Beauty next door manipulated and sexually hardcore bondage

Beauty next door manipulated and sexually hardcore bondage
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Unlike all the other nights she'd spent in her bedroom on that big fluffy mattress, Elizabeth was unable to sleep a blink. She laid awake for most of the night, staring son fuk xxxxxxxx mom italia at the ceiling in exhaustion and confusion.

What had she done wrong in her life to have this happen to her? What had she done to this man specifically to make him want to hurt her so badly.? She sighed and tossed and turned from side to side, trying to get comfortable so that maybe, just maybe her body would fall to slumber.

But nothing worked. Her mind was preoccupied with memories of everything that had happened within the past few days, of the torment and of the pleasure. She was unsure how to feel of it all. Wondering whether she should just give in to Kurt and let him have his way, then feeling guilty for even thinking of consenting to this treatment.

She wondered curiously about who Kurt had sent that text message to. Who out there had seen her in such a humiliating setting? Who would be joining them tomorrow?

Possible scenarios played through the young woman's mind, causing panic and making it all that much harder for her to get some rest. And before she knew it, through her windows the light of dawn broke through.

And not too long after that, a hard knock on her bedroom door. Elizabeth sat up at the sound, staring at her door. Everything in her screamed for her not to give into him, but she still found herself sliding from the side of her bed and slowly making her way toward the door. She opened it up carefully, peering out at the tall, freshly shaven man. "Yes, sir?" she asked quietly in a groggy little voice.

"Good morning, Elizabeth," his voice came through polite and controlled, but she detected not a hint of anger, which she took as a good sign, "Would you join me for breakfast?" The girl gulped, remembering just how badly their last meal together had gone. Elizabeth had had a tough life. She had lost everyone she held close to her heart, and now she was alone.

It had wounded her deeper than any physical scars for Kurt to use those facts against her. "I… would love to, master," she replied to him hesitantly, opening the door wider to reveal she was only wearing shorts and a tank top, "Would you like me to change.?" He stared at her for a moment, eyes grazing over the curves of her body before shaking his head no, "You may remain in your pajamas.

Follow me." Kurt turned his back on Elizabeth and began walking through the halls, then down the stairway. She left her room, closing the door behind her and following closely behind the man.

Finally, the two reached the kitchen. Kurt had already prepared a breakfast for two. Plates adorned with scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast set up on the breakfast bar. Kurt pulled out her chair for her and she climbed in, taking in the smell of the food before smiling at Kurt.

If nothing else, the man was an excellent cook. Kurt took the seat beside her and began digging into his own food. She followed his actions, swearing not to speak unless he spoke black dick for bulky beautiful girl hardcore blowjob. At this point, she was too afraid of another punishment to speak out of line.

They ate their entire meals in silence, then Kurt stood and took both of the plates, washing them in the sink as Elizabeth watched him quietly. "How was the meal?" he asked without looking to her.

"It was great," Elizabeth commented honestly, "Thank you, sir." He nodded to her appreciation, but didn't say anything more until he was standing by her seat. The man leaned in, kissing Elizabeth hard on the lips. She was taken off guard by the gesture, and her breath hitched in her throat. His hand held the back of her head, keeping her lips pressed tenderly to his. And finally, he pulled back and smirked at her, "You've been massage rooms rita oils up her huge juicy bre good girl.

A reward was in order." Elizabeth cursed at herself in her own mind for the fluttering feeling she felt in her stomach. She swallowed then awkwardly nodded at him, "Th-Thank you again, sir…" "You're welcome," he chuckled at her, then took her hand to help her down from the tall chair, "Now, we need to get you prepared for our guest." The blonde's eyes went wide and her heart thumped in her chest, but she didn't protest against him.

Whatever he wanted, she would do. Maybe one day, if she lived by that philosophy, he would let her go. But even if he didn't let her go, at least she could avoid the pain and live with only pleasure here. She could grow to be used to that kind of life… "Will you tell me who is joining us, master.?" she asked in a hushed voice. Kurt chuckled, "An old friend." Then he led Elizabeth down the hallway and into one of the bathrooms.

She stood behind him once in the bathroom, watching as he turned on the water and felt its temperature. He then stripped out of his clothing, letting them fall to the ground gracefully. His body was fit for a god, toned and proportionate in every respect. He turned to face her, "Strip." She frowned at the order, but didn't feel half as nervous being naked around him anymore.

She was his after all, and she was sure he would have thrown her out long ago if he wasn't fond of her figure. Elizabeth picked at the elastic waistline of her shorts and slowly lowered them, revealing thin, pale legs and a trimmed pussy with few blonde hairs. The girl pulled her tank top over her head then, allowing her b-cup breasts to breath. Her nipples became hard at the contact with the cold air.

Her stomach was flat and toned. Her own body was one of a goddess, so maybe she was the perfect match for Kurt. He watched her slowly strip for him, and his cock began to swell at the sight of her. She was truly beautiful and worth every penny he'd spent on her. Finally, she stood naked.

Kurt held out a hand to her, "Join me." Elizabeth nervously stepped closer to him, taking his hand as he led her into the walk-in shower. The water was hot and steam filled the glass chamber they stood in. It felt incredible as the water rushed over her exhausted body.

She looked up at Kurt insecurely, but he looked at her like some long lost treasure. Allowing her to remain under the water, it was obvious that Kurt cared more for her comfort at that moment. He took a bottle of body wash and spilled it over the palm of his hand, then pulled her form towards his, lathering the soap all over her body. Kurt cupped her breasts as he latina big ass teen bangs huge dick them up, then ran his hands down her stomach to her slit.

His hand ran along her opening, back and forth as he cleaned her there. The blonde couldn't help but to moan in ecstasy as his hands wandered over her. She wished it could be this way this tender, this passionate forever. Quite roughly then, the man forced Elizabeth to turn her back on him and to lean against the tile wall.

His hand slid between her ass cheeks, all the way to the front of her pussy from behind. His thumb worked her clit for a moment, causing another loud sound of pleasure from the girl. He smirked at her moans, removing his hands and allowing the hot water to rinse off the soap from her skin.

Then he ordered her, "Hold your ass out, Elizabeth." Elizabeth wondered what he was going to do, but followed his order almost immediately. She kept her chest pressed against the wall, but arched her back so that her ass was perked outward. The blonde closed her eyes and awaited her master's next move. He was pleased to have her following his orders, and every time she proved to be obedient to him, Kurt only wanted to please her more.

When she pushed her rear end closer to him, he kneeled down in the shower so that his face was level. He lifted a hand and inserted two fingers into her slit, wiggling them around inside and earning another moan from the girl. Kurt smirked, leaning in and licking Elizabeth's clit. Her eyes widened at the feeling of his mouth on her, but she couldn't help the shaking in her legs or the sounds escaping from her mouth as his tongue continued to play with her parts.

He started pumping his fingers in and out of her, every sound she made an encouragement for him to continue. His tongue flicked against her nub, hands holding to her thighs which quivered with the pleasure he was causing her. When her moans lost their fervor, Kurt decided to add in another finger to the mix. Elizabeth was still as tight as ever, so he had to slowly work the third in. But once he began pounding her with all three, her sounds of pleasure were becoming increasingly louder.

He took her clit between his teeth, nibbling very gently on it. His tongue still graced the tip of her bud while chewing ever so slightly on it. And Elizabeth was practically screaming out in bliss, knees shaking uncontrollably. She threw her head back and the muscles of her womanhood tightened around Kurt's fingers, pulsating.

She had cum, and it was an incredible orgasm. Kurt pulled from within her and stood behind her, kissing her neck lightly and running his hands up over her smooth skin.

He smirked against the small of the girl's neck, "Now that is what you get for being a good girl. How was it, Elizabeth?" "That was… amazing, master…" Elizabeth replied to him carefully, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

He chuckled, "Alright, finish cleaning up. We have a guest joining us in about an hour. I want you to meet me in the living room within the next half hour. Don't bother dressing, either. We'll probably just tear the clothes off of you if you have any on." Kurt's grin was never failing, and it was obvious that he was trying to tease her with the statement. He stepped out from the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist before leaving her alone to finish cleaning herself.

********************** Elizabeth dried herself off well with a towel and blew her hair dry before heading toward the living room without putting on any clothing.


She'd learned by this time, for the most part at least, to just follow Kurt's instructions. As long as she did that, Elizabeth knew she wouldn't hate this place as much. Hell, she might even grow to love it. Kurt was already waiting for her in the living area when she arrived. He stood from where he was seated on the big leather couch and made his way over to her. His hand was gentle on her cheek as he spoke to her, "Tonight is about your pleasure, but it is also about the pleasure of our guest.

Do you understand, Elizabeth?" She nodded to him, remaining quiet as she silently wondered again about who would be joining them. "I am going to tie you up as usual. Whatever our guest commands, you do.

Whatever I command, you do. As long as you behave, you will be rewarded. If not, you will be punished," Kurt explained, then took Elizabeth's hand in his own and led her over to the couch. There were a few spools of rope set out on the glass coffee table.

Kurt sat the blonde down on fisting loving dyke likes it deep and hard leather and turned to take one of the ropes, unwinding it before her eyes. "Hold out your hands," he instructed. The small blonde looked up at him, and then did exactly as she was told.

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Pushing her wrists together, she raised them before herself to him. He took the rope and wrapped it in neat layers around and around the frail wrists, then passed it between a few times as well before tying it off.

She tugged at the restraints slightly, just to gauge how tight the ropes were. Tight enough to limit her movement to only the slightest wiggle. Kurt looked pleased with himself as he ordered her, "Now, lay down across the couch for me." Feeling as exposed as ever, there was only the slightest hesitation before she complied to his wished.

Pushing herself up with the balls of her feet, the blonde laid on her back, tied hands resting over her chest. Kurt sat at the edge of the couch, just beyond Elizabeth's feet, as he took another rope and unraveled it.

The girl gulped as he wrapped the thin rope around her ankles, tying them almost the same way he had tied her wrists. When he was finished with her ankles, he then took the last reel of rope and wrapped it around Elizabeth's knees, holding her legs firmly together.

Smiling proudly down at her as he insisted, "Try to move." The blonde couldn't help the small embarrassed grin that took over her own lips. She knew she wouldn't be able to move, but she did as she was told. The girl struggled against the ropes that bound her, only able to squirm helplessly and nothing more. Kurt seemed pleased with that. He sat for a moment longer, taking a book and flipping through the pages as he read it. Elizabeth watched him silently, comfortably restrained.

Then the doorbell sounded. Kurt glanced up over the pages of his book before snapping it shut and placing it on an end table. He stood and looked at the blonde, "Are you ready, slave?" She couldn't help but grin slightly as he spoke to her. She squirmed under his gaze a bit, tugging a bit at the ropes. He took that as her answer and smiled back at her before making his way over to the front door.

From the way Elizabeth laid on the couch, she couldn't see a thing. But she did hear as Kurt greeted someone and invited her inside. And as he walked with their guest, she heard him explaining politely to her that what happened there today was ultimately up to her.

But as the woman came closer and exclaimed her excitement, Elizabeth knew almost immediately who she was. Raven. The dark-skinned, thin girl stood over Elizabeth and smirked down at her. Elizabeth glared at her, and then shifted her gaze to Kurt, eyes begging him to send Raven home at that instant. She wanted nothing to do with the young woman whom she had trusted and whom had sold her to the highest bidder.

"My, my, Elizabeth. Do you like your new life here?" Raven taunted, a small laugh hanging at the end of her words. Elizabeth's eyes locked to Raven's again and she narrowed them. But she remembered what Kurt had told her. If she refused to let this girl have her way, if she so much as spoke out in protest… she knew a punishment would ensue. "Y-Yes…" she struggled to get the word out without spitting in Raven's smug face. "She's been learning to behave as of lately," Kurt commented, a grin on his own lips.

He was pleased with his slave for biting her tongue as she was taught. He continued then, "She has been informed that tonight is about her master's pleasure and our guest's as well, of course." Raven smiled at him widely, looking like an excited child. She was giddy as she said, "Well, let's get started then, shall we? Did you bring any toys?" Kurt said nothing, but simply stepped aside to let her see the tools of the trade he'd already set out across the coffee table. There was a flogger there, some nipple clamps, lubrication, and a cattle prod.

Raven's grin remained on her face as she stepped closer to the table and leaned over to grab the cattle prod. He nodded at her decision, crossing his arms over his chest. Elizabeth stated at Raven, unsure of what the device in her hands was. Her eyebrows furrowed as she glanced to Kurt, but no explanation was given. She didn't like the smirk on Raven's lips feared for what was to come. Then the dark-skinned girl spoke up to Kurt, "I'd like her to sit on her knees on the throat and suck your cock." She was blunt and to the point.

And Kurt seemed to like the idea, lips curving at the edges upwards. He took Elizabeth by her shoulders and pulled her to sit at the corner of the couch, then helped her onto her knees on the rug. He stood in front of her, unzipping his pants and letting them fall to the floor along with his boxer briefs.

Elizabeth glared at Raven all the while. It only took a few strokes of the man's cock before he was rock hard. He pressed the tip of his member against Elizabeth's plush lips.

Her eyes shifted from her friend up to her master, eyes sad, wondering why he would do something like this to her. "Open, Elizabeth," he commanded her, voice calm. She frowned, and then opened her mouth, not wishing to be punished. Kurt's big hands looped through her blonde hair and pulled her head onto him, feeling his length bury into the back of her throat.

As he entered her, she immediately struggled to breathe. Her eyes widened and she gagged against him, but Kurt refused to let her pull back. A few seconds passed before he pulled his member from her mouth. Slobber dripped to her chin, then over her breasts. There was barely a few seconds in passing before Raven was standing by Kurt's side. She held the tip of the prod to Elizabeth's right tit, pressing a button. A small shock was administered and the blond girl squirmed, crying out.

So that was what the device did. Her eyes widened and she looked in fear to Raven, then with pleading eyes to Kurt. "Ask for his cock," the tall mocha-skinned girl commanded her. Elizabeth's brows furrowed, but she felt the other girl pressing the tip to her skin again and didn't wish to feel any more pain whatsoever, so she did as told.

"Can I have your cock, Sir?" Kurt grinned, and then looked to Raven for confirmation. She didn't look as pleased. Another shock from the prod caused a whimper from Elizabeth again. "The whore needs to be taught some manners apparently," she commented, kissing Kurt on the lips before pulling back and glaring down at the blonde, "Now, what do you say?" "Can I… please have your cock, Sir.?" the frown was prominent on her lips. Pleased with her answer, Raven nodded to Kurt. The man took Elizabeth's hair again and forced himself into her mouth.

He buried his length down to the base, tip hitting the back of her throat, then pulled back until he was almost entirely out of her before pummeling into her again. She chocked, she gagged. Spit and slobber seeped the area between his dick and her bottom lip, soaking her chin, her neck, her chest. Raven chuckled, stripping out of her own clothing and standing once again beside them nude.

With one hand, she held the cattle prod and with the other, she fingered herself, moaning softly. A few minutes of this rhythm continued before Raven pushed the button of the cattle prod again.

Elizabeth grunted in pain, but still had Kurt's dick deep school galas 15your sex xxxx her mouth. "Every time he pulls his cock out of your mouth, I want to hear you say…" Raven said, a smirk on her lips, "'Thank you, Master.

May I please have some more?'" Kurt smiled widely, obviously enjoying Raven's presence. Elizabeth accepted her fate, she remembered her lines.

And as Kurt pulled out of her mouth, she took only a short moment to cough and gasp for breath before she breathlessly said, "Thank you, sir… M-May I please step bro plowing jasmine vega on top of his cock some more…?" "No, no, no!" Raven shook her head in disapproval, no hesitation behind her finger as it pressed the button again.

Another shock shook Elizabeth's body. She nearly fell back, but Kurt took her by the shoulder and steadied her. The blonde had tears running from her eyes as she glared up at her old friend. Why was this girl so willing to hurt her? "Thank you, Master… May I please have some more?" the girl corrected herself, opening her mouth for Kurt. He slid inside her once more, pumping in and out and earning a few coughing and choking sounds.

When he pulled out, Elizabeth lowered her head, spitting and coughing. Her shoulders raised and lowered heavily as she tried to catch her breath. Blue eyes found Kurt again soon though and she cried, "Th-Thank you, Master… May I pl-please have some more.?" Raven poked the prod into her b-cup breast, causing the blonde to quiver with fear. But the other girl didn't shock her this time, simply grinned, "No more.

It's my turn to have some fun." She turned to Kurt and kissed him hard on the lips, and then whispered something into his ear. Elizabeth watched, feeling foolish for the jealousy washing over her at the sight.

Once Raven pulled back, Kurt scooped Elizabeth off the floor and placed her back on the couch, though. He lifted her like she was simply a feather to him. He placed her on her stomach, then pressed her knees against her stomach so that her ass was raised in the air. The girl, from her spot on the couch, watched as the dark-skinned, tall girl stood just before her face and bent over there.

Kurt stroked himself for a moment, then stood behind Raven, lining up to her hole from behind her. He pressed himself inside and she moaned loudly, eyes popping open widely. Elizabeth once brazzers big tits at school zzba jam scene starring vanilla deville and keiran lee felt envy taking over her entire being.

This was just sick, making her watch as they fucked one another. Kurt buried his length deep into the dark lips of her vulva, his thighs making a clap-clap-clapping sound against her ass as he did. She breathed heavily, moaned, whimpered, and groaned. Then screamed out, "Yes! Fuck me!" This carried on for minutes minutes that seemed to the blonde to be more like hours.

Then she felt something she wanted no part of, Raven's slender fingertips grazing along her ass cheeks and fiddling against her tight hole there. She moaned, then took one of her hands back to place it in her own mouth, moistening. "This whore needs a little ass-play," she whispered amorously. Elizabeth felt her finger enter her ass, a place she had never once been touched intimately before.

The girl gasped, her body tightening up at the touch. "No, please!" she cried out, pushing her ass cheeks together in an attempt to stop Raven from entering there.

"Elizabeth!" Kurt barked at her and she jumped a bit at his voice, flinching in fear that he may hit her. He didn't hit her though, simply commanded her calmly, "Remember that this night is about our guest. Remember what I told you before Raven arrived." Elizabeth remembered. If she followed what they said, she would get pleasure like she had this morning.

If not, she would have punishments like those she'd already witnessed. The blonde frowned, the dark-haired girl smirked. And Elizabeth ceased her tensing, allowing Raven to slide her finger inside, knuckle deep. She winced, uncomfortable as the girl brought her finger out, then slammed it back inside her ass.

It was an odd sensation to have that small hole invaded so roughly and so suddenly. But she noticed the less she fought it, the more pleasure she got from it. The faster Kurt pumped into Raven, the faster and harder the girl's finger slid in and out of Elizabeth's asshole. Raven was quite the vocal lover, letting out sounds of pleasure left and right. Her c-cup breasts bounced every time the man pushed himself so deeply inside of her. After a while of this madness, much to her own disdain, Elizabeth couldn't help letting out her own small moan.

hot babe gives a blowjob and drilled in the backseat, well…" Raven rasped lustfully, "I think our little slut is having a good time, how about you, Kurt?" He chuckled and nodded his head, hands grasping her slender hips which he had been pulling to him viciously.

His brow was beaded with sweat and there was a look of pure enjoyment on his face, "She always enjoys the things I do to her. Whether she likes it or not." "I want you to fuck her in the ass," the dark-skinned woman said so suddenly. Elizabeth's blue eyes were doe-like and filled with panic.

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But she didn't mutter a word. Raven took her fingers from the girl, then pulled away from Kurt's dick, turning to face him. She spoke sensually to him as her hands rested on his broad shoulders, "Take her. Make her ass yours." Elizabeth stared at them from her place on the couch.

She couldn't see much, but through the split in Raven's thin legs she could have sworn she saw the man's member twitch. She could feel her heart beating hard in her chest as the two of them switched positions and Kurt kneeled on the couch just behind her.

She heard a cap to a bottle opening, then felt the cold application of something wet on her hole. Then she felt him pressing himself against her there. No, no, no… Raven's thin fingers were one thing, But Kurt was quite the sizeable man, in both girth and length… She didn't want to speak out against him, but she didn't want to feel him inside of her there either.

The girl bit down hard on her bottom lip, tightening up in preparation for him. Kurt pressed the head of his cock against her ass, but had a hard time getting it in. He pushed a bit harder and the blonde whimpered in pain, breathing quickly and shallowly. "If you don't fight it, Elizabeth," Kurt started coolly, "it will not hurt as much." Raven chuckled, watching the american soldier fuck black girl in jail thing standing beside the two of them.

Elizabeth swallowed, closing her eyes tightly. She breathed deeply a few times to calm herself, then released her worries as best as she could. She felt Kurt press himself against her again. And this time, the tip of his shaft slowly entered. It was painful, but it was blissful as well. The blonde's eyes shot wide open at the sensation, her jaw dropping slightly as well.

Kurt was not rough as he normally was, he was slowly lowering himself into her tight hole as it wrapped around his member inch by inch… And once he was buried inside of her down to the base, Kurt slowly removed himself, then once again entered and dove in bit by bit. Slowly but surely, Elizabeth fell victim to the overwhelming pleasure of his thrusts.

Her lips pursed slightly and small hums and moans escaped through them. She felt herself stretching for him, becoming more accepting of his length. And the discomfort faded to something she'd never felt before, something like euphoria. Part of her felt disgusted with herself for enjoying the feelings he gave her. This was rape! She wanted to go home, and back to school! But the other half of her was actually beginning to enjoy her life as his slave.

The satisfaction that came with obeying him was unlike anything she'd ever felt. She wanted more. This went on for moments before Raven climbed onto the couch in front of Elizabeth. She sprawled her legs wide so that the blonde's face was just before her cunt.

"I want you to lick my pussy while your master fucks you," she spoke so condescendingly to her. Elizabeth glared, unable to believe she'd ever trusted such a monster… confided in her. Still, she remembered her promise to Kurt. She would obey. And she reminded herself that this was not truly for Raven, but for Kurt for herself. Sticking her tongue out, the girl licked up Raven's slit.

She didn't enjoy the taste of the other young woman's cunt, but she continued nonetheless. Her tongue flicked across the brown nub at the top of Raven's pussy for a moment.


Then she let out a loud moan as the man behind her began to quicken his pace. The dark-skinned girl grabbed a handful of golden hair and pulled her face into her slit, practically suffocating the slave in her juices there. Elizabeth sobbed slightly into Raven's flesh. Her tongue continued to work against her.

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Raven moaned lowly, locking eyes with Kurt. The man was loosening Elizabeth's hole with each time he shoved himself into her. He watched Elizabeth licking Raven, pleased with the training of his own personal whore. He had had enough of the slow, sensual shit, though.

Part of the fun was hearing Elizabeth cry and moan. He loved how submissive she was, but he also enjoyed a good fight. Long hard thrusts left Kurt buried deep into her ever-stretching asshole, followed by the complete removal of his cock before pushing deep inside of her once more. He did this over and over, each time, increasing his speed.

She moaned. He raised a hand and slapped hard against the young woman's ass cheek, then took a handful of the welted flesh and squeezed. She cried out. Moaned louder. Her moans caused vibrations against Raven's clit.

She groaned and cupped real korean masseuse in tug job session own breasts, teasing her nipples. This carried on, a song of groans and grunts and moans and whimpers between the three of them. Raven's breaths came quicker after a while, though and as Elizabeth ran her tongue over the woman's clit, she moaned loudly and rocked her hips against the blonde's face.

Kurt watched her climaxing, coming close to it himself. He bucked his hips hard and quickly in short little thrusts, almost as if trying to dig himself deeper into Elizabeth than he already was. He did this faster and faster, causing the young blonde tied beneath him to squeal in pleasure and in pain. Then to took hold of both sides of her hips and pulled her onto him deeply, cock exploding in orgasm deep inside of her. He pulsated inside of her for a moment, a low sigh hanging from his lips in exhaustion.

And as soon as the man pulled from within her, Elizabeth felt her hole tighten up again, white liquid seeping from within it. Kurt wasted no time in untying Elizabeth's ankles and knees, then helped her to sit up and fascinating lady is good at blowjobs hardcore and handjob her wrists.

He looked at her with pride, then touched the side of her face gently, pulling her to him for a tender kiss. Raven stood and got dressed quickly, then plopped back to her spot on the couch.

Kurt pulled Elizabeth to a stand and instructed her, "Go into the kitchen and make Raven and I two glasses of Merlot, Elizabeth." She looked at him sheepishly, blinked a few times then nodded her head.

But as she went to stand, she felt a small stab of pain. He had done a number on her that much was sure. Still, Elizabeth limped carefully out of the living room and into the kitchen. She heard the two of them mumbling in small talk while she was in the other room, gathering up two wine glasses and pouring into each of them the deep red liquid.

The blonde returned quickly with the two glasses, handing both of them over to Kurt. She couldn't help but to glare sideways at Raven. Couldn't help but to hate her. Kurt took both wine glasses and passed one to Raven, seating himself beside the dark-skinned woman. "Just stand there, Elizabeth," he demanded the sora aoi in front of of her. She listened. She always listened. Raven, after sipping at her wine, spoke up, "I have to admit, you've done very well with her.

I never thought she would become so obedient and accept her fate so quickly…" "She's had some growing pains," Kurt admitted with a brief shrug of his big shoulders, "But she is getting to a place of obedience. She understands now that following orders reaps benefits. And that disobeying my commands is… ill-advised." The man eyed Elizabeth; she looked at him, and then quickly looked away.

She was trying her best not to listen to their conversation, but she was ordered to stand there, and there was not much else for her to do. The mocha-skinned bitch smirked, then chuckled lightly under her breath, "You're quite the passionate lover, Kurt.

And quite the slave trainer as well. Have you ever considered becoming a trader in the business?" He eyed her, eyes narrowing slightly, "You trying to get me to go into business with you?" "With me?" Raven laughed and shook her head no, "No, you and I would rarely get into bed with one another. I don't like getting my hands dirty, you know that. I'm more of a… facilitator." "And I would be?" Raven looked at Elizabeth, her gaze searching the young woman, "You would be making a lot of cash.

That inheritance of yours is not going to last you forever, Kurt. I'm only offering you a valid way to earn quite the pretty penny doing what you're good at making bitches like her learn their place." Elizabeth squirmed under the other girl's gaze, and shivered slightly at her words.

Was she suggesting to Kurt that he should sell her for a profit? Elizabeth could get used to being Kurt's slave, but she didn't want to think about what kind of creep she could be traded to next.

She frowned. Kurt stared at Raven for a moment, his lips formed into a straight line. He took a moment before responding to her, "You make a good point. But is the risk truly worth it?" "That's for you to decide," the dark-skinned girl was quick to answer him, "For myself, I make a couple hundred thousand here and there to simply be an accessory. For you, Kurt… You'd be making from one to three million dollars to kidnap, rape, and abuse a girl into being obedient like little Elizabeth here…" His gaze was contemplative, lost in thought.

Probably calculating his risks in his mind. "For example: for her in the condition she's in… you could make a couple million dollars just selling her to any random Joe Shmoe," Raven said to further her point. And Elizabeth cringed at the thought of being sold. She cringed at the thought of what kind of man would be her master after Kurt. Maybe someone not so handsome. Maybe someone not so gentle. Maybe someone not even so kind. "Thank you, Raven," Kurt said quickly, "You've given me a lot to think about.

But if you wouldn't mind, it is getting a bit late." "Not at all," Raven replied with that sick smile still on her lips. Elizabeth couldn't believe she'd ever trusted such a sadistic bitch. The woman stood from her place on the couch, downed the rest of her wine in a few gulps, then slid on her high heels and walked to the front door. Kurt accompanied her, leaving Elizabeth standing sore and naked alone in the living room.

Her ears were peeled and she heard as Kurt wished Raven a good night. Elizabeth didn't wish anything good for that cunt. She wished she would die in a terrible crash on the drive back to her home. She wished to never lay eyes on Raven ever again… And she wished that whatever ideas Kurt was getting were not red head teen huge tits sucking stepbros banana selling her.