Myanmar model girl sex fuker storys

Myanmar model girl sex fuker storys
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About seven years ago I met Charles through a friend of mine. We became instant friends. The only problem was that he was about eight years younger than I.

I was 24 and he was 16. He was not at the 16-year age level of maturity. At the time he was living with his grandmother his mother lived in a different state.

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About six months after I met him, we discussed the feeling that he had for me and I shared mine with him. I had thoughts that invaded my sleep most nights. Thoughts that I should never have had in the first place but you can't control your thoughts.

Just your actions. He told me that he had fantasized about me often when he was drifting off to sleep and had masturbated many times to them.

I told him that, that was as far as they could go but I knew it wasn't going to be like that. I asked him not to come around so often. He was hurt as xnx mobi com story sex sunny leone left I could see it in his eyes. He kissed me on my cheek. Before closing the door he said "I can never stay away from you the feelings I have for you are true and I know you share the same feelings as I do" About a week later he was there again knocking at my door I let him in he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in close kissing me full on the mouth I tried to stop him at first but my passion soon over took me and I gave in.

Kissing him back with a fury. A fury that had been bubbling over for months now. " You know you want it" he said in a whisper " I do but its so wrong" "How can it be wrong if I am the one who brought it up in the first place, I want this so much its killing me" " Can't you find someone your own age?" " They're not like you they just want to party and talk about stupid shit. We have so much in common our likes and dislikes our thoughts about the world and everything else.

Girls my age, do nothing for me" " but japanese mother raped by sons twschool friends if someone finds out I could get in real trouble, we are talking jail here for some pleasure" " No, one will ever find out NO ONE and this isn't just about pleasure Karen, this is about love.

I love you." " You're too young to know that." " No im not I know how I feel every time I leave here, I just want to turn around and come back in and never leave." I had felt the same way but never did share that information with him.

Taking my hand and leading me into the livingroom, he eased me down on the couch. I sat back not completely sure if I still was 100% sure about what I was going to let happen. But my mind, body and soul could no longer fight my desires for this man I say man because that's exactly what he is he may have just been a teenager in years but his wisdom about life had made me feel sometimes younger than he.

I sat back and decided to take the leap that could change our lives forever. He leaned into me kissing my neck face and ears with his hot lips with no hurry. He took his sweet time savoring my taste. His lips and tongue found mine and we kissed for what seemed like hours coming up for air. His hands moved over my shirt slowly before he eased my tee shirt over my head.

Cupping my tits in his hands he nuzzled them with his face. Placing his lips around my nipples he sucked and licked them causing my back to arch with pleasure. I sighed at this and he looked up at me with a smile. " Like that huh?" " yes, don't stop" He worked me over for a while before moving himself down directly in front on my crotch which was now steaming hot. Pulling my jeans down off of my hips, he kissed me through the fabric of my panties. Blowing his hot breath onto me.

I could wait no longer and tried to ease them off of my hips so he could get to me. He laughed a little "so you really want this huh?" " Yes, yes I do but it can never leave from us." " It won't!" he pulled off my jeans and panties. Placing his mouth directly onto me he worked me over for about five minutes before even touching my clit with his tongue that was pure torture but I loved every minute of it. Thoughts invaded me how can this be true how can he know how to pleasure a woman so much and be only 16.

He stuck two fingers in my mouth and than eased them inside me he fingered my pussy as he continued licking my clit I came with a fury all over his fingers and face but hardcore anal session with a lusty brunette didn't stop he held fast as my body shook and sucked my clit fast and hard as another wave of pleasure over came my center. Moving up I licked myself off of his very wet face. Kissing him hard and deep savoring my juices that he had caused.

I eased him off of me and sat him down on the couch. He had already discarded his shirt which laid with my clothing on the floor. I moved in between his legs and kissed him full on the lips moving away I kissed his neck biting gently. Moving down over his chest I licked his pecks and abs. I moved my hands down. I found the button to his jeans and with one swoop undid that anissa kate big tits maid service with his zipper reaching under his boxer I found his cock "holy shit" I said with amazement.

He was very large and not for a 16-year-old but for a grown man he must have been at least nine to ten inches long and about three inches across I had never encountered this size before.

" You like that huh" he snicked. "Yes, very much" I said Stroking his cock a little, I pulled off his pants and boxers as I wet my lips. I lightly licked the head of his rock hard cock moving my lips around him I took in as much as my throat would allow.


Wrapping my hand around his shaft I moved my mouth up and down and made up for the lost depth with my hand as I stroked and sucked him applying pressure with my tongue. Massaging his balls with my free hand, I felt them begin to swell he placed his hands on either side of my head and moved my face up and down his shaft. He grunted and covered the back of my throat with his hot cum he held me fast and I sucked him the best I could with the grip that he had on me.

He relaxed after a few minutes and I stroked him trying to get every last drop from him. " Stop! That tickles." cheerleader stepsis got fucked by her nasty stepbro I didn't listen too well and continued. He lightly moved my face away from his cock. "Like that huh?" " Baby you taste so good." I Licked the head of his now semi-hard cock. " Let me catch my breath for a few minutes, im not done yet." Standing up I went into the kitchen and got us each a glass of lemonade.

Handing it to him he took a big gulp before setting it down on the end table I too drank half of mine and set it down beside his leaning over him so my tits dangled in his face. He leaned forward and grabbed my right nipple with his lips I pulled away. Covering them I sat down beside him draping my leg over his. He caressed it lightly with his soft hand moving his hand up to my center and covering it with the palm of his hand "damn. Girl, your on fire! Maybe I need to put that out for you.

Lets go into the bedroom where we have my mom big tits brazzer x space" Standing up he took my hand and lead me into my room. I laid down on the bed and he joined me.

Laying on his side, As I lay on my back, he caressed my entire body. He wasn't in any hurry. But I needed him inside me so bad that my center ached. I pulled him in closer toward me.


" What do you want?" He asked "You know what I want." He moved in between my legs and moved his cock with his hand over my wet snatch easing himself into me I pulled my legs back. Allowing him easier access to bury himself deep inside me. Slowly he fucked me.

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Pulling almost out before burying himself deep inside me again I couldn't take the teasing any longer. I grabbed his ass and pulled him in working my hips against him.


Pulling him in deep with every plunge. I could feel him hit the back of my cervix and it felt pini ki and rakes blupikcher xxxxbf vido. Pulling away a little he pushed my legs back as far as they would go. And began to fuck me hard and fast.

I worked my clit with my fingers as he held my legs back ramming me with all that he had. Pulling out he turned me over. I got up on my hands and knees. Putting his cock back into my hot wet snatch he fucked me fast and hard I could feel myself about to explode and grabbed a hold of him with my muscles. My knees weakened as my body began to shake he held my hips and fucked me right through it.

Pulling away a little, I motioned for him to lie down moving on top of him, I got up on my feet and inserted his cock inside me. I rode him fast and hard grabbing a hold of his shoulder's I fucked him with all I had he grabbed my ass and worked his hips against me meeting my every plunge he began to shake and he grunted, "oh, my im going to cum baby" pulling off of him I sucked him off.

he filled my mouth yet again with his cum and I sucked him dry stroking him hard. And quick. I laid down beside him draping myself half over him. We laid there, catching our breath. He kissed me lightly on the forehead "Are you sorry?" He asked. " No" I answered. And we drifted off to sleep. We continued to see each other for about seven months until his mom made him move to Alabama with her.

It was a heart wrenching good bye, but we both knew that it wasn't going to last forever.