Sex for a chap during massage hardcore and handjob

Sex for a chap during massage hardcore and handjob
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"Thank You, Sir!" McKenzie is known to be a little trouble maker in school, and also a very slutty girl. She wears the school uniform with a little bit of taste. She has on a short plaid skirt, a white button down shirt, knee high socks, and black heels. For her third week in a row she is in detention once again.

She walks to the bulletin board with the detention schedule on it. "Hmm." she says as she reads the list. "Mr. McKinnon has detention today." She says to herself with a smirk as McKenzie makes her way down to his room, she's eager to make him want her. She walks into his room and sits in the desk in front of his. "Hello, Mr. McKinnon." McKenzie says in a snobby voice.

He's sitting at his desk grading papers. He has on a white Polo shirt, gray slacks, and black dress shoes. He responds with a smile, "Hello McKenzie, nice to see you here again, what are you in here for this time? Inappropriate behavior with other students or just dressing like a little slut?" "Well, maybe girl fun nicki big boobs brunette masturbation of the above or to see you again," she says putting her feet on the desk.

He gives her a devilish smile, "Nice to see you still have your sense of humor. It's a shame you don't have a sense of fashion with that, but I do see that your boobs look a little bigger, did you get a boob job or did you finally hit puberty?" He laughs at his own joke, but McKenzie doesn't find it amusing and gives him the middle finger. "I do have a sense of fashion!

Here's my question. Why are you looking at my boobs anyway, Mr. McKinnon? Isn't that against some kind of law or does your wife not treat you right?" she says in a seductive voice. "If fashion means dressing like a slut than yes, you do have a sense of fashion, and well you don't button your shirt past your bra so we can all see, I'm only human and I have to look.

I'm certain it is a good sight and I can't deny it. I'm afraid I do not have a wife." He says looking her in the eyes.


She gets up and walks over to his desk and bends over the desk so, that the view of her perky breast are in perfect sight. "Hm, well that's a satisfying answer. I believe that you like what I wear." She says pointing down at his pants. "That's why there's always a stiffy in those pants of yours when I'm in here." She says with a smirk. "What have I told you about teasing me McKenzie?

Yes, I do like what you're wearing, you look like a little whore who needs to be fucked and spanked. I just can't resist those perfectly round and perky breast. But, you're going to have to do a lot more than just bend over in front of me to get me to fuck you. I'm not like the little boys you mess around with in school. Geez, I have a boner because of how much of a tease you are!" He says with a soft chuckle. She then climbs on top of his desk and whispers in his ear, "But, I like it rough mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob those little boys don't know how to do that.

I need to be fucked by a man." She says biting his neck softly. "Then if you want me that bad you're going to have to impress me, right now you're just teasing me, you are a dirty girl who loves sex.

I've caught you many times in school. I now you like it rough, but you need to earn my cock. Show me how badly you want it!" He says smiling at her. She gets off of his desk and makes it noticeable that she's not wearing any panties. She walks around his desk and turns him around in his chair. She then gets on her knees and starts undoing his pants. She pulls them down old gay and young gay pulls out his throbbing cock and spits on it.

"Now, Now McKenzie, you dirty girl! Look me in the eyes and tell me how much you want my cock, then I may consider it! As you can see I want you just as bad." He says as he grabs her breast softly.

She puts her soft lips on his cock and begins to suck on it while she looks up at him. "I want it please, Mr. McKinnon!" she begs. He grabs her and pulls her face closer to his. He kisses her fast and rough. "You can always have me McKenzie." He says pushing her face back down on to his cock. She keeps sucking going faster and rough while she uses one hand to play with is balls and the other hand to play with her clit.

She's still obedient and looks up at him while she fulfills his desires. He reaches down and pulls off her top. "Oh! No bra today!? Well, aren't you a dirty little girl?" he stands up and pushes her head further down his cock.


"Go deeper, baby" he says while he begins to fuck her slutty little mouth. She gags a like on his cock make nut come out your nose tube porn he fucks her mouth. "Get up here and kiss me you little slut," he orders as her spanks her beautiful round ass.

She gets up and kisses him rough and hard once again. "That's all you got Mr. McKinnon. Maybe I do have to go find me a little boy to play with." She says anxiously. "I haven't started yet!" He picks her up and places her on the desk. He spreads open her legs and puts a couple of fingers in her tight, shaven pussy. He then slides in another and another until he has his fist in her pussy.

He fists her as fast and hard as he can. He spanks her tits as he kisses her. "You want a little boy now?" he says with much confidence that he's made her his little whore for the day. She screams and moans loudly in pleasure as he fist her. "No, Mr. McKinnon, You're going to make me cum! Oh my gosh!

Yes!" She screams. He continues to fist her and spanks her breast. He goes faster than he has making her wetter and wetter. He then leans over and kisses her while biting her lip. "I'm going to cum!" she yells as she squirts all over him and the desk. She then pulls him closer by his hair for a kiss. "You dirty girl!" he says as he leans in and kisses her.

"We should make this a regular thing you can be my little fuck girl!" he states as he continues to fist her. Her eyes roll back in pleasure and satisfaction.

She continues to moan loudly. "Call me, Sir!" He orders. "Yes, Sir! Whatever you want." She responds. "Do you want me to fuck your wet pussy?" he asks smiling and kisses her once more. "Yes, Sir!" she says pulling him closer to her. Both his and her heavy breathing, racing heart beats, and sweaty bodies continue to collide as he licks from her soft lips to her pussy. He then leans back and slides his big cock into her dripping pussy. He begins to fuck her hard, and enhances the speed going faster and faster.

He grabs the ruler from off his desk and spanks her breast with it as he counties to fuck her pussy hard and rough. "Yes, Sir, Yes!" she screams as he fucks her. She pulls his hair and puts her legs around him to push him deeper into her pussy. She then begins to claw his back. He bangs her harder and harder. He continues to spank her breast with the ruler, but he also starts to spank her thighs. "How about it in your round ass?

You want that, slut? He asks. "Yes, Sir. Fuck me in all of my holes please" She whines. He turns her over onto her stomach and slips his cock into her ass.

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He begins with slow thrust, but quickly beings to build up his speed going faster and harder. She holds on to his arm and turns around to kiss him. "Faster! Cum in my ass please!" she begs. He goes as fast as he can. He fucks her harder and faster while he spanks her ass until its beaming red. He slides a couple of his fingers into her pussy as he pounds her ass. "I'm going to cum" he groans. "Cum in my ass, Sir!" she moans. "Ok." he says leaning back and slapping her round ass one more time and with one last thrust he cums in her ass.

He then smiles at her and kisses her softly. She then lays on his desk as his cum drips out of her worn out ass.

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"Thank you, Sir." She whispers.