Crazy stepsister teens hard banged by a nerdy stepbro

Crazy stepsister teens hard banged by a nerdy stepbro
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Sarah had an interest in sex for a long time.


At fourteen, she'd become obsessed with getting on and looking up videos. Her favorite were girl on girl videos or and things of that nature. She'd controlled her addiction before she turned fifteen and now, at eighteen, she was interested in having sex. She had lots of lesbian fantasies, especially with this one sexy girl that was in four of her classes at school. The girl's name was Tasha. Tasha was a five foot six blonde with smallish tits and a nice ass.

Tasha was a slut, but, sadly, she was straight. Sarah didn't care, she still fantasized about Tasha. Sarah was about five foot five or six inches, big tits - 48D- and an ass twice as big as Tasha's. Her stomach was pretty flat considering her large assets and she showed them off. Despite her constant teasing, she was a virgin. Sarah liked wearing tube tops and miniskirts that didn't often conceal the bottom of her shapely ass- one which wasn't usually panty clad.

Sarah was the ultimate tease at her school. *** Today, Sarah woke up wet. Her dream had been about Tasha, who had begged to be fucked. Sarah had no time to masturbate, so instead she decided to take thingss step further in her smutty dress.

She showered and toweled off. She combed through her shoulder length brown hair and then ran her hands through it. Her hair looked like she'd just gotten out of bed after a night of crazy hot sex.

She put on a low-cut tube top without a bra- her tits held up the top nicely- and mini shorts, no panties. When she walked, her tits and ass jiggled just a bit. She put on five inch heels before heading out the door. At school, boys lustful eyes and girls envious ones stared after her. She liked that. Her top, sky blue, made it clear that her nipples were hard. Sarah stopped at her locker.

While she was putting in the combination, someone had other plans. Hands wrapped around her and grabbed her tits. A knee made contact with the bottom of her skirt, hitting her wet pussy. Lips kissed her neck. "Shawn," she moaned softly. Shawn was a basketball player. A sexy basketball player. He was tall and nearly every pound of his weight was muscle. "You got it babe," he said into her neck.

He pinched her nipples between his forefinger and thumb. Sarah gasped. "Not here, Two cuties banged by a guy with big cock she mumbled, not all that resistant. "It seems like not ever, Sarah," he said, letting her go. She pulled down her skirt and turned to face him.

"Every time I make a move, you push me away. Do I have to come out and say it?" "That would be nice," she said with a smile. He put his thumb under her chin and tilted her face up. She looked up at him as his lips descended on hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck, his around her waist.

She was on her tiptoes. He right hand moved down, going up her skirt. That's when Sarah pulled away. The bell rang, but neither of them made a move. The school was known for sluts and man whores. Even the teachers could tell someone, kids skipped class to fuck in the bathroom.

There were other kids in the hallway, too. Some girl was giving a guy head while another guy was fingering a girl. The only thing administrators yelled at anyone for or gave a detention out for was actually fucking in plain sight.

Some girls would discretely pull out a guys cock during class and "sit on his lap." Teachers didn't care, so long as they didn't moan too loud. "See," he said with a sigh. "You know what I want. But you won't let me have it." "I have no clue what you're talking about," she said, lying.

"That hot ass of yours," he said softly, kissing her neck. "I step daughter catches dad jerking off to take your virginity, Sarah." Sarah squirmed, she was already wet, knowing that Shawn wanted her only made it worse.

Shawn looked at her, waiting for a response. "I'm waiting for my wedding night, Shawn." He rolled his eyes playfully. "You're waiting for your wedding night," he said sarcastically. "Yet, it's alright for me to do this." He pinched her nipples and groped her chest. "Or this." His hands dropped to her ass and his hands went up her skirt, feeling up her ass. Sarah let out a soft moan. "But this is wrong?" Two of his fingers crept forward, moving to her love hole. "Yes," she gasped.

"What about this?" Two fingers from his hand that had stayed on her ass moved toward her pucker. They circled her asshole, teasing. Sarah hesitated. "Um…" She didn't respond. Shawn took that for a yes. And Sarah didn't fight. He pulled her by the hand to a janitor's closet that the janitors knew not to go in.


At the moment, it was empty. He kissed her again. She didn't fight. She closed her eyes and sighed as he hiked her skirt up so it was around her waist. "Are you sure?" he asked. "I've wanted you for along time, Shawn," she said. "I would give you my entire self, but there's not ring on my finger." Sarah hadn't realized, bit obviously Shawn's pants were already down. She bent over a stool and he grabbed her ass. He rubbed his dick on her hole.

"No!" she hissed. "Don't be such a baby," he said, rubbing his had all over her wet pussy in circular motions. "I'm not. But I've been told it hurts the girl if you she takes it in the ass without lube." Sarah moaned as his head rubbed her, he put it on her clit and teased her for a moment.

"Fuck, Shawn!" she moaned. He grabbed her waist again with one hand, then with the other guided his dick into her ass. "Oh, fuck!" he whispered loudly. "Girl, your ass is fucking tight!" It didn't feel too great, it actually kind of hurt, but Sarah let Shawn continue anyway.

Next to Tasha, Sarah liked Shawn the best. She moaned and told him how wonderful he was and how big his dick was. And it was, probably about seven inches. Finally, Shawn made the big announcement Sarah had been waiting an eternity for. "I'm cumming!" he said, pounding her ass more furiously as he spilled his seed. Sarah moaned, a real moan. This part actually felt pretty good, being filled up- being used.

Shawn finally pulled out and they cleaned themselves up best they could. "That was amazing," Shawn said, kissing her passionately. "First time a girl's let me do that. You should let me take care of your sweet virgin pussy next." Sarah didn't respond, instead she wrapped her arms around his neck for another wet kiss. *** Sarah was determined to be used again. But next time by Tasha. She had to admit, looking back, that letting Shawn fuck her without any strings attached was pretty hot.

It made her wet belle claire letting her stepbro fuck her in the ass think about getting used like that. She started going out with Shawn.

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He asked her a day or two after fucking her ass. She said yes, of course. Instantly, she gained ten more friends. Just by being Shawn's girlfriend. One of these new friends was Tasha.

They started hanging out a lot. Sarah found out that Tasha was a drinker, not heavily, but when she did she could get pretty wasted.

Sarah lied and said she was pretty much the same way.

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It had been a month that Shawn and Sarah had been dating, things were already pretty serious. It was mostly a sex based relationship. She sucked him off at least five times a week, occasionally several times in just one day- but that as usually a weekend thing. He fucked her ass a lot, and she actually started to enjoy it. Not so much because it felt good, ass fucking wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but because he was using her. All the sexual tension he'd built up for her, taking it out on her now without really loving her.

Sarah didn't care. She liked being his girlfriend/whore. Mostly whore, but the official title was girlfriend. *** Sarah's phone vibrated in her pocket. "Hello?" "Sarah? It's Tasha." Sarah immediately got butterflies. "What's up?" "There's this party tomorrow night and I heard you hadn't got you invite yet, so I was asked to deliver the message." "Okay, I'll call Shawn and let him know we're-" "No, Sarah, just you.

This is a girls only thing." "Isn't that a little crappy-60's-movie?" Sarah said with a giggle. "C'mon Sar, it'll be fun. Please? For me?" Anything for you, she thought. "Sure. I'll keep it secret.

Tomorrow night?" Tasha laid out the rest of the details. Apparently being a popular-ish girl meant letting the other popular sort of girls tell you what a girl night was. Sarah had to wear a low-cut pink shirt- no problem since that was all she owned- and a short skirt- also not an issue. Black lace panties, no bra. Tie her hair up in a ponytail and doll herself up with makeup. So, before the party, Sarah busted out a pink spaghetti strap top cut so low that you could see the tops of her areolas.

Her miniskirt was from back in her days as a cheerleader, so it was obviously tight and short and very sexy. She put her toothbrush and hairbrush in a pillow. Tasha told her not to bring a change of clothes, she'd have things to change into for the next day at her place.

Sarah's mom gave her a ride to Tasha's, thinking it was some innocent slumber party- Sarah was a good liar. Tasha and most of the other girls were already there.

Only Jackie and Amy were missing. Drinks were poured and Sarah was pretty sure she could smell pot from upstairs. Tasha, Sarah and everyone else started with a few shots of Vodka. One girl went upstairs, probably to either smoke with or fuck Tasha's brother, the only male in the house who had no intention of coming downstairs anytime soon. They turned up some music and danced and fooled around for hours. It was around one o'clock when they finally turned the music down and everyone sat in a circle on Tasha's living room floor.

Her parents weren't going to be home for a few days, make nut come out your nose tube porn they already knew about the party and Tasha's love of alcohol. They didn't really care. "So, what next?" a girl Sarah didn't know asked. "I wanna try something crazy," Tasha said. "Something never done before." "Spin the bottle!" someone said excitedly. A couple girls said things like "I'm not lesbo, you must be crazy." Tasha, being the leader, quieted hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll down and made it clear that no one was playing spin the bottle.

"Truth or dare?" the same girl said in a slightly crestfallen voice. "That one's good," Tasha agreed. Everyone was quick to nod and agree, especially Sarah. "Okay, let's set up some rules. First, there is no backing out of a dare and you can't refuse to tell a truth. If you don't, then you can leave, I don't want babies at my party. Second, no repeats. And every dare has to be better than the last.

Every truth has to dig up a bigger secret than the last. If someone tells a truth you don't like, too bad. No getting mad. 'Kay?" Everyone agree.

Tings started out simple. "Truth or dare?" Tasha asked Amy. "Truth." "Are you a virgin?" "No." Amy asked Jackie. Who also wanted truth. Amy asked Jackie how far she went with a guy. Jackie pulled off a black jelly bracelet and tossed it at Amy.


"Sex." Jackie said. "With three of your ex-boyfriends. And your current one." Everyone had taken truth so far, everyone had gotten a turn. All the questions were somehow related to how far someone went with a guy. "How long have you kissed a guy?" "Has a guy ever fingered you?" "Favorite position?" It was Sarah's turn. She picked Fabulous rebecca is down for some anal. Tasha answered truth again.

"How far are you would you go with a girl?" Sarah asked. "Anything the girl wanted," Tasha said, turning bright red.

Similar questions followed. "Ever kissed a girl?" "Do you fantasize about girls?" (Sarah was glad she didn't get that question.) "Would you ever eat another girl?" and so on.

On Sarah's next turn, she picked dare. Jackie was the asker. "I dare you to … take off your skirt and show us your pussy." Sarah didn't protest, but she turned red. She pulled down her skirt and tossed it in the corner. She opened up her legs and spread her pussy lips.

Her sex was moist. Sarah picked Amy, who'd licked her lips when Sarah pulled off her shorts. Amy, foolishly, picked truth.

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"Do you like girls?" "I fantasize about girls, but I've never done anything with another girl." Amy picked a girl, Morgan, who chose dare. "I dare you to touch Sarah's pussy." "Like how?" "You gotta rub her clit till she moans." Morgan crawled forward and spread Sarah's pussy lips. She pinched Sarah's nub inbetween her thumb and forefinger and rolled it around. Sarah bit her lips. After about a minute, Morgan went a step farther and licked her fingers, coating them with saliva, before going back to Sarah's clit.

Sarah let out a low moan. "Ohhh, fuck." Everyone giggled, including Sarah. The dares got more and more sexual, everyone was done with truth. Everyone got dared to take off their clothes until no one was wearing anything. Amy had to finger herself to orgasm and Callie had to lick up Amy's juices. Morgan had to lick and kiss Jackie's pussy for a five minutes or until she came. Every girl had done something to the other one. Tasha had to finger Melanie and Sarah had to suck Vanessa's clit.

There were about ten girls at the party, minus the longe legged babe gets fucked from behind who was upstairs with Tasha's brother. Eventually Tasha turned a little pink when it was her turn to be the asker. She picked Sarah. "I dare you to eat me out till I cum." Sarah turned red, but didn't hesitate to kneel in front of Tasha's wet sex when she was sitting on the couch. She rubbed Tasha's clit with her thumb, she sucked Tasha's labia into her mouth.

Tasha's loud moans filled the living room, her legs wrapped around Sarah's head. "Oh, fuck!" Tasha moaned. "Don't stop. Oh my God! Yes, yes, yes! Right there! Ah, lick me! Ah, fuck! Yes, oh fuck yes! Don't stop, Sarah. You're so good. So good!" Tasha's moans made Sarah even more wet. She slid a finger into her own pussy while she ate Tasha.

Sarah's tongue ran up and down Tasha's slit, not yet entering her. Sarah wanted to tease Tasha, she was a smart girl. Sarah knew if she wanted to she'd beg for it. Sarah decided to start really teasing with Tasha, she rolled her clit in between her forefinger and thumb like Morgan had done to her. That's when Sarah got what she wanted. "Oh, fuck! Sarah, please! Please put it in! Please tongue fuck me! I can't take this!

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Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck! Please, Sarah! Tongue fuck me!" Sarah's tongue slid in and out of Tasha like a piston. Tasha was sweet and smelled good. Her taste and scent was driving Sarah crazy. Tasha started moaning and screaming. Her hips thrashed wildly and Sarah had to take her fingers out of her pussy ad stop playing with Tasha's clit so she could hold her still by her hips. Sarah's mouth locked to Tasha's pussy, which was running like a faucet, and licked every drop of her up.

She was cleaning her out. "Oh, fuck, Sarah!" Tasha moaned and yelled. "You're so good!" She couldn't stop her hips from thrashing around still, she was trembling. Wave after wave of orgasm still washing over her. "Don't stop! Please! Don't ever stop! I never want this to end!" Her legs locked around Sarah's head tighter. Even if Sarah had wanted to get her face away from Tasha's still dripping sex, she couldn't have.

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Sarah's tongue ran up and down Tasha's slit, her tongue wrapped around Tasha's clit and the girl cried out again. "Fuck!" After what seemed like an eternity, Tasha stopped squirming and her orgasm subsided. She was panting heavily. She finally realized Sarah's head and Sarah stood up. Her thighs were wet with her juices and her pussy was so tense it hurt. "Wow," someone behind Sarah said. It was Amy. "You must be good." A slow smile spread across Sarah's face.

After a few more minutes, Tasha stood up shakily. "I dare everyone to get a partner and have crazy hot sex!" She immediately locked her arms around Sarah's neck and was kissing her passionately. Sarah knew this would be the best night of her life.