Super hot busty brunette jerks and pleases tw

Super hot busty brunette jerks and pleases tw
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Some time ago one older lady convinced me to set up a web page with contact details and a bio so I could offer my services. She even measured my cock with a tape measure she 'just happened to have handy' while I had a full erection, while she was sucking me.

Her girlfriend was watching and wrote down the measurements. "Wow, incredible, eight and a half inches long, and five and a half inches in circumference." After a wide range of experiences pale euro amateur babe bangs for money a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight.

They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences.

And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus. Xxxxxxxxx The man with a French accent asked over the phone, "Can we make a booking with you for next Saturday afternoon? Your abilities and prowess have been highly recommended by some mutual clients. We are from France and we are in your country on business. We run a very successful fashion business and we have just done some huge deals with some of the big stores here.

And we are bilingual and bisexual. The day after that we are returning home. And my partner loves having two men at the same time. I don't think you will be disappointed. I arrive at their luxurious suite in a five-star hotel and they are both sitting and impeccably dressed in what I assume is their own clothing label. "I am Raoul and this is Dita." They are both well groomed and rather attractive, with slim bodies and not very tall.

Dita is sitting with her legs crossed dressed in a two-piece suit with black stockings and stunning heels, and he in a conservative business suit.

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As we make small talk to break the ice I watch mesmerised as Dita teases by crossing and uncrossing her legs a few times for my benefit while Raoul smiles and watches. She has my full attention as she slowly removes her earrings while her skirt rides up well above her knees exposing gorgeous white thigh. I hold her gaze and muse how sexy a woman can be with such a simple process as removing her earrings, while blatantly preparing for sex. "You have a reputation for being very well hung. I want to suck your cock while my man licks me.

Undress me while Raoul watches. It turns him on watching another man undress me. And wait until you see how turned on he gets when he watches me sucking another man's cock. She is wearing nothing under her jacket except some obviously expensive perfume, small tits I note with already erect nipples. I slide down the zipper on her skirt and she steps out it as it falls to the floor exposing her good naked arse and mohawk style trimmed pussy.

"I love your garter belt and stockings, and your high heels really set them off." "Now you can watch me undress Raoul." In no time Raoul is naked except for a very appealing tiny black male g-string that is only about two inches wide at the front with a very thin straps around his arse.

I note that his cock appears to be semi-erect underneath it. "Now sun gkong vs dewi kwan in sex for us," Dita instructs as she fondles her man for my benefit. By the time I remove my small black knickers I am well on the way to a really good erection.

They both watch as my cock is fully exposed poking out of my crotch less jockstrap.


"C'est magnifique!" they both exclaim. "Magnificent, we are both going to enjoy that, very much. And we love the way you trim your pubic hair in a Mohawk style similar to Dita." "Would you like to put my cock ring on for me?" I tease with a smile and enjoy watching and feeling Raoul slide it all the way up my erection and then have Dita fasten the clip stud under my balls. "Your cock is awesome with that on," they both observe as Dita puts her arm on for comparison. "About the same thickness as my arm," she smiles as wraps her hand around her arm then my cock.

Dita leads both of us men to the bedroom, looking fantastic as she struts in her high heels, garter belt and stockings. She lays on the bed, still with her shoes on, puts one pillow under her arse and several more under her head. As she opens her legs with her knees up I can see Raoul's now very erect six-inch, though thin cock, bulging out of his g-string. "Your reputation for being very well hung is absolutely true. I told you earlier I wanted to suck your cock while my man licks me.

So let's do it." I watch fascinated as Raoul positions himself on his elbows and starts licking Dita. He starts on her nipples with his longer than normal tongue and then down to her cunt lips. I can see him concentrating on her extended clitorous, which must be more than an inch long, then her cunt lips. "I could take that all day," she purrs, as she takes my cock into her mouth. "That's heaven, a very good tongue on my cunt and magnifique cock in my mouth. In no time Dita is breathing very heavily, she tenses, shudders and has a very noisy orgasm on Raoul's tongue.

He stops licking to watch his partner swallowing my cock as she teases my balls with one hand, "Magnifique, fucking magnifique, fucking magnifique, like that cherie?" he murmurs as I feel his hands on my arse cheeks urging my cock further into Dita's mouth. "Bring me off again with your tongue and then you can extreme tit torture nailed tboard him.

Back on your elbows, put your hands under my arse and fuck me with your tongue. I want to cum at the same time as today's man." Her man is licking her to gents origins mein gana marwadi again with gusto. She is sucking my cock while I stand watching. His rick gets a brunette as a gift is playing music on her very extended clitorous as he teases the very tip of it.

"Raoul wants to enjoy your magnificent cock and suck to orgasm while I watch after this. And I want to enjoy it, very much. I love watching him fuck other men with his tongue and mouth. He is very talented that way. Can he, would you like me watching?


I think so." Dita is breathing very heavily again as Raoul slides two fingers in and out of her very wet cunt as I watch horny teens share and enjoy well hung jock lick the tip of her clitorous. "Cum with me baby she almost screams as she masturbates the full length of my cock with two hands as she tenses, shudders and has a very noisy orgasm on Raoul's tongue with me following just seconds later.

After a brief respite and a shower to revive myself Raoul is kneeling in front of me, sucking my engorged cock, raking his fingernails across my arse cheeks, while Dita is standing behind me, now completely naked except for a pair of stiletto heels, tongue kissing me and running her hands over my chest. "Get rock hard again for us, I want see you at twenty-two centimeters long again," Dita teases as she produces a small tape measure.

"He is very good at cock sucking isn't he? And I love watching, especially with a cock as big as yours, he has never ever had bigger, not that I am aware of anyway. Is he better than me? Her tongue kissing technique while running her hands over my chest and teasing my nipples with my now rock hard cock sliding in and out of her man's very talented mouth as she keeps repeating, "I love watching, especially with a cock as big as yours," has me close to orgasm.

Dita then stood behind Raoul and put her hands on either side of his head. "Tease him baby," Dita said, as she ever so slowly fed the full length of my cock into his mouth. "Use your tongue on that huge cock.

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He is throbbing for you. "Bring him to the edge. Make it unforgettable, really unforgettable. I had never thought about it before, but men have really powerful mouths and tongues, and Raoul was proving it as I enjoyed him.

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He was sucking me hard, and it felt very, very good as he manipulated his tongue around my throbbing cock that was begging for relief. "Now finish fucking him, use two fingers on his cock as well as your mouth Raoul." "What a turn on this is," Dita purred, as she watched my cock in Raoul's mouth as he worked his tongue around and reached up and teased my nipples.

"I love that you two men are enjoying this. I am as well, very much.


"Cum for me baby." I began to gasp and groan, as my hips began an uncontrollable back and forth movement. "Cum for me baby.

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Cum for us baby." And I did. Mind blowing. Xxxxxxxxx "My wife Ellie has always fantasised about fucking a huge cock. She is a very attractive brunette, very uninhibited, loves playing the vamp and extremely sexy woman of Spanish decent with a very voluptuous size 12-14 body. Next week she turns fifty so I want to please her for her birthday if you are available. And one last thing, I want to watch and enjoy you giving her sexual pleasure while I masturbate." Her husband phoned me back a few days to confirm and informed me he had promised her something really special for her birthday that she had wanted for a long time.

He also told me that he expected me to watch and join in some serious foreplay before she had me. As soon as I arrived, her man said, "Happy birthday blonde teen vlada t got cream pornstars and romantic, this man is your present.

Take your gown off and tease him and me with your voluptuous body." Ellie was wearing high heels and a short black gown. She smiled wickedly as she flashed it open to reveal she was completely naked underneath apart from a gold chain around her neck. Very good all over sun tan, average tits, trimmed hairy pussy and legs, especially thighs to die for.

"I have been hearing about you for days and I am very much looking forward to fucking you while my man watches and masturbates." She then shrugged her gown off and turned so I see her arse. "My man says I have the world's best arse. What do you think? He loves to measure it, forty-three inches he keeps telling me." I was in total agreement.

A sight to behold and savour, dimple free, firm and beautifully proportioned. And my cock was in agreement. "Undress for me, show me what you have for me. "Love your black briefs, there is huge bulge in them, can I take them off?" She does and she gasps as she sees my very erect cock hanging out of my crotchless jock strap. "Magnificent, wow what a cock, love it and want it, all of it." "Is that worth the fifty-year wait baby?" her man teases as Ellie stands facing the wall, legs apart with her arms raised to highlight her legs and arse.

"Kiss my arse for me. Both of you, now. And lick it. I love having my arse kissed and licked. "That arse is absolutely magnificent, and your thighs as well," I murmur.

"You are an absolute turn on for me." Her man takes her by the hand as says, "Lets rewind." He sits Ellie on the sofa, opens her legs, kneels in front of her, teases her thighs with his fingers and lips, puts his hands under her arse and starts licking her clitorous, while she is looking very intently at my very erect cock.

"Magnificent, what a cock, love it and want it, I am going to have all of it very soon," she repeats. "Every time I do this to you, I used to tease you and tell you there was a man with the biggest cock you had ever seen watching, and he wants to put it in your mouth.

This time baby it's for real. Do it for me, now, right now. Enjoy, don't hold back, show him how good you are. And he loves your big, beautiful arse, almost as much as me. "Your cunt has never been this wet, baby, you are running like a tap," he tells her as he watches her take my cock with one hand and wrap her lips around it.

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"Like that in your mouth baby, your cunt has never been this wet, you are running like a tap," he repeats, "So wet." He starts licking her cunt lips again, his lips very wet with her juices. "Cum for me baby, cam girls videos girls on video amazon real like every other time, except this time you have your dream cock in your mouth while I watch." I watch as she uses one hand on my cock and the other behind his head and forces his lips and tongue very hard into her cunt, then tenses, shudders and groans as she cums with my cock in her mouth.

"He is all yours now baby, fuck him really good for me. I am going to masturbate while I watch. Your dream cock is waiting for you." Ellie gives me a very sexy smile and almost purrs as she lays face down on the bed. Her head is near the end of the bed and as she props herself on her elbows.

"Before I fuck you I want to suck your huge cock some more while you stand in front of me. Give it to me, as much as you can. My man likes looking at my arse in this position while I suck him. How about you?" Looking at her magnificent 'worlds' best arse' while standing looking down it with my cock in her mouth really is something. After a few minutes she says, "I love being fucked from behind, the harder the better, just love it.

Use me, fill me up with that magnificent cock, right up to your balls." I position myself behind her, father fuck sleeping doter xstory eyes feasting on her glorious arse and take one arse cheek in each hand as I ease my cock into her very wet cunt. I have all of my cock in her as she starts moving her arse in a rotating motion.

"You are very good Ellie, I like that, you really are very, very good." Her man is sitting in front of her holding a vibrator along the length of his thick and sizable erection, obviously very turned on. "You are a lucky man, I love watching you fuck my lady.

She is a magic fuck. Love the noise you are making as you slap into her. Is he good baby? Tell me about it." "His cock is much bigger than yours, he is sliding every bit of his huge right up me. Love it, just love it. Do you like watching me fucking another man? What else would you like me to do with him?" "Stand up and lean over that table so he can fuck you from behind standing up, while I watch." She does and her arse and legs in high heels in that position look even better. He watches mesmerised as she parts her legs for me and I grip her arse cheeks and slowly feed the full length of my very erect cock into her.

"Come on baby, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it. And my man is getting off on it." She is correct and as I fuck his lady I watch as he jojkiss new story xxx 2019 a vibrator along the length of his thick and sizable erection with one hand and teases his nipples with the other. "Watching you fuck another man is really turning me on.

I can't holdout much longer," he tells us as he puts the vibrator down and takes some oil in both hands and masturbates the full length phoenix marie has a premium big ass his cock furiously.

"Cum for me while I am being fucked by a huge cock, my birthday present from you. Love watching you masturbate with another man's huge cock fucking me.

I can feel his cock swelling, he is going to cum in me. Cum at the same time." And I did. Xxxxxxxx Sylvia told me over the phone her man had been unfaithful to her.

"I want to tie him up to a large A-frame and whip him while a naked man with a huge cock watches. And then fuck that man." I passed on that one. Watch out for my next instalment.