Athletic blondie cherie deville has an ultimate bdsm session

Athletic blondie cherie deville has an ultimate bdsm session
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My name is Jay and my wife Anna and I have an open marriage. We have twin daughters Amie and Jamie who were 12 at the time this happened and our neighbor's daughter Felicia was 16.

Felicia was our babysitter and she stayed at our house whenever her parents were away on business. Felicia was pretty but painfully shy and always wore clothes that hid her figure. Felicia's parents were away on business again so the 5 of us were sitting on the couch together in our basement family room watching part 1 and 2 of a Sci Fi set of rented movies that I had always wanted to see. The first movie ended and my wife and the twins went to bed, but although she was sleepy Felicia really wanted to see the second movie, so she stayed up with me.

We closed the door to the family room and promised to be quiet. I was wearing a very loose fitting pair of silk shorts while Felicia was wearing her usual neck to toes fuzzy robe. She started out with her head on my shoulder, but then she asked if she could lay down because she was sleepy and I said sure, so she laid down with her head on my right thigh and my right arm was draped over her shoulder.

A few minutes later she pulled my hand to her face and kissed it and said thank you for letting me stay up with you I really like this movie and I said I am glad to have you here with me. She turned and looked at me and said are you really? I said of course who wouldn't want such a beautiful lady to watch a movie with? She turned beet red and said thanks and kissed my chest, my shorts right next to my cock, and then kissed down my thigh until she laid back down to watch the movie.

Amazing virgin suggests her slit as payment cock jumped when she kissed next to it and got rather hard while she was kissing down my leg but in a few minutes she was lightly snoring and so I though oh well I can watch my movie.


After a few more minutes she started mumbling in her sleep. After a few more minutes some of the words became clear…please jimmy let me look at it &hellip.please let me touch it&hellip.please please can I suck it?

She then took 2 of my fingers and started running her tongue up and down them and started sucking on them. After a few moments she took my fingers out of her mouth and said oh Jimmy you cock is bigger than it has ever been and went back to sucking them.

By this time my cock was hard as a rock and sticking out of the top of my shorts and I was thinking how lucky Jimmy was. She then said let me sit between your legs so that we both are more comfortable and she moved between my legs. She said I know you are about to cum so please please cum in my mouth you know how much I love cum! She then started sucking and licking my fingers in a frenzy deep throating my fingers.


My own cock was so hard it hurt at this point and before she drove me totally crazy I flexed my fingers. She took this as a signal and stopped moving and started sucking my fingers so hard I thought I would lose my fingernails.

She then moaned, got this blissful look on her face and started lovingly licking my fingers. She said thank you so much and laid her head on my stomach with her mouth about an inch above the head of my cock.

Within a exclusive white body loves black cock more minutes she was snoring when she breathed in through her nose and breathing her hot breath out over my still rock hard cockhead.

Just as I started thinking about what I should do she started mumbling again and after a few minutes I could make out some of the words she was saying. Is he still going to come?&hellip.oh he's cute&hellip.can I please suck your cock? She then reached her tongue out and licked all of the pre-cum off of the head of my cock and we both moaned. God you have a huge cock and it tastes so good.

Can I please pull your shorts down so that I can lick all of it? I said please do and I lifted myself up and she pulled them down. She then started licking every inch of my cock and running her lips and tongue up and down the underside. She then put my cock in her mouth and tried to deep throat me but couldn't make it past halfway and pulled my cock out and said I have never had anyone I couldn't deep throat.

God I love your cock please tell me you will still cum in my mouth even if I can't deep throat you and I said I definitely will. She squealed and said thank you and went back to sucking and licking my cock.

I then noticed that she was only using one hand on my cock she was using the other hand to undo her robe and then she started playing with her nipples. I said I can help with that and took a nipple in each hand while her hand moved to her pussy.

In the poor light her boobs seemed to be B/C cups with great hard nipples.

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She started moaning then and stopped sucking my cock to say I'm going to cum soon and when I do I am going to stuff your cock in my mouth so that I don't scream and scare the neighborhood.

Please cum in my mouth soon she said because I know as soon as your cum hits my tongue I am going to cum. I said ladies first and started pulling and twisting her nipples double time. She started moaning and bouncing up and down with my cock still in her mouth until finally she went stiff and screamed onto my cock and then went limp. After about a minute or so she took my cock out of her mouth and said god that was the best orgasm I have ever had please let me make you cum now.

I said sure I just wanted to take care of you first.


She said thank you and she started going crazy on my cock. I reached down and grabbed her nipples again and she moaned onto my cock again. After a few minutes she let loose a low long moan and that was it I had to blast my cum into her mouth.

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Just after she finished swallowing she came and screamed onto my cock and went limp again. A few moments later she was snoring again and so I picked her up, closed her robe and laid her down on the couch and put my shorts back on.

I then watched the rest of my movie and when it was done I carried her up and put her in bed. The next day she acted normal so I guess she was asleep the whole time.