Jessa rhodes and ryan ryans lesbian sex pornstars panties

Jessa rhodes and ryan ryans lesbian sex pornstars panties
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Authors Note, The beginning of this story is dedicated to establishing the nature of the characters. Later on is the naughty bits. Dear diary Sept 12 Saturday, OMG diary this is the first time I have made an entry that really feels like it means something. Today, well tonight actually mom drank almost half a bottle of wine and got really drunk. She started crying and apologizing to me but I couldn't get her to tell me why she was sorry at first.

Finally she said it was because she was such a geek, and that she knows that she raised me to be such a geek too. I think that its because she's really lonely, all she does is go to work and come home, she never goes out with anyone.

But anyways, mom told me that if she could ever go back and do it all again that she would take more chances, she would do more things. Even if it meant getting hurt emotionally. But she also told me to not just have sex with the first guy that pays attention to me. It might be because i have big boobs like she does and because he might get me pregnant and just dump me? OMG, that is how she had me? It just has to be. Anyway mom said that she will do ANYTHING to help me not turn out like her.

I don't think she's bad but how much do I know in 10th grade? She told me that one of her biggest regrets is not joining the year book team, that maybe if she had done that she might have had some "real" experiences, any ideas might help so now I know big butt teen avery adair getting cowgirl and creampie pornstars and hardcore to start.

Sep 15 Monday OMG, my world is rockin!!!! I went to the art teacher and asked if I could join the year book team and she said YES!!! I couldn't believe it, she said that I seemed like a real responsible young lady and would do a good job, that if I come up with some new ideas I may even be able to EARN EXTRA CREDIT!!!

My life is awesome!!!! Sep 16. Tuesday Nothing Sep 17 wednesday nothing Sep 18 Thursday my world is ON FIRE!!! I met a tenth grader today, he just came right up to me and wanted to talk. He saw the camera on my neck and HE TOOK ME TO B.K for lunch, it was like a real date!!! Eric is new in school. This is so incredible!!! He said he was raised by his dad, that his dad always told him that his mom was white trash but he figured that was because they broke up. Then his dad died in a plane crash and now he is living with his mom, he just moved in over the summer and he said he now knows what white trash is.

Apparently his dad had life insurance and his mom has already spent all of it over summer break since she got custody of him. He wants my help because I have a camera.


He said that all summer long he got to meet his mom and her sister. That they get together every night, either at his house or his aunts. This is so unreal, he says that his mom and aunt always wear thin sundresses with just panties underneath, that they drink out on the deck at whoevers house they're at and then call him out onto the deck for some reason or another just as the sun is going down.

He said that with the suns rays almost horizontal that it makes the sundresses almost transparent. That his moms nipples are about the size of a quarter and his aunts are slightly bigger. Every night almost, whenever it's not raining, that both his mom and aunt seem to love showing off to him. OMG, his mom shows herself off to him every night!!!

This has to be what mom meant when she told me to join the year book team, this job is so totally AWSOME!!! Anyway Eric told me that he researched on the internet and found you can make an infra red filter for a camera, put it on and set the camera for night shots and that it will make clothing almost transparent!!!

OMG he is so smart. He wants me to get one and he will introduce me to his mom and aunt as HIS GIRLFRIEND!! And have me take pictures of them looking totally naked, with him in the picture!! I am getting totally wet writing this an MOM you better 2 sega con mia zia che dorme be reading this and if you do, NEVER NEVER tell me.

He wants the pictures to, get this. Get his mom in trouble so that he can live somewhere else, anywhere else. This is like I am on a secret mission to save him. If I can pull this off then I bet I'll be his girlfriend for real!!, Anyway I told him that there's no way that I can get away with making an infrared filter and not get suspended or expelled. Get this he told me that because I'm a girl ( he paused when he said this so I think he might have been thinking geek) that the art teacher will believe me and might totally help me even make the IR filter ( that's tech talk for infra red) Sep 18 cont.

tonight, today was so totally awsome that I had to make two entry's I told mom that she was a superstar in my book. She got all excited and asked why. I told her everything and her mouth just hung open. I was so excited. I told her how she so totally empowered me by promising to do whatever she could to make me less of a geek and help me any way she could.

I told her about Eric, his mom and his aunt. Mom went totally white and started shaking. I told her mee too!!, but that she had to be right and that even if I get emotionally hurt from this that I have to try it because it is so so totally exciting Sep 19 Friday OMG, OMG, Eric was right!

I went to the art teacher and told her Erics idea like it was totally mine. That I wanted to make an IR filter for the camera and take some pictures of the school to make it look different and cool and she said YES!,! She promised to try to get me EXTRA CREDIT for thinking of such an awesome idea and then she made the filter for me!!! Today is FRIDAY and tomorrow I get to be Teen loves riding dildo first time unexpected practice with an older gentleman Bond and rescue Eric.

My life is AWESOME!! Sep 20 Saturday I am so nervous my hands are shaking and sweaty, mom is really nervous too I can tell. It's like she wants to say something to me but doesn't know how to start. I'm leaving for Erics in two minutes. Sep 20 continued. OMG, OMG, OMG this is so real that its unreal, my hands are still totally shaking. Mom was laugh/crying the whole time I told her what happened. I went to Erics and he introduced me to his mom and aunt AS HIS GIRLFRIEND and said I was in to photography and on the yearbook team.

His mom and aunt were dressed just like he said. I could totally see their breasts through their sundresses as the sun went down. When they saw the Camera as I got there his aunt smiled and positively leered at me. Eric acted real proud of me and his mom, he's really a James bond too! He said that he wanted me to take pictures of him with his new family and both his mom and aunt loved the idea. I was gob smacked.

Their boobs were clearly visible and it was just like Eric said. His moms nipples were about the size of a quarter and his aunts were slightly bigger. That when I started getting ready to take the picture I could see that both women's nipples got even harder sticking right out making obvious hard visible points in their thin sundresses. Erics mom only fussed with her hair a little. Get this Erics mom, Michelle she had Eric and me call her by her first name right off the bat.


Michelle was wearing a thin white bikini brief under her sun dress. You could tell from how sheer it all was that she shaves her pussy because there was no hint of her sandy brown hair color down there.

As sheer as everything was, if she had any hair down there I would have seen it, even without the IR filter. His aunt Donna (first names only for both the women) obviously had on a sheer red high strap lace bikini bottom. Her hair was darker than Michelles and you could see that she had just a thin strip of pubes just above her slit, right through her sundress and panties!

And that was without the camera!! They saw me setting up to take the picture and told me that I forgot to take the lens cover off. Eric stepped right up and said that I was practicing a new kind of photography with an infra red lens cover. OMG, he told them the truth. His mom got a confused look on her face and his aunt got a wicked smile!

She actually knew what is was and said nothing! Well not nothing. Before I could take the pictures Donna told Eric that she had some nice new shorts that she wanted him to wear. At first Michelles head snapped around looking at her, then she just smiled and told Eric to go put the shorts on for his aunt. Eric just kinda looked at me then left to change. Now get this, with me just standing right there his aunt yelled to him to just put the shorts on with his shirt AND NOTHING else!!

She meant for him to go without underwear!!! His mom looked at her then yelled out honey, just do what your aunt says. Then looked at her sister with a question like look on her face and Donna just smiled. Eric came out with thin white kaki shorts, they were too small, went almost to his knees but OMG.

His wiener was stuck down his leg, it was soft I think and it was HUGE. I'm no expert since it's the first one I've come close to seeing but lurid wang riding with wild awesome chick didn't look right. It really looked too big to be real. They all went out on the deck and positioned themselves so that the setting sun was at my back. I positioned myself so my shadow didn't hit them and started taking pictures.

OMG, OMG,OMG,OMG. This was the first wiener I ever saw and I saw it for real with the camera. After the first few pictures I hit review on the camera and that let me zoom in and scroll. Erics mom was to the right, her pussy was completely bare. I could see the start of her slit through her panties plain as day.

I could completely see Erics wiener, the huge head, the whole thing Was pressed against his leg by his transparent pants. Then his mom and aunt posed together. Then his mom with Eric and then his aunt. Now get this his aunt sat next to Eric, turned towards him while he stood and kinda opened her mouth for the picture. That showed her sitting with her mouth open right next to his wiener like she was going to put it in her mouth, she had her legs open enough that I could see a wet spot between her legs even without the camera.

Both women were obviously getting off on being photographed while almost naked. When We were done both women wanted to see the pictures and I said the IR filter made them not so good.

Well they demanded to see them so Eric downloaded them without opening them. Then he loaded them onto an iPad that Eric said his mom bought with his dads insurance money. Then he got it all set up to run on the new big screen tv they had so they could see them good. Eric told them to just pull up the picture viewer and it would load to the tv and then he hustled me out of there to walk me home.

As we left I heard both of them gasp at first, then they started shrieking with laughter as we hauled butt towards my home. Before we got too far Eric asked me how the pictures came out and I sunny leon new big xxxx storys latest that he was the only one that hadn't seen them. I told him that they showed everything.

He asked again so I knew he wanted to see them.

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I told him that they showed that he was hung like a rock star and both his mom and aunt may as well have been naked, but since he really wanted to see them we cut through the elementary school playground and got by the service doors where no one could see us.

We scrolled through the pictures together and it was like looking at porn, cause it was. Only I was with a boy when I was doing it.

When we got to blondes eden sinclair and dylan snow sharing facial at party cumshot college last one we zoomed in showing his aunt with her mouth open and then I scrolled it to her pussy showing the wet spot. I told him I could see she was wet for him even without the camera, he kinda looked at me funny. I said "what?" and said that looking at these pictures had him all horny and it hurt.

I couldn't help it I looked down and his wiener was HUGE and sticking sideways kinda in his white shorts. He said that he was totally screwed at the moment cause he couldn't point it down his leg with out breaking it, that he has to point it up. But because it's so long if he points it up it's gonna stick out of his shorts, but that the shorts are too tight fitting to keep closed. I was feeling totally turned on and sorry for him so I said to pull it out and we can fix it.

He asked "are you sure?" so to prove it, I took my top off, then unhooked my bra. I figured I got big boobs, U got a big wiener, we're even right? His eyes got real big and he leaned back and opened his pants and it just jumped out, I leaned over and squeezed my boobs together and he put it in there. So with me leaning over I started moving my boobs, he just started thrusting and then he grunted and started shooting his sperm.

The first three shots went off right up and over his head before I could think. Then I thought I don't want his sperm all over his face when he walks me home so I shifted a little and the 4 th shot mostly went over his shoulder. The 5 th and 6 th shots didn't shoot as far and they nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar on his chest and belly before he kinda stopped.

He was still kinda grunting and pushing but only a little bit more was coming out and smearing on my boobs and his wiener. I was able to wipe up easy but his shirt had sperm all over it. We tried wiping it up but we just smeared it in making it look even worse. Eric started getting scared almost like he was gonna cry, I told him that we could work it out.

He was still almost crying and said "how? Are we gonna tell your mom that I just shot all over my chest while fucking your tits?" I said well I don't know, maybe, she knows all about what I was doing tonight.

His face went white and he said "she does?" so I told him all about it being her idea that I join the yearbook club to get exciting experiences and that I told her about his problem and she knew what I was doing tonight.

He was kinda weirded out by that but still said ok, so we walked home. On the way home he said he knew the pictures would work, that he had already packed a bag to leave, that he just has to find a place to stay so I said i'll ask my mom.

Just before going in the house he got nervous so he just took his shirt off and went in with just his shorts and shoes on. Well diary, things inside the house didn't go well at first. Mom wanted to know why Eric didn't have a shirt on, he said he had to take it off. Then she wanted to see the pictures to see what we had been doing. So obviously she saw Erics wiener, she immediately looked at his crotch and said " those pants are obscene " Eric told her that his mom and aunt made him wear them and I agreed.

Then mom grabbed the camera and zoomed in on Erics moms face and said "I know her, what's her name" Eric said Michelle Kosloski and my aunt is, "oh my god" mom interrupted him, I do remember them both from school. They were 2 years ahead of me but everyone knew the story.

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Mom didn't even seem to realize that she was thinking out loud as she said she got kicked off the cheerleading squad for being too much of a slut.

Then she lost custody of her son after she got caught fucking the whole football team, 3 years after she graduated. Then she looked at Eric and said "you're her" now Eric interrupted her and said I was raised by my dad, and didn't know that till just now.

Mom turned 3 shades of red and stopped talking I insisted that we had to help Eric, that he had already packed a bag and was ready to live anywhere he could.

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That we just had to let him spend the night and then we could take him to the police with the pictures. Mom looked at me with NO in her eyes and I reminded her that she promised that she'd help me to not grow up like,,, she blinked and said ok. But then she almost yelled at Eric saying YOU ARE NOT touching my daughter. I gasped and said, no he can't, it's too big. Mom looked at me but then we cleaned out the guest bedroom.

Sep 21 Sunday Mom made breakfast for me and Eric, mom was wondering if the police station was closed on Sunday? I told nasty hot babe angela white in a buttfucking ecstasy I doubted it. But Eric wanted to get his bag of clothes in case he never got to go back, so mom drove us to his house, mom gave Eric one of her t shirts which sorta fit cause of her big boobs an all.

We waited outside and Eric went in. A while later Eric came running from around the back of the house with his bag, he jumped in and started yelling to go.

His mom came running out of the house with a see through night shirt and I swear she was naked below that. Mom just sat ther dumbfounded till some brunette shoplifter gets her cavities searched by horny investigator in a cheesy shirt with a bloody neck came out with a knife.

Then she drove like the hell outta there. Eric said that when he got home mom had her lawyer there, only he didn't think that the guy was really a lawyer. In fact he guessed that the two of them couldn't spell lawyer if they put their heads together.

But anyway, the lawyer and his mom were telling him that ebony actress boobs sucking story wasn't going to college and he had to "sign this" and put some paper in his hand and a pen in the other. Eric realized that this meant he had a college fund and she wanted to steal the money.

So he wouldn't sign. So the guy grabbed him by the throat and put the pen back in his hand. Eric thought of the old Movie the running man and stabbed the guy in the neck. That made him let go so he ran in his room and blocked the door with a stick that he used to do that with and threw his bag out the window with some shoes and jumped.

That's why he came running from behind the house. Mom got us to the police station in record time, we started talking to a cop but then mom stopped us. The cop looked pissed but mom said "no offense but we need to talk to someone older" the cop still looked pissed and mom said. This problem goes way back. We need someone who's been here 20 years or more that will remember how this mess started. That made the cop think and he didn't look pissed any more. He brought out his boss who was older.

Mom asked him if he remembered Michelle and Donna Kosloski. He said it was familiar, then mom started describing and he got it. Then he looked at Eric who said "I was raised by my dad" described the crash, mom taking the insurance money, everything.

Even that he stabbed the guy in the neck with a pen. The cop seemed to think that was cool. He said no one had called reporting being stabbed so they didn't have a crime unless they reported it. And he doubted that the guy would call because he recognized his description and that guy has warrants. The cop said he would help all he could, followed us to Erics house and was awesome!! He made Erics mom think that she wouldn't go to jail if she gave Eric the rest of the life insurance money.

She said it was her Cancun money, till he pulled out his cuffs. Suddenly Eric had a bank account with ten thousand dollars in it. Then the cop got the paperwork for the college fund. Another fifty thousand dollars more. Then he arrested Erics mom. Awesome,awesome awsome. Mom told the cop that Eric could stay with us to stay in school till it gets sorted out. The cop told mom that Eric could keep the iPad if he deleted the dirty pictures and they'd just use the ones from the school camera for evidence.

Also that we could come sick girls vomit puke vomiting puking gagging and barf spitting barfing later today and pick up all Erics stuff, like the new computers, big screen TV, pretty much anything his mom bought with the insurance money cause the house was rented anyway. Sep 21 Sunday night Oh my god diary, tonight was the best night ever. Mom pulled me aside to warn me to not do anything with Eric.

I reminded her that he was too big and that she had told me to not grow up like she had. She just stopped talking so I continued. I told her that she had promised to help me any way she could and that I needed her her help. She asked me what with and I told her that Eric is "the one" that he may not know it yet but I do and I am gonna make it happen. Mom said no way, that I'd just end up pregnant an dumped like she did. That's where I told her that her help came in.

That Eric was Wayy too big for me anyway and I knew there was a chance that it might not work out. But that she had never dated anyone since I was born cause she's too shy anyway.

That she never will either, cause she's too shy. But that together we could protect and help each other. At that point she figured out what I was getting at, she was shocked but hadn't said no yet so I kept going. I told mom that she could "take care of" Eric since she'd already had a baby. And that anything else that couldn't involve me getting pregnant I could take care of myself. That if she didn't help me that I'd just have to try to do it all by myself but because of his size he would just destroy my vagina and then I never would be able to get another boy, and that was what she didn't want.

That since Eric was gonna be living with us anyway then there was no way anyone could know what was going on and that once we were certain that Eric really was "the one" than we'd make it happen as far as me getting pregnant. That after I had our baby then mom wouldn't have to help any more. But that it could take a while, specially since he has a college fund and all. So she was gonna have to "help" for a few years anyway.

Mom looked at me really kinda strange but still didn't say no. She said How? And paused. I thought for a second, realized she'd never said no. Jumped and hugged her telling her how she was the greatest and that I would make it all work.

We were never gonna be geeks again, that's for sure. Sep 22 Monday Oh My God, today is the day that I am telling Eric my plan. I don't know how I am going to do it but today is it, we're leaving for school, mom is driving Sep 22 Monday My mom is the GREATEST!! Today on the way in to school she told Eric that I had come up with a "novel" is the word she used. A novel idea to make things run smoothly in the household. That we could all talk about it when we got home from school today.

Eric just looked at me kinda funny and I just kinda shrugged. On our way into the building of course he was bugging me so I whispered "you're just too big for me" he said "yea so?" "Moms gonna help" He stopped walking and just stared at me.

I whispered, "don't stare or people will think something" he started walking just real slowly. I don't remember a thing from school today. Sep 22 Monday NIGHT!!! Oh my god oh my god oh my god, tonight was the best night in my LIFE!!

Just so totally awesome. Mom was fantastic! She got off work early and met us at school. She must have been thinking about it during the day but she was all business like. She told Eric that we are both impatient young kids and we're bound to make mistakes if we don't show some self control. And that she is willing to help to make certain that nothing bad happens to either of us.

She started talking to Eric with me sitting right there and just came out and said. Because of the size of your member its not likely that you will be able to find a girl your own age that can handle all that anyway. Then she nodded towards me and said "she certainly can't" So she said that she would take care of things as long as the two of us were together. (OMG OMG OMG, shes helping me to keep a boyfriend!!!) Then she said that she was certain that the two of us were going to be wondering how this was all going to work out so she said we may as well get on to it once we get home.

She started to tell me that I was to stay in my room hawt lovely girlie likes non stop fucking I had to say no way. That this was going to be Eric's first time and mine as well even though I wasn't the one doing it. But that if Eric and I were to stay together then I wanted to be there for his first time too.

Mom paused and thought about if for a bit, then said "well either way we should still just start after we get home. Then mom told me that I could wear something sexy since that is what would be going on but that she was the one that was going to be involved this time. Eric just had an excited look on his face and was squirming in his seat because I think something was getting larger!!!

We got home and mom went to change, Eric stood there looking at me then I realized that I needed to change too. Oh My God. I went and took off my bra and put on a white t shirt that made my breasts look totally obscene.

My nipples are rather large just like the rest of them and so it looked almost like two sand dollars wiggling back and forth except that they were my NIPPLES and ERIC IS GOING TO SEE THEM, WITH MY MOM WATCHING!!

OMG OMG OMG. And then to show I really meant business, I just wore my white thong panties underneath and I know that my hair color was showing through cause I checked. Mom was wearing one of her night shirts and her breasts were obviously swinging back and forth underneath. The shirt was already unbuttoned enough to show her cleavage and there was no way to see if she had anything on underneath. Mom told Eric that he had to learn about foreplay so that meant that he had to be nice to her.

She let him open her shirt showing off her boobs. Eric started to feel them then she pulled his head to one of her nipples. Her nipples are huge like mine so Eric really had to try to just get her whole nipple in his mouth. Mom seemed nervous but she still let him suckle.


After a little she pushed him towards her other breast and he greedily took to her other nipple. Then mom told him that there was something else that young men should learn to suck on.

Eric immediately started sliding down between moms legs and started licking and sucking on moms my black stepbrother fucked me part of. Mom grabbed his head and started directing where to suckle and pretty soon she started moving her hips into his face. Eric was starting to hump the air with his jeans on and I said that we should get Eric undressed.

Mom agreed and she sat up and started taking Erics shirt off. I started trying to unbuckle his pants from standing behind him french high school girl shemales I really wanted to see this. Mom told me to go to her dresser and told me where to find a tube of lube. It was right gwyneth paltrow nude boobs and sex scenes c to a long box which had to be a dildo, OMG, my mom is a lot more wild than I thought!!

She actually has mom son taboo sex and tit suck dildo, but I still be that Eric is gonna be bigger. He said that it was 9" long but I know there's no way I could wrap my hand around it when its hard. When I came back with the lube mom was pulling Erics pants and underpants down. His wiener popped up slapping her in the face but she didn't look like she minded a bit.

Mom asked Eric how he wanted to do this. He paused and I said, "from behind" I explained that I wanted to know what I was going to look like if I got taken from behind.

Eric looked at me and mom smiled. Mom got on the bed and got on her hands and knees, she spread her legs and her you know what was on display for the whole world to see!! Plus her big boobies were just swinging back and forth almost touching the bed.

Now it came to my part, I had the lube, I really didn't know what to do with it so I squirted some on my hand. A whole lot more came out than what I figured would and I still didn't know really what to do but Eric was naked with a HUGE boner so I walked over and wrapped my hand around his shaft as best I could. I ended up using both my hands and just lubed his whole wiener.

Then to show that I was still involved, with mom still on her hands and knees, I pointed it towards her rear end. Eric climbed up on the bed and I kept pointing it at her opening. He knee walked up behind her. Mom opened her legs even more and I pointed it right at her hole, Eric grabbed moms hips and. I wish I could say Eric was a gentleman at that point but he wasn't. Maybe because it was his first time and all. He lunged forward like an animal, he shoved his whole wiener into mom in one shove.

Mom instantly gasped and lunged forward. I was so turned on hybrid black latina amateurs from dominican republic toticos all this that I guess I wasn't really thinking.

I just yelled at Eric to hold on and fuck her. (I actually said FUCK) Eric turned his head a little, mom turned her head too some but she was lunging forward like she was trying to get away from it.

Eric rode her right to the bed. Moms hands went forward and it was like she was grasping at air. Her hands flew wide open palms down then she was grabbing the bed and pulling like she was trying to claw her way away from Eric. Eric kept rapidly pummling mom from behind with that huge wiener of his and I was just standing there dumbstruck.

Mom kept reaching and pulling at the bed until she had pulled all the pillows and sheets under her chest. The bed was stripped down to the mattress and then mom just clutched her arms in front of her and held still.

Well then I noticed that mom wasn't really holding still. She was humping her hips back at Eric!! OMG this is really working. Eric was still holding her hips and curling forward as he kept rapidly pumping mom from behind, but I couldn't see anything. So I guess I told Eric to pick her up from her hips so I can watch. Eric picked mom up by her hips so now she was face down on the bed with her butt in the air and Eric was still pummling her with his wiener.

I crouched down and looked and I could actually see his wiener DISAPPEARING INSIDE OF HER. Everything next happened so fast.

I stood up and said I can see your wiener, at that instant both Eric and Mom turned and screamed "IT'S A COCK" then at the same time Eric continued with "and I'm fucking your mom with it" while mom said at the very same time "and he's fucking me with it" that's when it happened. I looked down as it happened, I had the biggest O in my life. I saw that my left hand was between my legs clenched in a fist with my pussy almost painfully pinched inside while my right hand had my left nipple also clenched into a fist.

I collapsed to my knees and fell face first into the end of the bed and almost passed out. No idea how long I was there but the bed was still moving for at least part of it.

Then when I came out of it all I could do at first was look up. I had a perfect view of Eric as he lunged into mom. His hairy ball sack was pulled up tight and I could see moms pussy wrapped around his cock. I could see that he wasn't really thrusting like he had before. He was just jammed into her and pushing, the base of his cock started pulsing and I realized that those long shots of sperm that he had shot over his head yesterday were now shooting off into my moms pussy.

And he just kept pushing I counted 3 throbs at the base of his cock before I started trying to regain my balance. I'm sure I missed some when I kneeled up straighter but he was still throbbing into mom from behind when I counted one more. Eric stayed right where he was and mom held still for him to deposit all of his sperm into her for a little while longer. Just like when he had sprayed off between my boobs he seemed to jerk and push a little so I knew he was still dribbling just a little more sperm into mom.

Mom kinda shifted her legs and she was still being soo sweet to my Eric. I could see her push against him just a little more to let him know that it was ok to just empty his sperm into her like he was. My mom is really the greatest. I was coming down from my BIG O, and Eric started deflating really quick. He pulled out of mom and there was the most erotic and obscene noise, just kind of a plop sound with a gurgling gushing sorta sound except that it was because his cock was coming out of mom and a huge stream of sperm just came pouring out of her from behind.

I was like Oh My God, that was soooo erotic. I mean even with Eric's cock wilted and pulling out of her mom still had a cavernous hole from behind where he had spread her open. It was just black inside and even after he moved off to the side more I could still see up inside of her. She moved a little and I could see that her hole was closing up but even after a few seconds I could still have easily put two of my fingers up in her and never touched her, she was just split open that much.

I said omygod mom, I could put two fingers in you and not touch anything and she instantly put her hand down there to cover up, she is such a lady! And she rolled over with her big boobs instantly whipping over and slapping to her sides.

Mom said "young lady" and then laid on her back. Eric looked at me and smiled. Eric SMILED AT ME! While mom said, those are not proper things for young ladies to say! I just smiled back at Eric cause he is still my boyfriend. Then mom looked at Eric and said "OH" and asked me to go out of the room for a little bit, but then she told Eric that he should stay.

I wasn't sure but I guess this is the way its supposed to be so I started backing up out of the room starting to turn and I saw mom start moving her arms to collect her breasts. I turned to grab the door and heard mom say "put that here" and looked back as I backed out of the room. Mom had collected her breasts between her arms while laying on her back and was motioning to Eric who had his back to me but was facing mom.

He started to straddle her again moving towards her face and she started to move her boobs together. As I shut the door I started thinking that she was looking towards his cock! I am not totally sure but I thought I heard her say "go ahead" but about what? Then while outside the door I heard the bed squeak for a little bit them mom started to say something about oh yea or there you go. Then the bed started to squeak more regularly and I started thinking omg he is fucking her tits.

Then I still wasn't sure but I thought I heard her voice say "come on give it to me" I listened to that for a bit with the bed squeaking pretty regular.

Then it started to dawn on me, his cock wasn't in her pussy at all. He was,, mom started saying things again but they weren't making sense. It was like when you play cowboys and indians and make the woo woo sound by putting your hand over your mouth.

Only I think it was Erics cock plugging moms mouth as he was fucking her boobs. I thought I heard mom say "uhh huhh mmhh" but in between all that it was probably Erics cock going into her mouth plugging it up like that. I was furious, I burst into the room just as Eric was hunching his hips forward. I ran to the side of the bed where I could see that Mom had let go of her boobs, they had just fallen to her sides. She had both hands wrapped around Eric's cock just behind the head of it so he wouldn't shove the whole thing down her throat, there was still several inches of his cock behind her hands and his ball sack which was again pulled up tight.

Eric held his hips forward and started saying "unnngggh" I knew he was sperming my moms mouth. Mom held on to his cock with both hands and she locked eyes with me. I could only see part of her face but she had a totally slutty look on her face and was holding on while Eric was obviously emptying his ball sack into her mouth. Mom kept her eyes locked on me while Eric jerked and pushed to the end. She made sure that he completely emptied all of his sperm into her mouth. Then mom tilted her head up but she kept her mouth open.

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I realized instantly that if she had closed her mouth without swallowing that sperm would have spilled out. She made one small swallow with her mouth open; then closed her mouth and swallowed the rest. I screamed at her, MOTHER!! I can do the things that won't get me pregnant. Mom looked at me and almost looked like she was smiling and said " I told you to wait outside" I was FURIOUS, I looked at Eric and screamed at him, "YOU HAVE TO DO THIS WITH ME!!" and bless my little Erics heart.

He promised that he would, just not tonight because he is too worn out. Apparently my mom can be bad sometimes too