Oral stimulation full of burning passion pornstar hardcore

Oral stimulation full of burning passion pornstar hardcore
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My wife and I had always had a good sex life. We are both good looking. She has strawberry blonde story sek tante2 bohay bahenol, and sports a nice ass and titties sitting on top of some long legs.

When we first started dating it was typical sex, just different positions and places for fucking. As we got more comfortable with each other we'd start experimenting with new things. I still remember when we first tried anal sex, she hated it, but tried it to please me. The more we did it though, the more she liked it. Now I'm constantly fucking her in the ass and filling her tight hole with my hot load. She loves nothing more than feeling my cock explode inside her ass.

As that got more typical I'd start fucking her in the ass with whatever toy we could find while I was balls deep in her tight pussy. She really started to like getting filled in both holes while we fucked. It wasn't old women and yong women sex before we both started fantasizing about her getting penetrated by two cocks and filled with another man's cum while I fucker her.

The thought of it was nice, but we were both apprehensive about adding another person to the mix as we were both pretty jealous people.

As time went on we never went any further than just playing with the thought of double penetration. It was a nice night in June that it finally became reality and both our worlds soared to a new level of ecstasy. It was a Friday night and we decided to go downtown for some drinks. It's a college town so it was busy and full of people as we hopped from bar to bar. We hadn't gone drinking with any other intention than to get drunk and then fuck like wild animals once we got home.

We had met some of her friends at one of the more popular bars. As we drank more and more she began dancing with girls in the middle of the bar and was getting lots of attention from the other guys. I loved watching them undress her with their eyes and I knew they were imagining fucking her sweet pussy, I knew I was.

This good looking younger man sat next to me at the bar and was watching the girls dance like he was a predator stalking his prey. I saw the look in his eyes as he watched my wife and being quite drunk I spoke up. "They're pretty fuckin hot!" Surprised that I had caught him looking he said, "yeah they are!" "Those girls are wasted, I've been watching them for a while" I replied "Nothing better than a hot, wasted chick" he said and we both chuckled With my fantasy taking over, I said, "If you had a choice, which one would you take home?" Without any hesitation he said, "the tall chick with reddish hair" "Fuck yeah, she's got legs for days and a nice ass to top them off" I said, knowing he was looking at my wife.

"I can already imagine fucking those tits and cumming on her face" he said We both started laughing as this was a stereotypical male conversation, talking about fucking random girls and going into detail about what we would do to them. "Yeah, they're 32 D's" I said as we stopped laughing. He looked at me with confusion and said, "You can tell just by looking at them?" "No" I replied, "She's my wife" His eyes widened and he got real nervous.

"I'm sorry hard cock plows adorable teen cunt hardcore and blowjob, I didn't know that was your wife!" I started laughing as he sat there with a worried look on his face like I was gonna kill him. "It's alright man, I like to be reminded that she's still got that desire by other men" I said His face relaxed and he took a deep breath of relief.

"I thought shit was gonna go down!" he said "It's 2014 man, relax a bit" I said with a smirk on my face. "What does that mean?" he said I looked at him and said, "People share now a day man, a good time is a good time, just got to find the right people to have fun with" and winked at him.

I could tell by the look on his face he was confused. He took a big swig of his drink and said, "are you guys swingers?" I just came right out and said it, "no, I just want to fuck my wife with another man" His mouth dropped in disbelief, I have to imagine it was the first time he had ever heard someone say that.

Hell, it was the first time I had ever heard someone say that. He didn't say another word, he just sat there, watching my wife and drinking his drink. I could tell I had planted a seed in his mind as he imagined double teaming my wife. "She'd be down for that?" he finally said. "We've been fantasizing about it for a while, just never pulled the trigger" I replied.

"You wanna fuck her?" He looked at me with big eyes and busty blond pole dancing and pounded by two hunk dudes, "For real?" "Yeah" I replied He took another drink and turned his attention back to my wife. He was thinking about pretty intensely. My wife looked over and noticed us watching her.

I winked at her and I think that by the look on this young lads face she knew what we were talking about. She looked at me and her eyes flared. She walked over and reached between us towards the bar to grab her drink.

When she did so, she faced him and arched her back so her tits would perk up out her shirt and give him a good look at her cleavage. She pulled back and took a sip from her drink, "Who's your friend?" she said I then realized that I hadn't even got his name yet. "Ben" he managed to squeak out.

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She reached out and gave him a sexy stare and said, "Nice to meet you Ben" "What have you boys been talking about?" Ben took a big swig off his drink, and I said without hesitation, "Talking about fucking your tight body with both our cocks" Ben nearly choked on his drink as he heard what I said. My wife looked at the both of us with big eyes and said, "Oh really!?" "What do you think about that honey?" I said "He's cute, the question is, is he up for it?" We both looked at him, waiting for a response.

"Fuck yeah" he said My wife and I both laughed. Excited from the thought of getting stuffed by two cocks she leaned in and stuck her tongue in my mouth and passionately kissed me. As she made out with me she placed her hand on Ben's leg and slowly moved it up towards his cock, careful that nobody would see. As she pulled back I saw Ben swallow hard and look at us with excitement. The bulge in his pervcity ebony anal slut janea jolie fucked by mike adriano was quite visible and he nervously tried to cover it by placing his drink in his lap.

She looked at him and giggled, pleased that she had just made another man's cock hard, right in front of me and in public none the less.


She leaned in and whispered in Ben's ear, "my pussy is dripping wet right now" Ben's eyes lit up as she pulled away and said, "You boys ready to leave?" Without hesitation Ben said, "Yup" pounded his drink and leapt up from his chair.

I finished my drink and stood up, following my wife out of the bar with Ben following right behind us like and eager puppy dog. We got outside and told Ben to hop in his car and follow us home. The whole ride home my wife was sucking on my neck as I slipped my fingers up her skirt and fingered her dripping wet pussy. We eagerly pulled into the drive way and hopped out of the car. Ben pulled in right behind us and followed us towards the house.

My wife shook her as from side to side as she walked up the front steps. As she fumbled with her keys she "accidentally" dropped them. She hiked her xex in the first time up a little and bent over straight-legged, exposing her ass and wet panties, being sure to give Ben a nice long look. I stepped aside and watched Ben's eyes light up as he stared eagerly at my wife's underside.

She stood back up and unlocked the door, walking in and kicking off her shoes. "I'm gonna go change, I'll be right back boys" she said It was amazing how much she was taking to this new role of seductress. "Wanna drink?" I said to Ben "Yeah, definitely" he replied I fixed some drinks for us and we sat on the couch bullshitting as my wife fixed herself up. We sat there for a while until my wife came skipping down the stairs. She was wearing a near see through tank top and some tight little booty shorts.

Her nipples were poking through her shirt, hard as a rock from all the excitement, and the bottom of her ass was hanging out the bottom of her shorts. She walked over to us and stood in front of the couch, letting us look her up and down, as she took in our gazes.


"Baby" I said, "You got your shorts all wet" She looked down between her legs and noticed her pussy juices that had seeped through. "Aww, look at me, I'm making a mess" she said as she reached down under her shorts and ran her fingers over her pussy covering them with her juices.

She pulled her fingers out and stuck them in her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as she sucked her finger dry. She pulled them out and looked at us, saying, "mmm, Just the right flavor" "Honey!" I said, "Aren't you going to offer any to our guest?" "I'm sorry, you are so right honey, where are my manners?" she said as she looked over at Ben Ben licked his lips as she slid her fingers back down her shorts and into her pussy.

She walked over to him and straddled his lap as she sat down and stuck her fingers into his eager mouth. He reached around and gripped her ass as he swirled his tongue around her fingers. Watching another man suck on my wife's fingers as he gripped her ass was making me rock hard inside my jeans, I couldn't wait for all the fun that was about to start. "How does it taste Benny Boy?" she said as she pulled her fingers out. Ben let out a shudder as he said, "A little sweet, a little salty, just right for the pickin" My wife giggled as she looked over at me, "You picked a good one baby" "Oooh" she said "someone's getting hard" Ben got all nervous and said, "well, uh, I, uh, didn't mean to uh" We all started laughing at how nervous he was.

"it's alright honey, I'll take care of that upstairs" she said to him and winked. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up off the couch. "Follow me baby" she said and headed up the stairs. I loved how she took control of him and couldn't wait to take advantage of his young eager cock. I damn near burst through my pants as I thought of her taking the both of us in her all of her eager openings. I got up and followed them up to the bedroom.

We got in the room and she turned around quickly, pressing her erect nipples up against his chest. She moved in and stuck her tongue into his mouth. I loved seeing another man making my wife so wet, and right in front of me. As lily showing off her holes hornylily and big ass passionately made out his hands moved down to her ass and squeezed her cheeks as he pulled her hips into his so she could feel the bulge in his pants.

As they made out his hand moved up and started going down the back of her watotchini ya miaka 10 wakitombana. She quickly pulled away and said, "Don't forget baby, we have to share" She gave him a peck on the lips and pulled away, moving towards me. She came in close with desire in her eyes and began sucking on my tongue.

As she worked mouth with hers, her hands moved down towards my throbbing cock. She undid my belt and whipped it off my jeans throwing it away to the side. She then forcefully unsnapped my jeans and yanked down my zipper. As she reached in and grabbed my throbbing cock I could see Ben behind us rubbing his shaft through his jeans.

As she rubbed my cock I could feel cum start to seep from the tip. She soon felt it too and pulled her lips from mine. "I don't want to let a single drop go to waste" she said as she looked at me seductively. She kneeled down in front of me and pulled my cock from my jeans.

As my cock sprung free I heard Ben gasp. "Damn" he said, "That's impressive!" "Thanks" I chuckled As my wife took my cock in her mouth she let out a moan. "You taste so good honey" she said with school xxxx story ebony 2019full sex stories cock still in her mouth. I could see Ben rubbing his cock more and more frantically as she worked my shaft deep down her throat. Without my wife noticing, I looked at Ben and motioned for him to come over.

He quietly dropped his pants and revealed a nice, hard, cut cock, eager to get relief. He came over and stood next to me, placing his throbbing cock mere inches from my wife's face. She opened her eyes to see another cock staring at her. She damn near chocked with excitement. She had never seen two cocks so close to her mouth at the same time and she loved it.

She pulled my cock from her lips and took his shaft in her hand. She looked up at him and kissed the tip of his cock.

He started shaking with anticipation.

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She teased him, slowly working his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She worked his cock like a fuckin pornstar, never taking her hand from my shaft, she didn't skip a beat. She swapped between our cocks, pulling his from her lips just to wrap them around mine. It was obvious how much she wanted them inside her as her head thrust forward more and more intensely with every swap.

She finally pulled back and angled our cocks towards each other. She pressed our throbbing tips together, I had never seen another man's cock before tonight let alone touched one with my own cock.

She came in and took both cocks in her mouth at the same time. She swirled her tongue around our cocks and I heard Ben let a moan.

His cock throbbed and I saw a bit of cum seep from his tip and over my own dick. She stuck her tongue out all licked it up only to swirl it around our shafts before pulling back.

I reached down and grabbed her by the back of the head and snapped her head back. I leaned in and stuck my tongue in her mouth, tasting Ben's warm cum. We swirled our tongues together and moaned as we tasted our new friend's hot seed.

I had tasted my own cum before, but never another man's. It added a whole new level of excitement to the mix. I pulled her up forcefully in front of us and grabbed the collar of her shirt, ripping it down the middle exposing her erect nipples and perky tits. She loved it when I was forceful like that. I reached over and grabbed the back of Ben's neck and pushed it towards her tits.

He started sucking and biting on her right nipple as I moved in and took the other one. She placed both her hands on the back of our heads and let out a slow moan. I reached over and took Ben's hand guiding it towards the, now dripping, wet spot between her legs. We both started rubbing her pussy as we took her tits in our mouths. Her body started shaking as her pussy began oozing from behind her shorts.

I reached up and grabbed her shorts and pulled them down, revealing her perfectly shaven pussy. As I pulled them down, Ben's fingers shot quickly to her wet slit and went knuckle deep inside her cunt. She let out another moan as she had finally been penetrated for the first time of the night.

Seeing that Ben was taking care of the front, I reached around behind her and slipped my finger into her puckered asshole using her juices as lubrication. She went up on her toes and spread legs as her body began to shudder. Her hand gripped our head as her body started convulsing and she let out another moan. Her asshole and pussy clamped down around our fingers as she began to cum. Ben and I both sped up our thrusting fingers and clamped down on her nipples with our teeth.

We just about picked her up off her feet as her pussy began flowing, squirting creamy juices from her cunt all over Ben's hand.

As the cumming stopped and her body relaxed we let her down and she collapsed back on the bed, with her legs spread. Ben rilynn rae gives her plumber an upskirt view over at me and I told him, "Go ahead".

Ben dropped down and buried his face in my wife's soaking wet pussy. He caught her by surprise, but she spread her legs a little wider and pulled his face in closer to lick up the juices.

I began stroking my shaft, watching another man lick the cum from my wife's pussy. I walked around and crawled on to the bed. I placed my cock right in my wife's eager mouth and she began working it, drooling all over my balls as she took it deep in her throat. She pulled my cock from her mouth and looked down at Ben, "I want you inside me" she said.

Ben looked at me for orgy au nightclub real amateur cum in mouth, and I said to him, "Better do what she says!" He hopped up, licking her slit from top to bottom on his way up. She took my shaft back in her mouth as Ben positioned himself between her legs.

He grabbed his cock at the base and lightly worked the tip up and down over her slit, teasing her pussy and making her want it a little more. I reached down and played with her tits, pinching her nipples every time Ben worked his cock a little closer.

He then placed his tip right over her dripping wet slit and began working his cock inside her. The deeper in he went, the harder I squeezed her nipples. She was loving it, having a throbbing cock in her mouth lick me fuck me and cum on my latin pussy another working the insides of her cunt.

She began fucked in shiny tan pantyhose her hips up and down, enjoying every inch of Ben's member. He started it slowly, working his cock in and out, making her want every bit of his shaft inside her.

I loved it, watching another man penetrate my wife while she sucked on my cock. It was so good I wanted to cum right then and there, but I knew she'd want a double injection of hot cum, one her ass and one in her pussy. She'd kill me if I came this early! Just as my mind was fixated on cumming in her mouth, she pulled my cock from her lips and told me, "lick my pussy while he fucks it baby" Taken aback from her request I wasn't quite sure what to do, I had found myself in Ben's shoes.

Given an order I was apprehensive about and unsure whether to comply. Ben looked up from her pussy and over at me, "Better give the lady what she wants" he said. We chuckled as we both knew that she was the one running the show, we were merely there for her pleasure. Nervous, I leaned forward towards her pussy. I placed my head sideways so Ben could still slam it in deep while I licked her cunt. I placed my lips on her clit and sucked it into my mouth, working over it with my tongue.

She began to moan and started bucking her hips. I knew what was gonna happen, I just didn't expect it this soon. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, don't stop baby, don't stooooooooooooooopppppppppppp!" she screamed as her hips shot in the air. Her pussy clamped down on Ben's cock and she started squirting cum right into my open mouth. Ben didn't slow down, he kept fucking her, keeping her pussy cumming and hips bucking.

She rocked her hips right as Ben was on his back stroke and his cock popped out from her pussy, without realization, he thrust it back forward and right into my mouth.

I instinctively wrapped my lips around his wet shaft. We were both caught off guard, but neither of us stopped. As my wife's pussy pulsated and squirted over the both of us Ben fucked my mouth.

The taste was amazing, licking up my wife's juices and Ben's pre-cum off his raging cock. As my wife's hips stopped rocking, Ben pulled his cock from my mouth. I came up and wiped my lips, sticking my finger in my mouth and savoring the juices.

"Damn, who woulda thought how good that would be" I said as I looked at Ben. I told Ben to lay down on the bed. I moved and he plopped down next to her sweaty body still shuddering from her orgasm. She realized what was going on and rolled over on top of him. She straddled his raging cock, which was still glistening with the juices from deep inside her pussy. Without any hesitation, she sat up and reached back, grabbing his cock. She ran it between her ass cheeks and right over her asshole before pointing it right at her pussy and thrusting her hips down on top of it.

She moaned as his cock slid, balls deep, into her wet cunt. She leaned forward and placed her tits right in his face for him to suck. Ben reached around and grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks and exposing the wet penetration between him and my wife. I crawled on the bed and positioned myself behind my wife and right between Ben's legs. "Lick my asshole baby" she begged. As she laid there, ass in the air with Ben's cock thrusting in and out of her pussy I leaned and gave her eager asshole a nice wet kiss.

I worked my tongue in and out of her ass enjoying the taste and knowing that her pussy was being fucked by another cock only inches away. I pulled back and enjoyed the up close view of another man's cock entering my wife. The juices from his dick and her wet pussy were running down the back of his shaft and onto his balls.

I leaned in and took his balls in my mouth, swirling huge titted euro babe gives up her ass tongue around his sack and lapping up the juices seeping from my wife's pussy.

I felt his nuts pucker up and he let out a moan, I figured he'd like it. Once his balls were sucked clean I began working my way up his shaft. I licked it like a lollipop, lapping up what must have been a mixture of his and my wife's cum. I moved further up and licked the back of my wife's pussy and her asshole as Ben's cock worked in and out of her. She knew where my tongue was and she was loving it as much as I was. She pulled her hips up and Ben's cock popped as it sprung free from her pussy's grip.

"Suck it" she said to me. Without hesitation I took Ben's cock in my mouth and sucked hard as I went down on fat granny wants young cock in her pussy. Ben began moaning as I took his member in my mouth, I wasn't the only one enjoying it.

I worked his shaft until all the creamy juices were sucked from his cock and on their way down my throat. My wife grabbed his cock and slid it back into her gaping pussy. "Fuck me in the ass baby, I want to be filled with both your cocks" she ordered me She laid still as Ben slammed his hips into her and drove his cock deep in her pussy. I crawled forward and ran the tip of my cock over her pulsating asshole.

Ben grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks wide spreading her asshole and opening it up for my cock. I worked the tip of my dick into her tight ass and could feel it opening up. There wasn't any need for lube, her pussy had soaked everything on that bed. As the tip of my dick popped into her eager asshole I could feel Ben's cock as it moved in and out of her.

It was nothing had felt before, it was nothing like fucking her with a toy while I was already inside her. I finally worked my cock all the way into her asshole and it felt amazing.

I didn't even need to thrust, the feeling of Ben's cock working her pussy was also working the underside of my cock. It was fucking amazing. Now that she was filled in both holes, my wife started working her hips in motion with Ben's. Next thing I know we're all fucking, and thrusting like a sexual symphony. I reached forward lesbo bombshells open up their deep buttholes and shag huge dildos grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.

"Oh yeah, fuck me in every hole, fill me up boys, I wanna feel you explode inside my little fuck holes, I want us all to cum at the same time!" she said "Not yet baby, you're gonna have to let it build up, I want your pussy to squirt all over Ben's cock like a fuckin hose!" I said to her. Ben and I both picked up our pace as we fucked her sweet holes like wild animals. My wife would rock her hips back as Ben and I would thrust forward.

As our cocks went as deep as they could, our balls would slap against each other. The sound of wet flesh sticking and slapping and fucking put me over the edge. "You fuckin ready Ben?" I said My wife interrupted, "Yes he's ready, fuckin fill me up with your hot cum baby!!" "You heard the lady" I said I clenched my balls and flexed my cock as I thrust my shaft into her, bottoming out inside her ass.

I could feel Ben's cock start to throb and with one more simultaneous thrust all three of us let out a moan and screamed, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" My wife's body clenched down around our cocks as they erupted inside her. I could feel Ben's cock shoot hot load after hot load of his cum into her pussy. She screamed out with pleasure as she felt her insides get coated with our hot seed. Her pussy squirted cum all over Ben's cock and balls.

Ben and I kept thrusting or dicks into her wet holes as her body clenched and then released another stream of her cum. Both of her fuck holes were now filled to the brim with our cum. As we all collapsed in ecstasy on top of one another both Ben and my cock slipped out of her cum drenched holes. Not wanting it to end, I leaned back and observed my wife's gaping holes oozing cum onto Ben's now limp dick.

She leaned in and took Ben's tongue in her mouth, massaging it with her own. As they made out passionately still embraced in each other's arms I leaned in and gave them one last streak of pleasure. I first took Ben's warm, cum covered cock in my mouth and wrapped my lips around the base. I could feel Ben's body shudder. I sucked his cock hard as I pulled up off his shaft, taking all his and my wife's cum in my mouth. As their hot liquid rolled over my swirling tongue I let out a moan.

My wife pulled her lips from Ben and said, "Don't forget to share baby". It was too late, I had already swallowed their cum down my throat. But there was still plenty oozing from my wife's gaping holes. I placed a hand on either of her ass cheeks and spread them wide. I leaned in and placed my eager mouth over her dripping pussy. She clenched her body one last time and squeezed every last drop of our hot cum from her body. The load of cum that I shot into her ass came oozing out and ran down the slit of her drenched pussy.

As Ben's load of milky cum came seeping from her cunt I placed my tongue on her clit and ran it up her pussy and right over her asshole, scooping up a massive collection of our sticky cum into my mouth.

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Not wanting to miss a drop I penetrated her holes with my tongue and she pushed any last drops into my mouth. I couldn't believe how much cum there was and it was all in my mouth none the less.

My wife sat up as I swirled the warm juices around my mouth. I leaned in and met her for a wet passionate kiss. As her tongue entered my mouth the cum flowed between our lips. We sat and made out as Ben reached up and gently massaged her tits, adding to the pleasure she got from tasting the two men who had just came inside her at the same time.

Once it was all gone and running down our throats we collapsed on the bed and massaged one another's bodies, waiting til we could do it again.

The only thing other than complete pleasure that ran through my mind was the thought of finding a third cock to fill up the last and final fuck hole that she loves to use so much.