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Xxx vidau 15 san kpan
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Paige was 19 years old, she had brown hair, blue eyes, she was nice and curvy, always wearing clothes to show off her 38C tits and short skirts and dresses.


She was dating a guy name Bryan, she was in love with him and they had some great times, and although she dressed like a whore, most of the time, she seemed to stay faithful. One day she was driving home from her boyfriend's house and her car started to over heat, she pulled over, and of course being in the middle of no where, she had no reception on her cell phone. Wearing only a pink short skirt and a black tube top, in the middle of Fall, she stood on the of the road trying to wave down cars to get help.

Finally a man in a black truck slowed down and pulled over, she ran up to the truck and opened the door and got in, "Thank you so much for stopping!

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My car broke down and I'm freezing" she said as she shivered, the man introduced himself, "Not a problem, would you like me to take you into town? I'm Cor by the way." She shook her head yes and shook his hand and they drove off.


They started making small talk, eventually becoming really comfortable with each other they talked about past relationships and he asked her if she was in one, she looked down and said yes, sadly. He pulled the truck over and lifted up her chin and said, "You're so beautiful, he's lucky to have you." She started blushing, as he went in for a kiss, she couldn't help herself, in the small amount of time they had been talking she had already fallen for him.

They made out in his truck for a few minutes, he ran his fingers through her hair, as they swapped tongues, eventually his hands started to wander down her neck and onto her chest, he started to caress her tits, rubbing them through her thin shirt, she let out a little moan.

They stopped kissing and he said, "Can I take you somewhere special?", she replied, "I would love that." They started up driving again about 10 miles down the road there was a dirt road on the right, they turned down it and went down for about another 5 miles.

Paige couldn't help but notice Cor starring at her, looking at her tits and trying to see up her skirt, it excited her, she could see Cor's cock starting to grow in his pants.

They finally came upon a beautiful lake with a waterfall and they got out of the truck, there was a small wooden cabin right on the side of the lake. They went inside and wasted no time, they started kissing again, Cor holding Paige, caressing her body, fondling her tits as she moan, the cabin wasn't heated but he took her to the bedroom, where there was tons of animal fur blankets on a bed and laid her down, he could feel the coldness of her skin, nikita von james amp britney amber fuck need to warm you up hun." He started to take off her top and skirt, of course this little whore wasn't wearing anything underneath, he put the blankets on her and he started to undress.

He got under the blankets with her and they resumed kissing, his warm body against her cold skin, him holding her moving his hands all over her body, she could feel his cock against her wet pussy, she was longing for this, ever since he pulled up in his truck. Cor moved his hand down to her pussy and started to play with the lips, teasing her as she squirmed with enjoyment, he slid his middle finger in between the lips and started to rub her clit, making her moan louder.

She reached down and grabbed his cock as she started to pump his rather large cock he let out a grunt, starting to get warmer now she went down at the end of the bed, got between his legs and started to tease his cock with her tongue, gently licking the tip, driving him wild, he finally grabbed her hair and forced her down on his cock, making her deep throat it, she absolutely loved it though, the tasted of his precum, the taste of his cock was just amazing.


He couldn't take it anymore, he grabbed her and threw her on her back, he spread her legs, got down and gave her pussy a few licks, making her arch her back and moan in pleasure, when she least expected it, he got up and slammed his hard cock in her very tight pussy. Paige let out a scream, screaming his name in pleasure, "Oh God Cor, yes, mmm keep fucking my pussy, mmm harder!" He couldn't contain himself, ramming his cock into her as he grunts loudly, grabbing her tits, both sweating.

He pulled out and flipped her over, just throwing her around like a doll, he got her on her hands and knees. Barely able to hold herself up, her pussy in the air, waiting to get pounded. He started to rub and spit on her asshole, "What are you doing? I've never been fucked there, please don't", but it was too late, Cor wasn't hearing it, he got baise entre frere et soeur germane du bled and stuck his cock at the entrance of her ass, little Paige couldn't even move at the point, he grabbed her hair and with one swift move he slammed his cock right in her tight asshole, as Paige screams in pain all you can hear is him moaning in pleasure.

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After awhile she starts to like it and joins in moaning too. He slams his cock in petite teen fingers her orgasmic pink slit out of her ass, he can feel himself about to cum, he thought to himself, he didn't want to lose this girl so right as he was cumming he pulled out his cock from her asshole and slammed it as far as he could into her pussy, they both came together, feeling his cum inside her she moans, in the moment she was excited and happy, later on she had realized, she had stopped taking her birth control and Cor had came in her.

As she lay, naked in the bed she asked him, "Cor, can you take me to town? I need to go get some Plan B, I can't be pregnant." He just looked at her and said, "You're with me now, and I want you pregnant." She smiled and went to sleep.

To be continued?.