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Blonde chubby fucked hard in the bathroom
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"Steve!" Michael shouts, as he enters the room. "I totally forgot you were coming over today." Mike walks over to them, and both Steven and Sarah's mouths hang open as they notice Michael's appearance. "Uhhh. wow, when did you get the new do?" (hairdo) Steve asks. "Oh, uh, a little while ago, that's why I'm just getting back now. How long have you been here?" Steve looks down at his watch, "Ohhh shit!

It's been almost two hours. I've actually got to go man, sorry. I told my dad I was going to help him move some rocks for the yard." Steven gets up in a bit of a panic, and Sarah feels disappointed that he has to leave. "Oh shitty, well maybe you can come back over when you're finished?" asks Michael.

Sarah, who was slumped down behind Michael, felt a shimmer of hope, and perks back up. Steven glances at her, and seeing her adorably sad, puppy-dog eyes breaks his heart. "Okay, I'll see if I can work something out," he says to Michael.

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Sarah's face goes from sorrow to delight in 0.5 seconds. She then pumps her fist, while silently mouthing 'yes!' She was really trying to drive it home that she likes him. Steven could clearly see this, and it made him feel really good. "Alright, cool," Michael responds.

He turns and faces towards Sarah, "I hope my sis rough cum hole jamming pornstar and hardcore bugging you, was she?" Sarah frowns at him, with a most evil glare, and says in her head: "fucking shut your idiot mouth, Michael." Steve jumps right in. "No, no; not at all. She was great, in fact!" he insists. "We had a lot of fun." "Oh-- alright then. Sorry, Sis. Didn't mean to offend," Michael apologizes.

She just looks at him with one eyebrow raised, and her arms crossed. Steven was amused with Sarah's visual expressions. She was very cute with the way she used her body language. It was kind of over the top, like in cartoons. "Well, okay, I'll see you guys later.

Bye Sarah." Steve walks out of the room. "Bye Steve!" Sarah shouts. He goes down the stairs, and Ericka stops him before he is able to walk out the front door. "Oh hey Steve, you leaving?" she asks. Steven explains about how he was supposed to help his dad, and really needed to get going.

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"Well, we were going to order some pizza, and I was just wondering if you'd like to have dinner with us," she offers. "Oh, well actually, I might be coming back, so. when are you guys going to order it?" "Well Darren gets home from work in about thirty minutes, so we'll probably order it around then, and it'll take a little while for it to get here. So, maybe an hour, hour and a half," she explains. "Okay, this shouldn't take too long, hopefully. I'll probably be able to come back before then." "Great!" Steve heads out, and runs home.

He lives about four blocks away; so just a quick jog between them. Back inside the house, Michael decides to jump in the shower real quick. Sarah retreats to her bedroom to get some privacy. She shuts her door, and falls over, face-down, onto her bed. The blankets and pillows on her bed are especially fluffy, and the feeling was really nice.

She squirms around, and grabs onto a pillow, pulling it into her, cuddling up against it. Sarah felt so good, and she was very happy that Steven will be coming back. She loves how nice and relaxed of a guy he is.

He doesn't seem to care too much about what people think. She really admired that about him. She starts to snuggle up tighter with the pillow and imagines that she's hugging Steven in her arms.

"Mmmmm," she moans lightly as she presses her body against it. She imagines Steve is holding her, and she lays her head against his chest. This feels really nice, and she can feel herself tingling with desire.

Her body starts to move on its own, and she grinds her hips against the pillow. "Oh Steve." she moans softly. She brings her face up, and pretends to kiss him. She then rolls onto her back, still holding the pillow, and reaches down into her panties.

She starts to finger herself, "Oh my god. yes." She presses her fingers in deep, and raises her legs up, wrapping them around the pillow, (or rather around Steven, in her mind.) She thrusts her fingers in hard and fast, imagining that Steven is fucking her. "OH GODDD!!" Her body convulses in ecstasy as she climaxes.

She relaxes her body and collapses back down, catching her breath. It wasn't enough though, she needed him again. This time she takes all of her clothes off and lies face-down, placing the pillow under her belly for support. She presses her fingers inside herself again, with her ass in the air, and pretends that Steven is fucking her from behind.

It feels even better this time. She closes her eyes and imagines him thrusting into her, over and over. "Oh fuck me Steve!!" she moans. She even tries to simulate what the motion would be like by rocking her body back and forth a little bit. She tries to be as quiet as possible, but it was starting to feel too good.

Her breathing got louder, and she couldn't hold back any longer. She shoves her face into her pillows and screams as loudly as she can, just as her second orgasm hits. "OOOHHHHHHH!!! MY FUCKINNNNNNNG GODDDDDDDDD!!" Her body convulses, once again, as she climaxes. Her fingers, now drenched from her own juices, slowly rubs her clit as her orgasm radiates through her body.

She brings herself back down, and relaxes herself. She now lies naked, and breathless on her bed, with the most pleased look on her face. It might have only been fantasy, but it was the most satisfying feeling she had ever had from masturbating. It takes her a few minutes to get her breath back, but she eventually puts her clothes back on, and then lies back down on her bed to relax for a little while.

The tingling she felt in her body was still radiating throughout, and she felt like she was floating on a cloud. Michael finishes his shower, and dries himself off. He looks at himself in the mirror, and what used to be a feeling of indifference, was now a feeling of confidence.

He thinks over everything that has happened these last three lesbian babes smoking and horny in fully fashioned nylon stockings days, just to remind himself that it's all real. He's now had sex with Maria twice, and she's even given him the confidence he needs to start looking for a real girlfriend.

How did he get so lucky, he asks himself. "Why did she pick me?" All he knew, was that he had a great opportunity to make things happen for himself. He was going to take it, and run as far as he could with it. Michael returns his room. He grabs the phone, and decides to give Ted a call. He explains to Ted about Maria giving him a haircut and giving him some advice, but decides to leave out the part about them having sex again.

It would only annoy him anyway. Then Ted gets talking about how there's going to be a gaming tournament downtown tomorrow, and that he'll be going. "Oh really?" Michael says, intrigued. "Well if you're going, I'll go too. I've been itching to try out some new techniques that I think will shake things up." "Is that so?," Ted laughs. "Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve as well, and I think you'll be mighty surprised." Michael laughs. "Alright then, I'll see if Steve wants to go too, he should be heading back over anytime now.

Talk to you later." Michael hangs up and mom blonde milf enjoys a good fucking xxx chop shop owner gets shut down to practice for a bit.

He turns on the game, and goes into single player mode to work on some specific moves. After a while, he hears his mom yelling "Pizza!! Pizza's here!!" Michael drops his game controller and bolts out of his room before it hits the ground. He whizzes by Sarah in the hallway, nearly knocking her down the stairs. Ericka sets the pizza boxes down on the counter, and nearly screams when she turns and sees Michael standing behind her.

"Hungry?" carmella bing cumbath by amp monster cocks asks. "Yeah, which one is mine?" "Ah-ah -- one slice at a time." Michael gets a plate and takes a piece from the pepperoni box, and then grabs a soda from the fridge.

He sits down at the dining room table, then soon the others come in and join him. "Wow Mike, what happened to your hair?" his dad asks. "I cut it." "No shit!" his dad jokes. "What I meant was, what happened that made you wanna do it?" "Oh, ummm, you remember Maria?" he explains. His dad thinks to himself, who the fuck forgets a girl like that. "Yeah." "She's really good at hair-styling and offered to cut my hair for free, and so I said sure. I did that right after school." "Ohh, well it looks really good.

I hope you thanked her adequately," his dad says, winking at Mike. But Michael was too indulged in his pizza to notice the gesture. Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Oh, that must be Steven," Ericka says and begins to hot teen blair williams banged real good by hard man meat her chair back. Before she could even stand up, Sarah had vanished and was opening the door already.

"Hi Steve," Sarah smiles shyly. "Get in here, out of the cold," she grabs Steve's hand and pulls him inside. "Actually, it's really warm out." his tries to explain, but his words falls on deaf ears. "Hey Steve! We're in here! Come get some pizza man," Michael shouts. Sarah then walks with Steve into the dining room, and leads him to the chair beside hers, which she previously had guarded with her feet.

"Honey, he still needs to get his slice," says Ericka. "I'll get it for him. What kind do you want Steve? There's pepperoni, or there's vegetarian." "Uhhhh.


pphhhh. pepperoni please and thanks." Sarah grabs him his slice, and takes a soda from the fridge for him also. She brings the pizza over to him, and hand him the beverage. "Aw yes! Orange!" Steve celebrates. "Thank you." Sarah blushes and smiles at Steve, and then takes her seat. "So, as I was saying." Darren continues, "Maria did a really good job on your hair, Mike." "What?

Maria? You mean Maria from our class? She cut your hair?" Steve asks, confused. Having been away sick the last few days -- he didn't know about anything that had went on. "Oh yeah." Darren goes on. Michael was scarfing down his third slice, and probably shouldn't talk anyway. "He didn't tell you? Yeah, she also took Mike's virginity." Steven had just taken a sip of his drink moments before, which was now being propelled hot fucking of a taut anal hole hardcore blowjob the table.

He spits it out, spraying everywhere. Everyone's jaws drop. Then out of nowhere Sarah starts laughing her ass off. Ericka, glances at Darren, shaking her head, and rolling her eyes. Michael was indifferent. And Steve was now gagging on his drink. After exhaling the carbonated beverage from of his lungs, Steve finally manages a word. "WHAT??" he exclaims, in total shock and awe. So then Michael explains everything to Steve over dinner, including the part about fucking Maria the second time, which he originally wanted to keep secret.

However explaining it the first time made him feel really proud, and so he just went with the flow and figured why not. Michael then mentions to Steve about there being a gaming tournament tomorrow, and so Steve agrees that they should go.

Sarah asks if it would be alright if she went also. "It's ten dollars to enter, so. up to you if you wanna waste your money," Michael explains. "I don't care, I want to play," she expresses sternly. So then it's settled. The three of them all agree to go together. "Could we get a ride tomorrow, Mom?" Michael asks.

"We need to get there fairly early to be able to register." "Well, I have lots of errands to run tomorrow, but if you guys get up early enough, I can take you downtown and drop you off," she offers; which they all agree to. "Also Steve, you're welcome to spend the night if you'd zen loving anna makes her boyfriend peaceful. That way it'll be easier when we leave." "Alright, sure," he says to her. Michael and Steve are both really excited.

It's been a while since they've played together in a tournament. And Ted was going to be there also. Sarah has never been to one of these, so she didn't know what to expect. But she was mostly excited about having Steve over for the night. Maybe they could all watch a movie together before going to sleep, and she could snuggle up with him.

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She wanted so badly for him to like her. They all finish their meals, and that's when Sarah throws her idea out there. "Hey guys, we should all watch a movie or something." she suggests enthusiastically. The boys look at each other with blank stares, and Sarah felt that her idea was a bust. But then a change in their demeanor brings her hope back.

Their faces appeared to say, perhaps. "Yeah, I guess we could do that," Michael finally says. "Steve?" "Alright, I'm down" Steve agrees.


"Do you guys have popcorn? You gotta have popcorn for movies," he jokes, "or some kind of snacks, or something." So they spend a few minutes digging around in the kitchen, but manage to turn up nothing of the snack-food sort. "We could go get some stuff from the store" Sarah suggests. "I don't really feel like taking a walk right now," Michael says, dismissively. "I'll go myself," she happily offers. "I wanna get some snacks too." Her eyes look muscular ebony hunter corbin dude stroke his cock again tube porn cute as she desperately tries to help make the movie experience more enjoyable for them.

"I'll even pay for it." "Well, it's up to you, if you wanna. but I don't really want anything for myself," he says. Then Steve gets an idea. "How about this, Sarah," he offers. "I'll go with you, and we can split on some snacks together." Sarah smiles, "okay, that sounds cool." She blushes a little, as the thought of them walking together was very romantic to her.

They all head upstairs real quick, while Sarah grabs her things. Steve is pretty much ready to go. Michael swaps out his gaming console, so that he can hook up the movie player to his TV. While they are gone, he's going to sort through his movies and pick something out to watch. "Okay, we'll be right back," Steve says, as he and Sarah head out the door. They walk down the sidewalk together just as the sun begins to drop behind the houses. Light rays shine through the gaps between them, and reflect off the windows from across the street.

The occasional car drives by, but is otherwise a very peaceful stroll. Sarah's heart aches for Steven. She is almost in tears as she walks next to him. Nothing would make her happier than for him to turn to her and plant a kiss on her lips, right now. Steven is cautious of his own feelings. He knows he likes her, but is scared of what it could mean. They come to a busy street, and press the button for the crosswalk. "Hey, Sarah?" Steve says. "Yes, Steve?" She looks over to him, and listens to what he has to say.

"Ever notice how these crossing signals never last long enough? What if an elderly lady was crossing? There's no way she'd make it across in time.

What's up with that?" What a random thing to say, she thought. But it still made her smile. He was always like that, making observations and wondering about things. "Yeah, I know, right," she responds, acknowledging his point. The signal changes and they cross the street, continuing to talk about it.

They make it to the convenience store, and Steve holds open the door, gesturing for her to go ahead. They get inside and walk around, looking at all the snacks, and candy, and drinks.

Steve finds a pack of microwave popcorn that he wants, and also grabs a candy bar for the walk back. Sarah gets a bag of ketchup flavored potato chips, and some gum. Then after paying for their items, they begin their walk back home. "Hey Steve?" "Yes Sarah?" "I.

I really like you," she says, looking him straight in the eyes. "You're a really cool guy, and I really love spending time with you." Her voice shakes with emotion, and her throat feels tight. They both slow their pace, and walk seemingly still-like. Steve feels his heart race as she tells him this. She's one of the cutest girls he's ever known, and until recently he never thought of her as more than just his friend's sister.

But he's realized that she's the type of girl that he really admires. He looks at her, and with a heartful smile, he says, "I really like you too, Sarah.

You're a pretty awesome girl, and I'm glad that I'm with you right now." Sarah swallows hard, then reaches out and takes a hold of Steve's hand. He holds her hand back, and they continue walking together. They just stare into each other's eyes for a minute, and feel something they've never felt before. She then leans her head against him, and he puts his arm around her. They walk the rest of the way home like this.

The two of them get back to the house, and go inside. Darren and Ericka are watching TV, and Michael is waiting for them upstairs. They take off their shoes, and head up to Michael's room. Despite having just confessed their feelings to each other, they both felt like they shouldn't be too forward about it; at least for now anyway.

Michael had set out some cushions on the floor for them to sit on, and selected a few possible movies to watch. They choose one and put it into the player. Then Steve decides to go make his popcorn before it starts. "I'm going to go make this real quick, pause it if I'm not back horny slut blonde xianna hill loves sucking a big black cock time." He goes down to their kitchen and throws the popcorn into the microwave.

Then Sarah walks in behind him. "Boo!" she shouts, having sneaked up quietly. "Oh god!" Steve laughs. "Say. do you guys have any hot chocolate?" "Oh yeah, I think we do," Sarah says. She goes over to the cupboard, above the stove, and tries to reach for the tin of cocoa powder, but she isn't quite tall enough. "I got it," Steve says, and he pulls it down. "Thanks," she laughs, "ummmm, we don't have a kettle, so you'll have to boil the water in a pot," she tells him.

So she grabs one for him, and he fills it with water from the faucet, setting on the stove to heat up. The popcorn finishes, and they take the bag from the microwave, and empty it he picks up cute big butt plumper for sex play a large bowl. Then as they wait for the water, they talk about stuff, and laugh and joke around for a bit. The water boils, and Steve shuts off the stove.

Sarah puts some of the cocoa mix into some cups for them, and Steve brings the pot of hot water over. Just as he's about to pour it into the cups, he starts to cough, spilling some of it. "Of course I have to cough when I'm doing something dangerous," he laughs. So Sarah helps him, and they manage to fill up all three cups, with exactly enough water. "Oh nice, that worked out perfectly," he says. Steve carries the bowl, plus his cup, and Sarah carries hers and Michael's, and then they go back upstairs.

Michael thanks them for bringing him one, and they all settle down, and watch the movie together. Michael lies down on his bed, while Steve and Sarah relax down on the floor with the bowl of popcorn beside them.

They watch the movie for a while, and snack on the popcorn, and drink their hot chocolates. They all start to get a bit tired, and Sarah leans against Steve. Her head relaxes on his shoulder, and he then moves his arms around her, and she snuggles up with him, wrapping her arms around him. This makes them both feel really good. Steve leans back, with the cushion up against the side of the bed, and they cuddle together and continue to watch the movie.

After a while, Sarah looks up and notices that Michael has fallen asleep. He was snoring softly, and the movie was nearing the end. She then looks up at Steve, who was happily enjoying the film, and she brings her face up to his, and kisses him gently on the lips.

She needed this so badly; she couldn't hold herself back anymore. Steve looks down at the most adorable face he's ever seen in his life. He finally lets go of all the resistance he's held onto all day long, and fully embraces her.

He pulls her into him, and kisses her back. Sarah brings her hand up to his face, and holds him as he continues to kiss her. Her whole body tingles with pleasure, and her heart feels like it's leaping out of her chest.

Steve slowly leans all the way back, and Sarah lies on top of him as they make-out. He wraps his arms tightly around her body, and tastes her delicious mouth with his tongue. He loves the feeling of her body lying on top of him. She then grips his legs with hers, pressing against him, and grinds her hips into him. Steve gets an erection as her pelvis rubs against his cock, making it bigger. She could feel him growing in his pants, and she is incredibly turned on by it. Sarah stands up, and takes Steve's hand, saying "come on," as she pulls him to follow her.

He gets up, and she leads him down the hall to her bedroom. They go inside, and she shuts the door behind them. She brings Steve over to her bed, and pushes him onto his back. Leaping up onto him, she straddles his legs, and begins to grind her hips again. "Oh fuck." he moans. Steve's cock was getting really hard, as Sarah continues to rub against it.

She was now getting to feel how big he was, and she wasn't disappointed. She could feel the entire size of it as she rubbed up against it. She started to imagine how good it would feel to have his dick inside her. The thought of it made her crazy, and she wanted it so badly. Sarah continues to grind against him as they kiss. The feeling of her soft, young body rubbing on him was too much. His breathing becomes heavy and then he explodes in his pants. "Ohhhh fuck!!" he moans, as he cums.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. They both feel a shock wave of fear shoot up their spines, leaving a burning feeling in the back of their necks. "Sarah!! Open this door, right now!!" her mom yells sternly. "Oh fuck!" Sarah shouts. She climbs off Steve, who now has an obvious teen whore madisson reese sits on big cock of jock spot on the front of his pants, sasha and kate ass licking she goes to open the door.

"What mom?" "Let me in, now!!" Sarah does, and her mom comes in. Steve is sitting up, trying to cover up his face in embarrassment. "Sarah, go to bed, Steven come with me." This was not good, they felt. Sarah had tears in her eyes. "Mom, please!" "Go to bed, now." Ericka takes Steve away, and leaves Sarah alone in her room. They go downstairs, and into the den. "Now Steven, I'm not an idiot, I can tell when my baby girl is in love. So tell me just exactly why I shouldn't be concerned with having you over here?

hmm?" Steve felt very uncomfortable, and was having a hard time speaking. "Well Steven? Why should I be okay with you spending time alone with my daughter?" Steve thinks for a moment, then swallows, and says, "I love her." Ericka stares him down, not saying a word. He sweats, wondering what was going to happen.

He couldn't tell by her face if his response was good enough or not. All she says to him is, "good night, Steven," then she points to the sofa, where there was a pillow and blanket set out, before walking away. He felt slightly relieved, but still wasn't sure what had just happened.

Was he in trouble, or what? As Ericka walks out of the den, and rounds the corner to the stairs, she see Sarah standing there, who was eavesdropping on what had just been said. They look at each other silently, and Sarah's concerned eyes indicated how she felt. "I just want to say good night to Steve," Sarah asks. "Quickly." Sarah walks around the corner, and goes over to Steve. She grabs onto him, hugs him tightly, and kisses him with a passion.

"Good night," she whispers. They hug for a few more seconds, then Sarah whispers in his ear, "I love you too," then walks back to the stairs, and the two girl's disappear. Steve folds out the blanket, and lies down on the sofa, thinking about what had just happened. He slowly drifts away to sleep.