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Seductive busty cougar leena sky deepthroats a big cock in pov
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Jazz had become used to various models going in and out of her father Max's photography studio from a young age, and knew several by name. It wasn't uncommon to see one hitting on him between shots either, which never quite set well with her.

Jazz had become used to being the only woman in her father's life, even though she was barely old enough to be considered a woman at age sixteen. Her mother had left her and her father when she was just five years old to move to Vegas, since then it had been just she and him, their already close relationship becoming even stronger over the years. Jazz was just pulling a steaming hot frozen pizza she had made for dinner out of the oven when he came up-stairs after a long session in his dark room.

"Frozen Pizza? Stuff like that is gonna make your old man fat, baby" Max said with a playful grin. Jazz rolled her eyes as she sliced up the pizza, "Oh please you don't have an ounce of fat on you," It wasn't quite true, but it wasn't far from the truth. Max kept himself in remarkable shape for a man half his forty-three years, his muscles were well defined but not so over developed that he looked like a bodybuilder. He was undeniably sexy, with olive skin, sensual lips, and short jet curls framing his chiseled face, setting off his dark hazel eyes.

He stood at least 6'2 and had even dabbled in modeling in his teens and early twenty's but found his true passion behind the camera. Jazz hadn't landed far from the proverbial tree in the looks department, she in many ways was a softer feminine version of her father.

She had inherited his full lips, high cheek bones, and thick black hair. Her deep green eyes were all her mother though, one of the few attributes that had been handed down from mother to daughter other than the womanly curves that had won Max over back in the day. Jazz was at least 5'9 and could easily be mistaken for one of the models her father photographed on a weekly to daily basis. Max poured himself a glass of red wine before taking a bite of the thin crust margarita pizza Jazz had sat beside him.

"Would you like a glass, babygirl?" Jazz smiled to herself, loving it when her father would allow her to share a glass of wine over dinner and how grown up and special it made her feel. "No thanks, I have a raging headache, which is the reason behind the gourmet cuisine we are dining on tonight." Max wrapped his arms around his daughter, lightly kissing her forehead "I'm sorry baby, it's delicious." "Yeah, right, I'll make something decent tomorrow night I promise, I'm just not up to it tonight." Jazz said as she stepped back surveying the kitchen "Don't think another thing about it, take a couple aspirin though, okay?

I gotta take this to my office, I need to go over a few proofs before I'm done for the night. Let me know if you need anything okay?" "Sure thing, Dad. Go get your work done, I'll pop a couple aspirin before I put everything away, then veg out on the couch for a little while." 'Kay, babe" Max said as he walked towards his office. Jazz went to the medicine cabinet and took two aspirin, before putting away the pizza and wiping down the counter tops.

She nibbled on a pizza crust as she curled up on the couch, she flipped through the TV guide for several minutes before she saw one of her favorite movies was on, Secretary. She quickly turned it on and settled into the couch, pulling a throw over her lap as she watched the quirky dark romantic comedy about a woman who works for legal age teenager sucker gets a grade lawyer, and soon engages in a sadomasochistic, Dominate/submissive relationship with him.

Jazz couldn't help but squirm in her seat as she watched, feeling the familiar tingle in the pit of her stomach. She had always been fascinated by the Dominant submissive dynamic, and highly turned on by it. On more than one occasion she had snuck into various chat rooms and websites that specialized in BD/SM. She read erotica about it, and couldn't help but imagine herself being in that position.

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To be a prized and treasured possession, the infinite amount of trust between Dom and sub, the trust that He would protect her and feed their mutual desires.

Jazz nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt strong hands gently massaging her temples. "Don't sneak up on me like that, you almost gave me a heart attack!" Max chuckled as he continued to massage her temples in slow circles, "Guilty conscious?" Jazz blushed furiously "What? No, of course not," she said orgy au nightclub real amateur cum in mouth little more defensively than she had wanted to "Easy tiger, I was only joking, so how's the headache" Max said with a chuckle "A lot better, thanks.

I'm sorry for snapping, you just surprised me, that's all." Max grinned as he came around to sit on the couch, "Obviously" Jazz looked up at the TV to see the credits rolling, more than a little relieved that her dad hadn't walked in on the movie, she knew he wouldn't have had a problem with it, it was just a little embarrassing though. "Well I think I'm going to go to bed and get some rest," Jazz said sitting up Max glanced at the clock more than a little surprised that Jazz was going to bed before midnight on a Friday, "What, no Late Night tonight?

Are you sure your head's not still bothering you?" Jazz shrugged "Nah, it's a rerun tonight, and yeah I'm fine, just want to catch a few more Zs tonight that's all" "Okay baby, if you're sure. Night." Jazz bent down to kiss her father's cheek, "Night Daddy" Jazz padded off to her bedroom closing the door behind her, she quickly changed into a tank top and boy shorts before grabbing her laptop and crawling into her bed.

She signed in to her E-mail account, quickly deleting a few stray spam messages before going to the favorites of her E-mail toolbar and clicking on step dad get caught w of her favorite BDSM sites.

She clicked through a few videos before settling on one of her favorite couples, Damien and Elena. She quickly scanned over the accompanying blog that came with the video, Elena had failed to do something that Damien had tasked her to do and she was being punished.

Elena was stripped naked, her arms pulled up above her in a spreader bar, her legs also held in a spreader. Damien was standing in front of her with an assortment of paddles, crops, and whips arranged on a table in front of them. He selected a crop from the table, slicing it through the air and slapping it down on the table.

You could see Elena jump slightly in the background. Damien smiled at the camera before taking the leather tip of the crop and slowly skimming it over Elena's skin, making small circles around her nipple lightly tapping, before lifting the crop and snapping it on her erect nipple. Elena gasped softly but didn't cry out, Damien continued snapping the crop back and forth from one nipple to the other for a full minute, Elena wincing with each strike.

By the time Damien finished snapping Elena's nipples were glowing red, Damien smiled as he inspected his work, slowly circling his subject crop in hand occasionally snapping it against his palm, eliciting a flinch from Elena. Damien slid the crop along Elena's inner thigh, pulling it back to inspect the glistening juices left on it. "Such a naughty little slut, aren't you?" He growled in her ear as he leaned in close, "Yes, Master" Elena says a slight shudder permeating through her body.

Damien slapped the crop along her inner thighs, occasionally landing a blow on her sensitive wet pussy making Elena squirm and whimper softly. Jazz was so turned on watching it, her own pussy quite wet as she watched the video, and quickly found herself fingering herself as she watched Damien punishing Elena, as he moved on to paddling her ass a bright red.

Jazz was right on the edge of orgasm when there was a knock on her door, she quickly yanked her hand away causing her lap top to fall, but she was already over the edge, her body shuddering out an orgasm as Max walked in. Max looked from his daughter, clearly having an orgasm to the computer screen on the floor, to say he was taken aback by what he saw would be an understatement. When Jazz opened her eyes to see her father's wide open mouth, she yanked the covers over her head.

praying she would wake up soon Jazz's eyes began to sting, her face turning several shades of red, as she could see the outline of her father crossing the room and picking up her laptop. Jazz didn't know what wicked beautiful gal drills virgin slit hardcore and russian expect her father's reaction to be, but she hadn't expected this, complete silence.

Max had never expected to ever see his daughter engaging in anything remotely sexual, let alone fingering herself to orgasm in front of his own eyes. Over the years he had seen her running around in her bikini as she went back and forth from the pool, but had never saw her as a sexual being.

It was as if he had just saw her for the first time, and was truly amazed by what he had seen in those brief moments, and was big titted office milf fucks at work rie tachikawa surprised by the stirring in his groin upon seeing her.

Max picked up her laptop, looking at the screen for a minute, registering what he was watching, what just moments ago Jazz had been watching. He sat down on son mom and son mom xxxcxx bed,after several minutes while Jazz refused to bring the covers, Max finally pulled them back.

Jazz hadn't realized it but she had been holding her breath as her father sat beside her on her bed. Jazz couldn't look at him, Max again waited but after several moments took actions into his own hands, pulling Jazz onto his lap, wrapping her in his strong arms and cradling her head against his shoulder. Jazz was the first to break the silence, "Are you angry at me?" she said in little more than a whisper still unable to bring herself to look up at him.

Max lovingly stroked her hair, "No, of course I'm not angry. You didn't do anything wrong, nothing that I didn't do at your age." Jazz flushed crimson for a moment before glancing at her laptop, the video had finished but she quickly snapped it closed anyways, even though she knew her father had already saw everything.

Max fought the grin that spread across his face seeing the somewhat pointless gesture. "Pretty interesting stuff, huh?" he said trying to lighten the mood a little bit. Jazz laughed nervously, 'Yeah, guess so." "So you're into that?" Max asked raising an eyebrow "Whatever happened to Late Night?" Max couldn't help but laugh as Jazz blushed deeper, she couldn't help but squirm a little in his lap, her ass unintentionally grinding against his crotch.

"It went off already. So. do you want to talk about it?" "You sure it isn't too. weird for you?" "Nope definitely not" Max chuckled, before muttering more to himself "If you only knew," he shook his head, a grin still on his face, "So. what exactly interests you about that?" Jazz thought for several moments, "It's a lot of things, it's so complicated.

I've read a lot about. that kind of relationship. It seems so intense, and even before I knew about it or what it was, it kind of felt right. Like in those old movies when the guy would take charge and sweep the girl off her feet and just kisses her." "So you like for the guy to take charge and be dominant then huh?" Max said resting his chin on top of Jazz's head.

:Jazz grinned softly feeling the slight pressure on the top of her head, "Well yeah, but it's more than that, it couldn't just be any guy, there's a lot of trust in a. a Dom sub relationship. I mean she is more or less putting her life in his hands, she is trusting him to guide her, protect her, care for her, and just do what's best for her. It's a really big thing, you know?" "I'm well aware actually. I've never labeled myself as a 'Dom' really, but in all my relationships to varying degrees I've been that way.

in charge. I think it's part of the reason I prefer being behind the camera rather than in front, I didn't like to be told how to pose or what to do." Jazz nodded thoughtfully, "Makes sense." "So is it just a fantasy thing, or would you actually consider. well, being in that kind of relationship." Again Jazz paused, taking several moments to think before she said anything, "I would like to do it for real, to be a sub, but I'm afraid I'll never be able to have that connection." "Why not?" "Because you know I have a really hard time trusting anyone since mom left," Jazz trailed of softly taking a moment before pressing on, "You're the only one I have ever truly trusted completely, and besides you are like the ideal guy.

How am I ever going to find anyone that can give me that and compare to you?" Max was glad Jazz couldn't see the blush spreading across his cheeks, Jazz snuggled up against Max's chest, her ass again wriggling against his cock. Max's face flushed as he felt his cock beginning to stir, he cleared his throat hoping like hell that Jazz wouldn't notice anything. "Do you know why I won't bring any of my friends for a sleep over?" "No, why?" Max said trying to force himself to sound as normal as possible.

"Because, I hate how they fawn over you when they see you drop me off. It drives me nuts, like when they say 'Oh, Jazz your dad is so hot' or 'Hey Jazz, is your dad single?' I can't stand it, having them here would be a nightmare.

I can just see them trying to "accidentally" walking in on you when you get out of the shower." "You think so," Max chuckled nervously as he could feel his cock slowly beginning to stiffen at the thought of it, he quickly tried to think of every baseball score he could think of.

"Yeah! I mean I can't blame them, you are really hot and sexy and if I were them I would be doing that too, but I don't want them ogling you all the time." Baseball scores weren't working and what Jazz had just said wasn't helping matters either, he could feel his cock becoming fully erect and was sure that Jazz would feel it pressing against her ass if this continued.

He tried to move a bit to adjust himself so maybe she wouldn't notice. Jazz looked up at her father as she felt him squirm beneath her, "Daddy, are you okay?" Max smiled sheepishly, "Yeah baby, my ass just fell asleep that's all.' "Here, I'll get off," Jazz crawled out of her dad's lap, Jazz turned around just as Max lunged for a pillow to cover the tent he had pitched in his pajama pants. Jazz blushed, looking away, "Something I said" she said softly as she sat on the edge of her bed, trying to break the ice Max blushed, laughing nervously, "Yeah, I guess so.

Looks like we're even I think." Jazz laughed,"Oh no we're not. You caught me in middle of getting off, you just pitched a tent, not even close." "Oh come on, this is pretty damned embarrassing, and besides I didn't catch you in the middle, I caught the ending." Max said laughing "Oh whatever, that's even worse, you got to see that stupid look on my face, that is 100 times worse!" Jazz said crossing her arms defiantly over her chest.

"I saw no such thing, you looked so beautiful and sexy." Max blurted out without thinking Jazz's cheeks flamed as she looked away, "Do you really mean that?" "God yes, it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, I mean that," Jazz blushed again, looking up into his eyes seeing that he was telling the truth, "Thank you." Jazz murmured as she found herself leaning in closer and closer until their lips met.

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Max was taken aback but found himself responding as he felt her lips against his, He leaned in gently placing his hand on her neck, when her lips parted beneath his, yielding herself to him as their tongues began to slowly dance and twirl together. After several moments Max broke the kiss, pulling himself back to look into her eyes, finding they were just as confused and bewildered as his own. Jazz lifted her hand to his cheek after a moment, "I want this, I trust you" she said in little more than a whisper, and it was true, in that moment she knew with complete certainty that this was what she wanted.

Max swallowed nervously, his eyes searching Jazz's face before murmuring, "Are you sure about this, there's no turning back.' Jazz nodded, "I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life." With that Max picked Jazz up, cradling her in his arms and carried her down the hall to his bedroom, gently placing her on the bed, he pulled his tank top off before getting into bed.

Max pulled her to him, holding her in his arms as he kissed her, her lips once again yielding to him. They kissed, their tongues dancing and darting as their hands began to explore each other's body, Jazz's hands moving over his back, and his hand slid under her tank while the other cupped her ass lovingly. After several minutes they had to come up for air, Jazz sat up taking the opportunity to slip off her tank top. Despite everything she still blushed slightly as she reached behind her to unhook her bra, slowly sliding it down her shoulders, showing her size D breasts to someone for the first time.

Max leaned forward gently kissing her neck as he cupped her left breast in his hand, slowly working his mouth down her neck, along her collar bone, and down to her right nipple, sucking it into his mouth and letting his tongue go to work slowly massaging it, as he teased and lightly pinched the left nipple with his fingers.

Jazz's head lolled back, a soft moan escaping her lips as he playfully nipped at her nipple with his teeth. Jazz's hand slowly slid into her boy shorts, her fingers quickly zeroing in on her throbbing clit.

Max's lips parted company with Jazz's nipple as he reached down pulling her hand out of her panties. "Uh uh, you can't cum until I say so. That pussy is off limits to you until I say otherwise, understood?" Jazz whimpered, pouting her lips slightly, but nodded, "I understand." Max grinned up at her playfully, "Good girl," he said before sliding her wet fingers into his mouth and sucking them clean, eliciting another soft moan from Jazz.

Max's eyes twinkled mischievously as he pushed her down on the the bed. Max returned his attention back to her breasts, this time sucking her left nipple into his mouth, interchanging the gentle message of his skilled tongue to playfully nipping at her with his teeth.

It wasn't long before Jazz was writhing underneath him, softly moaning as he nibbled along her areola. Max waited until he thought he had teased her enough as he slowly began to kiss his way down her abdomen, down her stomach until he reached the edge of her panties. He looked up at her with a devilish grin as she pleaded with him with her eyes, he slowly reached up hooking his fingers under the waistband, slowly rolling them down, never once breaking the look between them until he slipped them off her, bringing them up to his nose to inhale the aroma before tossing him over his shoulder.

Max gently lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders, he leaned in close to her pussy, but looked up at her from between her legs, his breath tickled her skin as he spoke, "You are not to cum until I say so, you have to ask permission to cum.

Understood?" Jazz nodded, swallowing nervously hoping she could hold out that long, "Understood." Max again gave her a devilish grin before returning his attentions back to the matters at hand. He took a deep breath inhaling the aroma of her sex, before he bent his head down to kiss her inner thighs, nipping and pinching her lightly with his teeth causing her to jump slightly before melting in to soft moans.

Max stopped for a moment, his hot breathe against her skin making her squirm in anticipation. He smiled to himself, knowing how hot and turned on she was, but decided to keep her waiting just a little longer, switching his attentions to her other thigh. Jazz whimpered softly, clutching at the blankets as he kissed and nipped at her inner thigh as her pussy pulsed with anticipation, until she couldn't take it any longer.

viv thomas pink velvet 2 Daddy, please" she said in little more than a breathy whisper. Max pulled back, making sure his breath was hitting her directly on her pussy, "Please what?" he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes "Please stop teasing me, I can't take it much longer, I don't want to cum before you say I can but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out for you.

Please." she begged, whimpering softly as she felt his hot breath against her sensitive skin. "Good girl," Max growled his approval, and with that he finally turned his attention to her dripping pussy. He went slowly at first wanting to gradually build up until she orgasmed, gently probing her outer pussy lips with his tongue, before slowly sliding his tongue in deeper as he kissed her pussy lips. Jazz gasped as she felt his tongue against her pussy for the first time, grasping the blankets so tightly that her knuckles turned white, as a low moan escaped her lips.

She couldn't think of anything, but the feeling of his tongue sliding into her, she didn't know which way was up, and she loved every second. Max smiled listening to the moans and feeling her writhe on the bed, knowing she was getting close, he continued darting his tongue deeper into her pussy. "Oh fuck, please daddy, I need to full white girl eat cum, please. I'm not sure I can hold off, please.

Please!" Jazz moaned loudly, a slightly frantic edge to her voice Max waited a couple more orgasm punishment and extreme gangbang ryland ann loves it rough, continuing his assault on her dripping pussy, before he lifted his head to quickly say "Cum babygirl", before attaching his mouth over her clit, sucking and flicking his tongue against it.

That was all it took to send her over mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins edge, as she screamed out her orgasm and writhed on the bed, arching her back and pushing her pussy against his mouth.

Max removed his mouth from her throbbing clit to lap at her flowing juices until her orgasm ebbed. She lied completely still, unable to move as she gasped for air, still moaning softly through the aftershocks of her orgasm. Max smiled as he crawled up her body to lie beside her, reaching to gently stroke her hair. Jazz rolled over to look at him, still in a state of bliss. "Thank you" she murmured softly as she snuggled closer to him.

"You were amazing, babygirl." Max said softly as he wrapped his arms around her and held her close before gently kissing her lips. All Jazz could do is smile as they broke the kiss, Jazz moved her leg feeling something she looked down to see the prominent tent in his pajama pants. "I'm suddenly feeling under dressed," Jazz said with a smirk Max grinned, "Or maybe I'm a little overdressed?" "My thoughts exactly, would busty chick wanna be your sex teacher like me to help you with that?" Max leaned in to kiss her lips again, "I like the way you think, and I would like that." Max propped himself up on his elbows as Jazz crawled down the bed and turned around, she was still somewhat nervous, never having any past experience to draw from.

She sat back on her ankles, biting on her lower lip. Max watched her closely, seeing the tell tale signs of her nerves clearly written across her face. "Tell me." he said still watching her. Jazz looked away, swallowing nervously, opening her mouth as if to say something but stopped. It took her a moment but she finally spoke, "I've never actually." she stopped taking a deep breath before continuing, "I've never been with a guy.

at all. ever." Max smiled slightly, "It can wait if you aren't ready, and when you are ready, I'll guide you through it and go slow, if that's what you want, and if not then well, well then we'll just leave it a that." Jazz crawled closer, taking his face in her hands, leaned in and kissed him as passionately as she knew how.

When Jazz broke the kiss she looked him dead in the eyes, "I want this, that is the one thing I know without any doubt. I also know I'm ready, I just need to go slow, I need you." Max nodded, pulled her close and briefly kissed her again. "Okay, if," he paused briefly and smiled, "since you're sure, I'll give you the reigns for tonight.

You set your pace and I'll guide you through." Jazz took a deep breath, taking the moment to think, "Would you mind staying over dressed for just a little longer?" "Of course," he said smiling reassuringly at her. Jazz smiled back, she leaned in and kissed him again, her hand sliding down his chest, past his well defined abs, until her fingers came to the waistband of his pajama pants, she paused for a moment before sliding her hand into his pants.

She fumbled around slightly at first until her fingers found what they were searching for. She slowly moved her fingers over his cock, amazed that if felt so soft to the touch it felt for something that was so hard. She felt the sensitive ridge of his head and the sticky precum already leaking out of his cock, producing a groan of pleasure from Max as they continued kissing.

Max wasn't just an idle participant, his hands moved hungrily over Jazz's body, massaging and squeezing her firm round ass in one hand, and cupping one of her full breasts in the other.

All in all he had no complaints. Jazz broke the kiss sliding her hand out of his pants, bringing her fingers to her mouth to lick them clean, "Mmm, nice. So you're still over dressed, are you ready to fix that?" Max grinned watching her, "I think the question is are you?" Jazz smirked, deciding it would be better to show him just how ready she was. She scooted down the bed, sliding her fingers under his waistband and slowly pulling them down and off. Max laughed to himself, "Well, actions do speak louder than words." Jazz sat for a minute, just staring at his cock, as if she were trying to memorize every detail.

He was thick and easily seven and a half inches long, and possibly the nicest cock Jazz had ever seen, although to be fair this was the only one she had seen in person. Max watched Jazz and was in awe, not to mention extremely turned on by how wanton and yet amazingly innocent she looked as she reached out, wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock. She slid her hand up and down on his cock, but was clumsy and unsure of herself.


Max gently put his hand over hers, showing her the right pressure and technique until she finally got it and did it on her own. Max sat back and closed his eyes, loving the feeling of her soft milf catches teen sucking cock first time horny step mom gets slammed hand against his throbbing cock. Jazz smirked looking up and seeing his eyes closed, and thought maybe she should repay him for sneaking up on her.

She slowly bent down, careful not to let him feel her move or feel her breath against his skin and slid the head of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh fuck babygirl," Max moaned as his eyes suddenly snapped open to look down and see her lips around his cock, he couldn't help but grin at her upon seeing the mischievous look that twinkled in her eyes. He watched her as she gradually slid his cock into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around his cock as she went causing Max to moan his approval.

It didn't take long for the head of his cock to hit the back of her throat, but Jazz was determined to get all of him in her mouth and tried to get the head of his cock into her throat before Max could say anything to stop her, but had to pull back after gagging hard, leaving her coughing and trying to catch her breath.

Max did his best to comfort her as she recovered, "Babygirl, you can't take it all on the first try, it just doesn't work like that.

We can work on it, but for right now just take what you can and that's it. Understand?" Jazz nodded, still wishing she could take it all for him and impress him, but knowing it just wasn't possible.


Jazz bent real hot beauty watch more of her at ulacamcom returning his cock to her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around it as she slid as much as she could into her mouth without gagging, before slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth. Max slid his fingers into her hair guiding her mouth up and down and helping her to set a steady rhythem as his moans filled the room.

Jazz smiled to herself as she listened to his moans, and felt the slight pull of his fingers in her hair. She loved it, the feeling of his cock filling her mouth, his fingers in her hair, and hearing his moans of pleasure, everything.

Jazz decided to take a little initiative, reaching up to cup his full balls in her hand, gently massaging them in her hand. "Oh fuuuck" Max moaned, drawling out the word as he instinctually gripped her hair tighter between his fingers, causing her to give a low moan as he was sucking his cock, it was just enough to send him over the edge.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" he moaned loudly as he let go of her hair, unsure whether she would be ready to take his cum into her mouth just yet, but Jazz's lips remained locked around his cock as the first blast of his cum filled her mouth.

She swallowed as each time another squirt of cum filled her mouth, determined not to let any of it seep out of the corner of her mouth until the last of it came.

Once she was sure there wasn't any more Jazz lifted the seal of her lips from around Max's cock, opening her mouth wide to show him the puddle of cum still left on her cum before swallowing that too. Max puke vomit dick woods men at her as she swallowed the last of his cum, "That.

was. amazing." Jazz beamed as she crawled up and cuddled up against him, yawning slightly as she spoke "I'm glad you enjoyed, it was the least I could do after how hard I came earlier," Max smiled devishly at her, "Oh babygirl, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

I went easy on you earlier, if you weren't so tired, I'd give you a sneak preview, but it will have to wait for tommorow." Jazz opened her mouth to protest but had to stifle another yawn, she narrowed her eyes at Max as her began to laugh, before grumbling "You are such a tease!" Max grinned the mischevious glint in his eyes, "No, if I didn't deliver I would be a tease, but believe me babygirl I plan to deliver." Jazz just smiled as he leaned in giving her one last good night kiss before pulling the blanket over their naked bodies.

"I love you Daddy, goodnight." she murmured as she fought to keep her eyes open. "I love you too babygirl," Max whispered, but Jazz was already out like a light. Max just smiled watching her just a few minutes more before closing his own eyes and nodding off to sleep.

------------------------------- Hope you enjoyed, perhaps more coming soon, still undecided.