Slutty horny big tit brunette strips and rubs pussy to orgasm

Slutty horny big tit brunette strips and rubs pussy to orgasm
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Who Me. A Wizard VI Sitting on the patio watching these immature High School Girls with their childish flirting. Made me realize how much I missed Goshen. Don't get me wrong the girls in Goshen are young also but they are real and truthful and don't lie to impress.

I look through the Patio door and see Beth leaning back while Tommy sucked on the nipple of her bare tit.

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He looked absorbed and she looked bored but she was urging him on more and more. 'Slinky what should we do now?' I asked. 'I don't know, you don't seem to be enjoying your self anymore.

Where would you normally go now?' ' Home of course, where else.' 'Well lets go there.' I didn't take time to tell Roger we were leaving. I walked the three blocks to my house. There were no lights on. that means Mom and Dad weren't home from their own Halloween Party. I lifted up the flower pot with the Cactus and there was isabella clark amp jenny simons lick and fist each others ass and do double anal dap sz doublepenetr spare key.

I unlocked the door and replaced the key under the pot. Up the stairs and into my asawa ng seaman sex scandal I closed and locked the door lifted Slinky off my shoulder and sat her on my nightstand. I stripped off everything except my gym shorts. 'Slinky I have been thinking … maybe I can animate you again and then I can cast a no see'un spell and no one will know you are around.' Slinky frowned, 'I am not sure about this but not knowing how long we are stuck here .I guess we have ti try.' I thought and went over different things in my mind until I found one I thought would work.

"Sleek and shiny Dragon girl Re-animate And Join this world." I waved my wand then touched it to Slinky. There was a sudden puff of smoke and her tail began to uncurl, 'Al I think it worked.' Now the easy part .

"Now you see'um And now you don't I can see you But now they Won't" 'See if you can morph.' Instantly I was looking at her beautiful body she morphed perfectly. I looked at the calendar just to be sure .I was right … Tomorrow was Sunday then back to School on Monday. How was I going to face that.


But First a shower it has been a while since I had one.uh in this world only about three hours. My room had a shared bathroom with my younger brother who was at a friends house. I removed my gym shorts and adjusted the water temperature then stepped in. Slinky stepped in with me. She decided she liked to feel the spray on her body.and I decided I liked to feel of her body. I soaped her down and washed every part of her body, paying particular attention to the slit between her legs.

She placed her hands around my cock and began to stroke slowly. It only took two strokes and I was standing tall. I rinsed us both and grabbed a towel I dried her than my self. I picked her up and carried her to my bed I sat down with her in my arms. She twisted around and pushed me back on the bed. She walked her way up til she was astraddle of my head.Then she squatted and lowered her pussy on to my mouth. I opened wide and engulfed her tiny pussy.

I licked my way from pucker to Clitoris, I sucked her outer lips and I sucked her inner lips. I drove my tongue in deeply which brought on an orgasm.

Her whole body began to shake and she began to slide down over my chin and down my stomach leaving a trail of her nectar all the way. I reached down and aimed my cock and she slid right on me and my cock went deep. It was as if we were in a race. We were both moving rapidly then I grabbed her hips and held her. " I whispered .whats the hurry." We slowed down and it changed from a wanton fuck to the slow movements of making love.

Each stroke was like the gentle stroke of a breeze. She began to use the muscles in her pussy. After awhile the gentle breeze began to turn into a raging storm.

And we battled back and forth until the spasm began to grip my cock. Her body sprang fully upright on my cock driving it as deeply as it would go and we both orgasmed and collapsed still connected.and there we lay.Until the next morning. Another shower was needed. we were basically stuck together. Knowing we didn't have time to fool around we showered and I got dressed. Slinky morphed back to her big titted brunette sucks and fucks a hard cock telsev form and settled in her usual spot … draped around my neck.

I entered the kitchen to a mad house. Mom was cooking pancakes, Dad was trying to get things together for a cookout for the afternoon. My brother was in the midst of the muddle and all he wanted was to be first to latina babes ass destroyed by a huge black monster cock the pancakes.

I sat at the counter and laughed. My frustrated Mother slipped three pancakes on a plate and handed them to me. Artie yelled"Hey I was First." Mom told him I was older so I was first, he pouted. I slapped a hunk of butter on my cakes then drowned them in Honey. Slinky snuck a taste and seemed to like the honey before long it was all over her.


" Are you going to be around this after noon I may need some help with the Cook Out?" "Yes Sir, I will be here." "Ralph you know you can always depend on Al." She reached over and pinched my cheek. Dad says, "I know, I know. but it doesn't hurt to ask." "Aw Al I thought you were going to the game with me." Artie was the sports man in the family and to tell the truth I hated going to his games as I have said I am 5' 2" and 103 pounds.

Artie at 14 is 6'2'' and weighs 180. Hell it is downright embarrassing when they call me Artie's little brother. "Not today Artie I agreed to help dad." It was unusual to have a middle school Foot ball game on a Sunday. Their opponents for the last scheduled game had engine trouble and their bus broke down while on the way to the game.

This game would determine who won district. The Schools had gotten together and re scheduled for this Sunday. Normally the whole family would have gone to the game but Dad was cooking out for the family Reunion and family was coming from all over.

Mom took Artie to the game and I began carrying out chairs, lawn and folding next was small table for next to the grill. We set up long tables for eating and congregating. Dad decided it was time to fire up the grill. I heard him cursing. the charcoal wouldn't light and he was out of the lighter.

He had been bragging that he didn't need the lighter or the quick lighting charcoal. He tried one more time, since his back was turnedI raised my right forefinger and twirled and cast a small spell. The charcoal lit and the flame drifted across all the charcoal in the pit. Dad smiled busty tattooed teen destroyed by a huge black cock said "See I told you this old charcoal was still good.' The guest began to arrive around 1:30.

Grandpa Thane was one of the first to arrive he was alone. Grand ma had passed away last year. She was missed by everyone. By 2: 00 most everyone was there. Dad began preparing the meat for the grill, there was Hamburgers and hotdogs for the kids and Steaks for the grown ups.

Mom and Artie was expected by a little after three. That was when meal time was to begin. The grill table was filled with bowls of food it was tough to have to wait.

Slinky looked everything over and whispered ' Almost as much food as you dolly leigh alura jensen in my step daughters bf in your tent.' she looked around at my cousins.' Those two look ripe.' indicating my cousins Robin 17 and stacked and her sister Ruby 16 and almost as stacked with fine well shaped asses.

'Which one are you screwing?' She seemed to be shocked when I told he neither, 'I had never had intercourse until I landed in Goshen. Puss and Cher were my first.' 'Why haven't you big titty serina has her nipples toyed your cousins they both look like they want to gobble you up.' 'First they are my cousins and second they live to far away and I only see them once a year.' I replied 'Well are you going to screw them this year.

Don't look now but here they come.' I looked up and I was looking at a pair of bra less breasts. With hard nipples tucked inside a half blouse just above a bare belly which looked to be very smooth and lots of cleavage, Robin.

Then I felt something on my right arm. I turned my head reluctantly only to be met by a vision. there was a grapefruit sized boob on either side of my arm And I was looking at cleavage.

I felt something very hot touching my thigh, It only took baeb babe leah gotti seduces and fucks photographer hardcore and brunette a minute to realize it was Ruby's was on fire. Two delicate yet sexy voices said " Hi cousin, we missed you this past year. We have thought about you a lot.". They were both a bit taller than I am.

I made my move and invited them to my room. I cast another spell to slow down time. The spell didn't affect the three of us.

We left the backyard one on either side of me and my hand rubbing their beautifully shaped behinds. We entered the house and went straight up the stairs and into my room.

I stood them side by side and opened their blouses and compared their luscious tits. As I thought Robin's was a little bit larger her nipples were as large as the tip of my little finger. Ruby's were pencil eraser size and sat high on her tits. Her aureoles were almost non existent while Robins was a deep brown and large. I loved the contrast. I sucked on them one at a time, I licked over and around and under each breast.

They weren't happy that I made them stand still while I played with their boobs. Before I was through they both had sweat running down their cleavage. I opened Robin's shorts, then did the same to Ruby. I pulled them down one at a time and kissed all the way to their toes as I removed them. I backed them to the bed I sat them on the edge and had them lay back and lift their legs and spread them. I am learning I have a thing for silky feeling panties.

I began to lick and suck on Robin thru her panties at the same time I was stroking Ruby running my fingers thru her slit and over and around her very prominent clit. After a few minutes I switched pussies.

When they had had a orgasm each I pulled their panties down and off. Now two pretty pussies were open and available for my pleasure I repeated my actions but this time I reached for depth. I brought Robin to climax and shifted Ruby up rose monroe blac guy movie bed.

I rolled over on my back and pulled her pussy on to my face while I worked on her Robin began licking on my cock and drawing it in as deep as she could.

I continued to feast on Ruby when I heard Robin gasp. ' Ummm She tastes good .' I laughed in my mind 'What did you do?' Slinky said.'I nibbled on her clit and flicked my tongue onto her tender parts. She seemed to be enjoying it so I darted my head inside her and flicked my tongue deeply. She must have enjoyed it because she flooded my head.' 'I am glad she didn't bite when you did that.' I went back to working on Ruby and Robin continued working on me.

Slinky zipped around and flicking her tongue on Ruby's clit while I dove deep with my tongue. This caused her to release her sweet nectar. Robin began shifting positions and pulled her mouth off my rod. Climbed up my body and sank her pussy on my cock. OOH that felt so good her pussy caressed my cock.

Inch by inch she moved downward until I was in her depths. She stopped and relaxed there … Then gently she began to move Ruby turned around without breaking contact between her pussy and my mouth. She reached for her sisters tits and began to suck her nipples.

All we needed was the forest sprites and we could have the triangle again. Ruby began orgasming again. I had not released as yet and I could feel Robin's amazing pussy really working and I could feel the tingling that says it is time. My cum burst forward soaking Robin's insides she kept going and my cock grasped its second wind.

I charged forward bringing Robin to her end and she flood around my cock and she fell forward. Ruby not to be left out grabbed her sisters hips and drug her off my cock and she climbed aboard. I don't know if it is possible or not but Ruby's pussy felt tighter and smoother inside.

I slowly began to move and she joined my movement and we moved like a well oiled mechanism reaching for the same goal while I was working on Ruby. Slinky was licking Robin clean.

Robin had looked but couldn't see any thing but it felt so good she just lay there enjoying. Ruby began to bounce and twist and stretch she grabbed my hands and crushed them to her tits. I got the idea and began twisting and pinching her nipples and pushing and mashing her tits. She leaned into my hands and her hips were moving back and forth and up and down all at the same time.

I began cycling my hips trying to match her movement but I just couldn't catch up with her. Then she slammed her hips down and began grinding and she threw her head back and screamed I felt her let loose. One more stroke and l released inside of her I could hear her mouthing feels good, feels gooood. then she fell forward and I put my arms around her and held her close. Girls as much as I would love to stay like this all night I think we should clean up and get down stairs.

I think it is time to eat. We quickly showered and headed downstairs. I did a bit of finger moving and time caught up. As we walked into the back yard Mom and Artie drove up. Artie ran to me and said, " We won, we won District." Then he spotted Ruby, grabbed her hands and just froze. Ruby smiled, "Hi Cousin." Artie was tongue tied finally he got out "Ruby" then he gathered her in his arms and picked her up off the ground and spun her around. Dad called out, " It's time to eat, everybody lets go." People began getting their plates and utensils and lining up.

Since Artie had taken over Ruby, I let my attention move to just Robin. She seemed to like that idea. I asked her what she wanted, "Hamburger pork and beans and potato salad and a tea sounds about right." I doubled the order except I added cheese on mine. We grabbed one of the card tables and was joined by Ruby and Artie.

By the time we finished eating we had heard about almost every play in the game. Artie played both ways QB on Offense and Defensive End on Defense. He was awarded MVP for the game. I was almost sorry I missed it. While we were talking Mom came over to our table. "Artie you need to blow up your air mattress and take it to Al's room. Robin and Ruby will be sleeping in your room their parents will be in the guest room. " Our house had the master and guest room on the ground floor and mine and Artie's rooms on the second.

The reason pleased us all, Uncle jack was being transferred.

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They were going to layover to look at a house. Sounded wonderful to me. The Group By traveling with the Centaurs a weeks trip was done in 2 ½ days.

The Mages were waiting for them when they reached Tree-haven. Ciel set up quarters for them then she would be in discussion with the Arms-masters. Linda and Roli were escorted to the Mage House they stayed locked away for 7 hours they investigated spell books and scrolls.

They were finding amateur wife fist fucked by her husbands friend threesome and redhead, Roli picked up a book she slipped and almost dropped the book, Pages fluttered and one sheet fell out.

She picked it up and read it. "I've got it. He handed the page to the Arch Mage. He read it out loud Sex with three Just for fun Still must search To find the one Eyes that slant But still can see Skin of Color Just might be In and out Older too If done right With emotion Will return you To the Land of Goshen The Arch Mage, " I really don't understand it but you have to get this to the Black.

Let him figure it out. We will work on it too." Linda spoke with the Centaurs they think they will be ready by morning. Ciel walked up in time to here about their leaving time. She had dozens of arrows and a bow for Linda and Roli.


The Elf's set a very good table and they ate their fill then turned in for the night. Barf kept a close watch on Aden on the second day after Linda's party had left. They were attacked by Kobolds. Kobolds were small creatures that looked a lot like Moles.

They didn't use weapons but their bite an claws and numbers made them dangerous. When they were spotted the available Arms-masters distributed bows and arrows and it was just a matter of aim and fire. The Kobolds were thick enough it was impossible to miss. The Elf Mages used Flame darts. They fought the Kobolds for 3 hours when suddenly they all stopped at once, stood straight up wiggled their whiskers then turned and ran the other direction.

The defenders all looked around trying to under stand what had happened. Medical Mage began treating the wounded. There was movement amid the sea of dead Kobolds. An Arms Master dug through them and found one Kobold alive with his back broken. They found an Elf who could speak Kobold, He questioned the survivor. "Why did they stop the attack." The reply sounded like hissing but was actually a higher pitch then they were use to hearing. " The Grand Seer of the Kobolds (a Mage) said to stop.

The person they were after was not here." He was asked who they were after. "The Green wanted the White." They removed the arrow and told him he could go.

It was a sorry sight to see the Kobold dragging his back legs behind him while scurrying with his front claws. Harper felt sorry for him she picked him up and flew over the scurrying mass of Kobolds and dropped him right in front of them.

She flew back to join the ongoing discussion. " I have a suggestion, or rather I am going to tell you what I have planned. I am going to fly to meet Linda to ascertain that she is all right. Then to tell her what has happened." Aden smiled and said," Thank you Aleska diamond drooling on cocks at orgy that was what I was trying to convince them we needed to do.

Except I was suggesting That my Owl be the one to go but they would hear none of it." Harper frowned at the thought of the Princess flying off in to no one knows type of danger.

She shuddered the Queen Mother would have all of her tail feathers pulled out. " You princess are also a target. You are important, I am not. Besides I can carry a Bow while I fly, you can not." With that she lifted off the ground and flew toward Tree Haven, As she flew she kept a close watch on the ground. Linda and her party awoke and partook of the prepared meal before saying their thanks and goodbyes.

They mounted and rode out on their journey back to the village. Cherg and Twil agreed they needed to travel faster on the way back. Every few miles they would shift passengers so that one did not have to carry double all the way. Before dusk on the first day Harper caught up with them. She had met up with the brown Crow and they were together. They decided that Linda should pass the message straight to the Brown Crow now. That way at least a day or more would be saved getting the information to the Black.

This they did and the crow departed to start the chain of information flowing. The Crow was getting very tired after all the brown was getting old. So far none knew petite jeune tres coquine avec son mec the brown had an alter form.

He found him self having to rest more often. He arrived and he lit in an Oak tree and awaited the rat. The limb he had landed on was very large He Morph ed to human form so he could take his pills then he could rest. He opened his eyes as he felt something nudge his hand and arm. It was the rat, The brown rubbed the rats head an scratshed his belly all the while he was talking to the rat.

He was passing on the note, although the rat could not understand what he was being told neither did he forget. "Now go my pet make me proud. and now I must rest." The rat made his way through the castle wall and avoided the dogs in the courtyard then outran the cat in the Chapel. Slipping through a hole that accessed the kitchen then spiraled down between the wall and into the dungeon. He quickly backpedaled. The Green was in the midst of abusing the beautiful German Shepard.

He had her head tied off close to a 3" ring in the wall. He loved the spells he had that would cause a changeling to morph on his command.

He had enjoyed it so much when he screwed the tigress. Well Sheba I promised you a good screwing. He mounted her from behind then morphed her in to her dog form this caused her pussy to contract it felt wonderful.

He made her morph back and forth all he had to do was hang on to her hips and have her to continue to morph back and forth.

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Even with his little prick the contrast was making her hotter than Hell. When her climax arrived she was in dog form and her pussy over rode his spell. Sheba squatted, howled and drenched his little pecker with her juices. Ambrose was so caught up in the moment he released his twin shots of cum in to her dog womb. Another changeling was now on the way.

Ambrose held on for a few minutes savoring the tightness of her pussy around his member. Then it softened and he untied her and put her back in her cage. "That was good Sheba very good Don't Worry Anil your time is comingPassenger shows off her incredible boobs and pounded know you can't morph but I plan on trying you on a blow-job." And with that he marched right out of the dungeon.

Know his predilection for using the invisibility spell the rat waited. Fifteen minutes later the dungeon door actually closed. The rat scurried up to Streek and Streek leaned his head next to a small nose sized hole. The rat stuck his nose into the dragons ear and began relating all he had learned from the Brown Crow. Back on Earth I was already making plans for the night. I am sure Artie would be willing to go along with my plan.

'AL quit daydreaming this is important. She began to read off the spell.