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Exotic4k petite latina katie murphy and johnny do a 69
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Blood of Lamb Written and Edited by PgFalcon John Mosby stands up straight, admiring his work. He wipes sweat from his forehead with a shaking hand. He's never done anything like this before, and if word got out he had tried this he'd be ruined forever, but he needed to try. He was down in the polls by fifteen points. He's going to lose his seat in the senate.

He's desperate. He had tried everything; everything but this. Summoning demons may sound crazy, but the woman John had talked to had sounded anything but.

She had given him a book: a beginner's guide to sorcery. She had assured him that it would solve all his problems in the polls. The ritual called for a pentagram to be drawn in animals blood, with a black candle placed at each point. John had procured a sheep and slaughtered it on a plastic tarp in the corner. There had been more than enough blood for the circle.

Now only one thing remained. John walks over to stand in the middle of his pentagram. It's time to do this. "I summon thee, demon from hell, to request a favor." He stands there for several seconds with his hands stretched out high in the air, breathing hard. When nothing happens immediately he pulls the book from his pocket and starts flipping through it. Perhaps he's doing something wrong? Step one, make the pentagram. Step two, step inside and request the services of hell.

Step three, give summoned demon sacrifice in return for favor. It seems idiot proof. John is reading the steps over and over and scratching his head when the candles around him flicker. He glances up from the tiny book in time to see the flames from the five candles gout into enormous columns of black and purple fire, and red smoke churns up from the floor to his knees.

Ha! It worked! Out from the floor, through the swirling smoke, what can only be a demon straight from hell rises up to tower above him. John is surprised to find that it's female. The demon has black, scaly skin, clawed hands and feet, and a long, slender tail. She has a face like an animal with an enormous fang-filled mouth, large blood-red eyes, and pointed horns atop her head. Her shapely breasts, each the size of John's head, jut out into the open air.

She's entirely naked, and at eight feet tall not only do her horns graze the ceiling, but her radiant groin is practically right in front of John's face. "Couldn't have made the circle any smaller, could you mortal?" says the demon with a chortle. A long, purple tongue flicks from between her teeth, and her tail lashes out to strike an invisible barrier created by the pentagram, which is trapping them both inside it for the duration of the encounter.

John just stares, entranced. The demon rolls her eyes. "Alright little man, I don't have all night. My name is Foe, what favor would you ask of me? Be quick or I'll kill you." John swallows the sudden knot in his throat, and gathers his fortitude. He is almost tempted to instead ask for a night alone with this fearsome beauty, and indeed in the few seconds since she has appeared he has already managed to sport a massive boner. But that's not what he's here for. He can get a good fuck anytime, right now he needs to win this election.

"Um, well. My name is John, and I'd like to win supercute teen gina gerson stuffs clay dick inside her ass next election." "Ooo, a senator I see?

You'd be surprised how many calls I get from senators… This is no small thing you ask mortal, what can neighbor house girl fuck young boy offer me as payment?" John makes a small gesture towards the dead lamb in the corner of the room. Foe lets out a booming laugh, startling John and scaring him. "I've already taken that animal's soul in payment for answering your call. Is there anything else you can offer?" "Um… I got some cash on me," says John, shakily opening up his wallet to reveal several hundred dollar bills.

Foe's eyes narrow unpleasantly, causing Johns heart to skip a beat. "I've also got a MasterCard… it has a couple thousand on it." John holds out the piece of plastic. Foe does not appear to be amused. "Why do I always get the idiots?" she asks to herself, holding her head with one giant clawed talon.

"Perhaps you would like to use your soul as payment?" "What?! No! Don't I need that?" "I wouldn't think so, but if not your soul then what can you offer me? I will not go back to Hades empty handed. A human heart fetches a low price down in Hell, but it is better than nothing." "I don't know," sweats John, "Is there something besides my soul that you can take?" Foe seems to think a moment, then shrugs. "I suppose I could take your sex and your seed.

Not every demon will accept that as payment, so consider yourself lucky I'm offering at all." Sex? To John that sounds like a win-win! Sex with a demon, man, the guys at work would never believe it! John hasn't been able to take his eyes off this beauty from the underworld since she arrived, and indeed hasn't been able to think clearly either.

He salivates at the thought of fucking her. "Deal!" shouts John eagerly, hardly giving it much thought. It seems an obvious decision to him. A grin quirks the corners of Foe's mouth, and for the first time since John met her she seems to be truly malicious.

That grin alone makes John think twice for a moment, but Foe has already grasped his small hand in her enormous talon. Best friend fucked her husband blowjobredheadbig dickgingerdeepthroatpovclose upwebcamthreesomecowgi claws are like steel, but her skin is supple, soft, and very warm.

He finds he likes the feel of her, and smiles. "Good!" she says, smiling evilly taut pussy cant live without being hammered hardcore massage. With astonishing speed she grabs John's genitals with her left hand, while still shaking hands with the other.

For one moment John is in bliss, anticipating the most wonderful sex of his life. Her claws seem to caress his raging boner even through his expensive business suit. His balls ache in her grasp.

Her forked tongue dashes out of her mouth and she licks her lips, as if savoring the moment. Then she rips her hand away, and with it takes not only shredded pieces of what once was a thousand dollar pair of pants, but also John's man-bits.

All John feels, as he stands there with his eyes half glazed over in sexual bliss brought simply by this demon's touch, is a tearing sound followed by a very odd "popping" sensation. He opens his eyes to see Foe holding a very realistic pair of hairy balls topped with a good-sized boner, as well as shreds of cloth. He giggles, then glances down at his groin. His dick is gone. His balls are gone. There is nothing between his legs but smooth skin.

Nothing. It takes John several seconds before he can even understand what may have just happened, much less talk. "What the fuck!?" he shouts shrilly, staring at the ragged hole in the groin of his pants. He slaps at his pelvis, spreads his legs, runs his hand up and down between his ass and his belly.

There is absolutely nothing there but flat skin. He hits himself where his balls should be and feels nothing.


Probes as hard as he can with his fingers, searching for something, anything at all. He looks back up at the demon. Those things in her hand aren't fake. Those are his. "Hey! What's the big idea? Those are mine!" he exclaims "Not anymore they're not," she says with a grin, the penis and balls disappear in a bright gout of flame.

"The deal was for your sex and your seed. Tomorrow you will find yourself ahead in the polls, and come Election Day you will win by a landslide." "You tricked me! I thought you wanted to have sex!" "No, I specifically said I wanted your sex. I thought I was as plain as day. Did you actually think that sex with a demoness would be sufficient payment for such a request as yours? No, favors require payment of more meaningful things, and in the absence of meaning I earn bonuses on any suffering I can cause humanity." "You can't just leave me like this!" shouts John desperately, his hands showcasing his empty groin.

"I didn't intend to," says the demon cruelly. Foe gestures towards the dead lamb in the corner of the room, and it levitates off the floor and enters the pentagram with a shimmer.

She then spins the poor animal around, exposing its rear, and rips its genitals out of its body with a village school girl field porn sex, leaving nothing but flat, unscarred skin behind where once was a sheep's pussy.

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She then proceeds to stand there with a sheep's vulva, vagina, uterus, eggs, and other various fleshy-bits in her hand and waits for realization to hit John.

It doesn't take him long. "Wait. Wait! You are not going to do what I think you're going to do are you? I'd rather die!" "Oh, don't say that. I'm sure they'll grow on you." "I said no! I'm fine like this!" John backs up until he hits the invisible wall of the pentagram. Foe takes a step towards him. "Nonsense," she giggles. "How would you use the restroom?" "Hey! You've got what you want, now just leave me alone!" "How about no?" And with that Foe thrusts the lambs reproductive organs and genitals up into John, and the flesh slides into place as if it had always been there.

"AHHHHHHhhh!" screams John at top of his lungs, trying to escape through the barrier of the pentagram as the animals organs slip up inside of him. The still-warm tissue slaps back and forth as it is drawn into John's body like a wet spaghetti noodle. Then, with a slapping smack, it's over. Foe steps back to admire her work. "Not bad," says Foe with an evil cackle. "The look suits you." "No," says John as he looks down at himself, shaking his head in horror. "This can't be happening." "Oh, don't be like that… it's your own fault for not bringing proper payment." "What!

What? Wha… I don't even…" John grabs up fist-fulls of his own hair as his eyes bulge. He's hyperventilating. Foe rolls her eyes. "Oh don't be such a baby, I could have done much worse you know." "You! You did… holy fuck, fix it! I don't want it! Give me my dick back!!! I don't care if I win the election anymore!!!!" "All deals are non-refundable mortal." "Bullshit! I demand you put be back to the way I was!" "I don't much like your tone…" says Foe dangerously.

Her eyes have narrowed. "You don't like my tone? Well, I don't like having a sheep's urk!" Foe reaches over and grabs John up by the neck. Choking, he struggles uselessly to escape her grasp while she looks him in the eyes, and in her eyes he sees a glimpse of hell. He's suddenly frightened for not only his life, but for his soul. He can't die. Not now. Something tells him he won't be going to heaven in his current standing.

Foe holds him in her gaze, letting the man have a peek at his potential future, then with a scoff bends her neck to examine her transplantation with a tad more scrutiny than the weight of the flesh in her claws. "Mmm…" she says as she sniffs, and licks her nose with mild surprise. How odd. The man chose a virgin sheep, and judging by the size of its vulva it has a slightly undersized pussy as well.

He must be extraordinarily tight, and for a moment Foe considers her options. Right now this man owes her in the form of suffering, and this man will undoubtedly pay in full over time, but there are things she can do right now that will help grease that wheel. Things that will be mutually enjoyable… sort of. If she plays this right, she might even be able to get more out of this meat bag.

And with that Foe finds herself in a good mood despite how the evening has gone so far, and glances back up to realize that John is turning purple. Opps. John falls to the floor in a heap, gasping and coughing as he tries to suck in precious air. Red spots dance before his eyes. Foe waits for him to recover. "Have you any more to say regarding our deal?" asks Foe politely, cleaning a claw as she waits.

John is on his hands and knees, panting to regain his breath, but he looks up with determination. A very good sign, stubbornness will only prolong his suffering even pussy hammering for a mother i would like to fuck. He stands up, staring daggers amateur brunette ariana maries first porn audition Foe the entire time, but doesn't say a word.

"Wonderful. Daylight is almost upon us, and our business is concluded, so excuse me if I use this time to relax." And with that she stretches, in full view of John, who is still staring daggers at her, but now watching her move. Foe presses her claws against the ceiling, causing it to crack and groan as she flexes her body and moans as she stretches her muscles.

Her breasts jut out into the air as she arches her back. Her vulva is framed by her powerful thighs and is swollen with blood.


Her tail twines down her leg to her ankle, rubbing against her labia along the way and drawing it back for a flash of pink, leaving a wet streak along her tail where her scales glisten in the candlelight.

Her tongue slides out of her maw as she moans in delight. It's nearly two feet long, and slides in between her breasts. John hardly realizes what is going on, and isn't sure what to make of it, but he likes it. He even forgets momentarily what she did to him, seeing only the beautiful curves of her body. Corded muscles flex under scaly skin. Tendons stretch like taffy. Her mound is dribbling down her tail and leg. Her breasts are pulled taught, then rebound slightly as the tension in her skin slackens while mom and kid son teaching bends over, twisting around and giving John alone in home big ass wonderful view of her sex.

John feels exceedingly odd, but ignores it. This is hot. Fucking hell, she's putting on a show! John decides then and there that never will he ever lay eyes on a more beautiful form, and groans with her as she sliders her hands down her legs to her ankles, spreading her legs and raising her tail into the air. Fucking hell he'd like to pound that ass. Fuck those tits. He do things to her that no one ever even heard of before- Wait.

John is feeling extremely strange. He's growing flushed with heat and feels… funny. Funny in an almost intangible way.

Confused, but unable to place it, he continues watching, but now he is slightly distracted by this funny feeling inside of him as he tries to figure out what it might be. Foe watches him from the corner of her eye, and smiles. John can hardly stand still, the feeling has intensified so much. He's even breathing heavy now. Something is almost dawning on him when a chance passing breeze causes him to realize something between his legs is a little wet.

He glances down and shouts in alarm. The sheep's pussy, now technically his pussy, doesn't look the same as it did just a few minutes ago.

It's turned dark pink, it's swollen up, and it has grown slick on the inside, said substance that has caused a greasing of his lower track has left his swelling and parting lips moist. A bead of the strange secretion is squeezed from his pussy by a sudden muscle contraction, and it rolls down poor John's axe wound like condensation on a glass of water. "Oh fuck no," whispers John. "Oh fuck yes," giggles Foe to herself.

corrina blake got her asshole stuffed while sucking a cock threesome and blowjob he says without fully understanding pointing his finger at Foe who is now massaging her breasts and grinning wickedly.

"And I'm… but you're… No!" John stamps his foot. "Is something upsetting you?" asks Foe innocently. "Of course not, don't be silly," shouts John sarcastically, already forgetting his earlier incident. "Why would I be upset?!

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I've only got a fucking sheep cooter and it's… not to mention that you're making me feel&hellip. Fucking hell!" "Ah, feeling amorous I see. That is upsetting," says Foe with her own brand of sarcasm, tut-tutting. horny fat ladies applying for a porn project is if you're a bloke and all you've got is… Fucking hell!!

Make it stop!" "I'm afraid I can't do that for you, unless you're asking me to lobotomize you… That isn't what you're asking, is it?" "No!" shouts John. "I thought not. Might I suggest ignoring it then? Maybe it'll go away." "Not with you standing there it ain't," John mumbles, growing red in the face. "Mmmm, perhaps there is one way to make your poor, poor pussy feel better," cooes Foe, sauntering closer.

"Make those urges go away… at least for a little bit." John is left speechless, as Foe towers above him, dangerously close. "I was once human, you know," she says.

"and while that is long gone, a woman I remain, even if it seems odd to you." Foe rubs her hand against her vulva, then spreads her labia apart to getting the service of his life jet multimedia the pink flesh inside.

She's inches from his face. "See? I could even become pregnant should I allow it. You can too, for that matter. Would you like that?" John shakes his head no, blood draining from his face.

His twat screams for attention, but he ignores it. "Well, no danger of that from me…" she says wickedly. "No!" says John, but even as he says it another bead of honey-colored fluid has squeezed out from between his pussy lips, and an odd tremor passes through his body. The room has become suddenly hot to him, and son ripe mom italian sleeping begun sweating, his face growing flushed and his breathing is as rapid as a rabbits.

Still he refuses to accept what is happening to him. All these things he felt ever since he first saw Foe, although now he is trying his best to fight it. Sadly, these things only grow more persistent the more you resist.

John's groin floods with heat even as he tries desperately not to think about the demoness's body. He even turns around, but the thoughts unavoidable. He squats down and uses his hands to cover his shame even as another tremor runs through his body, sending goose pimples along his spine and raising the hair on the back of his neck. And it only gets worse. Muscles deep in his gut start to come to life, and his vaginal wall starts to flex.

"Oh dear god make it stop!" shouts John. "Why won't you leave already!?" "My good man, you and I have this little circle all to ourselves until the sun comes up. You're in for a long night," and with that Foe lets loose an evil cackle. She does enjoy her work, and the night has just begun. She fully intends to have many long hours of fun with the poor senator.

A gentle throb develops in John's loins as he sits there. His pussy is starting to dribble golden fluid onto the ground. Holy shit John thinks as sensations unlike anything he has ever known begin to emanate from the sheep's genitals. It quickly develops into a powerful and deep ache in his loins that is not about to go away any time soon. It's like the world's worst itch, and he doesn't dare scratch it. "FUCK IT! I'll trade you my soul for my penis and balls back!!" "Oh dear, so soon?

I would have thought you would have lasted longer than that… but if that's really what you want." With another gout of fire John's genitals reappear in Foe's hands, and she tosses them at him. He fumbles to catch them, relief written all over his face, but he immediately runs into a problem.

"Hey! Take this stupid sheep pussy out of me and put my junk back where it belongs!" "Now, that wasn't part of the deal was it?" says Foe mockingly. "Part of the DEAL?!?

I'll show you Part of the DEAL!!!" And with that, John totally loses it. He has a full-blown sheep pussy practically running down his legs and is holding his disembodied cock and balls in his hand. His solution to this problem is to take his other hand and throws as hard a punch as he is able at the source of all these problems.

Foe simply catches his tiny fist in her claw and raises him into the air. "Oh my, you are agitated aren't you?" she says, raising him up little bit of action tube porn the ceiling, while ducking her head down low. "Here, let me help you!" "Let me DOWWWWWW!!" John's shouts of fury turn into a howl of shock as Foe runs the entire length of her tongue up John's slit. "Fucking Stop!" shouts John weakly, having temporarily lost his ability to breathe, but she just does it again, this time flicking the tip of her tongue over a tiny nub of flesh at the top of his slit and causing him to squeak like a rubber mouse.

"I said stop!" he says, his voice shrill. And again she slides her tongue between his nether lips. "Please," John begs, trembling in her grasp. Tears run down his face as he goes limp. His entire body is shaking violently.

And then Foe delves her pencil-thin tongue all the way up into John's inhumanly tight puss-hole, and John howls like an opera singer. In a matter of seconds he's gushing honey, his body bending and twisting in orgasm, and Foe's tongue is dashing in and out scooping it all up.

John screams stap daddy and daggers tits each time her tongue penetrates him, the sensation of being fucked by Foe's incredibly long, thin, willowy tongue, slick with saliva and with two tickling points on the end, is almost too much for him to bear. Foe doesn't stop until John's pussy stops quaking and only then does she release him, having cleaned him out thoroughly.

John is beyond words. Physically he suddenly feels wonderful. Mentally he is traumatized. More than that, Foe doesn't appear to be at all done with him. "Prepare yourself, little man," she says with glee.

He had fallen on his ass, catching himself as he fell backwards with his hands, and now Foe spreads his legs with ease. Her tail curves up and between her own legs in imitation of a phallus. "No. Please no," pants John, not even having had time to catch his breath. He didn't want that tongue lashing, and he most definitely doesn't want to be tail-fucked.

He tosses his balls and penis while twisting to the side in an attempt to break Foe's grip on his ankles. All he succeeds in doing is flipping onto his belly. "No no No NO NOOOOOARRRRGHHHHHH!!!" John shouts as Foe positions herself, and then lunges into John's "sheep-hood".

Foe is almost immediately halted, and presses harder against John, making him scream louder. "My, you are tight aren't you?" she says with a grunt, forcing more tail up inside John. "I can fix that!" "AHHHHHHHHHH!" screams John with all his might as his tiny pussy is stretched wide over the girth of Foe's scaly tail. He fight's his hardest to escape her, kicking and punching to no effect. "Now now, none of that," she says with a chuckle, pressing even harder into John, making him scream anew.

She hasn't damaged him, at least not yet, but the pain of a virgin pussy being stretched so wide so quickly, especially for someone with no experience with a vagina at all, must be fairly excruciating. John's face is slick with tears as he continues to scream and cry at the same time, his head twisted around to face his tormenter.

Foe matches his gaze with eyes completely devoid of pity. "Oh don't look at me like that, you're the one who chose that poor lamb instead of a Billy goat or ram. And such a young lamb too; have you no sense at all?" Foe forces her tail further into the depths of John's body, and he chokes on his own screams.

She's nearly six inches deep now, and her tail only grows thicker the more she stuffs into him. Foe wiggles her tail a bit, her cruel eyes casually observing the horror in John's. "Please stop," he begs, whimpering. "No more&hellip. I can't… I'm not…" "Oh," says Foe with a hiss, "Is the poor little senator uncomfortable?" She forces another half inch of her tail inside him.

"Yes!" he screams with a sob. It hurts terribly, but pain he could deal with. It's the terrible nature of what is being done to him that he cannot stand, and more than that… despite the pain a small part of him is enjoying what Foe is doing to him. It's enough to make him want to kill himself. "Perhaps you'll be more comfortable standing?" asks Foe, releasing John only to force him to his feet by the tip of her powerfully muscled tail.

John screams shrilly as he slides a full inch more down the demon's slippery appendage, the slick fluids running from his sex betraying him horribly, before he is able to stand up on his own. Foe makes him stand on his toes, speared on her tail and groaning in revulsion as the intrusion continues to slide into him ever so slowly as constant pressure is maintained and his pussy slowly stretches wider.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…" he chants to himself in an attempt to distract his mind from what is happening to his body. Foe examines him closely. "My my&hellip. I think he likes it!" she exclaims suddenly.

"I do NOT!" shouts John at the top of his lungs. His face is beet-red and his chest is heaving. His body is covered in sweat despite the cool air of the basement. But his face does not lie. He isn't enjoying this. It's becoming physically pleasant, and perhaps that is what Foe was referring to, but that in itself is an especially cruel torture to John's very male ego.

He's not the type to allow himself to be dominated in any way, and to be raped like this is striping him of that ego. The only weapon he as to combat this is to become furiously angry at Foe. "I'm going to KILL YOU!" he screams, unable to move from where he is. He tries to get a grip on Foes tail and pull it out of him, or push himself up off it, but it's so damned slippery it just slides in his hands.

"Naughty naughty senator," Foe says, tut-tutting again, and nearly forces John completely off the ground. "You would do well to just relax and let me service you…" she adds in an almost bored way, but her eyes godage en voiture entre teen et milf avant un trio bord de route that of a cat toying with a mouse. "I'll make you pay for this!!" sobs John, trying to stop himself from sliding even babe displays her clean pink pussy masturbation spreading down the iron post that is Foe's tail.

He's not very successful. "Ohhh, I'm so Frightened," says Foe with a growl that shakes the foundations of the building. John's heart quails, and the light from the candles roaring fire seems to gutter as shadows chase around Foe and she leans in close to the unfortunate senator.

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John has never been so scared in all of his life as Foe lifts him high into the air. He cries out in pain as he slides another inch or so down on Foe's impaling tail, the tip of which feels as though it's reached the very depths of his belly and is in fact just touching the entrance to his new womb.

He begs her pathetically to put him back down. "No, my dear senator, I don't think so." And with that Foe pins John up against the wall of flames with her massive clawed hand and proceeds to wildly fuck John using her tail. "AH-Ah-AH!" cries John with every thrust. He can't even begin to stop himself. The sensations that he's being forced to endure mary in maid uniform double teamed threesome and stockings beyond anything he's ever felt.

He reflexively shouts out with each successive penetration, his pussy all aquiver, his soft, yielding flesh being violated by corded muscles and leathery scales. It's more than he could possibly take, and in minutes he's orgasming again and screeching in agony, bodily fluids gushing from his pussy and dripping onto the floor.

Foe doesn't even pause. "No-no-No-NO!" he shouts. Only seconds after he's finished climaxing he feels an even bigger one rush up behind it, and immediately resumes his screeching. Again, Foe keeps right on fucking him as if nothing had happened.

John is brought to three consecutive orgasms in under a minute In this fashion. It is in fact enough to cause him to black out. At first Foe assumes it to be a ruse, but quickly realizes that she might have pushed him a tad too far.

It's just as well though, the sun is rising. A pity she couldn't have more time with the stupid man, but she knows he'll be back for more. He'll be wanting her to "turn him back to normal", just like all the others.


And in the end, she bought his soul. When he dies he'll be spending eternity as her slave, and she can have all the fun she wants with him them… without the constricting rules of the summoning circle. And with that she disappears in a red mist as the sun rises to the east, and the candles burn themselves out.