All natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment

All natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Three: Daughter Trains with Daddy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Leyla Umayyah My pussy boiled beneath my dress, juices dribbling out of my shaved snatch and down my thighs. I felt Daddy's eyes on my ass as I led him up the stairs, the steps creaking beneath my bare feet. Nervousness twisted about my stomach. It was time to put all I learned from Mom with my younger brother Jalal to the test.

Time for my nineteen-year-old body to please my father. I wasn't a good, pure Muslim girl. I was a slut. A depraved whore. Mom was so right about me. I was so turned on right now to seduce my father. To satiate him with my body.

To feel his cum fire into my pussy like my younger brother's did. "Did you have a nice day at work, Daddy?" I asked, feeling his rough hands on mine. "Long day," he grunted, hand squeezing mine. He worked as a construction foreman. His success combined with mom's professor salary, provided the life for me and my two brothers. He raised me, clothed me, and though my sluttiness would shame him, I would repay that debt by giving him so much pleasure. My pussy clenched again, the heat growing, swelling.

Such a wanton longing filled me. I threw a coquettish look over my shoulder, smiling at him before purring, "Then let's relax all that stress away." His dark eyes fixed on me, his emotions impossible to read with his thick, black beard, lips tight. He stood tall, broad-shouldered, muscled. The opposite of Jalal's slender frame and almost delicate features. My younger brother had the tendencies of a scholar not a laborer. But he learned quickly how to handle a slut. He'd fucked me so hard under Mom's instruction, fucking me from behind as I devoured Mom's pussy.

I hoped Daddy would fuck me just as hard. "You're not wearing your hijab," Daddy said, noticing the first of my slutty behavior. I felt so exposed without the headscarf covering my hair and framing my dusky face.

I'd worn it for five years since I started menstruating. I felt so wanton to show off my luxurious, black hair to a man who wasn't my husband. I'd never have a husband. What man would marry a slut? But I would have so much fun. "I guess I forgot," I giggled, reaching the bathroom. I opened the door, the air anal interracial threesome fuck and ass licking with the bathwater. My parents installed a large, deep tub years ago.

It was like a hot tub, letting you relax in it, soaking up to your shoulders. Daddy needed it to help with aches from working hard all day. I could smell the slight tang of the Epsom salts. "Now lets get you in the tub and soaking." "Leyla?" he frowned as I led him into the bathroom. "What are you doing?" "Helping you take a bath, Daddy," I purred.

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"This isn't—" Feeling bold, I put a shushing finger on his lips, feeling the wiry thickness of his beard. I peered up at him, a coquettish smile on my lips. "You heard Mom. Just relax and let me take care of you." Confusion robbed him of his normal dominance. He stood rigid, like he didn't know what to do as I led him deeper into the bathroom towards the hot water.

Then I moved around him, reveling in the power I had over him. My body enticed him, my feminine features arousing him to sin. Sin I'd have to satiate.

It was my fault, so I had to relieve him. "Just strip, Daddy, and enjoy," I purred behind him, my fingers attacking my bodice. I worked fast, exposing my naked, round tits beneath.

I let the dress fall off my body, exposing my barely legal curves as he stared at the water, unaware that I'd disrobed. "Come on, Fervid girl gapes wet vulva and gets deflorated. Don't just stand there.

I need to take care of you." I untucked his shirt from his blue jeans from behind, pulling it up his body. He had darker-brown skin than me, rippling with sexy muscles. My pussy clenched, fresh juices running down my whorish thighs. He turned as I pulled his shirt up his hard body. His eyes landed on my naked breasts. He froze, eyes widening, mouth opening wide. My nipples ached beneath his gaze.

So hard, thrusting from my round, dusky breasts. I struck a pose for him, looking as wanton and slutty, arousing him further, aching to feel his cock in me. But fear swelled through me. What if he disowned me? What if he despised me? I was his daughter. I should be pure. I shouldn't be a slut. But I was. I didn't want my daddy to hate me. I wanted him to love me. To fuck me. To use me like a whore. His hands clenched. I whimpered, my heart exploding in terror as something crossed his bearded face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah I hoped my daughter was taking care of my husband. Karim deserved her young cunt wrapped about his dick for being such a good provider. He had every right to use the little slut. It was a shame she wasn't pure like me. Wasn't a good, Muslim woman.

But I would make use of her. She was the key to making back the money I lost to my online poker addiction. And to satiate the lusts sparked by watching Clint fuck his sisters, half-sisters, aunt, and others in the classroom next door to mine.

Vicky Stevens, his aunt, was also his slut. Like so many other women. By watching them through the peephole I drilled, I learned how to handle my daughter. How to mold her. How to turn her into a slut that would please the men I'd sell her body to.

My pussy grew so hot just thinking about it. My little Leyla, only nineteen, spreading her thighs for her customers. Letting them fuck her for money. And at home, she'd satiate her father and her brothers. She would make sure my sons were pleasured, that my husband received the comfort he needed. Men had broad appetites. And Karim only had me until now. Footsteps creaked behind me.

I felt eyes on me as I stirred the fish stew I made. It needed another hour of simmering. I gripped the stove, keeping on eye on dinner instead of masturbating to my fantasy of Karim fucking our daughter like the little whore she was. "Looking for a snack, son?" I asked.

It had to be Jalal crossing the room. His older brother, my firstborn Faizel, wouldn't be home until later. At twenty, he came and went as he pleased. Perhaps he was with one of the American girls he liked to date, sluts like my daughter who took care of his needs until he found a proper Muslim woman to marry. "I am," Jalal said from right behind me. Then his hands slid around my waist, up to cup my large tits through the conservative dress I wore. I let out a sinful moan, my body responding to his touch as he pressed against me.

I felt his hard cock against my ass through our clothing. He nuzzled european facial staycation with a latin hottie my neck, covered by my hijab.

"Mmm, I am so in need of a snack, Mom," he groaned, my nipples hardening beneath his massaging hands. "You naughty boy," I groaned. "But Mommy isn't a slut like Leyla.

You can't just walk up to her and grab her like this." "I know you're not a slut, Mom," he groaned, his hands squeezing again. "And yet you're fondling my tits like you own them. They're your father's tits." "You let me play with them earlier." I shivered, his cock grinding harder into my ass. "That was to help Leyla with her training.

It wasn't for our pleasure." "I'm just so horny, Mom. And you're so sexy." I shivered, my pussy clenching hard. Juices trickled out, soaking into my panties. "That's sweet of you to say, but you have to stop." I grabbed his hands over my breasts, squeezing them tighter into my tits.

"Right now." "I need Leyla's cunt. Do you feel how hard I am?" "I do," I panted, his hands squeezing and kneading my tits beneath my grip. I swayed, rubbing my ass into his cock. "But I'm not a slut." "I know that," he groaned. "But I need to cum so badly, Mom. And Leyla's with Dad. They're busy right now. He won't know that you helped out busty amateur czech girl flashes banged and facialed for money son with his needs." I trembled, biting my lip, my pussy so on fire.

I wasn't a slut. I had to remember that. But his hands felt so good on my tits. His cock felt so hard on me. I let out another wanton moan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah I could see the condemnation building in him.

I needed to show him just who I was. I had to arouse him to such passion that he needed me to satiate him. That he couldn't afford to be angry at me for being a slut. Instead, he'd need my whorish body to pleasure him, to give him the delights of my barely legal cunt.

I pounced at him, throwing my arms around his neck, being bold like those whores on TV. So wanton, taking what they wanted from men. I kissed him hard, shuddering at the wiry feel of his beard on my face, scratching in such a masculine way at my chin and cheeks.

I pressed against his strong body, feeling his muscles through his t-shirt. My nipples rasped and throbbed. Pleasure shot down to my pussy. I kissed him hard as he froze again. His domination lost to confusion. I shivered, feeling so wanton. I undulated my hips, grinding my crotch into him. His cock grew harder and harder in his jeans, needing me to pleasure him.

I pulled my right arm from his neck, grabbing his left hand. He didn't fight me as I brought it to my youthful breast. His rough callouses felt so amazing on my silky flesh. My nipple tingled as I pressed his hand hard against me. He squeezed. His lips moved against mine. His right arm wrapped about me, strong hand seizing my ass. He pulled me tight, fingers so rough on my butt-cheek.

I moaned into the kiss, letting him grope my body, feel my slutty delights. His cock throbbed in his jeans. I had him. Such triumph surged through me. It was so heady to seduce my father into such perversity. I swayed, our tongues dueling, my body shuddering. I wanted him so badly. My tongue dueled his, plunging into his mouth, driving him wild with my burning kiss.

I dragged my right hand down his strong chest, feeling his muscles beneath his shirt. I reached his stomach. He had rippling abs. I shuddered. Mom was so lucky to marry this man, to experience the pleasure his body gave her. And now I did, too. He groaned into the kiss, his tongue thrusting into my mouth, claiming me.

He kissed me with wild passion as my fingers reached his jeans. I played with the fastener. It popped open. The zipper rasped as I reached in and found his cock in his boxers. It slid out a slit in the front, so warm and throbbing in my hand.

His hands squeezed my breast and ass with such rough passion. He found my hard nipple, pinching huge black cock stretches pussy aiding and embedding and sending delight shooting down to my molten pussy.

I groaned into his kiss, my hand stroking his hot dick. He swelled so hard, his girth and length a little bigger than Jalal's. My pussy couldn't wait to feel it in me. But I hungered for more. I thirsted for incestuous cream. I broke the kiss, staring up at my father.

His eyes were wild, dark and smoldering. He breathed heavily as I kept stroking his dick. He licked his lips, savoring the taste of my mouth lingering on them.

"Leyla," he breathed, staring at me. "Mmm, just enjoy, Daddy," I breathed. "Mother wants me to take care of you. To show you what I truly am." "What are you?" he moaned as I slid down his body, my breast and ass regrettably escaping his grasp. "I'm a slut, Daddy," I moaned, kneeling before him, his dark cock bobbing before me, precum beading the slit.

"And I'm going to give you so much pleasure. With my mouth. With my cunt. I'm all yours until dinner." "And your mother." His words trailed off into a powerful, growling moan as my mouth engulfed his dick. I opened wide, shivering at the feel of his hard cock sliding past my lips and into my oral cavity.

My tongue swirled around its spongy tip. His face contorted in pleasure, his beard bristling. He clenched his fists, staring down at my whorish behavior. I stared back up at him, letting him see the desire in my eyes.

How much he excited me. I grabbed the base of his dick with my right hand, my left pulling out his hairy balls through the boxers' slit, fondling them. They were so full of the cream I craved. My daddy's cum. I let out a wanton moan, sucking so hard and bobbing my head. I fucked my mouth up and down his cock. My tongue danced, savoring the salty flavor of his precum. He groaned, ripping off his t-shirt as he enjoyed my blowjob.

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"Leyla," he groaned. "What happened to you?" I didn't answer him. I showed him. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked so hard. I moaned my pleasure, my breasts jiggling as I bobbed with furious passion.

My pussy clenched, dripping more and more juices down my thighs, perfuming the air with my tangy musk. It mixed with the scent of his body, the manly musk of sweat and labor, so different from Jalal. I wished Daddy was my first. It would have been even more special. This man deserved every drop of pleasure sucked out of his cock. Whether by my mouth or my pussy. He raised me. I owed him so much. I loved him so much. "My little flower," he groaned. "Look at you. Such a whore.

Such a slut." His words grew harsher. "Just sucking your father's cock, bobbing your mouth. You suck so hard. You want my cum pumping down your throat." I did.

I moaned a wanton yes about his cock, twisting my head, fluttering my tongue. I wanted to give him so much rapture. I stroked the base of his hot dick, feeling his skin slid over the spongy yet hard core. My fingers massaged his heavy balls, the pubic hair wiry against my palm, strong and rough like every part of him.

Then he seized my black hair in his hands. He held me tight, his hands forcing my head up an down his cock. I shuddered as he used me, just a hole to satiate his cock. He fucked my mouth along his cock, using me to masturbate his dick. I moaned so loudly about that, my pussy squeezing tight, aching to be filled. "You've been so corrupted," he growled.

"I've seen it. The way you act around me, wanting me to see your developing body. I've fought my urges. I've used your mother to satiate them. I thought it all innocent. Just a girl maturing into womanhood, on the cusp of finding her own man.

Ebony slut has oral fun with a big black guy now I see. Just a whore like all those Western women. You'll be wearing makeup, dressing in low-cut clothing, showing off so much of that beautiful skin." His grip tightened on my hair, his hips fucking his cock forward.

I gasped, his dick brushing the back of my throat. "You just need cock. You need to be fucked. You love driving men into sin.

Your own father!" I shuddered, pulling my hand off his dick, letting him use my mouth. He thrust harder and harder. My hands moved down, shoving his jeans farther down his legs, gripping the muscular trunks as he plowed his cock into my mouth. His dick pressed on the back of my throat. I wanted to gag. He growled, hands so tight in my black hair. "Just a fucking whore!" he said as he rammed his dick down my throat. I sucked in breaths through my nose. I felt like such an object now.

My throat burned around his cock. It hurt, and that just made my pussy hotter. Because I could see the pleasure in his eyes, twisting his face. He loved being in my esophagus.

I'd heard of this from other girls. Deep-throating. Something a whore like Clint's cousin Lee would do. That girl would do this for Clint. She'd swallow his cock to the hilt, and he'd cum so hard into her belly. Just like Daddy would for me. I didn't fight him. I let him use me. My lips pressed into Daddy's wiry pubic hair, his balls smacking my chin.

I smelled his manly, salty musk. Then he drew his hips back. I sucked so hard, moaning my pleasure. He grunted, face growing wilder and wilder. I whimpered as his cock left my esophagus. Then he rammed back into me, plunging his dick to the hilt, heavy nuts striking my chin. Over and over, he fucked down my throat. Each thrust made my pussy hotter. My clit ached. I squeezed my thighs so tight together, putting delicious pressure on my bud. Pleasure rippled through my body. My hands clenched on my father's thighs.

"Look at you," he growled. "Taking every inch of your father's cock. Your mother would never do this. She's not a slut like you." I moaned louder, his words making my pussy boil.

He pounded my mouth. I loved the plunge of his cock down my throat, his balls thwacking into my chin. I felt so used. Like a whore should be. I squirmed more. An orgasm built in me. "What a whore you gave me for a daughter, Allah," he growled. "Just a wanton slut. She needs to be fucked. Just a slave to her body.

So much temptation." His cock rammed down my throat again. He let out a bellowing growl, something primal, something roaring from the depths of his soul. Triumph. His cock pulsed against my esophagus. I felt his cum squirting straight into my belly. I didn't even get to taste it. I was that much of a slut. My clit throbbed against my thighs. My orgasm exploded through me.

I moaned about my father's cumming dick. Pleasure rippled through me as he grunted. His cock spurted over and over, his cum warming my belly as the rapture rose through me. I stared up at him, stars dancing about his head. He looked down at me with such hunger as the final blast of his cum spurted into my mouth. And I knew he'd use me more. I swooned with delight, my orgasm boiling my thoughts with rapture. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah I wasn't a slut, but I was a mother. And sensualclub erica vieira chat dreamcam mother helped her son when he was in pain.

And he felt in such discomfort. "I'm just helping you," I groaned as I reached behind him, fumbling at his jeans. "Since Leyla is busy. You understand?" "Of course, Mom," he groaned. "You're such a wonderful woman. A paragon of virtue." "Mmm, I am," I panted, unzipping his jeans. His hands abandoned my breasts, hiking up the long skirt of my dress. "Just making sure my children get what they need. My hand reached into his jeans, finding his cock through the slit in his boxers.

I held my baby boy's throbbing dick in my hand. My pussy clenched, so eager to feel him in me. Thrusting over and over into the depths of my pussy. I wiggled my hips, my cunt on fire for my son. I needed to satiate him. To love him like a good mother licking amazing hotties sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob her child. I stroked him as he bunched my skirt over my waist. I leaned over the stove more, the stew nearby, steam rising through a small hole in the glass lid on the pot.

My breasts shifted in my bra as I wiggled my hips. His hands grabbed my panties. I whimpered as he drew them down. "Mom," he groaned as my pussy, covered by my thick bush, came into view. "Such a beauty. More beautiful than Leyla." "You don't have to lie to your mother," I moaned.

"I don't have her youthful charms." "No, you have much more experienced charms," he groaned as I pulled his cock towards my pussy. A pleased shudder ran through me. Then I whimpered as I pressed his cock against my married pussy. I rubbed my baby boy's cock up and down my pussy. At eighteen, he had matured into such a gorgeous, young man. And so in need of his mother's love and guidance. I gave it to him. "Mom," he groaned as he sank his cock into my pussy.


The very cunt that birthed him. I savored feeling my son back inside me again, my snatch clenching down hard on his cock. "Oh, yes, Mom. I need this so badly." "Just remember to use your sister first," I panted. "I'll only help you out if she's busy." "Of course, Mom," he panted, his hands gripping my hips as his cock reached to the hilt in me. "I'm just so thankful to have a mother as loving and caring as you." I shivered, clenching down again on his cock as he drew back.

The friction burned through my pussy. Pleasure rippled through me. For the second time today, I took a cock in my snatch that didn't belong to my husband. But it was for my children. That didn't make it adultery. I gasped as he rammed his cock deep into my pussy, his crotch smacking my ass. Pleasure shivered through me. My pussy clenched down on his girth. His dick churned my snatch to a hot froth as he drew back and plunged in again.

And again. My son fucked me with a hungry passion. He rammed his dick over and over into my incestuous depths. I reveled in my baby boy's cock filling me to the hilt. Every slide of his shaft through my sheath sent rapture bubbling through my body. "Oh, yes," I groaned. "Ooh, just ram your cock into Mommy's pussy. Satiate those desires your whorish sister stirred in you." "Yes!" bbw gets pleasured by a big staff growled, hands squeezing my hips so hard as he rammed into me.

"You're so awesome, Mom. Your pussy's so hot and wet. I love fucking you." "And I love being such a good mother to you," I whimpered, my hips undulating, stirring his dick around inside of me. "Ooh, yes, just like that. Ram that cock into my depths. Fill your mother to the hilt." "I will," he groaned, pumping harder, faster. My eyes rolled back into my head. Such sweet rapture burned through me. My pussy clenched every time he drew back, not wanting him to leave my cunt.

But then he slammed back into me, his balls smacking my clit. So heavy with the seed he needed to unburden into me. I gasped, wanting to feel my son squirt his incestuous cum into my depths. I worked my hips, stirring my pussy around his dick as he pumped away. His thrust grew faster and faster, swelling my orgasm quicker and quicker.

"Oh, yes, you're driving Mommy wild with that big cock," I groaned. "Ooh, yes, such a strong son. So virile. Fuck Mommy's cunt. Cum in her!" "Yes," he groaned, pumping away so hard, his hands moving from my hips. They seized my tits through my dress, squeezing my large mounds. "You're so hot on my cock, Mom. You're boiling. You're going to cum." "So hard!" I gasped. "A mother should always take such joy in helping her children.

Such pleasure." "Yes," he agreed, his balls smacking into my clit. Every meaty thwack sent such rapture shooting through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I whimpered and groaned. His dick pounded me so hard. Stars danced before my eyes as the rapture swelled in the core of my cunt. I trembled, on the verge of exploding on my son's amazing cock. I whimpered and gasped, leaning farther over the stove, my forearms resting on cold burners. The heat from the stew warmed the right side of my face.

I cared for my family so much. I cooked for them. I cleaned for them. And I gave them what they needed. Leyla needed to be my whore. My prostitute. And my real localsex storys in car needed to cum in his mommy's cunt. My orgasm exploded hot and hard through me.

"My big, strong son!" I howled, my pussy spasming about his dick. My cunt writhed, milking his cock, so eager for his jizz to spurt into me. To fill me with every creamy, incestuous drop. Proof that I had given him what he needed. "You're so big and virile!" I howled. "Yes," he growled, pumping his cock through my cumming snatch.

My flesh writhed about his shaft, so eager for him to erupt. Waves of pleasure washed out of my pussy and splashed against my mind. Euphoria raged through my thoughts. They smothered them with incestuous ecstasy. And his dick kept slamming into me. Kept churning my pussy to a froth.

He had such stamina. Youth gave him such staying power as he rammed over and over into my pussy. I gasped, my first orgasm spilling into another. "Ooh, my big, strong son, yes! Nude girl hard suck clips free down your mommy's pussy! Fuck her so hard! Cum in her!" "I will," he groaned, squeezing my tits.

"I'm going to cum so hard in you. But not in your pussy!" "What?" I panted, struggling to think through the ecstasy raging through my body.

His cock ripped out of my convulsing pussy. Pussy juices flooded down my thighs as he dragged the wet tip of his cock up through my taint and between the cheeks of my butt. My eyes widened as he rubbed it on my asshole. "What are you doing?" I demanded. "I'm not a slut! You can't fuck my ass, Jalal!" "I need it, Mom," he groaned, pressing his dick on my virgin sphincter.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah "You are a fucking whore," Daddy growled, ripping his cock out of my mouth. I shuddered, coughing, saliva dripping down my mouth. "And this is how whores are treated." "Yes, Daddy," I gasped in pure delight as he hauled me up and threw me against the counter. I bent over the sink, my breasts swaying before me.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, my face flushed, sweat beading my dusky forehead. My mused, black hair tumbled about my heart-shaped beauty. It wasn't the face of a slut but of a virgin. And that just made it all the more wanton as I moaned, "Fuck me, Daddy! Use me like a whore!" In the reflection, I saw him staring with such hunger at my shaved pussy, seeing my tight slit on display.

Juices dribbled out of me, proof of my whorish need to be fucked had. To be used by his big cock. Then I realized his dick was still hard. That despite cumming, my body inspired him that much.

I shuddered as he grabbed his dick, bringing it to my pussy. I trembled at the incestuous contact of his dick against my snatch.

He slid it up and down my near-virgin pussy. Only one other cock had been in there. For a all internal blonde schoolgirl gets ass banged and creamed cumshots and creampie, that was practically pristine.

"Shaitan has transformed you, whore," he growled. "Possessed you." "Yes!" I moaned, rubbing back against him. "I'm just a naughty slut needing her daddy's big dick in her. Fuck me! You're so hard, Daddy! Don't deny yourself the pleasure of my body." With a growl, he thrust into me. My eyes widened as his girth rammed into me with such force, his heavy balls thwacking into my clit. It made such an obscene smack, mixing with the wet sluice of hard dick sliding into dripping cunt.

The sounds of a slut being fucked by her daddy. I whimpered in pure rapture, feeling my father in my nineteen-year-old cunt. My pussy clenched down so hard on his dick, savoring the difference between him and Jalal. A little thicker, reaching a little deeper.

His shaft nudged at the end of my pussy. At my cervix. "Oh, Daddy, yes!" I moaned in pure, wanton rapture. "Fuck my whore-cunt, Daddy! I need it! I'm so possessed by sin! I've made your cock so hard! Satiate yourself in me. Use me." His muscular form loomed over me. I watched him in the mirror as he savored my incestuous depths, reveling in the taboo pleasure of his daughter's youthful cunt.

I shuddered, tightening and relaxing my cunt, wiggling my hips, keeping them moving just how Mom taught me. Then his hands seized my naked, round tits. He squeezed them in his strong hands, fingers sliding up to the nipples topping the firm mounds.

My eyes widened as he pinched them. I let out a long, low groan as he twisted and abused my nubs. Pain flared. Wonderful pain. "I'm going to fuck your cunt so hard," he groaned.

"I don't know what game your mother is playing, but this pussy. I've wanted this pussy so badly. All mom and son hottest story I didn't want to ruin you for your husband. But someone else already has." "Jalal did it," I whimpered.

"I'm just such a slut, Daddy. You don't have to spare me. I don't have to be pure for a husband. I'm a whore, Daddy! Use me!" My words ignited such a fire in him.

I groaned as he drew back his dick and then rammed so hard into my pussy. My cunt drank in the friction of his dick pumping in and out of me. He plowed my cunt with such power, such strength. Jalal had fucked me like a jackrabbit, just so eager to be in my cunt. But Daddy. He fucked me like a wolf taking his bitch, squeezing out every drop of pleasure for the both of us to enjoy.

His strokes rammed deep into me. Then he drew back so slowly, letting me savor the feel of him. My back arched, my pussy squeezing down on his dick. Such naughty, lusty whimpers escaped my mouth as he gave me such pleasure. But I was supposed to please him.

I rotated my hips, undulating them, dancing my cunt around his cock. He grunted, savoring the heat of my pussy, the silky glide of my cunt around his thrusting cock. We both moaned our pleasure, savoring the incestuous delight of our sinful congress. "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!" I groaned, bucking back into him, my tits jiggling as he pulled on my nipples. "Just fuck me so hard. Ram that dick into my pussy. That's your daughter's sexy ashli has her wet pussy creamed pussy you're fucking.

Isn't it amazing?" "Yes," he growled, tugging so hard on my nipples I squealed out in rapture, my cunt clamping down on his cock. "So much tighter than your mother's." "That's why she sent me up here. She loves you, Daddy. She wants you to enjoy yourself. To satiate your lusts in me. She knows you've stared at me.

That you've wanted me." I quivered. "Isn't she such a loving wife? She's nothing like the slut I am." "You are such a slut," he groaned. "Allah's messenger, yes! Such a hot cunt. I'm going to dump my cum into you." "Do it, Daddy!" I moaned.

Every word we spoke made me feel more and more like a slut. A complete and abject whore. A huge smile burst across my lips. I reveled in it. My orgasm swelled faster and faster, driven as much by what we said as by my daddy's big dick ramming into my cunt.

But I loved that. He filled me. He completed me. My whore-body needed a dick in me so much. I needed cocks pumping in and out of me. Cum spurting into me. I whimpered, squeezing my shaft down on his dick. My eyes rolled back into my head, dizzy delight spilling through me. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck your slutty daughter, Daddy! Fuck your little girl!

Mmm, yes, you're going to fire so much cum into me." "So much!" he grunted, strokes growing faster, harder. He no longer teased me by drawing his dick back slowly. Now he yanked it back so he could enjoy guy bonks raunchy gorgeous bitch girlfriend homemade it back into my cunt. "Flood you with every drop." "I'll be dripping with your jizz all through dinner," I moaned. "Cum just pouring out of me. Ooh, yes!" "Uh-huh," Daddy panted, pumping his hips so hard, his balls thwacking over and over into my clit.

I loved that. My little bud drank in the feel of his meaty balls spanking it. Pleasure shot through me, meeting the throbbing tingles racing from my abused nipples. I loved how he twisted them, pinched them, pulled on them. He stretched them out while my pussy quivered about his dick.

It all drove me closer and closer to my orgasm. To my little pussy spasming on his dick. I wanted to milk every drop of his cum out of him.

I wanted to feel him spurting into my snatch. Flooding me with his cum. Oh, what a treat that would be. To be flooded by my Daddy's cum. To be filled with his incestuous seed. I wasn't on the pill. Maybe he'd breed me. Or maybe one of my brothers would. Or another man. I had no idea. Such wanton excitement filled me.

"Cum in me, Daddy!" I howled as my orgasm exploded through me. "Flood me." "I will, slut!" he growled. "Daddy will give his whore-daughter everything she needs." "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped. "Just give it to me." His huge dick pumped in and out of my spasming cunt. He rammed that amazing dick over and over into me. He filled me up. He made me quiver and convulse. My face twisted in the mirrors reflection, looking more and more like a slut's face and less and less like a virgin's.

I drank in the incestuous pleasure of my daddy's cock filling me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shuddered, shivered. My eyes were so wide, so bursting with rapture. My breasts jiggled as Daddy pulled on my nipples.

And his dick kept fucking me. Kept ramming into me. He endured my spasming pussy. His stamina held out as he pounded over and over through my convulsing cunt. He gave me more and more pleasure. He kept churning my twat to a hot froth. I whimpered, bucking back into him. "Cum in me, Daddy!" I groaned. "Use me. Dump your cum into your daughter's cunt." "I will," he snarled, his hands abandoning my tits. He seized my hips, grasping my slender waist, and really pounded me.

I screamed out in rapture. The pleasure slammed through my body. His cock buried over and over into my convulsing pussy. He fucked me like a man fucking a whore. He took me so hard. I reveled in it. My orgasms spilled one after the other. I cried out his name. My vision fuzzed. Stars exploded before me. Reds and blues and yellows. My back arched, tits swinging before me from his powerful thrusts. My clit drank in his smacking balls, pretty brunette sex worker elize threesome lingerie more rapture to my climax.

Then his cock erupted. "Yes, Daddy!" I howled, my pussy milking his cumming dick. "Spurt all your yummy jizz into me. Ooh, I need it so badly, Daddy!" "I can tell," he grunted, his cum spurting hard and fast into me. Just filling my pussy to the brim. His cum swam in me, pooling in my depths.

"What a whore you are, Leyla." "Your whore," I groaned. "And Jalal's whore. I'm every man's whore, Daddy. Just such a slut." "Such a slut," he agreed as his final blast of cum spurted into me. Such joy sang through my soul. I made my daddy so happy with my pussy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah "Sorry, Mom," groaned Jalal as his cock, slicked with my pussy juices, rammed into my virgin bowels. I let out a grunt of surprise as my son's dick reached into my asshole.

My tight bowels embraced his cock. Velvety pleasure surged through me. My eyes widened at the shock of it. How good it felt to house him in my asshole. I'd witnessed Clint bugger his sluts, but I never imagined I could do this naughty, perverted act. But Jalal needed this. I could tell that now.

He needed to ram his cock over and over into his mother's asshole, experiencing this delight firsthand. He could have used his slut-sister, but he wanted me instead. I shivered in delight, a big smile crossing my lips. My hips rotated, stirring his cock around inside my bowels. I let out a whimper of delight as he drew back his dick and then rammed into the depths of my asshole, his crotch smacking my butt-cheeks.

"Oh, Mom, yes," he groaned. "Oh, you have such a hot, tight asshole." "Uh-huh," I whimpered. "Satiate your cock. Just use me so hard. Mmm, yes, fuck your mommy's asshole. It's her first time." "You mean Dad never.


Fuck, yes!" I could feel his smile, his pride at taking his mother's anal cherry. "That's awesome!" "I'm not a slut, remember," I groaned. "But I'm just helping you. Being a good mother." "Uh-huh," he groaned, pounding me hard, his balls smacking into my taint. I whimpered, rocking back into his thrust, drinking in the burning friction.

It shot to my pussy, still aching from my orgasm. New pleasure swelled in me. I whimpered, realizing I could cum just from his dick plowing me. My baby boy grew up into such a stud. I gasped and grunted. My eyes rolled back into my head as he plowed me so hard. He rammed his dick into the depths of me.

He stirred me up. He had me gasping and moaning out in complete rapture. I savored his dick pumping away at me. His hands gripped my hips, his strokes growing faster and faster. I felt his orgasm build and build. I knew he drove himself to a hot climax. He'd pump his mother's ass full of all his youthful cum.

I clenched down my bowels on his dick, increasing the friction. "Mom!" he groaned, his voice sounding so adult. My eighteen-year-old baby was growing up. "You're such a stud!" I howled. "You've become such a man. Mommy is so proud of you. Ooh, yes, just keep ramming your dick into me." "Are you going to cum?" he asked, his right hand slipping around my hip. "I said you were a stud!" I moaned. "A stud makes his woman cum.

Your father always makes me orgasm." "Good," he groaned, his fingers finding my clit buried in my dark bush. I gasped as he stroked my sensitive bud. The heat burning in my cunt swelled in temperature. What was once a small fire was now a bonfire. It raged inside of me. Juices dripped down my thighs, my pussy clenching in xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 of my bowels.

His strokes picked up their pace, growing frantic. He hammered me, fucking me like a jackrabbit taking his sexy bunny hard. I whimpered, loving his cock's hot plunge into my bowels. His fingers rubbed harder on my clit. "Mom!" he veronica rodriguez jelena jensen a teachers discipline part one playing hooky. "Yes, yes, cum in my ass!" I whimpered, trembling, on the verge of exploding in rapture. He rammed his cock into my bowels.

My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned and gasped. His finger danced on my clit. His heavy balls smacked into my taint. And then they unloaded into me. He grunted as his cock pumped hot jizz into my bowels. I drank it in. My body bucked. My climax swept through me. My pussy convulsed about nothing. Juices squirted out of my cunt as my asshole writhed on his cock. I milked his dick, my virgin bowels drinking in every drop of his cum.

The incestuous rapture swept through my body. I bucked and convulsed, forearms rubbing on the cold burners. I panted, my hijab swaying about my face as Jalal drew back and slammed into my asshole one final time. "So good," I whimpered as my pleasure peaked in me. "Mmm, you are such a stud, my son." "And you are such a MILF," he groaned. I shivered, knowing exactly what that meant. "Just remember," I panted as he pulled his cock out of my aching asshole, "I'm not a slut like your sister." He grabbed my panties, pulling them up my thighs.

"Just a good, loving mother." He kissed my butt-cheek before covering my ass with my panties. Then he pulled down my skirt, smoothing it. He leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek, like any loving son would to his mother, then strolled off. I shuddered, checking the stew. Almost ready for dinner. Leyla should be finishing up with my husband. American mom son incest storys with english subtitles couldn't wait to see him.

I hoped he thoroughly enjoyed the slut. I knew he'd fuck her hard. Such a passionate man when aroused. She would learn a lot about pleasing men from him, getting her ready for tomorrow.

I already had an idea of the men I should sell her to. All those professors staring at those barely legal coeds, lusting after them but fearing ever touching them. Some of the girls were so precocious, too, flaunting their bodies, driving them wild. And my Leyla would take care of them.

The front door opened. A moment later, my eldest son walked in, a spitting image of his father at twenty. He had a big smile as he smelled the fish stew, his cheeks clean-shaven with just a hint of boyish beauty fading into his masculine prowess. Unlike Jalal, he had the build of a man, wide-shoulders and muscled from sports.

"Hey, Mom," he grinned, darting in to plant a kiss on my left cheek. I felt his strength. Maybe I should ensure he was satisfied, too. After all, it was my motherly duty. "Dinner's almost ready," I told him. "Set the table." "Sure, Mom," he grinned. Such a good boy. My asshole tingled, full of his younger brother's cum, my pussy growing hot and wet again.

A mother's work was never done. To be continued.