Nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar

Nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar
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My wife and I spent a xxxstory ganda story bf gandaebony in the country on a farm stay log cabin and plenty of fresh air We spent the first day relaxing and as it was very hot we only had underwear onmy wife is 50 and well developed she loves being naked and will do when ever it takes her so she discarded her undies and sat exposing her all. It was around 12 when I herd a voice Kim was asleep on the couch I was reading in the bedroom an older man around 70 appeared holding a bottle of wine and staring at my wife's bare assas I entered the room Kim awoke and without any hesitation said hello and took the wine and offered him a drink as she did this she placed a robe around herself and started to chat to the older manhe told her she was so beautiful and was sorry for bursting in.

As we chatted he asked if we were nudists as there was a part of the river that we could use to sun bathe as he does very often and that's were he takes his dog for a swim Kim asked about the dog Joe told us he was a newfoundland and very large but as soft as butter.


The next days we found the area where Joe took his god and layed down and felt the warm rays on our naked skin Kim had oiled her self with coconut oil and glistened in the sun the smell always made her Horney and hot as the day went on we enjoyed each other and I was getting the best head job when we herd a rustle and then came Joe very naked with his dogJoe must have been watching as he had a huge hard on for a man i love college interracial cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in 70 he was well builtKim stoped sucking my cock and invited Joe to sit with us.

Joe threw a stick in the river and his dog chased it and went for a swim leaving us alone I could see KIM was looking at Joes cock and as he knew she was he stroked it and it grew very fat he asked if she would like to suck it she looked at me and smiled I laughed and said not before me so she again sucked me as Joe was kneeling behind her and rubbing his fat cock between her ass cheeks I was watching a strange man about to fuck my wife as she sucked my cock and could not do anything about it and not wanting to anyway as I was about to blow and as I did he shoved his cock deep into Kim Joe fucked her for about thirty seconds before he filled he with cumshe stayed on all fours as we both lay back and I could see cum oozing out of her.

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It was then Joes dog came bounding up behind Kim she did not see him and the dog started to lick the cum from Kim's cunt at first she gave a frown look but that soon changed to a smile as the dog lapped it all and Kim started to moan with delight Joe didn't stop his dog but encouraged him to lick moorJoe saw me getting cross and told me all would be ok nearer xxx mom hot six night let him have his lick then asked Kim if she was okmy wife was enjoying the whole event and her look made me start to get an erection Joe also was stroking his cock so we both were encouraging the dog to eat moor it was then I saw the dogs cock it was huge and very red Joe was in front of Kim asking her if she would like his dog to fuck her and telling her he was a great fuck but be aware his cock is huge and explained that when he cums he will knott inside and swell and you will experience the fuck of your life.

Kim was panting and I could see she was wanting to be fucked slowly the dog mounted Kim and Joe held his paws as not to hurt her he then started to enter her I watched as his huge cock went deep in her then he humped and started to fuck she was so into it she was shouting fuck me fuck me and diving down on Joe cock, this huge dog was fucking my wife and going hell for leather and she make him cuckold cum covered xvideos cuckold redtube revenge youporn teen porn in rapture asking for moor and moor it was then the dog started to cum her eyes went very wide and she screamed yes yes yes he is filling me with so much it was then he stoped and he knotted up inside her she started to orgasm as he swelled his cock swelled so much she kept having orgasms after orgasms Joe held her for around five to ten minutes then the god released his cock and pulled out Kim collapsed and cum oozed out all over her legs Joe went down and licked he clean as I masturbated over her face.

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Back in the cabin we talked about the day and she said it was a great experience that she would like to do again Joe told her he had a pony that would love to fuck her if I would agree I felt her cunt it was so open and I agreed to see her being fucked by a pony would be fantastic that night Joe came to dinner and he not only ate with us he ate kim out again and played with her cunt he ended up fisting her and explained he wanted to see how open Kim could be as he did not want to hurt her as his pony has a very khloe kapri in fucking to share the secret cock.

Over the next few days Joe got Kim ready for the pony using his dog and fisting her he believed she was ready so on the Friday we went to the stable where the stallion was sniffing the on heat mare and baring his huge cock Joe was wiping the mares fanny with a raghe allowed the stallion to keep sniffing the mare before he removed her and was left with just the stallionJoe placed a bench under the stallion and told Kim to lay on it with her cunt facing his cock Joe then rubed the cloth over Kims cucnt which in turn gave the stallion a bigger hard onI held him still as Joe got kim ready to accept the huge dome cock.

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The pony was humping and his cock was going everwhere Joe guided it it to Kims opening and the head started to enter I could see her cunt open so wide and the cock head inch by inch go in as it went deeper he jerked and moor went in she was in extersy and orgasming her tits were hard and nipples so long and hard her back was arched and wanting moor cock the pony obliged and she took the lot fuck what a sight Joe was sucking her nipples and telling her she was so fucking great and the pony was about to blow cum deep in Kim he shuddered and filled her she screamed and Joe held he tight as the pony unleashed a huge amount of cumthe pony went limp and eased out I walked him over to his hay and went back to see cum gushing out of kimJoe was kissing her and she was responding telling him that was the best and thanking him for introducing her to both pony and mans best friend.