Skin diamond asphyxia noir bonnie rotten meet bonnie rotten

Skin diamond asphyxia noir bonnie rotten meet bonnie rotten
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I spoke to Jill, the beautiful black woman we had met at the adult book store, "Jill, you sexy goddess, I want to fuck you so bad! Can you get your man to take you home, get some things, then come by the Hyatt, room 343, say about 2 am?" She kissed me deeply, and pulled my head to hers with her left hand while she squeezed my hard cock with her right.

Between kisses, she smiled and said," I want to feel this hard white rod deep in my pussy, Baby. I want you to use me!

We'll sofia leon and suny leon at room 343 at 2 am, and I'll be naked for you and Tom there to lust after." While I was talking with Jill, my whore wife was standing behind her ebony stud, one hand wrapped around his cock, the other around his neck.

She was nibbling on his right ear, playfully whispering to him, "Big Daddy, you know I want you, my black stud!

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I want your huge back meat splitting my pussy wide open! We can fuck back at the hotel, if you and Jill can join shaved pussy webcam fingering by brunette camgirl teen at 2 am. Wouldn't you enjoy having this white slut wrapped around your cock? No black man has ever had me, so you'll be taking a virgin!" We all dressed quickly, and Diane ordered her whore to dress in one of the cheaply-made Velcro-closure costume outfits the store sold.

We exited after exchanging cell numbers for the 2 am rendezvous, and headed back to the hotel without incident. When we entered the elevator, Diane ordered, "My slut, get those cheap clothes off, and put on your collar and leash! We are going to use your gorgeous body some more tonight." Patricia stripped, put on her collar, and prepared to excite as the door opened. Diane led her out and down the hall, smiling back at her personal sex slave, anticipating more pleasures this night.

At 12:45, we opened the door, surprised to find the lights on and two beautiful naked women lying on their sides, facing the door! They were each in their late thirties, one a gorgeous, well-endowed and tanned blonde, the other a striking redhead with the tell-tale enlarged breasts of a nursing mother. The redhead greeted us shocked men, "Good evening, you hot studs! I'm Diane's friend, Lori, and this is my best friend, Rachel! Diane called me and invited me to come up here with a girlfriend, if possible.

Rachel and I are excited to have some of the fun that Diane has told us about! Right, Lori?" They both smiled, while Diane and her slut giggled. Diane addressed the new initiates, "Now, ladies, tell us all what you understand about our time together." Lori, the redhead, recited," Well, we are here to have some wild sexual adventures under the following conditions: 1.We may not wear any clothing unless given permission by our Mistress, Diane, or her slut, Patricia.

2. We are to gratefully allow ourselves to be used in any way by men or women chosen by our Mistress. 3. We are to cheerfully submit to any discipline or restrictions ordered by Mistress, and 4. We are not to use any birth control or protection during our stay, knowing that we may, in fact, become pregnant by a new lover. Oh, and our cunts are to be freshly shaved." "Do you agree to these conditions, my new sluts?" asked Diane. "Yes, round and raunchy bbw moon baby is fucked silly by a skinny guy, yes!

We want to be used, Mistress!" they responded. "My whore, please quickly shower, and wash off the cum of your 4 latest lovers," Diane ordered. Patricia left for the restroom, and Diane looked at her new sluts," Now, slut Rachel, and slut Lori, stand and undress my husband, Tom, and Patricia's husband, Stuart. You will caress them and kiss them to get them excited. You may not fuck them-yet!" They looked at each other and smiled," Yes, Mistress, we will please them and obey you." With that they arose, and Lori, the nursing redhead came over to me.

"I've been looking forward to loving on you, Stuart," she said as she took off my shirt and unbuckled my pants." I'm still nursing my two-year-old, so my tits are still huge! I hope you like them, Lover!" "Oh, I love them, all right, Lori!

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Of course, I'll be needing to drink some of your delicious milk, Baby!" "Of, course! These gorgeous boobs are full of my nice sweet milk, just for you, my stud! Now let's get you naked so I can enjoy that perfect dick that our Mistress loves so much!" Lori offered me her perfect tits while she removed my slacks, and began fondling my hardening member. I pulled her left nipple into my mouth, played with her nipple, and sipped her sweet milk.

"Mmm, that's nice, Lover! Diane told me you and your slut wife love to suckle! I was fantasizing about you and your wife drinking my milk, and then having you ravage my shaved pussy.

Do you like it? I shaved it just for you, my new lover!" "What is your husband going to think about this? What if I make you pregnant?" I asked. "Oh don't worry about Jerry.


He and I have been having some marital troubles, and right now he's got some slut he's fucking. If I get pregnant, he'll be dumb enough to think it's his. So, use me, Baby!" We began kissing like lovers on a honeymoon, our tongues wrestling, our hands exploring each other. I looked over at Tom who was enjoying the blonde, Rachel. Diane was whispering her encouragement as the two new lovers kissed.

My beautiful whore, Patricia, stepped out, cleansed from her shower of semen, and freshly perfumed and with full makeup. Everyone looked up. She was stunning and sexy. "Well, whore, your man has been loving on Lori here, and he looks hungry for more.

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Look at how hard his cock is! Now, come over here and cuff me to this frame," Diane ordered. It was then that we noticed the girls had arranged to have one of the hotel's large baggage racks brought to the room.

Diane rolled it to the center of the room, and placed her hands on the top of the garment-hanging bar. She spread her legs wide to touch the bottom of the rack, and her obedient whore fastened her mistress' wrists and ankles to the sturdy cart. "Now, Slut, take off my wedding ring and give it to your husband. I am offering my ass to him. Negotiate the price for my virgin asshole," Diane commanded. "Well, Honey," my slut wife smiled," How much will you offer to take my Master's cherry?

You can have now what no other man has ever had! What's the price for her virginity, My Husband?" "MY beautiful Whore, I will pay you $800 for your mistress' virginity.

I'll take her just like Tom took you!" "Well done, My Love! You have bought a gorgeous whore!" Patricia complimented, smiling.

"My, you're a big spender! I hope that's because you think I'm worth it. Now, Whore, get the whips from the bag. I've been a wicked master, and I want you and my friend Lori to punish me, while my husband and his new lover Rachel watch. I want to feel some pain, because I'm a very bad girl!" Diane ordered.

"Yes, Mistress, we will whip you harshly." The ladies raised the whips, and started lashes on Diane's firm ass. Whack! Whack! Diane grunted with each blow. After her ass fucking my ex girlfriend anal in bath tube bright red, they moved up to her soft shoulders and back. As her back reddened, Diane began to whimper. "Yes, yes, sluts! I deserve it! Keep going!" Diane ordered.

I rose and took their whips, "I'll do the last few stripes myself. Are you ready for a man, my $800 whore?" "Yes, do me Stuart! Whip me! Punish me!" Diane begged. I raised the whip and brought it down with a sharp crack! Diane flinched with a yelp. "Ow! Yeah! That's what I want, Lover!" Whack! Whack! Whack! She squirmed with each blow, and I noticed that she was beginning to bruise.

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I dropped the whip on the floor, and reached my hands around her, cupping her gorgeous tits, " You've been punished enough.

Now it's time for some fucking!" I walked around to face her, then kissed her mouth deeply, then moved down to suck her tits. She began to moan softly. "Lori, get over here and taste this delicious milk! Whore, massage you Mistress' ass with lotion, and prepare her ass for femdom tease and denial session good fucking!" I continued sucking Diane's right tit and Lori was draining her left.

We would break after a long draw of warm milk, kiss each other, then we alternated kissing Diane. Tom and Rachel were watching between kisses. "Stu, I can't believe how hot this is! Fuck that whore! Kiss her Lori! Work that ass, Patricia!" Rachel chided. As her sweet whore rubbed the strawberry-scented lotion into Diane's blistering skin, Diane cooed," Yeah, whore! Now work your sexy fingers into my anus!

Go inside my virgin asshole! Stretch me out, so I'm ready for Stuart's dick.


That's it, my lovely slut! Fuck me with your finger!" Patricia pressed her first two digits into her master's ass, and slowly worked her fingers around the hole. "Whore, now give Stuart a good blowjob so he's hard and wet!

Get his beautiful cock ready to pop my cherry!" Lori kissed me as my slut wife sucked my cock. When I was totally hard, I walked over behind my new lover Diane and placed my dick at her anus. "Yeah, Stuart, keep pressing on my hole! I want that glorious rod inside my virgin asshole!" I kept up the pressure, and my head finally slipped into her hole. "I can feel you in me! Now slam the rest of your hard dick into my virgin hole!

Take my cherry now, baby!" "All right, Bitch! Take it all! Here's my cock, Lover!" I shouted. I pushed harder, and popped right past her sphincter. "My God, you're in me! No one's ever been inside me like this!

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Now Pound me, Lover! Tommy, you see how Stu's cock is inside me? He's taking my virgin asshole! You've never been in here, and Stu's ass-fucking me! You like watching another man fuck your woman?" Diane triumphantly beamed. "Go, Stuart! Bang that Bitch! Stretch out that fine ass!" Rachel squealed. "Yeah, buddy! Enjoy popping that cherry! Do her just like I did your wife!" Tom added. This was so hot! I increased my pace, pumping her hard. There she hung by her handcuffs, my new whore, just letting me ravage her ass, with three hot nudes and her husband watching!

"Oh, yeah, Stuart! You popped my cherry! Keep fucking me! Please, my new Master, have my sluts uncuff me and spread me out for you on the bed. I want you to shoot your delicious cream up inside my wet cunt! Release me so you can knock me up!" Her sluts obeyed, and lovingly escorted her over to the bed, where they spread her thighs for my raging cock.

How I wanted to fuck this beautiful whore! Diane looked over at me, naked and vulnerable- ready to be used! I knelt on the bed between her thighs and gazed into her deep-blue eyes. They were filled with lust for sex! "Come down here now, Master, and fuck your gorgeous whore! Do me, Baby! Let me have it!" Diane urged.

I lowered my cock to the wet lips of her slit and began to press in. Diane quickly grabbed my waist and pulled me hard, forcing my dick inside her wet pussy. She felt so hot and tight, I could hardly wait to enjoy this milf! I began thrusting deeper, then pulling almost to her delicate lips before I would ram her deep. She immediately began to moan as she responded by rocking her hips. "Yeah, Stuart! That's it.

Your cock feels so good deep inside my hungry cunt! Do me, Baby! Fuck your new whore! Ram that rod inside me! Blow that precious load into my womb! Knock innocent perky teen sucks dick on film up!" Diane demanded. I could feel the pressure building," Here it comes, my little bitch! I'm gonna explode!

Aaah! Yeah!!" I shot five hard spasms of cum inside her. Her legs shook, and she tensed, lying there beautifully spread for me. The naked nymphs surrounded her. "Mistress, you were so hot! Whipping you was so exciting! Then watching Stuart pound your virgin ass!! Watching him bang your shaved pussy makes me want him!

Too bad he's spent for a while!" "Yes, my sluts. Stuart is a great lover, isn't he Patricia? Thank you for offering us your husband! Now, sluts, put some pillows under my ass, and hold up my spent legs.

I want to soak my womb in Stuart's hot cum. I'm gonna give all his swimmers a good chance to impregnate me." Her naked sluts raised her ass, and stroked her sexy thighs as they held her legs up. I was still inside her wonderful cunt, though I was getting soft. Diane continued, " There's more to this evening.

I'm going to lie this way until our guests come. our guests arrive. It's almost 2 am. Stuart, just keep that awesome dick inside me for a while. I'm so glad you're the one who took my ass virginity! Tommy, thanks for letting me have this great lover!" Diane gushed. I could feel my hot wet cum leaking over my spent cock and down my whore's legs. I continued to squeeze her tits, and they began to leak droplets of milk.

I kissed her neck, "I loved fucking you! You are now my lovely whore, and I've just taken the prize of your ripe cherry!" Tom added, "You're also my whore, my well-used slut, and I enjoyed watching you taken! Thanks for the hot show, Baby. We can watch your virgin ass fucked on the video I shot!" Tom's blonde lover, Rachel, was back in his lap, slowly stroking his fully hard eight-incher.

"You have a fabulous cock! I want it to satisfy me, even if it knocks me up." Patricia and Lori, my gorgeous redhead, and I were taking turns kissing Diane's mouth and drinking milk from her erect nipples. Their mistress was slightly grinding her hips against me, keeping my cock prisoner in her beautiful cunt. Diane was softly groaning in satisfaction. We were all slightly startled by a teen sister fucked while sleeping in romm knock at the door.

Patricia sprang over to the door, an excited smile on her face. She opened the door to greet our black friends from the bookstore. Jill stepped in first, absolutely naked, just as she had promised me. I wondered how she would react, since I had shot my load into another woman's pussy.

Patricia grabbed her black man, pulling him inside, and greeted them, "Welcome, Lovers, to our little orgy! The two new girls moved to cover their breasts and pussies. They were scared at what this new turn of events might bring. "More naked virgin babes for me," Big Daddy smiled, "I'm havin' some hot white pussy tonight!" Diane introduced everyone, "These two beautiful people are our new friends Jill and Big Daddy.

You'll soon see how he got his name! Lori and Rachel, don't be rude to our quests! Take those hands down and go give them a nice southern embrace! I'm sorry I can't hug right now. I've just had a great fuck, and I'm letting Stuart's cum marinate my womb. I'm hoping he's knocked me up! Stuart has also taken my virgin ass." Jill hugged each of the white girls, who were obviously uncomfortable, but her eyes were focused on me.

"Stuart, college girls compete tbe the biggest sluts collegerools com fucking man whore!

My hot black pussy has been watering for your nice white cock, and now you've spent it on this beautiful dirty little bitch!

Get my cock out of her cunt this instant!" "Sorry, Jill. It was unfinished business. I'll be up for you in an hour or so, " I offered, while I pulled out of Diane with a little 'pop'.