Tiny teen masturbation squirt xxx i just want to go home

Tiny teen masturbation squirt xxx i just want to go home
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I don't know how word got round about how I had fucked Jody, but it certainly must have done amongst the girls on the campsite as I had one knocking on my door late one night. I didn't expect it to be one of the girls at all and I was mildly shocked to find a young woman on the doorstep to my cabin at 1am. I recognised her straight away from the camp sessions Sandra.

Angelina valentine stroking that massive ego was 5'6, shoulder length black hair and green eyes, dressed in an overcoat. "Sir-" "It's 1am, get back to your dorm." I warned her, peering out the door. It was dark enough that no one had noticed she had turned up. If someone had seen her there, as her camp leader I would've been expected to punish her with chores for breaking camp rules. But unfortunately I was tired and I had been trying to drift off with no luck.

"Please, I need to talk to you." Sandra pleaded, quietly. "It's important." I paused for a moment, wondering if she had done something wrong. "Get inside." I stood aside to let her in to my cabin, checking that no one else was around to see. As soon as I shut the door her demeanour changed abruptly, and she removed her overcoat.

"I know you fucked Jody." I paused on the spot terrified but kept my face still and in control. "What the hell are you talking about?" "She told me, she confided in me, but listen," she continued, her voice shaking with the intensity of the confession.

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"I need you to do something for me," "Get out." "No, you need to listen," she pleaded, closing the gap between us. "I won't tell anyone about what you did if you do this one thing for me." I hesitated at the desperation in her voice, my eyes studying her for a moment.

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"My parents want to take me home next month but I just can't go back there, they want me to marry some older guy from the church, I can't go through with it," she explained, her voice breaking. "But you can help me." "Marry?? You're not even-" "It will only be marriage in word, not legally. He already has a wife." She explained. "How the hell can I help with that? I'm your camp leader for gods sake." I informed her. "And you're breaking the rules by being here." "Please fuck me," she interrupted me abruptly, pleading.

"Get me pregnant, that way I can't go back, he won't want me and the church will refuse," "Don't be so goddamn stupid." "Please," she begged, closing the tiny gap between us and gripping me by the arms. "Just one fuck, come inside me and knock me up and we can forget this ever happen…I won't tell anyone." I pregnant lady is feeling horny pregnanthorny com tube porn at her words, my eyes meeting her own.

She was tragically beautiful, it was no surprise she had an older married man trying to snatch her and keep her for his own as a play thing. And of course she was here in the camp, a place where teenage girls were sent for their bad behaviour and teen pregnancies. She no doubt had been sucking cock some place else. "But what about the baby then?


What will happen?" "I'll stay here, like the other girls and have it, then go home, raise it properly." She assured me, her voice softening. "You'll never have to hear from me again." I nodded, thinking for a moment. The idea of fathering a child with this young woman I barely knew was insane, but still, my cock hardened evermore in my pants. I could just enjoy the moment, blow my load in her cunt and kick her out of bed to give birth.

"Why should I do this for you?" I asked her abruptly. She paused, her face dropping. Just when I thought she might cry, she lifted her up top to reveal her braless tits.

I reached out to grasp her pink nipples, a reaction that caused her to gasp. Her tits were not bad, not as big as Jody's but equally as round and pink. I pulled on her nipple, in this hardcore interracial threeway youll fin and gently twisting, enjoying the gasp that continued from her mouth.

"What else?" I asked. She paused again, proceeding to remove her pants and panties, revealing her shaven pussy. "I'll let you do anything." I took a step forward, slipping a finger inside her cunt tight enough. "Fine. But we'll do this on my terms." I concluded, unzipping my pants. "Thank you, thank you so much." She gasped, afraid and happy at the same time.

"Lean brooke banner gets fucked by the customer the table over there," I told her, sternly. She nodded, afraid now that this was really happening I suspect. She did as she was told, revealing her shaven pussy and round ass.

She bent over, leaning against the table. I followed her quickly, plopped out my fully erect shaft and thrust it straight into her hole, no hesitation. She cried out in a midst of surprise and pain I suspect she had hoped I'd at least lick her pussy to get her wet first. I wasted no time in fucking, thrusting deep into her cunt, hard and fast, spurred on by her pained gasps.

My hands found their way up her top which she still had on, clutching at her braless breasts thrusting up and down at the speed of our fucking.

It was just to get her started of course. Her pussy felt tight, and squeezed against my cock. I wondered if her mouth could do the same. I wrenched my cock out of her and pushed her to the floor on her back, mounting her once again. "You're hurting me!" "Do you want me to knock you up?" I asked her. "Or have you changed your mind?" She shook her head nervously, by which I responded by crouching over her head and thrusting my cock deep down her throat. I held her face in my hands, fucking her mouth over and over, watching her gag and wretch endlessly.

"I like the feel of your mouth almost as much as your pussy," I asked her, watching her eyes watering at the thrust of my cock. "If you're still around next month I might have to do this again." I continued to force her to suck me from base to tip until her face had begun to turn a worrying shade of red, by which point I removed her roughly from my cock.


I mounted my ass onto her lips instead, feeling her writhe in disgust against me. "No-" "Lick me," I told her, "If you want me to come inside you." She whimpered against my asshole and eventually when she realised I wasn't going to get up and free her from my weight, I felt her tongue unwillingly lick the length of my hole, prodding the entrance and teasing me with its strength. "Ahh Sandra I think you're good at this…" I continued to jerk myself off, enjoying the pressure of her tongue, spurred on by the tears in her eyes from the face fucking.


It was all beginning to be too much for the both of us. "I think I'm ready to blow my load inside your pussy," I gasped, precum beginning to gather at the tip of my cock.

I broke away from her face, Sandra gasping for air and red in the face. "Are you sure you want me to do this?" "Yes," she pleaded between breaths. "You have to…" I pulled her up off the floor and placed her onto her hands and knees. "Wait there and don't move." I ordered her, getting up to retrieve something from the storage room. I returned to find her in the same position, her ass in the air with her cunt waiting patiently for my load to penetrate.

She looked over her shoulder at me to see I was holding a rope and two bulldog clips. "Whats that for??" she asked, panic stricken. "Like I said, we're going to do this my way." I informed her, tying one end of the rope round her throat and holding the other.

"What are the clips for??" I pulled harshly on the rope around her neck as she had turned to see what I was going to do, by which she cried out.

"Stay in the position, like I told you." I ordered her, crouching down at her side. Against her wishes, I placed the clips on her tender breasts, receiving a pained gasp with each pinch.

"It hurts." "It will at first, but it will make your orgasm stronger." I assured her. "And mine. Which I'm sure you are relying on." She nodded, her eyes welling up with pain and fear.

"Stay relaxed, this pain is nothing compared to giving birth," I said, returning to mount her from behind. "Are you sure this is what you want Sandra?" She nodded once again, "Yes." I slipped my cock back inside her sore pussy, a move that caused a pained moan from Sandra as I filled her cunt again without lube.

She was wet enough for me to enjoy at least. I held the rope, pulling her neck taut as I thrust in and out of her, my balls banging against her ass. This time she began to moan profusely, a combination of pain and pleasure as her clamped tits swung back and forth, her pussy squeezing my cock for more. "Oh yes…" she cried out. "yess&hellip." I pulled tighter on the rope, enjoying the frightened gasp from her sloppy throat fucking sissy trainer bbc edition. For a moment it was fear but as moments turned to minutes she began to enjoy each pull, each bounce of her clamped tits.

It would not take long. "Oh my god…" I increased the speed of fucking, by which point I had to tie the rope around my wrist so I could hold her by the hips and thrust her viciously into my cock, ball deep inside her.

I felt her pussy squeeze harder than ever, sending her into a frenzy as she began to come, screaming and crying out as the waves of fear and pleasure strangled her. The feeling of her tight, pulsing cunt pushed me over the edge and I came hard inside her, my cock releasing a huge dose of cum.

She writhed against me as soon as she realised what I had done, afraid at the realisation she would likely now be pregnant. It was a bittersweet pill for her swallow. "Keep still." I ordered her, pulling on the rope once again. She was crying by now, a mixture of fear and pleasure having overwhelmed her. I realised that the whole ordeal must have been terrifying for her, being in such a dilemma.

I shifted her busty ebony chick missionary cum inside pussy creampie shaved her back, propping the nearest pillow from the sofa under her ass with her legs up. Tears were streaming down her face. "Stay like that for a while, if you want this to work." I told her, the rope still attached to her neck. The tiniest dribble of cum slithered out of her spent pussy, the majority held inside by the angle of her body.

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I half expected her to get up and leave, perhaps regretting her decision. But instead she stayed there, on her back with a pillow propping up her ass and knocked up pussy.

I realised I was still horny, overwhelmed myself from the situation. My dick was rock hard. I found myself once again crouching over her tearful face, rope in one hand, cock in the other, before thrusting it down her throat for the second time.

I'd come in one hole, I thought to myself, might as well have a go on all three.