A boy is fucking her sister while sleeping in hotel

A boy is fucking her sister while sleeping in hotel
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First week of summer break, and I've already ran out of things to do. All of my friends were visiting family or on summer vacation. It felt like hot blonde slut in stockings gets nailed wasn't another 16 year old boy in the entire state. At this point, I'd settle for anyone who could walk, talk, and play. As I was moping in my room, I heard the familiar tone of my cell phone ringing on the counter. I slowly started at it while still having my head buried in my pillow.

"Hello?" I said, half expecting it to be a telemarketer. I told you, I'd settle for anybody right now. "Hey sport, so I heard you're turning 16 in a few weeks?" said a familiar voice. I haven't talked to my older brother ever since the divorce two years ago. "Joe, is that you?" I said shockingly. "Yeah, it's me. I just got a new car, and I've noticed that I haven't been a good brother lately, and I was wondering if you wanted to go on a road trip with me; just us, two guys having fun across the country.

What do ya say?" "WOW! That sounds great! Let's do it!" I said with renewed enthusiasm. "Great, I'll probably be there tomorrow morning, that'll give you some time to pack.

And kid, I miss you." I noticed a little sadness in his voice. After we said our goodbyes, I got quickly to packing. I was too excited to do anything else for that entire day. My brother lived with my dad in Fredricksburg, about a 4 hour drive from where we lived. I guessed he would be here at 10 AM, considering he probably still wakes up at 6.

That gave me enough leeway to wake up at 8, and still be able to eat a good breakfast. That morning seemed like forever, I was done with breakfast at 9, and still had time left over. I paced the living room for what seemed like a lifetime, until I finally heard the sound of a car parking in our driveway. I ran to the door, completely amazed at what I saw. My brother had grown so much in two years.

The divorce took a much of a toll on us as it did our parents. His 18 year-old muscles have been replaced by fully grown pythons. His stubby, short, retarded excuse for hair is replaced with a head of wavy, brown hair.

He looks much healthier now. "Wow, you…changed," was all I could muster out. "Mmmm, stop staring and let's go!" he said playfully. We drove for much of the day. Our first stop was up north in New York City. The 7 hour drive was pretty silent, with a few conversations here and there. After a few hours, Joe started to show signs of wear. "Hey Josh, mind if we take a pit stop for the weekend? My friend Mike lives up here, it'll be fun." His voice begged me to say yes, and I did.

"Great!" he said with enthusiasm and headed off the freeway. After 30 minutes of driving, we arrived at a nice neighborhood, and parked at the largest house there. A guy about the age of Joe walked out, grinning ear to ear. "Hey Joe, nice to see you. And I take it you're Josh? I'm Mike. Come on in." We conversed for a little while. I started to paw around for some food, and Mike noticed.

"Hey, you're hungry right? Let's go find my little sister; she was supposed to cook up some lunch. She's probably by the pool, let's go." Awww man, I thought. Now I have to spend the weekend with some 12 year old, probably. I almost wanted to stay home, but my hunger drove me to find her. I walked with Mike, conversing about school, sports, and somehow, girls. Namely, hot, girls. As we were talking, gorgeous blonde neighbor filmed while fucking pussy shaved pussy and masturbation neared the pool.

I turned the corner and my jaw dropped. I saw the hottest chick in my life. Her brown, flowing hair grew to her shoulders. The water's reflection glowed in her beautiful green eyes. She wore the thinnest bikini I have ever seen. I stared, admiring her amazing tan. A drop of water dripped from her hair and between her perfect softball shaped tits.

My dick tingled with excitement. "Whoa…Look at that chick over there. Damn, she's perfect." I said admiringly. "Yeah, she's hot, but she can't cook for shit, though." I continued making googly eyes at her, until I realized.

"She's…your 'little' sister…?" "Yeah, come on, let me introduce you." He grinned. He was obviously used to my reaction.

"Hey Heather, come here, I've got a friend for you." She turned, smiled, and started at us. Her tits jiggled in tune with her pace. It was almost like she walked in slow motion. I felt like I was watching the sexiest episode of Baywatch ever. "Well hi, cutie." She smiled, showing perfectly straight pearly whites. "Ummm…I…I'm Josh. My uh&hellip.brother knows your brother…and…" "Well, little sister, what happened to lunch, c'mon Josh is starving," Mike came to my rescue.

We walked back, I was completely oblivious to everything except her. I must have stumbled 10 times. My meatstick has cranked up from the "excited" setting to the "raging" setting. If anyone noticed, they didn't let on. "Well? Josh?" she said, breaking my daydream. "Huh?" "Ugh, nevermind." She grinned. Lunch was pretty good, nothing much to report. After lunch, the four of us decided to watch a movie. It was about some cars that turned into robots or something.

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It was alright. After the movie, Joe and Mike went to sleep, leaving me and Heather alone. "C'mon, you don't have to be so nervous, look me in the eyes when i make you cum know.

I don't bite." She teased. "It's not that, it's just that I wasn't expecting…you. I was looking for like a 12 year old or something." "Hmmm, sorry to have disappointed you." She smiled, showing her perfect teeth once more. We talked for what seemed like days. She flirted the entire time, crossing and uncrossing her legs.

The more we talked, the more I was rewarded with glimpses of her panties. I think I should call my doctor, because my erection has lasted longer than four hours.

I learned that she was a major in Zoology at the college downtown. We had a lot in common, she liked swimming, I liked swimming. She liked racing, I liked racing. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow, I'm really tired." She said. She started walking away, and she noticed that I had stayed put.

"Well, aren't you going to sleep?" "I'll uhhh… go in a little bit." I was NOT about to get up pitching a major tent like this. "Well, oookay." She smiled for me one last time.

She obviously caught on. Through the night, I couldn't stop thinking about her. She was the most perfect girl I have ever seen. I slowly drifted to sleep, thinking about her perfect body…perfect tits… "Wake up, sleepyhead.

We're going to the zoo.

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I mean, I had nothing planned, I didn't know we were having visitors." Heather said, waving a plate of eggs and bacon. "Mmmmm, thanks babe." She giggled. I ate quickly, talking to Heather between mouthfuls. This early in the morning, my dick was already about to rip through the sheets. If she would just stop bending down… We went to the zoo at around noon.

We flirted the entire way there, and it felt like 10 minutes. The entire time we were there, Heather kept dropping her map, rewarding me with glimpses of the twins.

It happened so frequently that I knew she was doing it on purpose. She proceeded to tell me the scientific names of all the animals, like I cared. "Oooh, ooh, look!" she said, pointing to her lovely breasts. On her right breast was a brightly colored bee. She asked, "What do you see?" With newfound boldness, I joked, "Ummmmm&hellip.a bee and two C's?" Laughs all around. She laughed, and proceeded to tell me something about it.

I had an excuse to stare at her melons. The bee kept crawling around both tits, making my dick hard once again. Lucky bastard. It was time to leave. We got into the car and flirted some more. "Hey, give it back!" she said when I took her water bottle. "Come and get it!" She reached with her right hand, and used her left for support on the seat.

She didn't grab the seat. "Ohh," she squeaked as she felt my boner. She quickly pulled back, blushing as red as an apple. "Hey, don't you want your water back? But this time, go a little to the left." I joked. "Mmmmmm, that sounds nice." She shot back. I caught cameltoe teen in ultra tight leggins amazing ass and tits glimpse of a grin from my brother, who quickly turned towards the window, trying to hide it.

"Hey, let's try to keep our hands to ourselves, at least 'till we get back home, okay?" Mike winked at me, discreetly giving me his seal of approval. Boy, was I gonna get it on tonight! The rest of the ride was less sexual, but still filled with flirtatious acts.

"Maybe I SHOULDN'T leave you two alone. C'mon Joe, Guitar Hero, right now." Mike said, leaving the keys in the car.

"It's gonna be kind of 'hard' to play with you, Mike," Joe winked at me, and left me and Heather alone, again. Heather slowly reached for my thigh, tickling me as she went. She moved towards my ever growing dick. "Heather…you don't have to, if you don't want to." I said with the last bit of self control I had. "Don't worry Josh, I want to." She pulled down my pants.

My dick immediately shot up. She grinned, and started to bend down. "Ohhh…I…Heather…yes…" I moaned.

She grabbed my shaft, slowly moving it back and forth. Her mouth inched closer and closer to my dick, until she started sucking. It was a wave of pleasure as she danced her tongue on my head. Her wet lips lubricated my dick. She continued stroking me and licking my glans with her hot tongue.

This went on for almost forever, until… "Ohhh…Heather…I'm gonna&hellip." "Go for it baby." She said between licks. "Ohhhhh&hellip." I moaned as strings of pearl colored cum squirted out and onto Heather's face. "Mmmmmm, tasty." Heather said as she licked up some of the cum. "Heather, it's your turn." I went down, pulling her short shorts with me. It seems she has neglected to wear panties today. I brought my hand down to her freshly shaven pussy. I slowly moved my middle finger down, rubbing her soft and wet pussy lips.

"Ohhhh&hellip.yes…" she moaned. I rubbed her gently. Her blonde woman gets banged by pawn keeper made entering her pussy no problem. My middle finger gently went in. "Ohhhh&hellip.right there…" I was now fully finger fucking her. I moved my head in and found her soft, hot clit with my tongue. I licked her clit while still moving my middle finger inside the confines of her pussy.

"Ohhhh&hellip.please…you're going to make me cum&hellip." She moaned as she grabbed my head and pushed me onto her pussy. I increased my intensity, licking her and fucking her as hard as I could. "Yessss……don't stop&hellip.ugh&hellip." Her body began to shiver, her hips moving in sync hot brunette babes get horny showing off their greedy asses my licking.

I felt a burst of warm fluid coming out of her pussy onto my face. I continued to lick her; with each lick came another shiver. Soon, the intensity of her orgasm weakened, and her breathing started to come back to normal. I brought myself up, and our lips joined together. We kissed for a long time. My dick was starting to get hard again, and I noticed Heather was wanting more.

"I want you to fuck me…now…please…" she moaned. "Heather… is this really what you want? If I go any further, I don't think I could stop myself." "Mmmmm, you're so sweet. Please, just fuck me…mmmm&hellip." She laid down on her stomach.

I came up behind her and my dick was rubbing her already wet pussy. She bent down on her knees, making it easier for me to penetrate her.


My manhood had no red saree bath tyalat in sex slipping in. I started off slowly, moving my shaft in and out of her. I picked up pace, and she moved her hips to match mine. We both moaned in pleasure. I heard the dripping of our juices onto the seat which powered me even more. "Heather…I'm gonna cum…" "Go for it, I'm on the pill, don't worry, I want you inside of me!" she shouted.

I almost reached the point of no return, and I felt her pussy tighten on my dick. "Ohh&hellip.I'm gonna cum Josh…don't stop!" I felt waves of pleasure as she convulsed, making her pussy even wetter.

I couldn't hold my nut any longer. I felt squirt after squirt of semen exit my penis and enter her. I lost count of how many. She moaned. I moaned. She started moving her hips in and out again, each time making me pulse another wave of pleasure.

The intensity slowly dissipated, and so did her hips. "That was…that was great Josh!" she said, out of breath. She slowly moved forward, pulling my member out of her. "You're not too bad either." I grinned. "You know, my bed is softer, if you want to join me." What a tease! She put on her shorts and covered her tits. She started walking away. "Well? Had too much woman for one night?" She winked, turned, and walked to her room.


I sighed, "Here we go again." I grinned from ear to ear as I quickly walked to her room too. THE END