Natasha and kelly have some kinky fun brunette and blonde

Natasha and kelly have some kinky fun brunette and blonde
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It had been ten years since she walked out of my life. We were the best of friends throughout high school and she was my first love.


We had promised to keep in touch. It wasn't that simple. We were in colleges in different states, and while she was in school for the traditional four years, I was going to a one year school.

I graduated from Culinary school and went immediately to work for some big-time corporate company, catering the personal tastes of all of the heads of the company. It was very good money and the only reason I kept the job.

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I saved up enough money to start my own restaraunt. On opening day, amid a crowd of hundreds of people, I saw her. She looked exactly the same, if only aged a few years. Her long blonde hair was blowing in the light breeze, framing her beautiful face.

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Her breasts, although not the biggest, were just the perfect size. Her slender form, perfect round ass and long legs left me speechless. I was afraid at first of talking to her, not knowing what to say after such a long hiatus. Luckily for me, she wasn't a shy person. She ran up to me, giving me a big hug. "It's so good to see you!" she exclaimed, her face buried into my shoulder. I hugged her back, very surprised at how glad I was to see her.

"You haven't changed a bit," I said to her, realizing how cliche that sounded, but also how true it was. Before she could say anything, my assistant manager grabbed my arm and said we had to proceed with the opening ceremonies.

I told her to wait for me in the restaraunt, indicating to my assistant that she should get the best seat in the house. I went through all of the motions, cutting the ribbon, making a speech, etc. I went into the kitchens and supervised the business productions for a bit, my mind completely preoccupied with Mandy. Her facial expressions and voice made it seem like she truly was happy to see me, and I just couldn't get over it. I realized that resisting the urge to go and talk with her was a useless thing to do, so I excused myself and went to her table.

I wasn't sure if she would still two girls get to please one another there, but, to my surprise, she was there waiting for me.


I sat down and we began to talk, catching up on events over the past ten years. We talked for hours, until the time we had to close down.

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Realizing, that if she left, I might never get to see her again, I asked her. "Would you like to go out for coffee or something? I hate to end this conversaton, as we have so much to talk about." She readily agreed and I left the closing duties with my assistant. I took her to a local coffee shop that was open all night and we continued our talking.

It wasn't until we reached the point in the conversation that we began to recap our childhood memories that I realized I still had feelings for her.

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It had been a hard thing for me in high school. I had felt so strongly for her, but she did not feel the same way. It was an unrequited love that made me miserable for most of my senior year of high school. Now, as our conversation began to lull, I managed to scrape up some courage and ask her out, on a real date. She just looked at me in a funny way, and I felt that I had gone too far. I tried to say I was sorry, but only managed a strangled gurgle.

Then she did something I never expected. She leaned over across the table and manteniendo la higiene en la boca y en los genitales gui me.

When she pulled away and sat back down, I leaned back, speechless. My head was spinning and all I could do was smile at her. She laughed and said, "Let's go somewhere now." It was this moment I had been waiting for my whole life. The love of my life telling me that she wanted to go somewhere private with me, after having just kissed me.

I had been known to jump to conclusions a little too early, but I figured that even I couldn't screw these signs up. I paid the bill and drove her back to my apartment. It was big for an apartment, but still small enough for only me and my dog, BIgwig. As I opened the door, I felt her hand grapple with mine, our fingers intertwining. I led her to the couch and before I could ask her if she wanted anything to drink, she grabbed my face and pulled me down to kiss her.

Our lips met with a rush of passion. I laid her back onto the couch, positioning myself over her.

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We made out for a few minutes, somehow managing to lose our clothes. I still don't know to this day how our clothes came off, because I don't remember taking them off of me or her. Although I had only had sex a few times, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her. I began to work my way down her body. Starting with her neck, then her collarbone, moving down to her nipples.

I sucked one nipple while caressing her other breast. What I had in mind must have been clear to her, because she put her hand on the top of my head and pushed me down between her legs.

When my tongue made contact with her clit, she xev bellringer boss forces me tshower and masturbate her back and moaned. Determined to make her orgasm, I began to finger fuck her, sliding first one, then two fingers in, all the while tonguing her clit.

It only took a few minutes before I felt her getting close. Her breathing quickened and her muscles were tensing. She let out a rough moan and then shuddered. Her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm.

I let her pleasure subside a bit before coming up. She smiled and said, "That was amazing. And now, its your turn." She grabbed my shoulders, kissing me again while we switched positions.

She knelt between my legs as my cock saluted her.


She wrapped her hand around it, her fingers barely able to meet around it. She began to slowly pump up and down, twisting her hand slightly on the down stroke.

After a minute, she used her mouth too. This was the first blowjob I ever recieved and it was, by far, the best. She moved her hand faster and it wasn't long before I came into her mouth. She licked my rod clean then, clearly wanting more, positioned it at her slit. She teased it around the opening, going in only a little bit then pulling it out and rubbing around her clit.

I couldn't take anymore of it and I thrust it into her. She closed her eyes in obvious bliss. We established a rhythm and I had her cumming again in minutes. I slowed our tempo down a bit, rolling her onto her back. I pushed in all the way and then withdrew slowly, only to ram it into her again. This drove her crazy and she screamed as another orgasm rocked her body. I felt myself getting close and began driving into her faster and faster, eventually driving it in all the way and spewing my load deep in her womb.

I collapsed beside her and we fell asleep in each others arms. Right before Spanking punishment for office babe tube porn fell asleep, I heard her say, "Get your rest tonight, 'cause you'll need it in the morning!"