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Eleanor gets her tigh t ass stretched anal babes blondes czech hardcore
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I NEVER GUESSED, pt 1, CARLY I checked my cell. There were several messages, but one jumped out at me. It was from my Mom -- "big work project will b way L8 find a ride luv u" Oh, oh.

This is NOT good! I had stayed later than normal after practice helping Coach L put stuff away. Most of my friends had already left.

We had such an awesome practice. Our newest routine was coming together and was so cute and sexy! Now what? From in front of the gym the whole campus looked deserted. Sometimes I really want time to fast forward. A year from now I will have my license and can drive myself home.

Way cool! But this was not the time for daydreaming and dumb wishes. Right now my problem was getting home. And there was NO way I was walking five or more miles to the outskirts of town after dark. "Hey, what are you doin' sittin' out here?" Startled by a voice so close, I jumped to my feet before I even thought. I was wide-eyed staring at a bright smile framed by the cutest deep dimples in medium brown skin which totally set off the brightest blue/gray eyes.

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I knew who he was immediately although we had never spoken before. He was a Senior linebacker (I think) on the football team. He had already signed his letter of intent to play at Tech next year. "Oh, Quan. Hi. You sort of scared me. I didn't know anyone was around." "I didn't mean to scare ya'.

Are you OK sittin' out here all by yourself?" "I'm OK. Just sort of missed my ride is all." "I saw the song routine y'all were working on.

It is HOT, girl. You gotta be proud." "Oh my God! You were watching? I didn't see anyone in the gym." I knew his compliment made my blush rise and shine like the morning sun. "Yeah, I was watchin' game films for Friday's game and took a break. Girl, you sure can shake that fine lil' booty of yours." I could feel myself blushing in lots of places I knew he couldn't see.

But he could see my cheeks redden as I looked up into his captivating eyes just to make sure he wasn't making fun of me. I mean, this was my first year ever in songs and one of the truly BMOCs (big men on campus) was telling me I was hot! "I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just that it's one fine routine. The music rocks and you got all the right moves doing it. I had to watch you do it several times." "Thank you, Quan," I said looking through my lashes. "I hope you are serious and not just teasing me.

I mean, this is like the first time you ever talked to me is all." "Oh, I'm definitely serious, girl. That's for sure. You are fine and sexy. So what's your name?" "Carly. I'm only a sophomore." Sometimes you say the dumbest things when you are nervous. But what would you do? I mean, here I was, barely 15 years old, 5-3, 110 pounds, all frumpy and totally not dressed to impress in just my yoga pants and a Tee after a workout with my blonde hair up in a loose knot. And an awesome looking, totally big, buffed hunk and star athlete was telling me I was hot.

"Nice to meet you, Carly. So.… how did you miss your ride?" "My Mom. She usually picks me up, but she had to stay late after work, some kind of a big special project. If I had known earlier, I could have caught a ride with one of the girls." "My chance to be knight who saves the princess," he smiled.

"Well, if you would like, I can give you a ride." "Oh, Quan, that's so nice of you. But I don't want you going out of your way cause of me." "Don't you even worry about that, Sweet Pea. I wouldn't offer if it was a big deal." "If you're sure, I really appreciate it. Thank you," I said as I bent over to pick up my bag. "I'm ready when you are." Those blue/gray eyes, his pearly whites, and his deep dimples all smiled as he dramatically extended his arm toward the student parking lot.

Starting off, I suddenly became very conscious that he was just far enough behind me to be looking at my butt, what he had called my "fine lil' booty." Yes, it was tight. I did lots of dance free porn wife big dick of condom along with our song routines. It was little like the rest new nepali porn porn videios me.

But it did stick out more than most girls' in what I thought was a pretty cute little bubble butt. A real man was checking me out. I couldn't help but let it wiggle a little more than usual. Once in his car and on the way toward my house, I was talking "a blue streak" (that's what my Mom calls it when I just go on about everything cause I'm nervous).

We talked about school, teachers, the football season, what Tech was like, and him going off to Tech. That was such a big deal. He was sort of humble about it all, though he had every right to be super proud of himself. I kept glancing at him as he drove. This was the first time I had been this close to anyone like him.

He definitely was a big guy, so muscular under his tight, sleeveless tee. He was totally ripped huge pecs and a major six-pack. God, his biceps were like as big as my thighs. I finally told him, "You are like huge. How big are you anyway? He kind of laughed and gave me a sideways look that went from my knees to my breasts before it got to my eyes.

"I'm 6-3, 200. Is that what you meant?" "Wow, that's huge," I said. Then what he was thinking hit me. Oh my God!!!! A major tsunami of embarrassment crashed over me from the top of my head to my toes. I knew he could see me blushing. I hadn't meant THAT!! At least I didn't think I meant that. But now he sorta had me wondering. His skin was brown like coffee with cream, not dark dark, but not light either.

I don't know if there's a term for that or not. I never had any black friends before and there weren't that many black kids going to my school. His light eyes shining out from his darker complexion were absolutely amazing.


It was like he could smile with them somehow. For sure, I had never been this close to a genuine star athlete. I guess I expected him to be all bragging and full of himself. But Quan wasn't. He was a nice guy, soft-spoken, intelligent, and easy to talk to. So I kept chattering. I told him about my Mom and I and how I was so proud of her becoming a broker and having her own office now and all kinds of stuff. Most of the time I did remember to tell him to turn BEFORE we got to the corner (we only had to make one U-turn cause I forgot).

As we pulled into my driveway, I remembered the new alarm system they had installed just last week. It sorta weirded me out that Mom thought someone could be inside the house when I got home.

I told Quan how that creeped me out and asked him if he would be my bodyguard for a couple of minutes and go in with me. He said, "Sure," so I grabbed my bag, found my keys, and walked toward the door.

Why I had such a hard time getting the key in the lock, I have no idea. But Quan, looking over my shoulder (which wasn't all that hard for him to do since he was so tall) finally said, "Here, let me do that." The warmth of our closeness gave me goose bumps as he reached around me and took the keys out of my hand. He opened the door right away, and held it for me to enter. I said, "Thank you," stepped in, and went straight to the new keypad. He followed me in and closed the door. As I tried to input my code to deactivate the alarm, I felt his big hand enclose one of my butt cheeks and heard him whisper, "Nice ass".

"Quan," I said as I turned. He handed me my keys. Our fingers touched. He held onto mine. And his amazing eyes captured and held my eyes as well. We just sort of stared at each other what seemed like hours in slow motion. His hand slowly rose to under my chin. He tilted my face up toward his. His face so slowly moved to mine.

He kissed me on the lips. It was a soft, warm kiss. His lips parted and his tongue teased mine. I opened my lips to let his tongue in. I felt a little sort of gasp deep in my throat. He must have heard it, too, cause about then, his big hands slipped down my back, all the way down below my butt cheeks. He picked me up off the floor and raised me up so we could really kiss.

And we did. Lips in motion. Tongues wrestling. His tongue probing into my mouth. Gasps and "uh huhs" coming from both of us. My boyfriend, Alan, and I had made out lots of times, but not like this. No kiss had ever been like this before. Somehow, my legs wrapped themselves around his hips without me even knowing it. He pushed me up boy watching girl get naked the wall and was pushing into me. My arms wrapped over his huge shoulders and around his neck.

His big hands stroked all over my butt, pulling me tight. I was wiggling against him, moaning, seriously making out with him, and loving every minute of it.

He fingers hooked into the waist of my yoga pants, shorts, and panties and pushed them all together down over my butt. His warm hands cupped my naked cheeks.

I let him. He was a real man. And he totally wanted me. I was amazing teen babe gives a good blowob fire. His lips moved from mine toward my ear. He nibbled on i fuck my hot blonde girlfriend and finish inside her. I heard him whisper, "Show me your room, Sweet Pea." I pointed up the stairs and started another long kiss.

He easily carried me, with my legs wrapped around him, up the stairs and into my room. He pried me away from him and sat me down at the edge of my bed. He told me, "Go ahead and take those pants off and show me that fine ass of yours." All of a sudden, what was happening hit me. I wasn't at all sure I wanted this to go any further. I said, "But Quan, what would LaTeesha say if she knew what we are doing?" I really thought my mention of his girl friend, a cheerleader of course, would slow things down and give me time to think.

"Teesha knows she has to share me some in order to keep me happy, so she does. Besides, you weren't thinking about Teesha at all for the last fifteen minutes while you were rubbing your hot lil pussy against my hard dick, were you?" Totally embarrassed, all I could say was, "No," while looking at the floor. He was right. I realized in an instant that I had been rubbing on him. I had been pushing my pelvis hard against him, humping, moaning the whole time, out of control.

"I know what you want, Sweet Pea. I want the same thing. So do what I told you. Lose your pants." I stood up. My naked butt was already sticking out from where he had been playing with it. My fingers slipped into the waistband of my yoga pants, shorts and panties. With some hip wiggles, they slid to the floor. I kicked off my trainers, stepped out of my pants, and just stood there in front of him. "That's on sweet, bare pussy. Show me that fine ass of yours. Turn around.

Beautiful, Sweet Pea. Now your top. Let me see how truly beautiful you are all over." I couldn't believe I was just following his every command without hesitation. My hands lifted my Tee over my head and then did the same thing with my sports bra.

I started to cover my tiny 32b breasts with my hands, but he held up his hand in a stop motion. "No, Baby. Don't cover them. Your titties are wonderful. So perfect. And your nipples standing up so proud and hard are magnificent." I had never ever thought of breasts (my titties??) as being anything but WAY too small. But I was suddenly proud of them because they pleased him. And it was so very nice of him to say they were nice.

"Touch those sexy nipples, Sweet Pea. Run your fingers all over them and show me how hard you can make them for me." I did. And as I did he stripped off his tight Tee showing me his awesome upper body. He stepped to me, wrapped his strong arms around me like before, and lifted me up to kiss him.

I could feel the heat of his body. My titties were pressed tightly to his massive chest. He was so warm. My legs wound around his hips again.

He sort of started me moving up and down.

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I felt my naked, open pussy rubbing on his hardness through his pants. I pushed my hips forward up against him. Our kiss became hotter, more passionate. His hands gripped my butt and pulled my cheeks and pussy open further. He pressed us tighter together.

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His hips pushed forward and I rubbed on him all the harder. He slid me down until I was sitting on the edge of my bed. He was standing between skinny teen drilled hard by her stepdad on the couch legs, right in front of me.

The big lump in his pants was staring right at me. It had a streak of moisture on it. I knew my wet pussy made that while I was humping on him. "Take it out, Sweet Pea. It's time for you to see what you've been rubbing your hot lil pussy on." He took my hands and put them on the waistband of his sweats. With his hands over mine, he began helping me push his sweats and boxers down. I kept pushing them down. His cock was kind of holding his boxers up, but when I got the boxers free of the head of his cock, his pants and boxers fell to the floor.

"Oh my God!!!!!!!! Quan, you are HUGE!" It was huge. Honest, his cock was like the size of a package of Ritz snack crackers with a giant mushroom on top. But this was no snack! It was a solid, hard, throbbing man cock looking straight at me. The shaft was way darker than the rest of Quan's skin and the bright pink mushroom head glistened with his precum.

He took my hands and wrapped them around it. "Stroke it, Sweet Pea," he said as he began to move my fingers up and down his hot meat. I couldn't believe I had my fingers wrapped around such a huge cock. I also couldn't believe I was stroking it. But I was.

"You like my big black dick, Baby?" All I could do was nod my head while I stared at the huge cock head staring back at me. I had seen and played with Alan's cock before, but his was a miniature by comparison. Quan's was way bigger. A drop of precum appeared at his slit. I watched it grow. "Lick it off, Sweet Pea." I did. "Take it in your mouth, Baby. Show me how good you treat your man." I opened my mouth as wide as I could and just barely slipped down over the head angelina valentine and yuri luv girl play his cock without raking him with my teeth.

My jaws hurt from being open so far, but I knew better than to let my teeth get in the way. "Yeah, Sweet Pea. You do it good. I knew you would. Suck that dick. Treat your man good." He had his hand laying on the back of my head just helping me bob slowly up and down on his cock. I only had the head and maybe two inches in and it was already pushing into the back of my mouth.

He knew I couldn't take any more of it. He didn't push me to do something that would hurt me. His other hand slipped down my front. He rubbed my nipples. He made them so hard. Then pulled and rolled them. Oh God, spasms instantly ran through my body and ended up in my wet pussy. I couldn't believe it. He straightened some and pulled his cock from my mouth. Thank goodness! My aching jaws needed a break. "Where's your cell, Carly?" "It's in my bag, I think." "Go get it." Immediately I did as he said.

It felt sort of wonderfully weird running through our house naked. As I moved, I felt all swishy wet between my legs. I had been wet down there before, but I never enough that I could feel it between my thighs. I found my phone and went back upstairs wondering why he wanted it. He held out his hand and I gave him my phone. He wrapped his big hand around both my phone and my hand and sat me back on the edge of my bed.

Then he returned my hand back to his gigantic cock. My other hand joined all by itself. "Good girl, Sweet Pea. Now put my cock back in your mouth and look up at me. I'm going to take a picture so we can always remember our first time." I could NOT even believe I was letting him take a picture of me sucking his huge sausage, but I was.

With both my hands and my mouth on his cock, I looked up at him and smiled with my eyes as he took the picture. "Ooooo, that's a sexy picture, Carly.

One more. You sbse chot girl ka xxxii vidy to take this one." He handed me my cell and put his big black cock between my little white tits. With his big hands he scooped my tits up around his cock so my hard pink nipples were huge dick for petite teen riley reid touching each other on both sides of his hard cock.

"Take your picture, Carly. This is so you can always remember." I aimed the cell as best I could and took the picture. We both looked at it. He told me I needed the camera a little closer and to the right more. So I erased that picture and took another. He liked it. I did too, actually. His huge, black cock and brown hands with my white tits and hard, pink nipples made a very exotic looking picture.

I looked at the first picture he had taken. Oh my God!!!!! I couldn't believe it. His cock looked bigger than my mouth and I looked liked I was in love with it. I didn't realize it until right then, but I was in love with his big cock. He took my cell and dialed a number. "What are you doing, Quan?" "I'm sending our pictures to me so I can always remember you, too, Sweet Pea." For some reason that was the sweetest thing I had ever heard. I wasn't just a quick lay.


He wanted to remember me forever. I rolled my tongue around the head of his lovely cock. He pulled it away from me and gently pushed me back to lay on the bed with my legs still over the edge. He spread my legs even wider and knelt.


I watched as his face came to my pussy. I felt his breath then his tongue on my clit. Oh YES!!!!!!

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I didn't know how much I needed that until he licked me. My hips thrust up to meet his tongue. I whimpered and moaned as he went to work on my hard clit and soaking pussy. OHHHHHH!!!

He knew how to eat pussy. My body was reacting and jumping to electric sensations I had never felt before.

He knew how to make a girl feel everything she could feel. "Quan. Oooohhhhhhhh Quan. Yesssssssss. Oh yesssssssssss." I heard myself say with a lot of other little noises that weren't ever supposed to be words at all, only little happy girl noises. I could feel tingling and tightness starting in my tummy. I knew I was going to cum on his tongue soon.

"Oh, God YES. Make me cum for you, Baby. Make me yours." The waves of heat and passion were washing over me. My tummy was clenching. My pussy was in spasms. I was cumming BIG time for him. "Oh Quan. Oh Baby, give me that big cock. Make me your woman. Fuck me. Pleeeeease." "On your hands and knees, Sweet Pea. That's it. Stick that fine lil ass of yours up in the air for me.

Are you in heat for this big black dick, Baby?" "Oh God yes, Quan. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee." "Fuck you with what, Sweet Pea. Tell me exactly what you want." Almost sobbing and screaming, I let it out, "Fuck me with your huge black dick. Push it hard and deep in my tiny white pussy. Cum deep in me with your black meat." I was squirming around with my ass stuck up as high as I could get it when I felt his huge cock slide down my ass crack.

That huge head went lower, sliding through all my wetness, sliding past my wide open pussy and rubbing on my clit. I about exploded!!!! I lowered my ass just a bit and felt his cock head at my pussy and pushed back onto it. OH MY GOD. I felt my pussy stretching around it. I pushed some more. Quan grabbed my hips, pulled me back, and pushed.

It slid in lots further. Oh yes. I was meant to be stretched and fucked just like this. It was amazing feeling so full and stretched tight as a rubber band. Quan pushed in deeper. All I could do was to stick my ass up higher. My neck curled back until my head was on my shoulders.

Quan wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled me back to him. He was fucking me deep with his huge cock. I was so stretched that I could feel every little ridge and vein as he pushed in and pulled out only to thrust again. His hips were slapping my butt. The head of his cock was pushing on something way up inside. Jessica marie loves to blow his cock pussy was the perfect fit for him.

He was using all of it. And the tingles were everywhere. My tummy started clamping down on his cock. My pussy squeezed it. "Oh Quan. Im cumming for you. Do it. Make me cum," I screamed. He pounded me and pulled my hair. He leaned over and almost whispered in my ear, "You are my fine lil white bitch now, aren't you Carly." "God, yesssssssssssss.

Yes, I'm your lil white bitch, cumming all over your big black cock." He slapped my ass. "You got one tight pussy. I'm gonna fill teen lea sucks and fucks a cab driver inside the cab for a free ride full of baby batter for ya.

Is that what you want? Tell me." "Oh God, cum in me, Quan. Fill me full of your sperm." And he did. He tensed and pushed his big cock deep in me. I felt blast after blast of hot cum scalding way up inside, filling my womb. I was truly and completely his. My pussy squeezed on him, making sure I got every last drop from him. He slapped my butt again and told me, "Roll over so I can get some more of that fine pussy." As he pulled back and out and I rolled over, I heard a very distinct but soft feminine gasp and an "OH MY GOD" from the far corner of my room.

Still in the midst of definitely the biggest ever orgasm of my life, I curled up on my bed. I cupped my twitching, suddenly empty, pussy while I gazed through a dreamy haze.

My Mom was standing in my doorway with her hands covering her mouth. Her eyes were glued to the huge meat Quan had just pulled out of me.

He heard her, too. "We have company, Sweet Pea," he said as he slowly stepped toward her.