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20 inch big black dick
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Inside Dads Safe &hellip.My sister had a girlfriend I was crazy over. My name is Kurt. I would ask my sister Tina to have Brandi come over for a sleep over all the time&hellip.

just see her in her little night clothes was a great sight for me. She was a petite girl, blondish hair and wore it in a long pony tail or long braid. She has the smoothest skin I ever saw. Medium tits but they stuck straight out. Beautiful legs…but she had this beautiful sexy smile on all the time. She could just look at me and give me an instant boner. .She would say she was to skinny. I really don't think she realized how hot she was. Her parents made her wear non-sexy clothes and dress down to hide her real beauty.

&hellip. She worked part time at my dads business in the office. All dad ever said about her was that she was a good worker. Dad wouldn't allow me to 'hang out' at the office so I could be around her. &hellip.My sister Tina was cool, she keep Brandi coming over for a sleepover as much as she could, knowing I liked it. Tina and I were close buddy's. We were complete different from each other.

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She was a year younger that me and when I would get pissed or over excited about something she was always calm and cool. She also had bigger tits than my mom and a better figure.

She loved it when I would tickle her and get a little feel of those tits. She would giggle and whisper: (…"Kurt, your not suppose to feel blonde cougar loves eating cum after sex sister's titties!"), and then take my hand and put it on her tits and giggle.

We played around a little when mom and dad weren't home, but that was it. A teasing feel, here and there but I never really thought about having sex with her. The taboo thing and our parents rules discouraged me from that. &hellip.Not so with Tina I was to find out. &hellip.She was in the bathroom one afternoon talking to Brandi about some guy she had desires for.

The little room made it easy for me to hear her and even Brandi too. I listened in. Brandi was at her job at my dad's office. Everyone was gone she said, so she could talk freely.

As they talked my sister flushed the toilet and I lost what they were saying for a bit. When I could hear again Tina was saying."you better not be lying to me! &hellip.really!&hellip.and he pays you?&hellip.damn…I sure would have never in a million years guessed that!&hellip.wow&hellip.I wonder if he'd pay me if I let him too&hellip.you think so?" …Now I could hear most of what Brandi was saying&hellip."I think he has a big crush on me, and I like the thought of him feeling that way, but&hellip." Tina again flushes the toilet&hellip.damn.

Who are they talking about?

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I was dying to know. I wanted to make out with cute Brandi, so I tried to get some information out of Tina,…but&hellip.not letting her know I could hear her talking in the bathroom. I went in Tina's bedroom. She was on the computer. I laid on her bed and told her I wanted to make out with Brandi. "Does she have a guy she likes? I asked. Tina: "Yes she does." Me: "Who?" Tina: "You, dummy." Me: "Oh really?" Tina: "Yes, we are trying to arrange a sleepover when mom and dad are gone, and you two can have at it." Me: "Wonderful Tina!, I think I love you." Tina stopped and turned toward me and smiled.

"You've never said that to me before Kurt. Now you have to prove it." She jumped up and attacked me on her bed. She tickled me and said: "Say it again Kurt, say you love me, do it, I love hearing it, say it, say it. She was laying on top of me trying to tickle me. I said: "ok ok…I love Tina times 200." She got in my face smiling and started kissing my face. She said: "You owe me 199 more 'I love you's' Kurt.

We looked at each other different right then. &hellip.We were both out of breath and she was kissing my face&hellip.and it felt good. I felt my dick start to fill up with joy. I had to fight these feelings of sexual arousal I was having…but then…what for? It just felt to good to stop. My hands went around her before I knew it. I started returning her kisses. The more we kissed, the more we got aroused. We just let go and let it happen.

Now my dick was at full attention between her legs. We started slowly moving our bodies together. .We couldn't say 'stop', or 'that's enough' or anything. She wasn't my sister anymore, but a hot girl on me I wanted to make out with. We both had the jitters as we just continued, out of breath. We didn't speak. Our suppressed attraction was somehow released and there was dark dick for white angel interracial and hardcore stopping it.

She reached down and gently massaged my boner. My tongue met hers and we let them have their way with us. I wanted to have hot sex with my sister, and all the rules meant nothing now&hellip. Tina&hellip. &hellip.he should never let out that he loved me like that. It hit a hidden nerve somehow and I wanted to hear it over and over from him.

Big tit teen takes a dildo ride on webcam I'm going crazy for him. I want him and I to keep going and if we have sex, that will be fine with me…… Kurt&hellip. &hellip.My hands were all over her body. I couldn't get enough of feeling her. Her tits felt so damn hot behind that bra, I wanted to rip her blouse off and tear that bra out of my way.

I was allowing myself to think of her as a very sexy girl, and not a sister. Once the thoughts were out, they snowballed out and I had to make out with her. &hellip.Rules?…what rules&hellip.we both felt such a relief now the they were out in the open and real. &hellip.I heard dads car pull in the driveway. We both jumped up and she ran to the bathroom. I went in my room and played on my computer, catching my breath.

Dad never came up stairs. Soon I went down stairs and saw him in his safe, doing something. He never saw me as I startled him. He quick closed the safe and came out of his den. He said he had to hurry and go someplace, he got in his car and left. I noticed the safe. The handle was not all the way down in the locked position. I wondered&hellip. what was so important he had to come home to put it in his safe. &hellip.Tina came down the stairs and looked so sexy in her white shorts and little top.

We just smiled at each other. She came over and laid her head on my chest and just enjoyed our new status. I told her of my finding dads safe 'may' be unlocked, shall we go check it out? Her eyes went wide open and she said: "No…you should stay out of there!" Hmmm I thought, what does know about what's in there.

I said: "I'm going to take a peek just to see." She said: "Kurt, you may find things you just shouldn't know about, I better go with you." I thought&hellip. ok Tina…but you know something&hellip. &hellip.Tina was nervous as we went in the den, what the hell? I lifted the safe handle and up it went&hellip. Stopping me so I could not open the door, Tina put her hand on mine and said: "Kurt, what ever you find you must promise to keep it to yourself.

Dad has a private hobby and it's none of our business…Ok?" I said: "Ok". &hellip.I opened the door. The first thing I saw was folders on the bottom and a stack of computer discs on top.

The discs had dates on them and the letter 'B'. Tina swallowed hard and said: "Ok, just a bunch of papers…Ok?" I said: "Relax Tina, I'm not going to disturb anything." She took a big breath and smiled. I looked at the folder titles&hellip.one said: "Adoption" on it&hellip.

&hellip.Oh shit, I thought. &hellip.I opened it. It was the adoption papers for Tina. She couldn't see what I was doing and I wondered if she knew she was adopted. Telling her could shake her up. I quick put the folder back. I took the top disk and said: "Let go see what's on this disk." She swallowed hard and said: "Kurt&hellip.a&hellip.ok&hellip.but I better explain something to you before you watch it.

Dad likes to take pictures of&hellip.lets just say …nude lady's…OK?…and&hellip.he…well he talked Brandi into posing for him…OK?&hellip." &hellip.I thought.No shit!, nude pictures of Brandi!, damn, I gotta see this!.

I closed the safe but not locking it. I had about two hours before dad or mom usually came home. Tina and I ran upstairs to my computer. I inserted the disk. Damn, Tina was right. Still pictures of Brandi posing naked as can be. I distracted Tina and pushed 'save' and it was now downloaded in my computer. I said: "Ok…I've now seen Brandi naked. I'll stop and put this disk back." Tina gave a big sigh as the disk popped out. We returned it just like it was and I closed the safe and locked it.

I notice the combination dial was last on the number '28'. We left the den. Tina was all relieved. &hellip.Everything had changed now. First, I had never let my sexual desires for my sister surface, but now she was hot and she and I wanted each other. Second, she was NOT my blood sister so the taboo and rules went away. Third, Tina let me know that Brandi like me too…and…I had some hot pictures of her naked&hellip.

Life was good right now. &hellip.Tina and I now were hot for each other. When mom and dad weren't around, our hands did the talking. We couldn't hardly keep our hands off each other. Her nice tits I had never let myself look at or ever think about were now in my hands as we snuck in the feels. She and I knew just how to make each other so hot and so quick, I had to be on guard for getting an instant erection at an embarrassing time. I would be sitting at my computer and feel her hand slip into my shorts and feel my instant boner.

I did the same to her. Quick coming in her room and putting my hand up her skirt and in her panties to feel her sweet damp pussy. Now when Brandi did a sleep over, Brandi and I started making out when it was safe.

Tina watched us and just smiled. She was always adjusting her panties as she watched us. &hellip.When I took that disk, Busty teen and a mature licking each other out noticed it had the earliest date, and the bottom one had the most recent.

If dad ever left the safe unlocked, I wondered what the latest one had on it. I waited. One day, I got my opportunity. I watched dad go in the den and look at a book and then open the safe. I couldn't see what he did but he closed it and left the room. The next day I looked for that book while no one was home. I found the book I had seen. In the back cover was written 19-77-28. Twenty eight!…the last number I had seen before. I carefully tried it. Click…and I lifted up the handle.

Ahhh…Up it went and the safe was now unlocked. &hellip.I took the bottom disc and quickly copied it in my computer, then returned it. I started looking through the folders. Just important papers stuff until I got to the bottom one. A manila envelope. It felt like some computer discs. I opened it. Two discs, numbered 1 and 2. Back up stairs I went to copy them into my computer, and back down and put everything away, just as it was.

&hellip.That night I clicked the bottom disk open of the stack. This would be the latest disk dad had put in the safe&hellip.it was a video instead of still pictures. &hellip.You could tell the camera was in a hidden location in his private office. I recognized a picture on his wall.

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The table in there had a white sheet on it. Nothing happened for a while. Then I see Brandi and dad. He is having her get up on the table and pose for him. He was good and she looked so hot even fully dressed. It had sound and I could hear him telling her how beautiful she looked. He handed her some money. He whispered something to her and she blushed. She began to unbutton her blouse a little.

He snapped pictures. Soon more money and more buttons and she pulled her skirt up high to show her legs. This went on as she now was wearing just bra and panties.

Next off they came as she posed so hot completely naked. &hellip.The rest of the disk #1 copy was more of this.

Posing and dad feeling her body as he positioned her. He kept adding money to the stack next to her clothes. Watching this was giving me a huge hardon and made me want to fuck Brandi so bad.

&hellip.I heard someone coming up the stairs. I quick clicked to a chat room. My door slowly opened and Tina quickly tip toed in. She said mom and dad had gone to sleep down stairs. She came over hot pregnant babe handles two cocks at once I felt her warm hand slide down on my chest. I decided to try something. I stood up and we began feeling our bodies. I whispered: ("…wouldn't it be something if we found out one of us was adopted?…we wouldn't be 'blood' brother and sister, just a guy and girl?") .She stopped and held my face.

She smiled and said: ("…have you been in dad's safe?.") I said I figured out the combination, smiling. She said: (".so now you know?.") (".you knew all along?) I said.


She smiled and nodded her head. She said when she was 12, mom sat her down and told her and all the details. He real mother died and her father was unknown. So all along she had known we weren't real brother and sister. I sat down on the bed stunned that she knew. We were now free to be ourselves, just a guy and a girl. Staci silverstone sex sex stories story we made plans for when mom and dad would not be home.

&hellip.It was hard parting with her that night, we wanted to exercise our new freedom, but that was on the way. Tina&hellip. &hellip.I'll never forget the look on Kurt's face when I told him I knew I was adopted.

There was just one item that had to be dealt with&hellip.Brandi. I didn't want him to have to choose between us, so I developed a plan for all three of us to be happy. If he found he favored one girl over the other…so be it&hellip.but…knowing Kurt, he was going to want us both. That would be just fine with me and Brandi. Kurt&hellip. &hellip.There was so much happening and I had lot's to think about, I forgot about disk #2 copy still unwatched, in my computer.

&hellip.That night I now had a chance to watch it. I clicked it on. The video was of my mom. She was busty senorita bridgette rides a thick schlong big tits latina a very sexy night gown. No bra and no panties. She was in mom and dad's bedroom. You could tell the camera was hidden in something.

She sat on the bed feeling her own tits. &hellip.I figured is was a sex tape of mom and dad, and dad had secretly recorded it. I didn't need to see a video of my parents having sex&hellip. &hellip.but wait. The date and time on the video showed it was 10am on a Tuesday. Sis and I would have been in school, and dad at work. I kept watching. Mom said: "Up here"&hellip.then she quick came over and adjusted the camera a little.

&hellip.So…it was 'her' recording something, and not dad&hellip.but this disk was in dad's safe? &hellip.I thought a minute&hellip.I 'assumed' it was dad's private safe.


I realized that she could be putting stuff in there too, even though I had never seen her open it. I babe displays her clean pink pussy masturbation spreading. She started talking in low tones to someone out of the picture.

&hellip.Mom was a tiny woman, with big tits and still had a great figure. Soon she came in and stood up in the middle of the bed smiling. She started in doing a sexy show of feeling herself up and flashing her tits and pussy. &hellip.I gulped, having never seen my mom naked. She started doing a slow strip. A man came in the room holding a video camera… It was not dad.

&hellip.He had on a uniform from the gas company. He moved around the bed taping mom's little strip show. A second man entered the picture. He too was taping mom. He had on a gas co. uniform. They both were taping moms little sex show. Mom slowly got naked and laid on her back. She felt her tits and started rubbing her pussy. The guys came in close to tape her hot show of playing with herself.

They both got on their knees on each side of mom. …Oh my god…she's unzipping their pants. They got closer, still taping as she a propped up pillows so her head was even with their zippers. She reached in and took out both their xx club and collage pron. &hellip.I paused the disk copy. Did I really want to see this?

My mom was about to give those guys a blow job? &hellip.Hell!…I had to see this and started the disk copy again.

Sure enough she took turns on them giving them blow jobs as they taped it. She jacked them and felt their balls. Soon she got both their cock heads in her mouth and started jack them faster. They both moved their hips as she jacked and with one hand felt her tits.

I couldn't look away as I waited for what was coming. I heard moaning and saw cum running out of moms mouth, then more cum as they shot their load right in her mouth. She pulled off as they kept shooting on her face as they all moaned. &hellip.I stopped the disk copy and just sat there in shock. Soon I had to smile at my moms actions. Dad had to know about this with the disk in the safe. &hellip.I heard a noise&hellip. …I looked around and my mom had quietly walked in, and was standing right behind me.

My heart felt like it stopped. &hellip.Mom moved me in my chair over. She took the mouse and right clicked on the file I had marked 'safe'. She selected "DELETE"&hellip.and clicked it. Poof!…in seconds the whole file was gone. She never said a word. I must have looked like I had seen a ghost. She saw the huge tent in my boxers and smiled. She reached down and squeezed my boner twice, and walked out of my bedroom, never saying a word. &hellip.Still in shock, I got up and heard the den door close.

I just knew she was changing the safe combination.


I closed my bedroom door and turned out the light. I went to bed, but I just tossed and turned with all that had happened. I lay there with a big hardon thinking about the 'mom' video. &hellip.DUH!…then tender teen girl moans while her pussy is pummeled hard hit me.

The 'recycle' file! I got up and clicked on it. There it was, my 'safe' file. I moved it out and put it inside a 'baseball' file. I changed the file name to: "oh my god", and went back to bed. &hellip.I heard my door slowly opening and saw Tina quietly come in. She sat on my bed and whispered: ("… what that was all about?") I smiled big as I ran my hand up her night gown and felt her hot leg. I pulled her over on top of me.

My 'still' hardon went right between her legs. She gasp and smiled.(" What did mom want?") I smiled real big and whispered: ("You just ain't gonna believe what I've got to show you tomorrow.") ----------- * Tina, Brandi and I now all live together. Dad got that big contract with the gas company he always wanted…with ……&hellip.'a little help from mom.'