if you dont want to. then we will leave. and we wont say a word to the Sgt.' She stares at the mass of soft flesh. round breats and hips. long legs. they all seem so much softer without the trappings of war. She almost declines. but there is the lure of tenderness and passion. of soft caresses and kisses.

and more than anything the fear that he would know. would detect the lies. and worse. be disappointed. She stands and moves slowly forward. the group parts to allow her to reach the centre. then closes in round her as she lies on the floor. Outside. the temperature has dropped to below freezing.

On a boulder 10 metre's from the house a solitary shadow moves slightly. He ignores the biting cold. He watch's through the Thermal imaging camera as the Woman that consumes his thoughts voluntarily walks to join the group on the floor.

he sees as they close in on her and the colors change slightly as the temperature begins to rise on all their skins,, hotter. He is tempted to stay and watch. even from here. but denying himself the pleasure here would add to it later. when he had spoken to the Corporal and knew what had happened. and then forced Red to tell him every little detail. every noise, touch and feeling would be recounted. in her words. Then and only then would he allow himself to watch her with the girls.

and he had a whole new idea about that. He stands. and vanishes into the shadows. Behind him he can hear small cries of pleasure. they carry to his retreating form. 'yes. oh yes. ' She awoke in the middle of the floor. her blankets had been drawn over her. and the women were gone. memories of the previous night flooded back in. touches. tongues. ooo the tongues. toys. she felt ashamed and thrilled. she had never really considered sex with women before.

she had surprised herself as she had freely surrendered to the desire. But there were things to do. and she badly needed to bathe. moving to the bathroom she caught a glimpse of herself. she looked a lot healthier then she had. a steady and full diet, courtesy of the Briish army, was doing wonders for her.

That and 'F' Plan diet. she giggled at her own joke. She gal with nice butt fucked cumshots and creampie on the fawcet. it coughed, gurgled and jumped. but refused to do its job. She sighed this meant a trip to the water bowser in the square. and through the checkpoint.oh no. 'He' will be there.

she bit her lip . there was no choice really. She pulled the little trolley out of the shed. on it she had stacked a dozen containers. and began the half mile walk into town. as she apprached the outskirts she could see them. Delta fireteam were in the usual defensive position. 2 checked the papers of all traffic and searched cars.

one was sat in a sandbagged emplacement behind some sort of heavy machine gun. another was on the other side of the road block, she knew that he was armed with all manner of rocket launchers and remotes to detonate the mines and traps around thier posotion. 'He' was in his usual position. in a shadow to the side. he seemed almost asleep. she also knew that was the idea.

he liked to blend in and vanish. appearing from nowhere to soothe anger or stamp authority depending on what he felt was appropriate. There were strange soldiers also. she shuddered as she recognized the uniforms. the soldiers of the local militia. little more than government thugs. she joined the line and readied her papers.

not that she needed them. they were only too familiar with her. The British seemed to be training the Militia how to run the Blockade. they were carrying out the routine. papers. photo comparison to a book of known 'wanteds'. questions. Then it was her turn. The Militia leader. starts to make crude comments. his men laughed at his dirty humour. Then he grabs her arm. 'Me and you. we need to go check a few things. eh? make sure all is in order.' He begins to fondle her. roughly squeezing her breast His face explodes in a spray of blood as a rifle butt smashes into the side of his head.

The milita are startled and begin to grab thier weapons. then they notice that the four british soldiers are already covering them. 'naughty naughty boys. let the Sgt's have thier chat' Sgt Reed is standing over the Milita Sgt. his boot is pressed into the side of his neck. and his rifle hovers an inch from his ear 'You will not touch her, you will not speak to her, you will not even breathe in her direction'.

it is said quietly, and with a quiet menace that speaks of horror. 'If I catch you anywhere near her I will take you to a place of such pain and hurt that you will beg me to kill you.

do I make myself perfectly clear?' The stunned man can only nod an affirmative. 'Good. then take your fucking sorry excuse for a squad and fuck off. NOW' The Militia gather thier equipment and rapidly disappear.She look at 'Him'. he motions her to the side with a tiny glance and she follows him into his shadow.

'You ok?'. he asks. almost softly 'What do you care?' she respons. she senses that is a mistake staright away 'Your right. I dont. but I dont share well either.' The iron is back in his tone.

'Sit' 'Perkins, grab some of the locals and get this cart filled with o2. then have em drag it back to Reds. me and her need to discuss last night' He sits in front of her. close. his nose is only a few inches from hers.' Now. tell me about last night' And so she sits there. and talks . it takes over an hour to recount the details. he constantly asks small questions. a detail of this. describe that. She tells him everything.

in as much detail as she can. how she felt when she licked her first pussy. how it tasted. what the others were doing to her. how many orgasms. given and recieved.to whom. and how. the surprise as the corporal begins to fuck her from behind.

the feel of the strapon. how it felt to don it herself and use it. the pleasure of being fucked in the ass as she rode the corporals plastic cock. the the orgasms as one of the other girls pushes her back onto saunders chest and eneters her pussy at the same time. she is crude and descriptive. trying to get a response. there is nothing. not even a twitch or change in breathing. he swallows the information like a void. finally she stops. 'What do you want from me. I have done everything you asked.

I have submitted to all you resires. given in. I dont know what you want. He stands and stretches. lights a cigarette. then leans down and whispers in her ear. 'Your cooperation. your collaboration. That you enoy it is not enough. You must WANT to. then.then you will be who you really are. secret self. hidden behind social structure and morals. I KNOW YOU. I will make you know yourself.

She shakes her head in denial. its not true. she does not believe it. can not. will not. but a small voice says 'you know he is right.' With that he throws a package at her feet. 'For tonight. 20.00 hrs. be ready.' . She picks her way towards the address the package had contained. it is awkward walking on the rough ground in the high heels tushy babysitter kelsi monroe gets anal at work had been ordered to wear.

they strained her calves and she had to walk looking at the ground for fear of tripping. the clothing also feels odd. the seamed stockings attached to a pvc garter belt. under a patent black pvc mini dress. no undearwear. her pussy freshly shaven. the wind occasionally catches under the long coat reminding her of her state of dress.

This is the place. 'His' instuctions had been very clear. go to this place. knock once. count to ten and go in. go to the back room. stand in the center of the room. and wait. The heels click loudly in the silence as she walks timidly forward. she bites back tears as she raises a small fist and raps hard.

once. as she counts to ten she tries not to think of what is to come. what degradation would 'He' inflict now. the door creaks as she enters. the heels louder now. echoing in the hall. she approaches the room. the door is ajar. a single candle burns on the table next to a double bed. the room is sparsly furnished . a single chair. a dresser. shadows flicker in the corners.she moves to the centre. and waits. A shadow detaches itself from the wall. and moves behind her. a hand moves up between her legs and roughly fondles her slit.

she gasps as 2 fingers are pushed into her. then a voice in her ear 'Well well. what a little slut. wet already. expecting a good fucking are you. well i hate to disappoint.

its just so. rude.' Something is wrong. its not 'him'. its. its a woman! The woman grabs her hair and pushes her onto the bed. bending back her neck she pulls her face round and savagely kisses her. then grabs her wrists and quickly ties them to the head board. she looks back at her attacker and sees. Red stands in the center of the room and looks at her first captive. she had been puzzled by the package at first.there was a new outfit.

skin tight pvc catsuit, knee high stiletto boots, a 6 buckle pvc waistcincher and a matching black strap on cock. and a simple note. in clear concise capital letters.

'SHE WILL ARRIVE AT EIGHT>>> DO AS YOU SEE FIT' It had made no sense. even as she got changed. as I see fit? it made no sense as she heard the knock.

it made no sense as she listened to the high heels enter her hall. even though her body moved itself to a position of concealment.

it made no sense as she watched the young girl enter her bedroom. it made no sense. right up until she looked into the girls eyes. and saw the fear. the expectation. and a word entered her head. 'Submissive'. with a small snarl she had leapt on her fuck that white thick booty bange that pussy now she admired her handiwork. it had been so easy.

and now there was a beautiful young girl on all fours. her ass in the air. her hands flexing in the bonds that held her fast. 'Mine' 'mine do to do as i see fit. yes' 'Please' she says. 'let me go. I dont like girls. im not like that' Red steps close. 'Really. your pussy says different. I say different. and here. what I say matters.

not you. you are a little cock slut. and soon to be a pussy eating slut. that takes it in the ass. but later. for now. lets see how well you cum.' She lines up the strap on at the girls twicthing slit and rubs it against the hole. then rubs it against the girls clit. grinding it in smalll circles. small moans esacpe the girl. then she moves it back to the hole and reaches round and pinches the girls nipples. HARD. the girl screams in surprise and tries to push back to escape the pain.

Red had anticipated that. and was waiting. all the girl managed to do was help her own taking. as she pushed back. Red slammed forward sinking all 10 inches stright in.

the gils howls as it smashes into her cervix. then Red begins to thrust. as she withdraws she spanks the girls ass hard. you. smack. are smack. mine. smack. and. smack.

a. smack. slut. smack smack smack. The pounding continues. Outside. the temperature has dropped to below freezing. On a boulder 10 metre's from the house a solitary shadow moves slightly. He ignores the biting cold. He watch's through the Thermal imaging camera as the Woman that consumes his thoughts fucks the 18 year old to a staggering orgasm.

then Red is sat astride the girls face. then she is between the girls legs. It goes on and on. the young girl is forced to pleasure herself on a dildo strapped to a chair.

Red comes up with many new and varied ways to both degrade and pleasure the young girl. In the darkness. the one thing that Red had never seen appeared. a smile briefly plays across his face as he lights another cigarette. He continues to watch. 'His' Red. She wakes and almost leaps from her bed. she smiles to her self as she bends and moves. the girl was dismissed when she was done. then she had slept soundly. then she notices a small card on her chair. as she picks it up she can still feel heat in the chushion.


NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU IF YOU DO NOT ALLOW IT. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN POWER WITH YOU ALWAYS. BUT YOU KNOW THAT NOW. DO AS YOU SEE FIT.' there was no signature. only a string of numbers. it was a telephone number. in the UK. She dresses quickly and runs to the checkpoint. Delta fireteam are gone. the roadblock is now crewed by men in UN berets helpless teen bondage sex hide and go freak there are no guns evident.

'He' is gone.

Caught jerking by neighbor in window and balcony

but had left an invitation. if she choose to accept. With new eyes she scanned the crowds. timid people running thier timid way. to exsist in a timid fashion. a so called 'Life' filled with compromise and disappointment.

she glances from face to face. sub, sub, sub, dom, then her eyes light on a young woman. something about her stance holds her.

subtle body language tells her volumes. yessss. you. she disappears into the crowd. but does not spot that she is followed.

as she arrives home she glances briefly up the street. but there are only shadows. or are there?