Dude saves busty teen then fucks her

Dude saves busty teen then fucks her
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It was scorching hot August day as we walked along the old Alabama dirt farm path after finishing a load of chores. My sister Amber was walking in front of me as we neared the side of the creek bed that ran through our farm. She was 16 years old and my fraternal twin. Amber had developed into a woman over the past two years and unlike our prepubescent years when mom would bathe us together and we would run around in little more than our under shorts I now had only seen her fully clothed over the past fella assists with hymen examination and screwing of virgin chick years.

Amber stood 5'4" and weighed 112 pounds with shoulder length auburn light blonde hair. She had deep blue eyes and an angelic face. Guessing I would say she had C cup breasts that were perky and she had the greatest set of hips and ass that I had seen on any of the girls in school, firm, tight and perfectly rounded sitting atop her long sexy legs. I had developed too over the past years and now stood 6'00" tall and weighed 168 pounds.

Our hair and eye color was the same but I was tall and lanky in stature. Puberty had also left me with a cock that grew instantly to 6" in length and typically stayed rock hard for most my waking hours. As weird as it seemed in my head I always looked at Amber and wondered what she would look like and feel like naked.

I never acted on it but the thought was in my head daily. Amber and I were both soaked with sweat as we walked the path to return to the house. Amber like I was wearing a pair of worn denim overalls and had her hair pulled back into a pony tail. I was not wearing a shirt under my overalls but Amber had on a short sleeved white t-shirt beneath her overalls that had become soaked with her sweat during the day and was revealing her white bra straps clearly. As we got under a group of trees in some shade at the side of the creek Amber stopped for a moment and remarked about how nice it would be to get into the water to cool off.

I stopped and replied to her that it would be great but we would get our clothes a mess in the muddy bank and mom would take a switch to both of us. Amber laughed at my reply and said "Not that long ago we would have just shed our clothes and never thought nothing about it." I told her she was right but that was in the good old days. She replied that she wished we could return to those simpler days again. We stood and talked enjoying the shade and slight breeze when Amber surprised me and said "Bobby, why don't we just go swimming like we used to?

Up until a couple years ago we would stop here every day and take our clothes off and swim around and have a lot of fun." I was thinking about the many years that we did just that and our only concern was mom or dad finding out we were in the water.

We never got caught and it always seemed natural for us to do. I nodded my head and told Amber it sounded like a good idea.

We then both stood for a second and starred at each other and then I unfastened the top strap of my overalls and we both started getting undressed. I don't think either of us really looked up stepbro gives valentina a dick down to remember we were both done and then our eyes met again. Amber was starring up and down my body as she stuttered and exclaimed "Gosh Bobby, you've changed since last time we did this!" My eyes were taking in the gorgeous curves of my twin sisters tender young body and it was hard for me to speak.

I realized that my momentarily soft cock had sprung into an instant missile standing straight out. "You too sis." I managed to mumble. Amber's eyes were locked on my rigid cock as she said "Maybe we should get into the water." I agreed and we both went into the water keeping an eye on each other. Once in the water the coolness felt really good and we both got our heads wet and splashed around for a few minutes before standing still.


We were standing about three feet apart as we stood still and Amber looked at me and asked "Bobby why did your weenie stick out like that? I don't remember it twitching and doing that before." I did not know what to tell her or really why it had got so hard so fast. I stuttered around a little and then finally heard myself say "I don't know, maybe it likes you." We stood still in the water as we talked and Amber continued to ask me filthy lesbos cant stop the sex lesbian dildo about my manhood.

She asked if it hurt and I told her it didn't really hurt but sometimes it would ache and throb from being so hard for so long. Amber then surprised me when she asked if I had ever had sex. "No!" I told her emphatically. I had read about it and talked with the guys about it but that was as far as I had gone.

She told me that her friend Kim had told her that she and her boyfriend had done it a few times and that Kim really liked it. "How did she do it?" I asked.

Amber talked about how Kim had taken her boyfriends "weenie" and kissed it with her mouth and then put it into her mouth and circled her tongue around it. She told me how the guy had laid Kim onto her back and pushed her legs up over her head and then ran his tongue along her "girl thing" before he stuck his weenie inside of it. She gave me graphic details about the whole encounter that made my cock rage until I thought I was going to have to relieve myself right there in front of my sister.

I interrupted her story by asking Amber if she had ever done anything like that. She looked at me and then said "No way Bobby, I would never let a boy see me naked or touch me and I would never touch a boy in those places either." We both laughed and started horsing around in the water enjoying the cool water and the time alone.

We were half wrestling in the water trying to get each other under and our bodies were making contact with each other. At one point I had Amber from behind and my arms were wrapped around her chest feeling her pert hard nipples and with my still raging rock hard cock nestling between the crevice of her sweet little ass cheeks. Amber stopped and I released her as we both stood still for a minute. "Gosh Bobby, your wiener is really really hard it felt like it was going to poke right into my hiene' she said.

I tried to apologize briefly when Amber again interrupted me. "Can I touch it Bobby? Just to see what it feels like." Sure I told her as she reached out and I felt her hand run along my shaft under the water. She cupped my balls for a minute as she reached the end of my shaft and french skinny girl fucked by a handsome boyfriend ran her hand along the shaft again feeling the head with her thumb. "That's amazing Bobby." She said as she released her grip.

My cock twitched as her hand left it and I felt a strange churning in my stomach wanting more. I asked Amber if I could touch her "boobies" and she without hesitation said yes.

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I reached my hands out and gently circled each globe or her lovely breasts. I ran my hands over them and gently massaged them taking time to feel each of her hardened nipples. I repeated this action several times over a few minutes and then leaned in to her and gave each of her nipples an open mouth kiss. Amber did not pull away but when I rose my head back up she asked why I did that. I told her I did not know but it just seemed like something I wanted to do.

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She told me she really liked the feeling it gave her and asked if I would do it again. I told her sure and this time I took each nipple into my mouth and sucked on it for several minutes while using my hands to play with the other. After I finished Amber told me that was awesome and she put her hand back to my rigid cock. She smiled up and me and said "It is still hard and even bigger now Bobby, does it ever get soft and floppy like it used to when we would swim?" We walked out of the water to a place where several willow trees line the bank and created a place that could not be seen from outside.

Without speaking Amber got down and took my hard cock into her sweet little mouth and despite some quick brushes with her teeth quickly started giving me my first blow job. The feelings were exquisite and when I looked down to see my sisters mouth filled with my aching cock and her pretty eyes looking up at me I lost control and blew my first load of hot thick cum into her mouth.

As she struggled to swallow some of it she began to gag from the volume I was unleashing and pulled my cock from her mouth as I continued to erupt leaving her pretty little face covered in gobs of my thick white cum.

I started to apologize to her and she told me it was ok. I grabbed our overalls and threw then over a large bending willow trunk that stretched out over the water and eased Amber into a lying position on her stomach over the clothing.

I straddled each of her legs to opposite sides of the trunk and then got up behind her taking my mouth close to her crotch. I could smell the strong pleasant odor of her womanhood as my face pressed between her cheeks and I lapped my tongue out running it the length of her tender swollen slit. Amber shuddered and breathed in deeply telling me not to stop and I went back for another run, she tasted so sweet and good.

I darted my tongue inside her folds every few strokes and then found her clitoris at the forward point of her slit. As I ran my tongue over this area she bucked her hips back into my face and would groan loudly. I ran my tongue back to the edge of her slit and few times and then went to far and circled her puckered little butt hole. As I pressed my tongue against her hole she pushed her hips back into my face and I began working the entire area from her butt to her clitoris.

I repeated this for several minutes and Amber got her hands around her back and grabbed my head from behind pressing my face deeply into her butt holding me there as she bucked her hips and cried out so loud that I would have swore half the county heard her. Hairy milf enjoys anal while fingering pussy she finally let go of my head I moved back for air and she lay still breathing deeply on the branch.

I gently played with her cheeks and pulled them apart getting a good view of her puffy swollen pussy lips as she recovered. As we lay together talking my cock was back to its regular state of full engorgement.

Amber told me that what I did to her was the most wonderful pleasurable thing she had ever felt. She asked if she had made me happy and if I felt good and I told her she had. As we talked Amber was lying back on the branch and I had taken a sitting position on the bottom of the branch between her legs. The bend of the branch had our heads at the same level as we talked and I felt her body slowly move down the tree on the clothing until the entrance to her womanhood was touching my cock.

We must have both realized it at the same time because we both looked down to examine the position at the same time. Our eyes met back wrapping my soft little feet around your cock each other and again without saying a word we starred into each others eyes and I allowed her weight to move so that my cock slowly became impaled into her hot tight wet virgin hole.

Once inside a short way she sort of back off a little saying it hurt. I asked her if she wanted me to pull it out and she said no. Amber would allow her weight to push my cock inside her a little further each time before backing off again and then repeating the process.

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Suddenly she made a face of pain and I felt something release and my cock became fully gals quinn wilde and sophia leone share cock into her. Her face changed back to a smile and we started to move together. I felt a hot liquid on my balls and leg and I looked down to see some blood on me, I asked Amber if she was ok and she said "yes, just don't stop." I asked if she was sure and she said yes and we continued.

Soon I was pulling out and pushing back into Amber at a fast pace, I could hear our flesh make a slapping noise as our skin made contact each time and Amber was moaning loudly alternating between "yyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss and ooooohhhhhhhhhhh" Amber reached up and began pinching my nipples and pulling on them and I felt my balls tighten the way I had felt when I jacked off in the shower at home.

I started pinching Amber's nipples tightly and I felt my cock begin to twitch as stream after stream of thick cum shot from my cock deep into my twin sister's hot snatch.

Amber was having her own earth shattering orgasm on my cock at the same time and it took us both several minutes to come down. When it was done we lay side by side dozing off for a short time. When we awoke I started getting nervous as Amber talked about my first load of cum drying on her face and needing to get into the creek to wash it off. I told her we might have really messed up because she could become pregnant from what we had just done. Amber did not seem concerned and told me she wanted to play with my "wiener" some more before we got cleaned up.

She moved down and began licking my cock clean of our mixed juices. She looked up for a minute and asked if I wanted to see her "genie" again and I told her yes. I ran my finger inside her and pulled on her lips as she worked on my cock which was spent from the activity of the day.

I licked her slit a few times tasting our mixed juices and thinking how wonderful she tasted. After we finished we got back into the creek. I told Amber again how she could get pregnant and she told me not to worry because she had been having trouble with her periods and mom had taken her to the female doctor who had put her on birth control pills to regulate her period.

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Because of this she could not get pregnant either. Amber told me how glad she was that we had done this today and I asked her if we could do it again some day. She smiled at me and said "We have a whole bean field to weed this month and the weather report says it's going to be over 100 everyday for the next two weeks at least." We got dressed and walked the rest of the way home getting home right in time for supper.