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Lovely teen gapes pink vulva and gets deflorated
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(Writer's note. Not much sex in the beginning of this story, but hang in there, it gets better. At least I hope it does.

Please read the note at the end too.) I had gone over to spend the day with my grandfather and grandmother. They live only a short distance away and I could ride my bike there. Their house was totally different than mine. It was clean. Grandmother was a great cook and there seemed to be such a calm, quiet atmosphere at their home. I never heard a real fight there, unlike at my house where my mother and father seemed to be screaming at each other all the time. When my Grandparents disagreed on something, they would talk about it, although I did notice that Grandfather got his way most of the time.

He seemed to have the last word on everything. I sat with Grandfather in the living room and Grandmother brought in some cookies. "Jimmy, I'm glad you came over today. Your grandmother and me would like to talk to you a little about your mother. Things haven't been going too well at your house, have they?" "What do you mean?" "Your mom isn't happy, is she?

She and your dad fight all the time, we can see that. She doesn't look healthy, she is letting herself go, and your house is a mess. Her live is a mess." "I guess, but it's not my fault." "We know it's not your fault Jimmy.

Don't get upset about that. Relax, eat a cookie. Tell me something. Do you love your mother?" "Of course I do Granddad, why would you ask a question like that?" "What does love mean to you?" No one had ever asked me that before. I couldn't put it into words. "Let me tell you what love means to you Jimmy. It means clean clothes, warm food and a nice place to live. All you have ever done is take and take all your life and that is ok.

A boy your age should be able to get what he needs and wants. I am not saying that you have ever done anything wrong. You have never been asked to give. However, love is not just taking, it's giving too and giving can be hard work. If I asked you to work very hard for your mother's happiness, and yours, would you do it?" I was beginning to wonder what brooklyn chase real life part 5 was talking about. Did he want me to go home and clean the house?

"Yes." "Jimmy, your mother needs help, she needs guidance, and your dad just can't seem to understand that." "What possible help could I be?" "Your Grandmother and I have talked a lot about this and we are going to trust you with a great secret.

Can you keep a secret?" "Yes." "Jimmy, do you think your Grandmother is attractive?" I wasn't sure where this was going and I was getting a little afraid but I trusted my grandparents. Grandmother had on simple housedress but she looked nice.

She always tried to look nice. Mom had stopped caring about that around the house for a long time. "Jimmy, tell your Grandmother to take her dress off." "What! Are you crazy!" Then for the first time in the conversation Grandmother said something.

"Please honey, I thinks this is going a little fast. May I speak?" Grandfather smiled and nodded. "Relax, Jimmy. It's ok. Your Grandfather hasn't lost his mind. There is nothing to be afraid of here. We aren't going to hurt you or cause you any problems.

Everything that happens here will be our little secret. Your parents will never find out. Do you believe me Jimmy? Do you trust us?" I was not at all sure about this but I did love my Grandmother. In many ways she had been my real mother when my mom was screaming around the house. "Yes." "Tell me to take my dress off honey." "Well if you want to go ahead." Both of my grandparents laughed. "No honey, you aren't getting the gust of this.

What I want here does not matter. Tell me to take my dress off. Give it a try. I'm not that ugly am I?" "No Grandmother, you aren't ugly at all." Grandmother was an attractive woman for her age. She was slim with white hair. "So?" "Take your dress off Grandmother" "Yes Jimmy." Grandmother took off her dress and was standing before Grandfather and me in just a bra and slip.

"That wasn't very hard, was it Jimmy? How do I look?" She struck a pose like a model. "You look great Grandmother." I couldn't help sneaking peeks at her breasts. They were small but quite nice. "May I sit down Jimmy? I want to tell you about your mother and me." I nodded and Grandmother sat down. "I'm a submissive honey. So is your mother.

Let me tell you what that is. Women like me and your mother, we want, we need men who will tell us what to do. If we don't have someone who loves us enough to really be concerned about how we look or what we do, we're miserable. When your Grandfather and I were married we really didn't understand this. One day we were screaming at each other about something completely unimportant and I thought he was going to leave me.

Instead, he just turned me over his knee and beat the shit out of me." "He what!" I heard my Grandfather laughing. "He cared Jimmy. He didn't want to leave, he loved me, but I was not being the wife he wanted. Afterwards he couldn't have been sorrier but I wasn't. Something in me had changed.

I felt loved, wanted. Don't ask me explain but it make all the difference in the world. I started asking him to whip me. Your Grandfather wouldn't do it at first. Sometimes a master has to be trained. That's why you're here today, Jimmy, to start your training." "We whips you?" "Sometimes, sexy casting for a excited nubile hardcore and blowjob he usually just paddles me. For the past thirty years or so he has paddled me every day with his hand or a hairbrush.

The hand isn't the best thing to paddle a women with, it really doesn't hurt very much but we both like the feeling. There are times when other things are necessary and you will learn how to use them, but I still love your Grandfather's hand." Grandmother smiled at Grandfather and he smiled back. "Are dirty legal age teenager acquires on all four girlfriend and homemade ok Jimmy? Not too afraid?" I was afraid.

"What do you mean that I am to be trained?" At this point Grandfather took over. "It really is all about attitude, Jimmy. Your mother needs a man to please and your father just is not up to the task." At this point a strange look passed between my grandparents but I didn't understand it. "Most of it is common sense. You will cause your mother pain and she will love and obey you for it, but you will never cut her, you will never burn her and you will never scar her.

Do you understand?" I nodded yes. I could not imagine doing any of those things anyway. "You will never share her against her will and you will never tell anyone about this unless she gives her permission. Do you understand this?

I nodded yes although I did not know what he meant by share. "Tell your Grandmother to take her slip off." I couldn't speak. Grandmother laughed sweetly and said to Grandfather "Honey, I think we left out something very important.

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Look." She pointed at my erection. It was getting painful. Grandfather said, "I think you had better handle this Linda." "Please not quite yet dear, he should have to earn that just like you did." Granddad laughed and Grandma took over. "Jimmy, what we are asking of you will be a lot of work. You don't realize that yet. We will help. At least at first you will have to pay attention to everything she does and says, almost every minute. You do want to make her happy don't you? Your not in school right now so you have time.

I just want to tell you that there will be compensations for you too. If you care enough to help her, she will help you eventually." "Help how?" "I don't think you are ready to hear that yet Jimmy. I think we have almost gone too far for one day. Just relax and don't panic. Your Grandfather just asked you to do something, can you do it?" It took me a second to remember and then I said "Please take your slip off Grandmother." She stood up and removed her slip.

She turned away from me for a second to fold it mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck put it down.

When she turned back she was wearing only her bra and panties. I could see white hair peeking out from the sides between her legs. She was quite slim. "'Please' is a nice word honey but you will soon learn that 'masters' don't have to use it. As a matter of fact Jimmy your mother and I would rather not be asked for anything.

Give orders Jimmy, don't make requests. We will make the requests of you. Now please order me to come to you." I was in a state of complete panic. I wanted to jump up and leave. I wanted to jump on my bike and ride home. I also wanted to stay more than I have ever wanted anything in the world. I croaked out, "Come over here Grandmother." Grandmother moved across the living room floor and stood beside me.

I could smell a mixture of perfume and something else. "You are going to paddle me honey, with you hand. Don't worry, you will not harm me. After more that thirty years of your grandfather's hand, it would take a little more than your hand to give me pain.

This is practice. Now order me to kneel." "Kneel Grandmother." Grandmother knelt down. "What do you want me to do next Jimmy?" "Bend over my knees." Grandmother bent over my knees. Grandfather said at this point, "You have a decision to make now Jimmy. What do you want to do?" At first I didn't understand what he meant. We just looked at each other for a few seconds and amazing fucking ass jasmine jolie vaginal sex masturbation oral sex blonde caucasian vaginal mastur I knew.

"Pull your panties off Grandmother." Granddad said, "Very good Jimmy. I like to pull them off myself but this way works just as well. We were curious if you would be able to give the order.

A bare ass is always best." Grandmother reached up and slipped her thumbs into the elastic waist of her panties and pulled down. Her ass was a little narrow on the sides but I loved it.

The panties stopped above her knees. Grandmother then said, "Jimmy, I can feel that there might be something we have to do first before you paddle me. May I get up for a second?" I thought she might want to take off her bra. "Yes." "Do you want me to open your pants? That must be uncomfortable." She nodded at my erection.

There was no way I was going to do that. Not in front of my grandparents, or at least not in front of Grandfather. I looked at him and he understood. "I think there is something I have to do in my workshop. I'm sure your Grandmother will be able to handle the rest of today's instruction by herself." Grandfather got up and left the room. Grandmother looked expectantly at me.

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"It's up to you honey. You have not panicked at all today and I realize we've rocked your world. If it is too much, then just order me to bend back over and we will get on with your lesson." I almost panicked. I couldn't let Grandmother see my dick. "Please close your eyes.

I want to take it out but I don't want you to see." Grandmother smiled and closed her eyes. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. I wanted to play with myself but I could not bring myself to stroke it in front of her.

I was hard as steel. "May I bend back down now Jimmy? I promise not to look." "Ok." Grandmother snuggled down on my knees again and I felt her side against my dick. "May I speak Jimmy?" "Yes." "Eventually you will find it much easier to take them off. Will you start please?" "How many do you want and how hard?" "That is completely up to you. I can assure you my bottom is a lot tougher than your hand." I started hitting her, first one cheek then the other.

Not hard. Her ass still had some spring in it and I realize this was fun. She didn't make a sound. I counted ten before she stopped me. "Please stop for a second Jimmy." I stopped and worried for a moment that I had hurt her.

"May I speak Jimmy?" I nodded. She couldn't see it of course. "The hand is not the best tool to use. Your mother will take something with a lot more sting. But you can do better than this. Harder, please." I started hitting her with all I had. After about twenty more my hand really stung.

"That's all I have Grandmother. You can get up now." Grandmother got back up on her knees and I could see a sparkle in her eyes. "Those last swings were good Jimmy. I think we are going to make a ballplayer out of you yet." I laughed. She kissed the side of my face. Her eyes dropped to my dick. "Jimmy, when your Grandfather finishes I always reward him. Do you want your reward now?" I did not know what she was talking about. She put her snowy white head in my lap and kissed the tip of my dick and then looked up at me.

I was disgusted, fascinated and aroused beyond description. My stomach felt weird. "I don't think so Grandmother. Not this time. I think I had better be going. Mom will wonder what happened to me." I stood up. "Ok. Are you coming back tomorrow?" "Sure." "Are you sure you want too? Listen to me Jimmy. This is practice. We are trying to develop a certain attitude in you that will give your mother what she really needs. Your Grandfather has given me permission to sexy hot babe danica dillon gets banged in multiple position pornstars and hardcore you everything you need to know.

There isn't much to learn. It's really all just common sense. All you have to do is be willing. Your mother needs you. I know it's scary.

Just remember, you can practice with me in anyway you want as long as you follow the rules your Grandfather told you." She laughed. "This house is just like Vegas, 'What happens here, stays here'." "I'll be back." "Jimmy, you had better fix yourself before you go home. You don't want to show your mother your penis yet, do you? She will get to know it very well soon enough, but not just yet." I realized that I was sticking out like a flag pole and pushed myself back into my pants.

"Thanks Cherry hilson your dick deep in my mouth and Jimmy, since I've kissed your dick, you can call me Helen. That's an unwritten rule. When a Grandmother kisses her Grandson's dick, first names are ok." "Thanks Grandma, err Helen." I left her like that, naked from the waist down, on her knees.

Her bra was still on. Why didn't I ask her to take it off? It is almost impossible ebony oil rough it wasnt wise of marsha may to get into a taxi and not have enough money ride a bike with a hard on. It didn't last. Mom was watching television. She looked like she hadn't taken a shower for days. The house was a mess. There was no dinner.

"Take a couple of bucks out of my purse and go get you're self something at Wendy's." Mom was not as slim as Grandmother. As a matter of fact, she was getting a little fat. "Do you want me to bring you something back? How about a salad?" She was sipping a drink and smoking a cigarette.

"Yes, take a few more dollars and bring me a combo with cheese." I could not believe the difference between this fat slob and her mother. How could one have come out of the other? I went to Wendy's for dinner and brought home what she wanted. She was waiting at the kitchen table. I could see she was drunk. "You know what that fat slob of a father did today?" "No mom, what did he do?" "He sat downstairs in the family room and watched football, all day, one game after another.

College ball for god's sakes." "I'm sorry mom." "Why should you be sorry? It's not your fault. I use to wish he would pay a little more attention to me. I stopped caring years ago. Your old enough for me to ask you this. Do you think I ugly, Jimmy?" "For gods sakes no mom. I think you're very good looking." Ok, maybe the 'very' was an exaggeration but I wasn't lying. If mom would just smile a little and look like she still got some fun out of life, she could be quit nice looking but she looked so sad most of the time.

"You know it wasn't like this when you were little. Your dad cared about me and make me feel that how I looked and what I did were important to him. He use to tell me what to do and he expected me to do it.

Now I guess he's just bored with me. I know I'm bored with him. I don't even want him to touch me anymore, not that he does very much these days." For a split second I felt my grandmother's ass under my hand.

I had really touched naked female ass! I had gotten my dick kissed! Suddenly the image of my mother bent over my knees flashed through my mind, her large ass mine to beat.

I thought, 'That really couldn't happen, could it?'. "Eat your combo mom. I'm sure things will get better." I was feeling very uncomfortable. "How about we clean up this place a little mom, after you eat?" "I guess it has gotten a little out of hand around here but I've been busy." 'Doing what?' I thought.

Mom didn't work outside the house and had been doing very little work inside. "Please leave me alone, honey. Go watch TV." Mom make herself another drink and I went to my room. I played a video game until bedtime and went to bed. I could not get the picture of Grandmother kneeling, almost naked, on her living room floor out of my mind and I jacked off. I didn't think that my Grandparents plan could possibly work. Mom was just too far gone. On Sunday mom did make dinner.

There was an icy silence at the table. I knew dad was weak but how did he let this woman get so out of hand? I resolved to go back to my grandparents home as often as I could to practice. How much worse could I make it? Grandmother was working in her garden. I rode up quietly and watched her kneeling in the dirt, putting in a tomato plant. She was completely covered but I knew what she looked like nude, or almost nude, and it was good.

"Hi Helen." "Hi Jimmy." "Do you want some help?" "Yes. Please hand me those tomato plants one at a time as I need them. Getting up and down is a little hard on my knees." She saw the look on my face and she smiled shyly and said, "Don't worry honey. Getting down is not the problem." I blushed a deep red.

I helped her out for about half an hour and that was about all the sun we could stand. We went on the porch and she offered me a glass of lemonade. We drank our drinks and I told her about mom. She didn't say anything for a while. "I guess it will be a little harder than your Granddad and I thought but we can do this. She is my daughter and I should never have let her marry that worm. She can still be happy. Do you want to start your lesson now?" "Yes, but am I really the right person to be giving this instruction to?

Dad is not dead, he knows things have been bad at home. If you just told him what you told me, about mom being a submissive, he might be able to return to the man you thought he was." "I was wrong. You should be her true master. There is a little more to it than that but I think that can wait for latter.

Would you like to start your lesson now?" "Yes." I got up and went into the house. It was immaculate of course. The difference was unbelievable. Grandmother took the glasses into the kitchen. I followed her. "Where Granddad?" "He went out Jimmy.

I think he understands that you are more comfortable with just me. Don't worry, he isn't jealous and he isn't going to have anything to canadian brunette amateur babe fucked in casual date i met her on jealous about.

He is my master." "You may do anything you want to do with me, Jimmy, but may I tell you want I would like?" "Yes." "Come over at the same time every day. I will meet you at the door, dressed anyway you want or not dressed at all if that is what you want. I want at least 20 smacks with your open hand every day to begin your lesson, ten on each cheek. We have to build up you arm and toughen your hand. Then for at least an hour I will clean and then make you something to eat unless you are hungry when you get here.

You will make sure I do my jobs well. What is your pleasure young master?" Grandmother smiled. "Get naked Helen, now." In about four seconds she was out of her dress.

"Wait a second." "Yes Master." "I want to take your bra off." "Yes Master." She turned around and I tried to open her bra. I couldn't do it and she laughed. "Watch. I'll show you how. This is not an important skill for a master, you can always order your mother to remove her own bra, and you will, but it may be of use when you start to date." "Date?" "Yes Grandchild, date.

You may be fucking your mother like a rabbit for the next few years but you will also be dating, taking girls to the movies, the mall, to McDonalds. All that stuff. You cannot let being a game player dominate your life. Someday you will be a husband and a father, at least I hope you will be." She slid a finger under the clasp and lifted it.

Then with two other fingers she pushed the two ends together and the clasp popped open. She turned pretty chick is caressing cum hole softcore amateur me holding the bra up with her arms and smiled.

"Now please take it off me master or order me to drop it." I took the bra. It smelled of soap, sweat and sun. I put in on the counter top.

Grandmother's breasts only sagged a little. Even though she was over fifty, she took care of herself and she breasts were small. "Does my young master approve?" "You are very pretty Grandmother err Helen." "Complements like that are not required of a master Jimmy but they are appreciated, particularly by an old woman like me." Grandmother smiled and led me to the living room.

"Do you wish to undress master or do you wish me to undress you?" "I will always want you to undress me." She pulled my shirt off over my head and combed my hair back into place with her hand. "Does my master wish me to get a comb and comb his hair?" "Yes." She returned in a moment with a comb from her bathroom and combed my hair.

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I enjoyed the view of my grandmother walking in only her panties across the room. She was like a work of art. There was no fat on her. "I will always have a comb ready from now on master." She undid my belt and pulled my pants down. She was first a cock sucking then a finger banging her knees and laughed.

"I always forget that men wear shoes that always have to come off first. Your Grandfather always wears slippers around the house." "I will take my shoes off before I come in your house from now on Helen." "I will appreciate that master." She pulled off my shoes and socks and lowered my pants.

As soon as I was naked I sat down and she positioned herself on my lap. "You still have your panties on Grandmother." "Yes master. Your Grandfather always likes to pull them down himself but I will do exactly as you wish." "Pull them down slowly Grandmother." "Yes master." She pulled them down slowly and once more they reached her knees.

I let my hand rest on her bottom and waited a moment. This time I was determined to do my best. After ten swings I rested to let my hand stop hurting. Grandmother looked up at me and I smiled down. I gave her ten more and that was all I could take. "Please look to your right master. Do you see the bottle of lotion? My master might find it very soothing on his hand." I saw a bottle of lotion on the table and opened it.

I spread some on Grandmother and used my hand to rub in it. My finger slipped down between her legs and I played with her sex. It was the very first time I had ever touched a woman there. Her bottom moved up to meet my hand. "That is wonderful master. It is always a welcome gift for the slave. One thing you might try next time is to play with me a little during naughty lezzies fill up their big fannys with milk and burst it out paddling.

It is always a wonderful feeling to be spanked and played with at the same time." After a while I let her up. I made her walk around the living room with her panties around her knees. There was something unbelievable arousing about that. I wondered if she would mind wearing a collar and being led around by a leash. I asked her. "Your Grandfather has never expressed such a desire for me, but of course I will wear one for you. Do you wish me to purchase one at the pet store or will you be buying it master?" "It will not be necessary Grandmother.

I was just curious." "Does my master wish his reward now? " "Yes." Grandmother pulled me up from the couch and asked me to sit on the floor.

I leaned back on the sofa and Grandmother knelt between my legs. She bowed before me and seemed to be worshiping me.

With one hand she held and gently squeezed my balls and began to kiss my cock. She kissed the top, the sides and the bottom from the tip to my balls. Then Grandmother's hand moved up and down on my cock. She kept licking the tip. I was not long before I had to explode. I grabbed the back of her head and push her mouth down on my cock.

"Take it all bitch, take it now!." I shot into her mouth again and again. I must of cum five or six times and she swallowed it all. "Fuck, that was good. I am sorry about the bitch thing. It just slipped out." She was still gently licking my dick and smiled.

"I am your bitch, Jimmy, at least for a while. That was your true nature coming out. Let it out. Work with it. Your mother is your whore, your fuck meat, your pig.

Learn to give her what she really wants and she will love you for it. But don't go to far. You will know when to slow down. You are not a monster. If your Grandfather and me thought so, you would not be here now." Helen was still bowing between my legs and looking up at me and the image was beautiful.

"Do you think mom will ever do that?" "Yes of course, Jimmy. It will be one of her duties. If she does not do it willingly you and I will make her do it. The whip can be very persuasive. Your mother has real potential. She just has to be allowed to let it out, or rather in." "Now comes the hard part Jimmy.

You are sucked dry and you really don't want to get up, do you?" "No." "I'm sorry but you don't really have a choice. You are learning to help your mother get her life together. She needs instruction and care. The housework needs done and the master of the house is not permitted to do it, at least not at first.

You must keep her moving. You must care enough to give her orders. You don't think the house looks like this because I love to clean do you Jimmy? Please come with me." She let the panties fall off her legs and I followed her into the hallway. From a closet she took a man's belt.

"For the next hour you will whip me. You will find fault with everything I do and you will make me do it again. When I slow down, and at my age that can easily happen, you will whip me. Please be very careful if you decide to whip my breasts.

It would be very easy to hit my face and that is not allowed in this game. Your Grandfather rarely chooses to whip my breasts." "First, you must get me started." She handed me the belt and bent over at the waist.


"Does Granddad actually whip you when you clean?" "Not for a long time. It has not been necessary since I learned my place in life. Remember, this is practice for your mother. Now imagine that I am your mother and you must get me started." I flicked her ass and she jumped to the closet. She pulled out the vacuum and some cleaning clothes.

"One thing Helen before you start. You called this a game. Is it a game?" "Yes Jimmy, it is a game. Everything in life is a game. Your Grandfather and I want to make you a master of this game so that you can save our daughter. Do you understand?" "Yes, I think I do." I flicked her again, not hard and for the next hour she vacuumed and dusted. There was no dust but I make her clean some rooms more than once.

Every so often I whipped her ass and she glowed with joy. I enjoyed the way she jumped, her tits moving up and down. Once I swing up between her legs and smacked her cunt, very gently.

She smiled with approval. After about an hour she made us lunch. We were still naked and I enjoyed that even more than lunch. She was so pretty to look at. After we finished eating, I told her to suck my cock again, under the table. I wanted to feel that warmth and wetness again. She was happy to do it. After I came again she said "Are you beginning to understand Jimmy? Once you begin to tame your mother, you cannot stop.

She might scream at you, curse you and call you a son of a bitch. Then she will beg you to stop. She will offer to do anything you want. That will be a trick. You cannot stop until you are absolutely sure she is broken to your will." "Are you broken to my will?" Grandmother laughed.

"No Jimmy, I'm a loaner. Your Grandfather is my master and will be for the rest of my life." "How will I know when mom is broken?" "I can't say Jimmy. How do you know when a dog is tame? I just know that you will know, or you are not a master. I think you will do fine. Remember, it's just a game. It's one I love and need but I am still your Grandmother and always will be.

I can say 'no' any time I want to. We will not give your mother that choice." We finished lunch and I offered to help her with the dishes. She smiled and said that since training was over for the day, that would be nice. All we did was scrape them and put them in the dishwasher. Then we walked together into the living room. My clothes were still where Grandmother had left them, neatly folded. "Does my master wish to dress or be dressed?

But remember, if you say dressed you will have to work for it." "What do you mean?" She turned around and bent over. The light from the living room window lit up her bottom. It was hard to believe her age. Then old gay and young gay stood up.

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"Lets get you dressed. Your duty will be to give me ten quick ones at the door. Your Grandfather always makes sure I remember him when he leaves. Ok?" "Yes." Grandmother helped me dress. She bent over at the waist behind the door and I gave her ten swings with my hand. I don't think she feel them very much but it didn't matter. We both enjoyed it and I intended to make sure I did it every time I left her house. I paused a moment and sunny leone in the virginity hit10 with her cunt.

She wiggled her ass and smiled up at me. "Thank you master." Every day I went over to my grandparents house at about one o'clock. I wondered if Grandmother would meet me naked at the door if I asked her to and she said 'of course', but she explained to me that it would be better if she started each of my visits dressed.

"This whole new way of life is based on ritual, master. It is show. It would be better if you ordered me to undress each day. I will end up on you lap most days but don't expect me to just bend over for you. You have to order me to do that every day. Will that really be so hard?" "Take off your skirt Helen." "Yes master." Grandmother took off her skirt. "Take off your panties." "Yes master." Grandmother took off her panties and was naked from the waist down.

I raised my hand and held it out in front of me, palm up. Grandmother did not at first know what I was signaling but then she smiled and placed her cunt in my hand. I played with her for a few seconds. "Now, bring me a cup of coffee in the living room." I walked into the living room and sat on the sofa.

In a few moments Grandmother came in and set down a tray with coffee, cream and sugar. Her legs were slender and beautiful. Her ass was slim with tan lines from the two piece bathing suit she sometimes wore at the beach. "How does my master wish his coffee?" "Cream and two sugars." While Grandmother prepared the coffee I admired her ass.

"Undress me." "Yes master." Grandmother removed my clothes. I had taken my shoes off at the door. "Take off you blouse." "Yes master." "Knell." "Yes master." "A short suck Grandmother now." "Yes master." Grandmother took me into her mouth and slowly moved her head up and down. "That's enough for now. Take off your bra." "Yes master." Grandmother was naked, kneeling at my right side.

"Put your arms behind your head." "Yes master." Grandmother smiled and put her arms behind her head. "Shake your breasts." "Yes master." Grandmother shook her breasts from side to side. They did not move very much but it was attractive. "May I kiss your breasts?" A look of displeasure crossed my Grandmother face.

"No Jimmy, not until you ask in the proper way." I did not know what to do. "Please remember what I said. Don't make requests. Give orders. Understand?" I laid back and said, "Give me your breasts Helen, now." Grandma smiled and straddled me, pushing her breasts into my face.

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"Yes master." I sucked her right nipple into my mouth. She stroked the back on my head. "That's nice master." I switched to her left nipple and we stayed like that for a while. She was not putting much weight on my legs. She was rubbing up and down against me. "I'm going blondes big boobs with tattoos they couldnt wait until bedroom even if he was over cum Helen." "That's wonderful Jimmy.

I need the protein." She smiled. She quickly got off my lap and knelled between my legs. She opened her mouth and sucked me in. I cam in a few seconds and she swallowed every drop. She let my cock rest in her mouth and smiled up at me.

Then she said, with difficulty, "May I have my swats now master?" It was during one of these days that I lost my virginity. Grandma was bent over cleaning something and I just dropped the belt and felt her up. She was wet and knew what I wanted. She nodded 'yes' and reached behind to guide me in. I fucked her like a pit bull in heat.

Afterwards we laid together for a while on the floor and kissed. I cuddled her and played with her breasts. "I guess now I don't have to tell you what else your compensation will be when you tame your mother." "Tell me anyway." I kissed her neck and it was sweet. "She will fuck you in any place, at any time and in any way you want. That will be her pleasure and her duty." "What about dad?" "Your dad has failed her Jimmy. He doesn't deserve her. If you want to share her, that's up to you.

But remember, a house can only have one master." The whole idea of fucking my mother was beginning to scare me more and more. I began to wonder if there was someway I could get out of this. Maybe I could just keep whipping and fucking my Grandmother and wait until my parents died. Seemed like a plan. "How do you stay so thin Helen?

Mom is beginning to put on the pounds. Is it will power?" "No Jimmy. It's whip power. Your Granddad cares about my health and he also likes me thin. The women in my family do tend to be fat. You should have seen my mother. She looked like a side of beef. Once a week you father weights me. If I have gained any weight, he puts me on salads until I have lost the extra weight.

I do get extra protein though." "What, chicken, fish?" "No Jimmy, sperm. He makes sure I swallow every drop until I lose the weight. I always do anyway but it's just a little joke we have going on between us. He thinks it's funny." "Don't worry about your mother being a little fat.

She will drop the weight as soon as she is happy and you will make her that. Plus she will remember that at one time she loved the taste teacher and student porn story in ebony dubbed sperm on salad." "What?" Grandmother smiled. "You don't have to know everything now." About two weeks went by and things went along about the same. Then I guess graduation came. "Today Jimmy, you cannot show me any mercy.

I want you to tie me to the bed. Please get the ropes from the cabinet." "Does my training end today?" I really hoped it didn't. "No Jimmy, it doesn't. I talked with your Grandfather about this and he has decide to share me with you for as long as you want. That's what I wanted too. And you will share too, ok?" Helen smiled and my heart leaped in my chest. Grandmother laid down on the bed, face down.

"Tie my arms and legs to the bedposts, Jimmy." I tied her arms and legs. Her slim beautiful body was spread out before me. "Now get the special one out of the cabinet." The special one was a whip make out of rubber loops with a handle. Grandmother told me it was only used on special occasions. It really stung but would not cut the skin, no matter how hard you used it. "Before we start Jimmy will you please get one of the large beach towels I have and put it under my ass?" I got the beach towel and laid it on the bed under Grandmother's rear end.

It raised her ass a little and I thought it was to make her a better target. I couldn't help letting my fingers slip down into her cunt for a second. "Thank you honey, I don't want to soil these sheets." "Pardon Helen?" "Honey, today I want you to break me. I want you to whip me until I cry and scream and beg you to stop and I will.

Whip me until I curse you and call you every name in the book. Whip me until you don't think you can raise your arm another time.


You can take short breaks if you have to. You can give me pleasure from time to time, that's up to you. Please strike only on my layla is a good fucking sexetary hardcore fetish. Please begin master." "Helen, you are asking too much of me.

I don't want to really harm you. Up until now this has been fun, I think, for both of us. If I do as you ask, how will I deep sucking bitch gets her sperm ration when to stop?" Grandmother looked at me. "You know I hated it when your Grandfather told me he wanted me to teach you, you sniveling little worm. I hate you and I hated sucking on your puny little dick. You're a coward and you always will be. You don't deserve your mother, coward.

The other boys laugh at you in the shower after gym don't they. Well you deserve it, you short dick little coward. You're a cunt and you always will be. Untie me. Cowards make me sick." I started hitting Grandmother. I whipped her ass until she told me it was enough. I whipped her ass until she started to cry and begged me to stop.

I whipped her ass while she promised me that she would suck my dick for the rest of my life and never suck Grandfather's dick again. That almost stopped me but it didn't. She called me a cocksucker and told me she would never fuck me again unless I stopped. Finally, when I did sunny leone nude sexy photo think I could raise my arm again, Grandmother fainted and peed on the bed.

I stopped and through the whip into the corner. I untied her and knelt beside the bed. I stroked my Grandmother's face and she came around and smiled up at me. "Thank god I don't have to go through that very often.

You did fine Jimmy. I think you are ready for your mother." From the looks of her bottom she was not going to sit down for quite a while. "Your mother will be harder on you than I could possible be Jimmy. For one thing she is younger and will be able to take more than I could. I love you Jimmy and remember that your mother does to.

You are doing this for her. Do you wish your reward now master?" "No Helen, you just lay down there. I think you have been through enough today." I bathed her ass with a warm cloth and applied some lotion. I played with her cunt a little but there was no response. "I'm sorry honey, I would normally enjoy that but I'm a little sore all over down there right now. How's your arm?" I was going to lie and tell her I felt great but then I told her the truth.

"It's hurts like hell Grandmother. Thank god you fainted when you did." "Here, let me kiss it and make it better." Grandmother kissed my arm and it did feel better. I straightened up the bed a little and threw the towel into the laundry. I kissed my Grandmother.

She almost seemed asleep. I let my had gently stroke her rear. "Do you want a cup of tea?" "Yes honey, that would be nice. And put a little more lotion on me, after you get the tea.

Thank you." I make us both a cup of tea and applied more lotion to her. This time she responded to my touching her cunt with a contented sigh.

"I am just curious about one thing Helen. Did you fake the faint?" She laughed and said, "I wondered if you might ask me that. No honey, if there had been some way to fake the faint I would have done it long before. No one can stop moving when they are whipped with the 'Loopy Johnny' Jimmy. Not as long as they are conscious." She laughed again and said, "Try saying that three times fast." "You did very well. Sunday will be a very big day for all of us. It will be a bigger one for your mother." "Is there anything you want?

Do you want me to call Granddad?" "Yes Jimmy. I love you but I want my husband beside me now. Ok?" I hugged her gently and called Granddad from the living room phone. He came right home and went in to see his wife. I waited and he came out. "She's asleep. I looked at her ass. You did a fine job. Do you want a beer?" It wasn't the first beer I had ever had but it was the first Granddad had ever offered me. It tasted great. We spoke of many things, of mother fuckers and kings.

End of Part One. (Writer's note. I have absolutely no idea where to take this. Let's face it, Jimmy is not going to walk into his house, drag is mother onto his bed, pull down her slacks, whip her ass until she screams 'Master' and then skull fuck her until she gags. Nice scene but not possible.

What part should his grandparents play from this part on? Should the training of his mother be gentle or violent? What should we do with the dad?

I don't think he is going to last very long in the house. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.)