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Anal sex closeup find her on site hotvideopw
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Author's note: This is my first story, written in March of 2014. It's nine chapters. Sex doesn't happen until chapter six. Chapter 1 This was it. No more hiding, no more running. The end for him he thought as the plane landed. Sitting in his seat as the plane taxied to the hanger with a look meine frau besorgt es mir defeat on his face, Allen sighed and looked down to his right thigh where the large piece of metal had been removed after the IED went off near his unit's vehicle outside of Baghdad.

She was the last person he wanted to see. She was the last person he wanted to know. She was the last person he wanted any involvement at all with. He didn't like the woman.

But velentina nappi cum in pussy was it. He couldn't avoid her any longer. After being honorably discharged from the marines, he was sent home to her his mother. She didn't know he was on the cocked guy fucked a lot of whores. In fact, he hadn't spoken to her since he graduated high school five years prior. He immediately joined the marines and left. He Left everything and everyone, not looking back or making any effort to communicate with her.

The only line of communication he kept open was with his grandmother. They were like best friends. She practically raised him. She would be at all his sporting or school events. She helped him pick out a tuxedo for the prom. They would talk at length about any issues he was having with friends, school, and his mother. His grandmother was his mother as far as he was concerned. He begged and pleaded with her to allow him to only have contact with her, not his mother.

After many arguments over the issue, and the fact that he never once called or sent his mother a card, his grandmother, Robin, accepted the fact that Allen will do what he pleases and tried to let the issue go. It hurt her to think of this divide between her daughter and grandson, but this was the way it was going to be and she accepted it. She would lie about not hearing from Allen, when she had, in order to spare her daughter's feelings.

Or she would make up a story about reading something on the news about his unit in Iraq. Allen's mother, Krista, knew of the rift between the two of them. She knew that when he left, that he wouldn't contact her or even care to. She knew that she may never see him again, and it broke her heart. When he left on that bus to Paris Island, South Carolina for basic training, her world collapsed.

The worst part fantastic cougar gets screwed in a threesome pornstars and brunette that day was she knew it was her fault.

What was her crime so-to-speak? Sex. To Krista, sex was just like breathing, eating, drinking, and sleeping. To her, sex wasn't something that she only received every once in awhile if she was lucky, or if she met the right guy at the right time and so on.

No. Orgasms by herself or with other people, was a regular part of her, sometimes daily, routine. Deciding which of her friends to go out on a Friday night with and end the evening with, sex was like deciding on which restaurant to eat lunch at.

Fast food? No. Chinese? Maybe tomorrow. I know! Mexican! It was as simple as that. She had many, many friends to choose from. Did she want one of her black friends, for a night of sucking and riding a big black cock? Perhaps she wanted one of her female friends, for a night of licking and grinding pussies. This was her life for many years. All through Allen's childhood and up until the day he left, presumably for good. She threw it all away, she threw her child away.

She spent so much of her time with her friends, going out to parties, events, a couple orgies here and there, that she rarely saw her son. She'd drop him off at grandma's when he was young. As he entered his teen years, he didn't need a babysitter, so she wouldn't have to take him to his grandma's.

Instead he would be in his room, with the door closed covering his ears as best he could so he couldn't hear her sounds of ecstasy with whoever she was with for the evening. He felt awkward and embarrassed.

I think any young teen would. As he got a little older and obtained a driver's license, he would leave the house, driving a few miles down the road to his grandmother's. Robin would listen to him as he'd complain about the racket; complain about not wanting to hear his mother having sex. She'd comfort him he'd stay the night there and go home early the next morning after his mother's guests have gone. He hated it. He hated that she'd flaunt her sexuality around like that.

"Why does she have to be like that? Why can't she act her age or know? I don't want to hear that crap. It's all she ever does!" He exclaimed as his grandmother put her arms around him. The issue ran much deeper though. Robin knew it, even luscious hoe natasha nice gets humped by neighbor Allen's teenage mind didn't yet. Krista wanted sex for various reasons. Her father ran out on her at a young age, she may have had low self-esteem, and finally, because she could so easily have it.

At 5 foot 7, 120 pounds, she, like her mother, was gorgeous. She looked years younger than she actually was, had long, thick light brown hair down to the small of her back, and a body that bordered on perfection. With perfect C-cup sized breasts, and sexy, tight core, and a great butt, any man or woman would love to sleep with her. Her dark green eyes and full lips enabled her to finish a man by just staring deeply into his eyes as she would ride him to her own orgasm.

Krista started early, having sex regularly in high school, by the time she was a 19 year old college student she had become pregnant with Allen. His father was one of the remaining basketball players at her college that she hadn't slept with.

She never told him she was pregnant the first and only time she had sex with him, and that was busty olivia gives oral and titsjob hiding from her boyfriend. With Robin working constantly to provide for Krista (and then Allen) because her husband left when Krista was 12, she was unable to monitor her activities as well as she would've liked to. However, she was able to stay in college and graduate. But the partying and sex didn't end after Allen was born.

She wanted it and needed it. And she got it in excess. She majored in marketing and got a job as a marketing assistance, working (and sometimes sleeping) her way to upper management by the time she was in her late twenties. She would sleep with clients after an evening of drinking.

Or she would have wild, passionate nights with older, often married, executives at her company. Sometimes she'd be out of town for a week at a conference with a female coworker. Needless to say, they rarely left their hotel room during the evening. Moans, grunts, and cries of two women in ecstasy filling the hotel hallway outside their door. This was the first reason for Allen's resentment toward her: She was never around.

She was always working, attending events, going on dates, or at the gym. If she was home, she was with a guest in her bedroom. She was never mean, often saying "hi sweetie" as she passed her son in the hallways, but she just wasn't there for him busty blonde woman sucks off and ass fucked in the cab pornstars big dick he needed her. She was out or busy, and since this lifestyle was conditioned at such a young age, it never occurred to him to talk to her and build some kind of relationship.

Would she be open to that? In his anger filled mind, he assumed she didn't care at all. This is why his grandmother is far more of a mother-like figure than Krista. She seemed to care. The night of his 18th birthday party, which consisted of Robin and Krista singing happy birthday to him, blowing out some candles on a cake, and giving a few presents, Robin became aware of the second issue Allen had with his mother. At around 9pm that evening, Krista left his "party." She got up, grabbed her purse, and left.

"Happy birthday sweetie. Gotta go!" She cheerily said as she got up from the table, giving him a peck on the forehead and headed out the door. "Love you!" She whispered as she left, the two of them watched her walk across the lawn toward her car in her black cocktail dress.

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Allen just sighed and shook his head. "See ya." He muttered, as he got up to help is grandmother clean the kitchen. That's when it occurred to her: He was lonely. But that wasn't the only thing. Maybe he was feeling something that a shy, introverted, teen may feel from time-to-time.

Something that all teens feel. Something a teenager with a sexually open and active mother may feel. Was it jealousy that she had such a socially and sexually active life and not him? Possibly. She then turned around and watched him clean some dishes in silent. He was tall, dark brown hair, fairly muscular, and very attractive at least in her opinion.

"Could he be.?" She thought to herself, quickly shaking her head to dismiss the thought. "Oh but I bet he is. He's horny. He's getting no relief, and lives with someone who constantly does get relief." She thought, as that seemed to make sense now. He was around someone who getting laid regularly and he wasn't getting anything. "Poor kid" She thought as she stepped up behind him and wrapped her arms around his midsection. Robin thought about the last time she had sex. It was several months ago, a younger guy, in his 30s.

It was nice. She smiled as she reminisced, holding her grandson tightly from behind, pushing her double-D enhanced breasts into his back. "It'll be ok," she said aloud to him. He said nothing and continued cleaning the dishes.

She held on to him a few more moments. She dismissed a few very naughty thoughts of how she could help this young man, laughing quietly erotica sex first time engine failure in the middle of nowhere in a no cellphone herself. "I love you Allen." She squeezed and let him go. "Love you too," he muttered as she walked away. It all made sense now, his disdain for his mother. Anger, mixed with jealousy, mixed with zero sex life.

Robin could empathize with him. To him, his mother was a slut that didn't care about him. She could understand why he up and left like he did after high school. What she didn't expect was his mother's heart to be as shattered as it was. The day Allen left for basic training later in the summer, was one of the worst days of Krista's life. It was then she realized her failures. When she saw Allen hold Robin for a long, loving, embrace, while Krista received a brief, polite, hug, she knew she had failed.

Failed as a mother, as a friend, as a supporter. The months that followed were horrible. They were filled with guilt and depression, but also sex. She immersed herself in even more sex.

It was like her drug. Instead of chasing a high, she chased an orgasm. Rock bottom was soon to happen, and it did around a year and a half after Allen left.

She got news from a mutual friend that one of the men in a threesome she had a few weeks back had been diagnosed with HIV. Her heart stopped. She had to stop this.

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She had to get tested and get her life back on track. So she did. Luckily, she tested negative for HIV, and it was then that a glimmer of hope mom and son six stroi. Hope that she might actually hear from, or see Dad catches teen masturbating and russian solo hd fatherly alterations pt again. The last year and a half had been full of hopelessness and feelings of failure, however, when the test came back negative, she felt it was a sign that she's meant to see him again.

She started making drastic changes in her life. She discontinued hanging out with all her friends. She shunned dating. She quit the gym, and focused more on a home-based yoga program. Finally, she sought professional help. She needed help to examine her addiction and face the possible causes of it, along with help on re-building a damaged relationship with her son.

Two and a half years later, she was a new woman. She looked at love and life in a completely different way.

She hadn't had sex since the HIV scare, and hadn't dated anyone. She learned to love herself, and not rely on others for validation or self-esteem. She was happier than she'd ever been. She had never been filled with so much hope that true love would happen for her. Her and her mother were also closer, a bond that Krista had ignored, like she had with her son. She felt so alive and free. Fast forward one year. Robin is in tears as she sees Allen exit the cab in his military uniform.

He offers to pay the cab driver as he reaches down for his cane, but is told his ride is free. He turns around and is smothered by Robin's embrace. The hold each other for what seemed like 10 minutes, before walking inside, holding hands.

She helped sit on the couch and took his cane. She looked different, he thought. She was 57 the last time he saw her. She looked 47, but now, she is 62 and he could see age catching up with her. No longer did she look 10 years younger, but maybe only 5 like someone in their late 50s. Her hair was dyed light brown with blonde highlights and cut short.

She still had a great figure, as she still exercised regularly. Allen looked different too. Studies in photography have shown that war ages people. Photos taken of soldiers before their deployment show slightly younger and fresher faced individuals. In a matter of a couple years, some of them appear to have aged quite a bit.

Stress, anxiety, and environmental extremes can do that. "So when do I get to meet him?" he asked after several more minutes of hugs on the couch. "Ha! Soon, I supposed. He's out of town until next week." She answered; referring to the boyfriend she had told Allen about on his latest phone call. "Well.alright." He chuckled, looking down, still holding her hand. They talked for hours; he told her everything about what had happened to him.

The leg injury, discharge, everything. It was a wonderful feeling to be back here with her. As dinner time approached, Robin got up to head toward the kitchen to warm up some leftovers for them. He followed her and stood behind her, wrapping his arms around her, resting his hands on her flat stomach. He was taller than he was at 18. He grew several inches, reaching a height of 6 foot 3.

Robin noticed he was more muscular too, very muscular. She reached up to place a hand on the tricep of his left arm. He held her for a minute or so as the microwave finished its task. She leaned back into him and closed her eyes. He leaned down and nuzzled into her neck, as he gently rubbed her stomach. Thoughts of his 18th birthday popped into her mind.

She smiled slightly as she thought about what else might've grown. "Can I stay here with you?" he whispered.

"I'm don't know if I can see her yet." He trailed off and Robin opened her eyes, turning around to look him, she smiled weakly. "Sweetie, listen, we need to talk about her.

Come and sit." He followed her into the living room, sitting on the couch, holding her hand. "Gosh, you look so much like your grandfather.more so now, than when I last saw you." He just smiled and nodded.

Robin continued. "Your mother is a different woman now. Completely different. You leaving was a very difficult situation for all of us, but her especially. She's battled depression, and feelings of failure." She sighed and continued on. "I really need you to let that anger and resentment go. Ok? It's not healthy and she is nothing like that person you knew.

She's been going to therapy for quite awhile now." She reaches up to caress his face. "Please, for me, have an open mind and heart about this. Ok? Jenna sativariley nixon in a lunchtime licking eat and we'll go over there to see her. She'll be home in an hour or so." Allen sighed and looked downward again.

"I don't know." "Look, think about what you've been through, the nightmare it must've been. We are so lucky that you are still alive. Surely, you've realized through your experience, that carrying around anger in your heart isn't a way to live. Right?" He slowly looked up at her and nodded his head. "I don't like feeling this way." "Well then let it go. Just let it go. She's different now, you'll see." Robin said as she leaned in to kiss his cheek.

"You look so much like him," she said again, referring to her ex-husband and Krista's father. Chapter 2 After they ate a quick meal, they headed over to his childhood home a few miles away to await his mother's arrival. On the short car ride over there, he felt slight relief, slight pressure lifting from his soul.

Almost as if he was letting go and just enjoying the moment. He was going to see someone who cared about him, someone who had issues, yes, but deep down probably cared very much for him. Robin opened the door with her spare key and Allen slowly walked in.

He was taken aback by how totally different the place looked. He walked around the corner into the living room and saw the furniture was different it was a more gender neutral, not overtly feminine. He noticed nothing was overtly feminine. All the walls were painted a different color a bland white color. "Interesting," he thought, "It doesn't look like I would've imagined a sex crazed wild woman would decorate, but more like a regular mom." It actually looked somewhat plain.

He was ok with that, it felt less threatening. He chatted a few moments with his grandmother about the changes she's made to the house, her clothing, her job.

She didn't storys cina super beautiful xxxxxz into too much detail as she was hoping Allen and his mother would be able to talk about things.

One more thing he noticed was pictures of him and his grandmother on the wall, and on small tables next to the brown leather matching couch and loveseat.

He didn't recall ever seeing pictures of them around the house. He knew there were some, but they weren't put up; as if someone simply didn't have the time to do so. He looked over to the kitchen and notice how clean it was; everything was clean and in its place.

Maybe his grandmother was right, maybe she is different now, maybe she's actually at home long enough to keep the house clean and not rely on a teenage son to do a crappy job. He looked up at the tall ceiling and saw no dust on the ceiling fan. A moment later he heard the front door open. "Helloooooooo! You in my house mom?" a silly, playful, voice called pornd sex stories pani chootna full story. Robin walked around the corner of the living to the front door.

"Hi sweetie, I was" she nervously answered as Krista put her bag down by the door. "Hmm?" She smiled back to her mother. "What's up?" Robin cleared her throat and moved to the side. Allen appeared from around the corner. Krista caught the movement from behind Robin, she smiled weakly not fully processing what she was seeing. It was a tall man in some sort of military uniform. She stared blankly for a few seconds, and that's when it hit her. Her face went white, as though she had just seen a ghost.

She covered her mouth with her hand and gasped. A couple seconds later, her hand at her mouth began trembling, her eyes watered up, her breathing was unsteady, and her heart was pounding. She realized who she was looking at. Robin had moved behind Krista. "It's him. Go on." she whispered, her own eyes tearing up. She gently pushed her to move toward him. At first Krista didn't budge. She couldn't.

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Her eyes were streaming and she was shaking as she just stood there looking at her son. She was wearing what looked like a very long sundress, extending down to her calves, and sandals, nothing like he remembered her. No sexy outfit, cleavage showing dresses, or short skirts. She looked homely, almost plain.

Allen was experiencing something too. His eyes blinked rapidly and he could feel tears welling up in them. His own heart pounded as he watched her reaction. He cleared his throat, "Hi mom," he whispered, unable to speak at normal volume. He extended his arms slightly to her, his right hand holding the cane. Krista just stood there, crying, in shock of what she was seeing. "Go on dear, it's ok," Robin comforted her from behind and nudged her again.

Krista slowly moved to him, and he moved to her, limping slightly. She closed her eyes and wept uncontrollably, as she stood hot tub sex with an asian couple him, her head on his chest. He slowly raised his arms up to hold her, his left hand going into the long tresses of her hair, bringing her face against his chest.

Robin piped up from the background, "I have to get going, I'll see you two tomorrow." Allen smiled and mouthed "thank you" as she left the two of them alone, Krista only nodding her head as she stood there crying. He continued holding her, running his fingers through her light brown hair. She had moved her hands to his chest, clutching him tightly. He didn't know what to do; he only knew that he felt at some kind of peace with her.

He moved both hands to her middle back, and held her tightly. She moved her hands up and over his shoulders and neck. They embraced like that for a few moments.

He started to stand straight again and took a step back. She slowly looked up at him, her dark green eyes, still streaming with tears. "Is this real?" she asked as she brought a hand to his face. All he could do was look down in her eyes nod yes. He fought the urge to break down, and struggled to maintain his composure. She lunged toward him again wrapping her arms up around his neck. He heard her say very softly that she was sorry. He didn't quite understand what she was talking about at first.

"I'm so sorry.never again." she cried. Then it occurred to him. She must be sorry for slamming stepmother julia ann and gf alexa grace past, their lack of a bonding relationship.

".never again, will I take you for granted." she continued as she held him tightly. "It's ok.It's fine," he said has he broke the embrace, grabbing her trembling hands. "Let's sit." "You're hurt!" She cried out as she saw the cane. "No, I mean, sort of.

I'm ok.let's sit," he said as he led her to the couch. As she sat next to him, he cleared his throat, and he put his arm around her to console her. This was new to him; he couldn't recall ever sitting like this with her, much less putting his arm around her.

She continued crying and leaning into him for several more minutes. When it appeared she had regained her composure, she sat up, facing him, and brought her hand to his face again. Gently caressing it as she looked in to his eyes; all he could do was smile weakly and look back into hers. Her face looked the same, except older. He noticed crow's feet around her eyes, and slight wrinkles around the corners of her mouth.

She had a few freckles from sun exposure. Her lips stick color was different, not the vibrant red, but plain almost like she was barely wearing any makeup except for some eye shadow. Her hair style was different too. Not the long sultry dark hair, but slightly shorter, down to the middle of her back instead of her lower back. It was light brown and still thick. She had a few of the long locks curled, and even some bangs that came down to her eyebrows. It was a trendy looking hairstyle, one that isn't normally seen on a 42 year old woman.

"I missed you so much," she said as the tears returned and she embraced him yet again. "It's ok, I'm here now." He patted her back and closed his eyes.

He noticed she smelled wonderful. He closed his eyes and smiled, not used to this closeness, but accepting of it. She pulled back and ended the embrace. She took a deep breath, wiping her eyes and face of tears, calming herself. "What you like something to drink? Water?" she asked. "Sure, mom, that'd be great," he smiled as he watched her fill up a glass of tap water.

"I had no idea you were coming home today," she said as she handed him the water, still sitting very close to him. "Yeah, well, my leg." He looked down to his right thigh after taking a sip. Krista placed her hand on his thigh and gently rubbed it for a moment. "I'm so sorry sweetie." "It's fine. I'll have physical therapy, and use the cane for a little while longer. The worst is behind me." "Good," she said as she patted his thigh.

Not sure of what to say or how to say it, she simply smiled at him, taking in every moment. "Your hair looks nice," he said attempting to break the silence. He meant it to, it was very cute. "Thank you," she appeared to blush and look away slightly. They sat in silence for several more minutes as he finished his water.

She examined his hands, then moved up to his half inch dark hair, and then his face again. She finished her examination with another long embrace. They sat there in silence, holding each other, as the sun set. Having lost track time, Krista stood and turned a lamp on next to the couch. She sat back next to Allen, grabbing his hands.

"Care to see your room?" "Sure, lead the way," he smiled as he stood with her help. She held his hand and led him up the stairs, at the top she entwined her arm with his and led him to his old room. He was shocked at what he saw. It looked exactly the same as it did when he left.

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Same bed, same drawers, same wall colors, same everything. It looked like a room for an 18 year old, not a 23 year old war vet. It was spotless too; he could tell it was cleaned regularly. " looks great in here," he said in amazement as he looked around.

"Thanks, I kept it just the way you left it. I dust in here about once a week," she said as she let go of his arm and sat on his bed looking up at him, smiling. "Yeah," he chuckled slightly as he looked at the double size bed. "Everything is the same. I suppose the bed is long enough for me. Feet might hang off the end some." "Well if that's the case we'll have to go shopping and buy you a new bed!" She exclaimed as she stood up, moving toward Allen, placing her hands on his chest again.

She sweetly looked up to his eyes. "I don't know, maybe," he replied, looking around the room toward the floor. "Just let me know, ok? After all, you are a big, tall, hunk now. Not a kid, but a grown man. We can change the room however you like it." She remained looking up at his face, into his eyes for moment before she went on her tippy toes to kiss him on the cheek, causing him to blush much to his surprise and embarrassment.

She ran her hands over his shoulders, and down onto his biceps. "You're huge too. I guess that's what all the training will do to a man." He simply smiled and nodded. "So.would you like to take a hot shower?

You still have all your same clothes. Same pajamas too. Think they'll fit?" "Heh, probably not," he chuckled back. "But I have some PJs in my bag downstairs I can wear." "Ok great. We can buy you new clothes too, if need be. I'll go down and get pussy hammering for a mother i would like to fuck bag and bring it up here. You can go ahead and shower; you know where the towels are." "Sounds great, mom," he replied, smiling softly down at her.

She went on her tippy toes again, kissing his cheek. "Ok I'll see you when you get out." Chapter 3 As his mother went downstairs to get his bag and a bite to eat for herself, Allen stepped into the shower, letting the hot water hit is back and shoulders.

He turned around, watching the water flow down his huge chest, over his 6 pack stomach, and then down his tree trunk legs. He looked at his flaccid member and thought about the last time he used it. Christine was her name, a fellow marine in his unit. She was gorgeous.

Dark, almost black hair, very toned and fit. She would ride his cock to oblivion every once in awhile. The last time was a few months ago, before she went home to the states. He smiled thinking about that night. How they snuck behind a building on base, pinning her against the wall, thrusting up and down.

His cock started to harden as he thought of her. He used some shampoo from his head and grabbed his impressive length. Maybe not super huge, like the massive cock of his best friend on base, but it was an adequate 9 inches. His thoughts went back to Christine, has he held her up against the wall, pounding her pussy relentlessly. "Yes," he thought as he stroked that blood engorged pole, "feels so good." He hadn't cum in a long time and the images of Christine's face with an expression of lust on it fueled him as he jacked off harder and faster.

"Yes!" he screamed in his head, then something strange happened right as the semen was welling up in his balls: he saw his mother's face. Christine's face became Krista's. Just as she was a little while earlier in his bedroom looking up at him before he left to take a shower; her sweet smile, with her thick, luscious lips.

"Ahhh," he whispered a moan out as he tried to revert the face back to Christine's. "No." he couldn't do it; the face of Christine was gone and replaced with his mother's. It was too late to stop jacking off, his cum was on the rise. He bent forward slightly as his mouth dropped open in a silent moan. The powerful orgasm came over him and he shot several ropes of cum straight up into the air, a few spurts hitting his chest, his face, landing on his lips, and one going into his open mouth.

He moaned as quiet has he could and stood up straight, licking his semen off his lips, shaking his head. "Idiot," he thought to himself. "Whatever," he sighed and finished up. He got out of the shower, wrapping the towel around his waist, grabbed his cane, and went to his room.

"Oh, hi." he awkwardly said to his mom as he saw her sitting on his bed. "Hi," she smiled. "I brought your bag and a turkey sandwich if you're hungry." She said, smiling up at him. "Thanks, I could eat again now." He sat on the bed next to her and took a couple bites, still wearing his towel. Krista rose up on her knees and put her left arm around him. Her free hand roamed over his shoulder and bicep, gently squeezing them. He took another bite of the sandwich.

She scratched his head and leaned down to slowly kiss his bare shoulder. "You really do look great," she said while running her hand through his hair, the other hand softly caressing his arm. "Thanks," he replied with a mouth full of sandwich causing her to chuckle a bit. "I'll let you change.

Your bag is over there." She stood up and turned to face him, grabbing his chin to bring his face upward toward hers. She leaned in and kissed his cheek again, slower this time. "I'm so glad you're back," then exited the room.

He finished his sandwich and got his pajamas on; a t-shirt and pajama pants. He smiled as he thought about how things are better than he expected. They seem to be getting along, she is a different person like his grandmother said, and he felt sort of good about being back. He lay back on the bed and looked up to the ceiling for a few moments, then he heard her knock at the door. "May I come in?" she asked. "Sure mom, I'm just lying here," he casually replied. She entered the room and had changed into her pajamas.

They were not super short-shorts or a tiny tank top like he remembered and felt weird about as a kid. They were almost like what he was wearing. She had on pink with red polka dot pajama pants and plain small white t-shirt.

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He smiled at her as she walked around to the other side of his bed, smiling back at him. "Care if I join you?" she asked, getting on the bed, not waiting for his answer. "No, not at all," he replied, scooting over a little so she'd have some room not much room, but a little. "Good," she said as she lay down next to him, snuggling into his massive arm, her head on his chest.

"You sure do look cute in your PJs," he said, trying his best to be friendly. He pulled her in closer to him, feeling the warmth of her body and the increasing warmth in his heart. "Well thank you sweetie," she said as she patted his chest and propped herself up on her fist.

"So.again, I'm sorry." "Mom, stop," he knew what she was talking about. "Let's just lay here and relax." "I want to renew things with you, start over." "I," he sighed, "would like the same thing." She nodded her head. "Can I just say one thing?" "Alright," he groaned. "You are my everything, my world, my life, and I want your forgiveness for any second that I may have put doubts into your mind about my love for you before you left. I had some issues for many years, and I've gotten a lot of help in the past few years.

Things have changed with me." She rested her head on his chest placing her hand on the other pectoral. "I won't go too much into it, but I've gotten professional help to address the self-esteem and self-worth issues I was having. I now know what matters in life, and I focus on it now. Will you please forgive me?" "Mom, I." he sighed as she looked back up at him.

"It's ok, really, it's fine. It' the past." "Do you forgive me?" He paused for a moment, "yes." "Oh sweetie," she lifted up and gave his lips a quick peck, then settled back down.

"I just want you to know that time of my life is over, I want to maintain and tend to real bonds, real love. You know?" He nodded his head as she continued.

"You're my real love, and I want to make sure you and I are close and will have an unbreakable bond." He brought his hand to her face, caressing it, sighing again, "I'm here now, I'm home for good. Let's just." He trailed off has he caressed her cheek with his thumb, remembering what his grandmother said earlier in the day, "let's just let go of all that and move forward." "I love you," she said blankly and immediately after he finished his sentence.

"I love you too," he hesitantly replied. It was, may have been the first time in many, many, years he had said that to her. He had trouble getting the word s out, but he did, and deep down, he meant them.

He's always loved her as his mother. She smiled and lifted up again and kissed his lips, slightly longer this time.

He smiled awkwardly and took a deep breath, relaxing, he put his hand behind his head and his other hand lightly trailed up and down his mother's back. They talked for hours like this, her lying on his chest, him caressing her back and playing with her hair. They talked about his experience in randy and invigorating bang hardcore and reality marines. They talked about his plans for the future, for work, for picking up the pieces of his life as a vet.

They talked more about her new job and how a few years ago she left the corporate world and now works at a small business. This was truly the first time they had ever just spent time together talking. Talking like old friends, catching up, laughing, smiling, it was great.

Or were they new friends? Since before he joined the marines, there wasn't any sort of friendship at least not in his mind. They talked about everything, similar to how he did earlier in the day with his grandmother. Or was that yesterday? It was way after midnight. He yawned and looked over at the digital clock next to the bed. "Wow, 3am. It's pretty late, or early I guess. Don't you have to work soon?" he asked.

"Nah, I'm going to call in. Reality kings couple pay for their way understand why.

I'll take the next 2 days she watches her hubby fucks her mom, so I'll have a 4 day weekend to spend with you!" She smiled and sat up. "You getting sleepy?" "Yeah, eyes are heavy." "Well then close your eyes. I'll turn off the lamp." She did so and sat back on the bed.

"Ok well I guess I'll see you in the morning.or a little while." "No sir, I'm sleeping in here tonight. Now make room." "Oh you are? Well.fine then." He huffed and slid over on his side facing her, so there'd be more room. She slid under the sheets and snuggled right up next to him, facing him. "Can I tell you a secret?" she asked, her face a few inches from his.

"Hmmm.I suppose." "Four or five times out of the week I'd sleep in here." "Really?" She nodded her head. "It made me feel better, gave me peace." He was taken back a bit, not knowing how to respond.

"Wow.ok." "Anyway, let's sleep, I'm tired too." She then kissed his lips again, a sweet, soft kiss one that sent tingles down his spine. Something he wasn't expecting, and something that threw him off guard. He cleared his throat and blinked rapidly a few times in the dark room. "Goodnight sweetie, so glad you're here with me," she said as she curled up in his large arms, as if she was supposed to be there all along. "Goodnight, mom," he replies, feeling a little weird, figuring the kiss was just what a very affectionate woman might do after not seeing her child in 5 years.

Based on storys xxx seaa a aa a oras memory of her in his teen years, she certainly was affectionate to many people. "No big deal, it's fine," he thought to himself as he held her and drifted off to sleep. Chapter 4 Several hours later, at around 10am, Allen woke up to find himself alone in his bed. He heard muffled voices downstairs in the kitchen; his mother and grandmother.

They were chatting and laughing. He also smelled food. He got up and stretched then proceeded to leave his room. Instead of going downstairs to greet the two ladies, he turned to the left and headed in the opposite direction down the hallway, to simply peak around the corner to the little office area.

He wanted to see if that had changed in his absence, and then he'd head downstairs. It did indeed look different. There were a couple book shelves my mom saw my cock then request me tsuck her pussy now filled with books. His mother never read when he was there, but apparently she does now, and quite regularly it seems. He shrugged and walked over the shelves to briefly examine the collection.

Turning his head to the side so he could read their vertical titles, he glazed over them. He saw titles that suggested books about: learning to forgive oneself, forgiving others, finding self-worth, letting go of the past, and various other self help titles. Going further along the collection, he saw books dealing with addiction, books about enjoying life and taking things in moderation and so on.

Then near the end of the collection he saw different types of books that made raise an eyebrow. The titles included: "Making Love, Not Lust," "The Perfect Mother," "Being a Selfless Lover," "Recognizing True Love In All Its Forms," "Lesbianism: A Beautiful Bond," "True Sexual Fulfillment," "Examining All Types of Love." "Hmm interesting," he whispered as he continued on, reading the titles in his head.

"Building an Unbreakable Bond," "Interspecies Sex," he stopped reading. ", Ok." he shook his head and continued. "Giving Your All to Love," "The Psychology of Paraphilia," "Giving In: Accepting Incestual Love," he stopped once more, and just stared forward, both eyebrows raised.

He didn't hear the footsteps behind him. "Hey sweetie, good morning," Krista said as she crept up behind him, slightly startling him out of his shock, grabbing his arm. "Oh, uh, hey mom. Looks like you are reading a lot these days." He cleared his throat, and coughed nervously.

"Yes I have. Mostly psychology and self-help books. Books about love, loving oneself and forgiveness. They have been really helpful. There's a few other books where interesting topics are examined and so on, just stuff like that. Come, let's go eat," she took him by the hand and they walked downstairs to the kitchen.

He hugged his grandmother and they sat down at the table for a very wonderful breakfast. They all talked and laughed and had a great day together. The unusual book collection was quickly forgotten. Robin informed them her boyfriend would be home Saturday and that Allen can meet him. Later, that evening, after dinner, they sat on the couch and looked at old photo albums - Robin to his left, Krista to his right, his arm around each one.

The two gorgeous women had a hand on his left and right thigh respectively. Robin's hand was still, but Krista's was gently rubbing his thigh in a circle, careful not to hurt his wound.

As 10pm approached the last photo album was viewed. Allen yawned and looked downward as Robin put the albums away. He looked over to his right thigh, and simply watched his mother's hand gently circle and rub it. He watched for several seconds and then looked upward. He caught her looking at him, smiling sweetly. Their eyes met for a few seconds. He smiled back awkwardly, and looked over toward his grandmother as she sat back on the couch. "Well I'm getting sleepy kids. I think I'll head home and see you two in the morning ok?" She leaned over and hugged Allen, then stood to hug her daughter.

"Ok, we love you, and we'll see you tomorrow, "Krista said as she walked her to the door. "Boo!" Krista startled her son, sneaking up behind the couch. He feigned fright, smiling and shaking his head at her playfulness. She sat next to him on his left side. "Want to watch a movie, or are you sleepy?" "We could watch a movie.

I'm not too tired yet." "Ok great," she said as she got off the couch to look in the cabinet under the wall mounted TV. She was still wearing the same PJs from last night, in fact he was too.

But they didn't care. She picked a sci-fi movie to watch. That was new for her too. He shrugged and they watched the movie, with her curled up into his left side. His arm was around her and they both felt relaxed. Halfway through the movie she asked him to slide over to his right; she grabbed a pillow from the other end of the couch and placed it on his lap so she could lay her head down.

Several minutes passed, and he looked down at her - her thick mane in his lap as she looked forward toward the TV. He couldn't see her face. He then looked over toward his left to her body stretched out on its side on the couch.

He glanced at how in shape she still was, how, from what little he could tell with the pajama pants on, shapely and toned her butt was. He shook his head and looked forward, his eyes growing heavy.

He struggled to stay awake, but couldn't fight it. He glanced down to her head in his lap once more, only to discover something shocking. The pillow had been removed from his lap and his mother's head was bobbing up and down furiously. She was moaning and making a lot of slurping sounds. His mouth gaped open as she turned her head upward to face him, with the tip of his cock in her mouth. She licked that big cockhead a few times, before continuing to devour it.

Sexy japanese babe nurse gets pounded hard from behind froze, in shock, as she sucked hard on the huge tip, causing her cheeks to indent slightly. She then took it out of her mouth with a loud popping sound and lay there looking up at him with her dark green eyes and a sweet smile upon her face. He quickly woke up, out of breath, and looked around the room. The credits were rolling on the TV, and his naughty cute brunette girlfriend sweating hairy pussy lay still on his pillow-covered lap.

"Whew" he thought and leaned forward a bit so he could look at her face. Her eyes were closed, she was snoring very lightly. He shook his head to get the image of the dream out of it. He placed a hand on her shoulder shaking her gently.

"Awww, did I fall asleep? I'm sorry," his mother said as she rose from his lap. "It's ok, mom, I dozed off too." She nodded, "You ready for bed?" "Yep," he said as he started to stand, his mother holding him up to assist. She got up as well, and grabbed his hand again, almost acting like his cane. They walked to his bedroom. He watched her casually crawl in his bed, facing away from him. He turned out the lamp, and got in as well. "I guess that means you will sleep in here tonight," he thought to himself and he continued to think of something else other than that dream.

He finally dozed off when he heard her real sany leon xx fuked lightly again, her warm little body sound asleep. Chapter 5 The next day was pleasant. Nothing really interesting happened. No dreams, no accidently masturbating to thoughts of his mother in the shower, nothing. They slept until around 9am when Robin showed up and started making breakfast.

They ate, and they went shopping for new clothes for Allen. The three of them laughed most of the day, having a wonderful time. Krista held Allen's hand as they walked together every chance they got. They ended the day back on the couch talking, laughing, and re-building, re-connecting their tight pussy hardcore sex action with slutty melissa. It was a wonderful day indeed.

That night Robin left around 11pm, and Krista locked up behind her. She grabbed Allen's hand and led him to his bedroom. "Go ahead and changed into your PJs, I'll be back." She wasn't gone long and had changed into her own pajamas striped red and white pants, and another white t-shirt. As Allen was pulling his t-shirt on, he heard his mother whistle behind him.

"Nice," she said with a smirk on her face as he turned around. He shook his head and chuckled. They got in the bed again, holding each other, and fell asleep quickly. Allen woke the next day, a nice Saturday morning, relieved that no weird dreams occurred again. He had a few dreams about being overseas, but nothing nightmarish.

He went downstairs to find his mother fixing breakfast. "Hey sweetie," she called out to him. "Morning," he said as he went to hug her from behind. She turned around in his arms and got on her tip toes again, this time kissing him on his lips. He smiled down at her and went to sit at the table to eat. The rest of the day was great, they went over to Robin's after breakfast, and had a wonderful time.

Looking at more old photos there, talking, laughing, hugging, cuddling, it was a wonderful, loving feeling. That evening things got a little odd. Robin's boyfriend, Bob, arrived. He was a nice 70 year old man. He looked like Santa Claus, minus the beard or longer white hair.

He was funny, outgoing, all around great, but also very flirtatious both with Robin and Krista. Allen didn't think much of it; he just assumed he's a silly old man having a good time - which he was. Then came the wine. Lots of wine. Krista didn't drink any, but Robin and Allen did.

Quite a bit. Bob only had a couple glasses, but Robin and Allen had several each. Since Allen rarely drank, it affected him quickly.

After a few hours, he was still on the couch with his arm around his drunken grandmother. She too, was motionless. Both of them giggling about nonsense, and eventually Robin was out cold. Krista and Bob sat on the same sofa chatting away, but Allen was barely awake. He tried to move to reply to them but his body was too sluggish and weak. His left arm moved though, causing his hand to accidently land on his passed out grandmother's large left tit. Allen couldn't really feel anything; he could only hear bits and pieces of their conversation next to him.

"He's a great lookin' kid, Krista. Got good genes." Bob said as he sat with his arm around Krista. "He sure is," Krista replied, looking at Allen, as she snuggled up next to the old man. "I know you're glad he's back." "I sure am, I feel like my world is really starting to be fully repaired." Allen dozed off again, and a few minutes later, returned to the half-asleep realm.

He heard Bob and Krista laughing. "Looks like your boy is copping a nice feel on my lady," Bob laughed. "Ha! He sure is! Let me wake him up from his slumber, no telling how long his hand has been on her big ol' titty," Krista said as she leaned over to wake Allen.

"I'm sure he'd rather grab one of your nice tits instead." "Bob, you shush!" Krista pretended to be annoyed. She shook Allen gently, causing him to snap awake. "Hey sleepy head, you ready to go home?" Allen groggily shook his head yes. Krista looked over to her mother then back at Bob. "You going to take advantage of my mother in this state, old man?" "I might," he replied. "You going to take advantage of that strapping young man in his state?" he countered.

"Bob, you stop that!" she lightly slapped at his arm and helped Allen up. "Come on sweetie, let's go home." She waved goodbye to Bob and headed home. Upon their arrival, Allen was able to walk on his own, with his cane. It was late, maybe around 10:30. They sat at the table and had some coffee and water. Krista, sitting there smiling at him while she sipped hers. She had changed into her pajamas again.

Allen looked tired, but slowly started to come back to the land of the semi-sober. After a couple hours of random chit-chat, he seemed to be fine.

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They headed to bed. Allen was in a "whatever" mood leftover from the wine and changed in front of his mother. He left his boxer shorts on and changed into his pajamas as if he was the only one in the room. Krista sat on the bed watching him, admiring his body.

Allen plopped down on the bed, laying on his back, with Krista sitting to his left. Still in a fairly good mood from the wine, though not as drunk, he stretched his arms then rested his left hand on her thigh. She was sitting with her legs criss-crossed, like a child might do. He gently patted her thigh. "I love ya, mom," he said with his eyes closed. "I love you too, sexy preggy karla kush pussy nailed good She leaned forward and kissed his lips slowly, she held his face as she kissed him.

He was so relaxed that he just veronica rayne in keys to her pussy with it, and let her show affection if she wanted to. A few seconds later, the kiss ended and Krista slid down on the bed, down her son's muscular body. "Know what else I love?" she asked as she pulled his t-shirt up.

"What's that?" he asked with his eyes gag facial compilation and dirty glory hole kimberly moss eyed something on the internet closed laying back on the bed. "These," she said as she rested her head on his six pack abs.

"One," she counted, and then kissed one of his abs. "Two," she kissed another. "Three," then a third abdominal. "Four," another slow kiss on the fourth. "Five," the fifth. "And finally, six," she kissed the last ab softly and slowly, then rested her head on them, looked up toward his head.

"That feel good?" she asked. "Uh huh," he replied and chuckled a little. She nipple sex best buddies aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south and ran her hand up his midsection, up between his exposed pecs.

"Good." She lifted herself a little, and kissed on his stomach again and again, then slowly worked her way up. She kissed up to his sternum in between his large pectoral muscles, then giving each one of them a slow kiss before laying herself by his side. She moved his left arm so that she was being held by him and proceeded to kiss his face. Starting with his cheeks, then jawbone, then lips, giving them several soft kisses.

She stopped and rested her head on his shoulder. Allen lay there, and smiled a bit, and ran his hand up and down his mother's middle back area.

She looked downward to his crotch and stared at his tented pajama pants, his massive erection slowly shrinking as he went off to sleep. She smiled and turned off the lamp and snuggled into him, drifting off to sleep. Chapter 6 Allen awoke, alone in the bed, feeling odd again.

Remembering the wine, remembering coming home, and remembering her kisses, he sat in bed and tried to make sense of things. He couldn't. He just shrugged and thought "whatever." He took a shower, changed into his clothes and went downstairs. He greeted his mother like nothing had happened. She did the same, giving him a quick peck on his mouth. The rest of the day was great, it was normal. They hung out with his grandmother and her boyfriend again.

It was a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday. The only problem is the thunderstorm that arrived knocking the power out. This meant the air condition wasn't working. When they arrived home from Robin's, it was very hot in the house. Since it had stopped raining, Krista went to open windows and gather some candles. They changed clothes and met down stairs. Allen changed into some gym shorts and a t-shirt and Krista in a white tank top and gym shorts as well.

They could and would double as pajamas. Allen sat on the couch as his mother lit some candles. It was around 10pm and the power was still out. "Lay down on the couch sweetie," Krista asked politely. "Alright," Allen stretched out on the couch as she gorgeous gals take up with the tongue and finger masturbation smalltits asked. "Now, if you get too hot just let me know and I'll move." Before Allen could ask what she was talking about, his mother was climbing on top of him laying flat on his body.

She rested her head sideways on his chest and she just lay there listening to his heart beat. He smiled and sighed, a sigh of relaxation, as he ran his fingers thru her hair. They just lay there, listening to the thunder way off in the distance. It was so nice, so peaceful, he almost dozed off. After a good hour or so, Krista stirred a bit, lifting herself up some so her face was closer to her son's. She looked into eyes, traced her fingers around the corners of his nose, cheek, and mouth.

"Does this bother you?" she asked as she caressed his face. "Does what bother me?" he replied. "This. Me being affectionate with you. We were affectionate a little before you left, but not much. I just didn't want to do anything that made you feel uncomfortable." "Oh, no mom, it's fine.

I figured this is just part of the process to be closer, you know?" "Yes, I know," She smiled and nuzzled her nose against his neck. "I just wanted to make sure you're comfortable and feel loved," she said giving his cheek a kiss.

"I know, I feel .loved. It's ok." "So you don't mind if I give you kisses?" "No, it's fine, really it is," he nodded. "Good." She trailed her fingers down his face and onto his shoulder. She kissed his chin, then his lips. It was another slow kiss lasting several seconds. She repeated it three times, then stopped to lay her head on his shoulder.

After a few moments, Allen hoping to get pounding the fag anal greed tube porn of this slightly provocative position and situation informed his mother that was starting to get hot with her laying there.

Instead of getting off him, she did something to make things a bit worse; she rose up and straddled him. "Here, let's get this shirt off then," she said beckoning him to rise up so she could lift his shirt. "No, It's fine, I can just " he tried to say before he was interrupted. "Don't be silly, just sit up like so, and I'll take this off for you, "she commanded. "Alright." He signed and sat up allowing her to remove his shirt.

When she dropped it on the floor in front of the couch, he quickly resumed his laying position on the couch. His mother still straddling him ran her hands up and down his torso. "There, much better," she said looking down into his eyes.

He nodded desperate teen naked in public and fucks to pay rent she slowly worked her hands up and down his chest and stomach.

He could feel an erection building, he couldn't stop it. He closed his eyes and thought of something else, it didn't work. Her thighs close against him, and her pubic bone right against his, she had to have felt the erection crawling down his thigh.

He faked a yawn. "You sleepy?" she asked. "I'm getting there, you?" he replied as rubbed his eyes. "Let's go to bed," she said as she kisses his lips a few times before getting up.

He sat up and quickly put his t-shirt back on. She held out her hand to help him and held it all the way to his room. There was a cool breeze running thru the open window in his room upstairs. It was surprisingly chilly. "Wow, It's pretty cold in here," Krista observed as she got into the bed, again facing away from Allen. "Keep me warm," she patted the mattress behind her signaling him to get in.

He complied and snuggled up next to his mother, wrapping his big arms around her, spooning with her tightly, her toned butt resting right against his crotch. This action continued to fuel his erection.

He couldn't help it, he tried to think of other things, but she wouldn't let him move and when he tried she grabbed his arm and held him there to keep her warm. He was unaware if she knew that his bulging shorts were pushing right into her crack. She had to have known. He sighed in frustration. Due to the AC being out and no background noise, she must've heard him, because she lightly moved her hips, barely flexing her glutes on the bulge between her crack. She kept doing this for several minutes.

He sighed again, half embarrassed but terrified to move and possibly make things worse. She pushed her hips and butt against his erection a little harder.

He instinctively pushed back, just barely. She turned her head to look over her shoulder at him. The storm clouds were far off in the distance and the full moon was out, he could barely make out her right eye looking back at him. He stared into it the darkened room; she continued to move her hips, now she was gyrating them in circles. Round and round her butt went, slowly for a few minutes.

Allen looked downward at his crotch; he could see his bulge moving back and forth as his mother's hip gyrated across it. He watched in part shock and part curiosity as his mother's hand left his arm and hooked her thumb into her shorts.

She slowly, sensually slid her shorts and panties down, down all the way to her knees. Her naked, perfect, sexy ass continued gyrating against his covered crotch. His eyes widened as he watched, then slowly looked up back to her. She was still looking back at him. When his eyes met hers, she simply nodded her head up and down.

He knew what to do. With his right hand, he slid his own shorts down to his knees. His long, thick, nine inch cock plopped out and landed on one of her butt chicks. She grabbed and held his left hand, as his arm was still under her, holding her.

He scooted down on the bed slightly, holding his cock; he positioned it pointing upward in between her legs. He thrust upward slowly, but heard his mother gasp, he tried again and thought he found her wet entrance but wasn't sure. "Here." she whispered as she scooted up some, she reach around quickly grabbed his cock and guided it to the entrance of her vagina. "I don't have a condom." he whispered. "It's ok, I can't get pregnant," she whispered back as she let go of his member.

He pushed in, gently, hearing her gasp a few more times. So wet, so very tight, perhaps it had been years since she'd done this. She gasped out once more a little louder this time.

"Are you.Am I hurting " he asked. She interrupted him, whispering, "No sweetie, it's fine." He nodded and kept pushing, all the way in, slowly until he hit her cervical entrance. She let out another gasp of air. He slid back out again, not all the way, only a few inches, slowly. Back and forth, back and forth, working in silence. Krista, with her eyes closed, holding his hand tightly, as he slowly penetrated her sopping wet pussy over and over again.

The only sounds in the room were the two of them breathing and the bed creaking slightly. He kept going just a little longer, and then it happened, then it ended. He heard her breathing pattern change, to be almost out of breath and she gasped for air. He kept going, slowly in and out, as her orgasm caused her inner muscles to clinch tightly down on his cock.

This sent him over the edge. He moaned out loud, and pushed in one final time all the way in, priya rai face johney sinr cum short to her cervix.

"Ahhnn.", he moaned as he shot rope after rope of semen into her pussy. "Ahhh.", once more before he collapsed, both of them out of breath. With his cock still embedded into her, their breathing slowly returned to normal. She continued to hold onto his left hand. A few more moments passed of him thinking about what he had just done.

His cock withered slightly and eventually worked its way out of her body. He pulled his shorts up, and was able to get his arm out from under her. He got up and went to the bathroom, splashing water on his face, looking into the mirror at his reflection, shaking his head in disbelief and maybe disgust at himself. He went back to bed and saw that she hadn't pulled her panties and shorts back up.

He sighed and got into bed, rolling over to face way from her. After a few moments of him staring out into the darkened room, he heard his mother lightly snoring. Sleep eventually came for him, but it wasn't easy. He got up a few times and paced around outside in the moon light.

The sex wasn't sexy, it wasn't passionate, and it wasn't hot or steamy. But it happened. A primal urge was satisfied by a woman that loved him. "What would she say in the morning?" he wondered. "She was that good?" he thought to himself. "I'll just pretend nothing happened," he decided. Around 4 am, he was back in his bed asleep.

Chapter 7 "I'll apologize to her, "Allen thought to himself as he sat alone at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. He heard her leave for work that morning, her phone acting as an alarm to wake her up in time.

The power had just come back one shortly after 9 am. He finished his cereal and rehearsed what he would say to her. She allowed it to happen, and maybe encouraged it, but it was wrong. He could ever do it again, and wouldn't let himself be in a position to.

Whatever her reasons were, maybe it was the books in her collection, maybe it was some sort of need to make him love her and forgive her, he was going to apologize and move on as if it didn't happen. The more he thought about it the more weird it got, he decided not to over-analyze any psychological issues she may have and just resist doing that with her even if it did feel amazing. "Stop it!" he said aloud in the empty house as he put his cereal bowl in the dishwasher.

He showered, and waiting for his grandmother to arrive, to take him shopping for a few more clothes, including dress clothes and a few other items. Afterwards, she dropped him off at his home and left. He had a few hours before his mother came home from work, so he figured he'd try to take a nap.

He was asleep for maybe an hour when arab compilation and muslim teen hd my big black threesome heard a car honking in the driveway; he got up and slowly made his way to the front door, peering out the window. He saw a vehicle he didn't recognize and he saw his mother wave to an older lady as she hopped into the passenger side of another car. Krista opened the door as Allen stood in the kitchen pretending to do dishes.

"Ah there you are!" she smiled and hugged him tightly, then kissed him on the lips. "Hey mom, listen, I uh " he was interrupted. "Come here I have something to show you, " she said, taking his arm leading him to the front door. She stood at the door with him and pointed to the driveway, "Well?" "What? Whose car is that?" "Yours silly!" she shook his arm playfully. He couldn't believe it, she gotten him a brand new, black, Toyota Highlander.

He had nearly forgotten about the crappy used car he drove as a teen, and now he had this brand new vehicle. "Mom.I.I don't know what to say," he stared in disbelief. They spent the next 10 minutes looking at the interior and exterior. Perhaps it wasn't the manliest of cars, but it was still nice. They took it for a drive and for about the next thirty minutes, she explained that she took a half day from work and used some money she saved to get it, and how some of the old ladies she works with dropped her and her car off at the house.

He was amazed. They pulled into the drive way and just sat there; he smiled and ran his hands over the console. He sighed, "Thank you so much, mom." "You're welcome sweetie," she replied grabbing his hand. "Look, about last night," Allen blurted out, "I'm really sorry." "Sorry? For what?" she asked. "For what?

Well, I mean, we, know." She ran her hand up juicy babe adores hot action smalltits and hardcore forearm and chuckled a little.

"Yeah.we did." "I'm just sorry, I would never hurt you and I don't know what happened." "You didn't hurt me. Look," she grabbed his chin turn his face toward her, "I'm here for you ok? I'm here to help you, support you, and love you. Ok?" He nodded in understand. "You can't get pregnant? What happened?" "Right, I got my tubes tied at 27," she shrugged. "Now, let's go in and eat." Before he could reply, she had gotten out of the car.

Maybe he was overreacting, maybe it wasn't a big deal to her, maybe it was going to be ok. He suddenly felt loads better. They sat, ate, chatted, and laughed like old friends. It was going to be ok. As best king in japanese school girl evening progressed, they eventually went to bed.

Allen quickly got in and rolled over on his side facing away from Krista. "Night mom!" he cheerily said. She kissed his shoulder and said goodnight back.

She rolled over facing away from him, pushing her teacher teaches sex education hd and big boobs teen blonde cam money hungry comrades and back against his. He smiled, knowing that the previous night was a onetime event and they were going to ok. He drifted off to sleep, feeling like a million bucks.

The next morning was great. He woke up with a note playfully placed on his forehead. "Pancakes are cooling in the fridge. Love you, Mom" He smiled and went downstairs for breakfast. He looked outside as his car again and thought about how wonderful today was going to be. He drove over to his grandmother's and spent most of the day with her.

They talked about her future plans with Bob, mentioning marrying the old man. They talked about Krista and more about how much she missed and loves him. All in all, another good day. That evening, his mother arrived; they ate supper, and then sat on the couch and talked. "Oh I almost forgot to tell you!

You have a job interview Friday morning," Krista said as she put some dishes away, still wearing her long dress from work. celebrity pornhab with dr screw creampie and brunette Are you serious?

When? Where?" he excited asked. "10 am, where I work.


It's a delivery job; I think you could easily do that. I'll leave you the address for your new car's GPS." She explained.

He stood and walked toward her. "I can't believe it. Thank you again, so much." he said has he held her tight. "I told you," she said pushing on his chest, "I'm here to help, support, and love you in every way." He smirked at that last part, "every way," but didn't press the issue.

He simply nodded and hugged her briefly. Later that evening they went to bed, he said good night and turned over to face away from her again. She kissed the back of his neck and reminded him to let her know if he felt he needed a larger bed. "Well, maybe, I suppose a little more room couldn't hurt," he said.

"Ok great, we'll go this weekend and look for a queen size bed. How's that sound?" he asked resting her head on his shoulder from behind. "Sounds good, mom. Goodnight." She said goodnight back and turned over once, again, her back was lying against his.

He knew why, he knew what she was offering, but he had to resist. He didn't sleep well, tossing and turning frequently. This happened the next night too. Krista must've noticed his increasing restlessness. The truth was that he was horny, he couldn't deny it, but it had to deny himself of taking her.

He couldn't go there, and the next couple nights were very difficult, knowing how good she felt and that she was right there for him to love in "every way." Friday arrived, and he left the house for his job interview. It was easy, simple he aced it. The manager of this small business said the job was pretty much his, but he had to go through a hiring process which included an interview and so on.

He understood, they shook hands; he'd start in 10 days. That evening he went with his mother, grandmother, and Bob to a nice restaurant to celebrate. He dressed up in new dress clothes that he had gotten a few days earlier. His mother was wearing a slightly shorter, tighter, black dress that displayed a little bit of cleavage.

His grandmother wearing a red one of similar style. "They had amazing bodies," he thought as they walked into the restaurant.

Dinner consisted of laughing, eating, and drinking a wonderful amateur american sweetie sucks tinycam org tube porn. As they waited for dessert, Bob stood and held his hand to Krista. "Care to dance, young lady?" She laughed and placed her napkin on the table, "Absolutely." She stood, taking his hand, and walked onto the dance floor. "Aren't you going to ask me?" Robin asked Allen, patting his leg playfully. "Oh.I'm sorry," he was too busy watching his mother walk away to the dance floor.

"It might be a good idea college twister and exploited teens orgasm summer pool party wait for a slower song than this," he looked to his leg, "it'd be easier for me." "I know sweetie, I'm just acting silly. If the next one is slow we can dance, ok?" He nodded in agreement and turned to watch Bob and his mother.

She was beautiful, so very beautiful. Her sexy black dress, by far the sexiest thing she had worn since his return, and how she moved to the music. Her hips going side to side, she'd spin around and gyrate up against the old man, he couldn't take his eyes off her. He was in a trance, and he let himself stare, watching her hips and legs work up against Bob. Slowly grinding back and forth against his crotch, he was mesmerized. "If he could get it up, I'm sure he's hard now," he thought to himself.

As he watched the two, he started to daydream. He envisioned his mother's naked body, and Bob right behind her, with his big round belly on display. She would cry out, "Yes, yes, yes!" as the old man pounded her.

He shook his head to remove the image and continued staring at her. Then his eyes traveled up her body, over her nice sized breasts, and up to her face. To his surprised, she was staring right at him.

Her mouth was slightly open and she had a seductive look in her eyes, as she moved back and forth to the fast music. He blushed and quickly looked away, trying to pretend his staring was unintentional. The song ended and a slower one started. Krista thanked Bob, walking toward her son. But it was too late; Robin had grabbed him and started dragging him to the dance floor. "Sorry," he said as he passed his mother. "I got him next, "she chuckled and called out to Robin.

"Well I guess it's you and me again. That ok dear?" Bob asked as he tickled her side. She took a large gulp of her wine, finishing it, and replied, "Of course it is!" They headed back out onto the crowded dance floor.

Robin and Allen weren't far away, maybe 10 feet. They were dancing slowly, tenderly; Robin had her head resting on his chest. It was a very sweet moment. Bob and Krista were dancing in a similar fashion. Allen had a perfect view them. He watched as he slowly danced in a circle, holding his grandmother close. He watched his mother laugh at something Bob said. Her smile was so pretty. She then stopped laughing and nodded to something else he said. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Since Bob was only an inch taller than Krista, and she was wearing black high heels, she could easily see Allen. Her face wasn't buried into Bob's chest like Robin was with Allen.

While Krista could see him and Allen could see her, they didn't look directly at each other at first; only catching glimpses here and there.


As Krista danced slowly and turned around, her back was toward Allen. He then watched her, taking in her back, hips, and butt. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Krista and Bob slowly started turning around again. Allen tried to look away, but couldn't. His eyes were fixated on her. She was running her fingers through Bob's white hair and staring directly at Allen. Her look was mesmerizing; he couldn't control the erection growing. An erection his grandmother no doubt felt pressing against her stomach.

The song ended finally. Bob and Krista walked over to Robin and Allen. "Switch?" Krista said to her mother and she took Allen's hand. Robin nodded taking Bob's arm. Mother and son, as the song played in the background, just danced slowly looking up at each other unable to look away.

His heart was pounding, he had trouble breathing. Her eyes, her mouth, her hair, he was losing his mind. The song finally ended, and they walked back to the table, holding hands. They sat and ate dessert. Bob and Robin carried on with small chit chat, laughing occasionally. Krista and Allen ate in silence. He avoided looking at her as best he could. The ride home was awkward; the tension was thick in the air.

Krista held Allen's right hand as he drove with his left occasionally caressing it. They got home; each went to their separate rooms to change into their pajamas. Allen sat on the edge of his bed, looking down at the floor. He couldn't deny sunny leone nude sexy photo chemistry, the electricity anymore, but he would try again tonight to keep from using her to relieve himself sexually.

His mother skyrim dragon whore like big fat man and big fat dick tube porn the room, wearing the similar style of pajamas she's had worn the past week or so. His eyes remained to the ground as she climbed into his bed, sitting behind him.

She hugged him from behind, resting her hands on his stomach. She held him like that for a few moments then started to move her hands up to his chest, then his shoulders. She got on her knees and began to massage his shoulders and neck. She leaned in and kissed the side his neck, whispering: "Is there anything you need tonight?" He just shook his head no. "Are you sure?" she continued. He fought with everything he could to nod yes. She paused and kissed the back of his neck. She crawled under the sheets, "tomorrow we'll get you a new bed.

We'll be much more comfortable in it, Ok?" He nodded. "I love you. Goodnight." She rolled over facing away from him; he could hear a slight sigh come from her mouth. He shook his head and slowly laid down trying to go to sleep. It was difficult but not as difficult as what he had just been able to withstand.

Chapter 8 "What a nightmare," he thought looking in the mirror. He survived the night without giving in, but it was rough. He realized that this woman, his mother, was gorgeous, sexy, and desirable. He had to remain strong. He barely spoke or looked at her throughout the day. He moved sluggishly and had a headache. His mother could tell that he was fighting inward battles.

She tried not to entice him, and was sweet and friendly as usual. Bob and Robin left their home around 8pm, after the new queen size bed was put in Allen's room, and after they ate supper. Allen took a cold shower, and retreated to his room. He wanted to be alone.

He couldn't tell his mother to leave him alone; he couldn't be rude to her. So he just hid from her. He got on his pajamas and went through some old things in his room, making a pile of junk and a pile for things to keep.

A couple hours later he found himself sitting alone on his bed staring down at the floor. About 15 minutes passed. Her feet were silent, her feet were bare, and her feet were now in his field of vision, standing in front of him.

His mother stood there for a few seconds. He simply stared at her feet. He saw her silk red robe fall to the ground at her feet. He just sat there looking as he felt a hand on his head, her fingers running through his hair.

He closed his eyes and sighed. "Sweetie, it's ok," she whispered. Her fingers felt so reassuring on his scalp. "I'm here for you," she continued, "there's no need for you to feel bad or miserable.or pent up." He sighed again, shaking his head. "Please? Just let go." she asked. He had to let go, he couldn't resist any longer, he needed her and wanted her.

He had to give in again. He slowly looked up, his eyes drinking in her bare thighs, her trimmed bush, her tight and toned stomach, her ample round breasts, and her beautiful face looking down at him with a loving smile upon it.

"I love you," she said smiling down at him. He placed a hand on her stomach, slowly rubbing it. He leaned in a kissed her navel, she let out a moan. He looked back up at her and stood. This was it, no more fighting it.

He stood looking down in her eyes, "and I love you." He leaned down slowly, and kissed her lips. He placed his hands on her waist and kissed her again, and again, then a third time, his and her tongues met. Lapping and licking at each other. He closed his mouth over the top of hers, and their tongues collided again, swirling around in each other's mouth. He broke the kiss, and she licked his lips. Never taking her eyes off his, she reached for his shirt, and helped him take it off.

She continued with his pajamas pants, kneeling to the ground as she slid them off, never breaking eye contact. His massive erect cock sprung up; she grabbed it by the base and proceeded to lick it. One long, slow, lick up the 9 inch shaft, all the way to the tip. He groaned out in pleasure, her tongue was too much.

She smiled up at him and gave the tip a nice long kiss. She stood slowly and did the same to his mouth. After more tongue collisions, he broke the kiss and bent down to pick her up. It caused some slight pain in his leg, but he didn't care.

He placed her on the new bed and kissed her face, her neck, her collarbone, then down to her succulent breasts. Licking, kissing, and suckling her nipples. He slid his hand down her body to her crotch. Sliding his fingers in between her soaking wet pussy lips, she moaned out, and he rubbed her blood engorged clit. Sucking her breast and rubbing her clit for several moments, he then inserted 2 fingers, moving them in and out slowly. This sent her over the edge as she moaned out, her pussy walls clamping on his fingers.

He took his index finger to his mouth and licked it clean her juices. He then started kissing downward, kissing her ribs, then her belly, kalina ryu asian tease job shaved pussy and small tits navel, right down to her soaked pussy.

It was beautiful and perfect. He took his time. Long, languid, slow licks, up and down her labia, up to her clit, he took in her smell, her taste, everything. He plunged his tongue as deep as he could into her inner walls, swirling it around, eating her out for over 30 minutes and three orgasms. His jaw grew tired, and he wanted to cum inside her. He got up and crawled up the bed, positioning himself between her legs. He stared down into her eyes. She began slowly licking his mouth, chin, and jaws clean of her juices.

When she was done she wrapped her legs around him, her feet locking behind his butt, and she guided him home. As she held his face and stared into his eyes, his cock slowly entered her. He moaned a little as he pushed all the way in. She let out a moan of her own as he hit bottom again. But there were no nervous, quick, thrusts now. While staring in her eyes, he slowly pulled in and out, penetrating deep into her vagina.

Each slow and powerful thrust was met with a moan from both of them as they stared into each other's eyes. He made love to her like no man or woman had. It was beautiful and she had no trouble having another orgasm.

When it was over and her quivering lip subsided, he reached around behind her and picked her up. He promptly sat back down on his bed, Indian style. She lovingly caressed his face as she slid her pussy onto his cock, impaling herself.

Her legs were wrapped around his body. They kissed, licked all over each other's faces and necks, moaning in ecstasy for what seemed like hours. She ground her clit back and forth along his pubic bone and lower abs, an ongoing cum session for her. After her latest orgasm, he bent down to suck at a nipple again, she'd arched her back and head looking to the ceiling, moaning out over and over. That's when he was ready; he was ready to end it for the night.

He got up from the Indian style sitting, and laid big boob fat xxx sex on her back again gently.

He looked into her eyes, "May I?" "Please do, "she replied. And so he began, he began thrusting and pumping his cock relentlessly into her writhing body. He'd watch her moan and cry out each time, he was close to finishing as well. She grabbed his face and held it tightly as she came once more, "Ahh yess! Yes." It was his turn, "Ahnnn, ahh.I love you!" he cried out as the semen welled up his scrotum and blasted its way out of the shaft. "I love you too! Ahhh.I love you so much!" she cried back.

"Ahhh yesssss." He shot load after load of semen into her, filling her to the brim. "Ahhhhh." He moaned again, out of breath, falling down on top of her. "Shhhh." She whispered as she held her son tight, her fingers running through his hair.

He lay there for several minutes as they both caught their breath. He then slid off her, lying next to her, both a sweaty, beautiful mess. She wrapped her arm around his chest, and he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close. "Is this real?" he asked after he caught his breath. She chuckled a bit, and kissed his pectoral, "It's very real. And it's perfect, too. Like you." Chapter 9 There was a secret to keep. It was going to be difficult, but they would have to try.

Others may not understand. Or would they? Who knows? The next day was spent out of the house, mostly with Robin and Bob. Allen and his mother acted no different around other. Affectionate yes, but simple stuff: hugs, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, a peck here and there, nothing major. They had some pictures taken. Allen took a photo of his grandmother and mother sitting on either side of Bob. Each woman leaned in and kissed a cheek, while Bob grabbed each of their asses. Allen just shook his head and laughed.

Bob took a photo of Allen with the two ladies sitting in his lap. He told them to hug him hard. He most likely wanted a photo of Robin's huge fake tits squished against Allen's shoulder. He was funny like that. Some other photos were taken that night.

Months later, Krista and Allen laughed at one of Allen and his grandmother. It in, it looked as though her hand was resting awfully close to his crotch. After dinner with Robin and Bob that night, they rushed home, entering the front door in a flurry of peeling clothes, and wrestling tongues.

She rode him hard and long that night, arching her back and crying up to the sky in an orgasmic trance, then him holding her tight against his body, kissing each other frantically, he thrust upward driving his cock deep against her cervix. He came hard as Krista egged him on with her own set of "yes's" and grunts, sucking his tongue when he settled down.

This is how their life was. Every chance they got they were naked, the shower, kitchen, laundry room. They almost got caught a couple times. Once Bob came over to drop off a casserole and Krista showed up at the door in a towel and disheveled hair. He flirted with her, she flirted back. He made a joke about how she finally gave up resisting his charms.

"Oh you know it, old man. Now if you'll excuse me I was about to get in the shower." He laughed heartily. It was fun and silly. She put the food in the fridge, dropping her towel, and ran upstairs to jump back into bed on top of Allen. They made love, not lust, rolling around on the bed, kissing, licking, giving their all to each other.

He'd finish in her from behind, holding her tightly as they both shook with orgasmic tremors. So in love, a love that transcended everything.

As the leaves started turning color in the fall, the fritsh older assfucked in her that Allen and Krista worked for opened a new location about 100 miles away. They were offered to go there and help operate it. They jumped at the chance, then on each other later that night.

Robin was sad to see her grandson and daughter go, but she knew they'd be happy there working together. Things were perfect. They acted as a husband and wife couple in their new city.

They came home to visit for Christmas and Bob and Robin announced they were engaged the wedding would be in the spring. It was a wonderful Christmas visit. The eggnog was a bit too strong though. Robin and Bob retired to bed early on Christmas Eve. Allen and Krista made out on the couch only to be interrupted by what they thought were the sounds of sex moaning and grunting. Krista gestured her son to follow. They slowly pushed Robin's bedroom open, Krista immediately looked away shocked at what she saw.

Allen peeped around the corner to find his beautiful grandmother, with a body of a former playboy playmate, being fucked from behind by the older fatter man; her big fake tits bouncing with each surprisingly powerful thrust. "Wow." he thought as his mother pulled him away, both laughing at what they had witnessed.

Allen and Krista couldn't make love at their house a few miles away that evening because someone was renting it. So instead they were very quiet in the guest bedroom as Allen fingered her to orgasm, and she sucked his balls dry, slurping and swallowing every drop of semen she could get out of that thing. They didn't want to be interrupted in case Robin or Bob came in there in a drunken stupor, so they kept things down low and were careful not to make much noise.

The next day was filled with presents, food, and more strong eggnog. Christmas Day night, Robin pretended to be mad at Bob, due to his flirtatiousness with her daughter. She, in her drunken state, sat on her grandson's lap. "Bob if you don't behave yourself I may run off with some young guy like Allen." She joked, running her hands through Allen's hair. "Go right ahead! I'll just grab a young woman like this." He replied wrapping his arm around Krista on the other couch.

He grabbed one of her tits and motor-boated his face into her neck. She burst into laughter and slapped him away. "Oh yeah, two can play that game!" Robin exclaimed, she grabbed Allen's hand and placed it on her big tit, holding it there Allen with his eyebrows raised and a shocked look on his face.

They all laughed as Robin released her grip on Allen's hand, but his hand didn't move. Robin looked down into his eyes. He looked up into hers with a caught in the cookie jar look. "Oh sorry." Robin just chuckled and hugged him, kissing his head.

"Hey Bob, you know what they say about a guy with a big, fat, belly?" Krista asked as she stuck her hand up inside Bob's sweater, rubbing his belly slowly. "Mmm what's that dear?" he asked. She pulled his sweater up, and peppered his fat belly with kisses, "He has to wear extra-large clothes." She said, to immediate laughter, getting up and walking away to snuggle on the couch with her mom and son.

He slapped at her ass and missed, as they all laughed. Both couples had sex that night, both had sex at the same time on opposite sides of the house, both couples weren't quiet, because both couples were very drunk. If Robin knew her daughter was fucking her grandson, she didn't say anything. After a wonderful, joy filled Christmas; they spent New Year's together in their new home. "Happy New Year sweetie," Krista said as she took off the robe she was wearing, letting it fall to the floor.

"Happy New Year mom," Allen replied, already nude, as he picked his mother up and placed her on the bed. The candles were already lit, the rose petals already on the bed, it was going to be a good night.

They again become one - one body of sweaty, slithering, writhing, orgasmic love. As they both cried out into the night in pleasure, there was no doubt in both of their minds that this was very, very real. The end.