Large dick for a very wicked attractive bitch hardcore and blowjob

Large dick for a very wicked attractive bitch hardcore and blowjob
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As she continued to rub the side of her face against my breast, nibbling and biting, leaving sweet love bites on my tits. I love the way, she would stop kissing them, just to start again. You must realize here, my tits, are very very sensitive, rubbing them, biting them, turns me on so much. Obviously she could tell this. The way she would stick my nipple into her mouth, flicking it back and forth.

just as i felt her hands run down my back, onto the back of my shorts, pulling them down. But leaving my panties on me still. My shorts soon fell down, to my knees, as she brought her hand up underneath me, and started teasing me with her fingers over my panties. She lets go of my tits, to mention how wet i was.

Young hottie works with cunt for her load before she started rubbin my wet pussy lips, throw my panties, something about that just makes me wild, the feeling of the lace rubbing against it, makes it rough.

The next thing i know she has my left nipple in her mouth, biting it, hard. Making me scream. Realizing my pain, is what turns her on, i get really excited. thinking about what to do. I start moving my body back and forth, to speed up the rubbing shes doing with her i tell her to spank my ass.

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Shes pops it once. as she says "Yeah, Nicole, is that what mommy likes?" im moaning like crazy by now, definetly wanting to cum. I was ready to cover her hand and my panties, completely. Just as she stops. She crawls out from underneath me, and gives me a quick kiss. And hops off into the kitchen. Poking her head around the Wall she yells, "Be ready Nicole, Take ur panties off, i have a surprise for you".

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I get up anxiously take off my panties, and lay back on the couch, a thousand thoughts running through my mind. I soon see her walking back into the room, her amazing tits, bouncing back and forth, as she walks into the room with a huge ass grin on her face.

In her hands, i see a can of whip cream, and yet in the other one, is a glass of ice water.I think nothing of it, as she takes a drink.Then i notice, she has some rope as well.Getting strangely aroused, i wait with anticipation, wanting to know whats going to happen.

She tells me to lean back, as she sets the glass of water down, and the can of whip cream, sticking her sweet ass into my face. then she takes my hands, n ties them up, in the air away to wear, i cant push her away or anything.

Soon she is sitting pretty much on top of me, our pussys, so close to each other. i can feel how wet she is, on my skin. As she takes the can, and sprays whip cream on my tits, rubbing it in some.

She starts licking it faye sisters xmas present 2 with her tongue, teasing me, as she sprays more, down my stomach, to my soaking wet pussy. she sprays some on her fingers, and slowly rubs it on my pussy lips, and clit. as she licks it off, i feel her warm tongue, across my clit, making moan very loud.

Just then, she takes the whip cream, and covers her index n middle finger with whip cream, jabbing it so far inside of me, i yell with excitement.


The coldness is so intense, and sbse chot girl ka xxxii vidy pressure of her fingers inside of me. As she keeps pulls them out, i see how wet her finger is, as she takes one finger and licks it off, saving the other finger for me to lick off. She sticks up to my mouth, as i gladly lick every last drop off of it. She then takes her glass of ice water, spilling some of the water onto my tits, down my stop, as she grabs out an ice cube.she rubs it down my body, starting at my neck, down over my right tit, rubbing it around the nipple, and then over to the left one, and around the nipple.

She then leads it down my stomach, inching it closer to my pussy, i see her grinning. as she rubs it on my pussy lips, and around my asshole, she then, suddenly, sticks it inside of my pussy.

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As she begings licking, my pussy, so hard and fast, flicking her tongue back and forth. Hitting my clit, a thousand times. Im ready to cum, as she sticks her long tongue so deep inside of my pussy, pushing the ice cube so far inside of me.As i cum all over her face, she licks up as much as she can of it. Getting a wonderful taste of me.

She lays on top of me, her face at mine, kissing me, making me taste my own cum, and juices, which taste absolutely wonderful.

As she makes me lick up the last of my juices that happen to be all over her face. She smiles, and winks at me. " I Hope your ready for alot more fun, because i have alot more in store for you".

***Alright, this is the 2nd part, im sorry it sucked!, i have more to go with the story, just dont know if i should do it or not. I do want to say thanks for all the encouraging words i got on the first part of this story, i really appreciate it!

THANK YOU!. if you want me to finish this, than lemme a comment***