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Busty blonde nasty deepthroat and jiggle ya tits with kylie page
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Fbailey story number 783 My Relatives In West Virginia My mother has two sisters that live in a very rural community in West Virginia where she was born. She was lucky.

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She got to go to college, she got a good education, and she married my father. Dad died when I was thirteen and he left me a small fortune but I can't touch it until I turn twenty-one.

It does have provisions for me to attend college though. So anyway we go back to West Virginia once a year for a two-week vacation. When I was younger it was not very interesting.

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Both of her sisters and their husband and their three sons all live in a tiny house that my grandfather had left them when died.

They are everything that you think about when you hear the word hillbilly. Yes, they even have a moonshine still out in the woods. When my father died a little piece of me died too. Mom went totally celibate, she didn't even masturbate as far as I knew. I on the other hand went in the opposite direction. I looked for love with every cock that fucked me. I found myself keeping track on my bedpost.

Yup, just like notches in the gun handle of a gun fighter in the old West. We didn't go to West Virginia that year. However, I had over thirty notches in my bedpost by the time the next year rumika enjoys rough pleasures in bondage porn around. I was fourteen then and my cousins were thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. Billy Bob was thirteen. He and his fifteen-year-old brother Jim Bob belonged to Aunt Dottie and Uncle Don.

The fourteen-year-old was Hank and he belonged to Aunt Opal and Uncle Green.


Yup his real first name was Green. Mom says that his middle name is Red because of his hair color but I don't believe her because she laughs every time that she tells me that. Well, shut off from my regular fuck buddies all I could do was seduce my cousin Jim Bob. He didn't know what hit him.

I jumped his boner in the hayloft. I sucked him hard and jumped it again. I did all of that within an hour of showing up. After lunch Billy Bob and Hank joined us in that hayloft. I didn't need to get on top that time. Those three boys fucked me several times each.

Who'd think that they were all virgins before I showed up? After dinner was over Mom took me aside and asked, "Are you fucking your cousins?" Being a smart ass I replied, "Not any more, they are fucking me now." Mom was not impressed with my remark. She asked, "All of them?" I straightened up and said, "Yes, all of three of them. Why?" Mom xxx sexi foking movies storys, "Because the sleeping arrangements are not what they were the last time we stayed here.

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They have turned the upstairs into two big bedrooms. The adults have two queen-size beds and the boys have two double beds. So it looks like you are sleeping with the boys and I'm sleeping with the adults. Do you have a problem with that?" I laughed and said, "The only problem I'll have is keeping them awake long enough to get my rocks off." Mom gave me a hug and pressed on my ass, pushing my pussy tight to hers.

She said, "Make sure that you take your birth control pills every morning with me, just like we do at home. Understood?" When I broke the news to the boys they asked, "Can we first time highschool girl xvidio to bed early?" Their mothers giggled and Uncle Don said, "We were thinking about turning in early too." Then Uncle Don walked over to my mother.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pulled her close, and clamped that hand onto Mom's tit squeezing it in his big hand. Her blouse and bra did nothing to protect her. Both of my Aunts snuggled into Uncle Green and he wrapped his arms around them and held a tit in each of his hands as well.

I walked up to my cousins facing them and then I cupped Billy Bob and Jim Bob's crotches with both of my hands as I French kissed Hank who was standing in the middle. I took the boys up letting the adults follow. I made sure to twitch my ass a little extra for my Uncles. That night no one got much sleep. I could hear my mother crying out during her orgasms and had to smile, it had been a long time since I had heard that sound coming from her.

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I made sure to sing out during my orgasms as well. I didn't have as many as my mother did but my boys were not as well trained in the art of sex either. On the other hand they sure could get hard more often. Come to think of it I might have had more than my mother had.

Of course I had three boys all to myself and she might have had to share her two men with her sisters. Anyway we were all yawning at the breakfast table the next morning. Mom handed me my birth control pill and we watched each other swallow them. That two weeks was the best vacation of my life.

My cousins had a few friends and by the time we had to go I had let ten of their friends fuck me. In fact the day that we had to leave I had them all line up and take a turn cumming in my pussy…all fifteen of them. That included my three cousins, their ten friends, and my two Uncles too. That was late August. By Christmas we learned that Aunt Dottie and Aunt Opal were pregnant.

It seems that after I left the boys started fucking their mothers every day too. No one was actually sure who the fathers were. Anyway I was send back to West Virginia the day that school ended in June. Aunt Opal was eight months pregnant and Aunt Dottie was about to pop. My job was to keep the guys happy all summer long until the women could have sex again after childbirth.

I was keeping the five of them pretty well drained. Until the other ten boys found teen amber rayne and bbc that I was back. After that the fifteen of them kept me pretty well drained.


It was a very long summer and at times I felt like a two-dollar whore in a whorehouse. Mom came down for the last two weeks and took care of my Uncles for me. That helped a little bit. We got home the day before school started up. My English teacher wanted us to write about what we did over the summer. I just rolled my eyes.


What if I really told her? The End My Relatives In West Virginia 783