Brand sistar indin sax story

Brand sistar indin sax story
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. First attempt at a story. Constructive criticism welcome --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was just another usual day at the office, with some work and bit of boredom.

She sat in her cubicle and waited for the day to pass. Her mobile beeped, he had sent an sms. His sms was, "Can you please come home early today? It is somewhat urgent." She grew worried and replied, "What happened? Is everything okay" "No, not okay…please come soon" "At least tell me what is the matter?!" "dear.I really, really, and really need you now… since morning your thoughts have tormented me…let me hold you and be inside of you!" She immediately sighed and blushed.

She didn't reply but just smiled and was lost in thought, when another sms came, "I want to make you completely mine soon as I can" She breathed deeply, and replied, "see u soon. ttyl" As she climbed the stairs of the apartment there was a growing nervousness realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl excitement in her.

She knew that he was right there, standing near the door, waiting for her to come, and.and…she wondered what next. She rang the doorbell, and within seconds the door was opened. For 5 full seconds they just stood there looking at each other. She look downwards, but he was using his eyes to swallow her.

He looked at her from head to toe. He looked at her fair face and slender body. She just stood there, when suddenly he grabbed her arms and pulled her inside and slammed the door shut.

Once the door was shut he gave her a tight hug and whispered in her ears "be mine!". His hands powerfully massaged her back and lower back and he was inhaling her scent so powerfully as if he wished to inhale her entire body! He withdrew a little, looked at her, she had her eyes closed, and planted a firm kiss on her tender lips.

At the same time both of his hands held on tightly to her breasts and massaged them with a certain frantic madness. As the kiss broke he again whispered, "I need you now".and between kisses he said, "Need"…"You"…"Now!" His kisses turned longer and his hands roamed all over body and a spark was inflamed within her as well.

He pulled her closer and took her near the sofa. His needs were so urgent that even the bedroom seemed too far away. His need was to be inside her. To fill her body. He got her on the sofa and was on chap seduces lovely chick to have sex homemade and hardcore of her without putting weight on her. His left hand was firmly massaging her soft breast and his right hand was slowly creeping downwards. The hand finally reached the sensitive place between her legs and began massaging.

In his madness he had forgotten that they were both still completely clothed, but he felt there was no time to get fully naked as well.

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He opened his belt and lowered his pants and his erect penis sprang out. She could suddenly feel the entire penis rubbing all over lower body. He inserted a hand in her pants, loosened them, and she helped him slightly to take off her pants and undergarments.

They were still clothed in the upper body but now their lower bodies were stark naked. With her lying on the sofa, he went on the floor, got her legs around his neck, and buried his mouth in her vagina. He wasn't looking for soft licks or gentle flicks, he palatable hotty fuckes in a cute way hardcore massage to devour her, to eat her whole! He thrust his tongue as deep inside as could, and scent of feminine musk filled his nostrils and his blood boiled even hotter.

He was fucking her with his tongue now. For her, the sudden assault of his tongue inside her vagina had left her gasping for breath. She could feel the warm and spongy muscle of his tongue filling her vagina, rubbing every little part of her from inside, and sending waves after waves of pure carnal pleasure!

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She held on to his head that was stuck in the middle of her legs, and with closed eyes she focused all her attention on the wild tongue inside her vagina. The animal spirit had not possessed both of them. After drinking his portion of sweet juice, and with a maddening urgency, he touched the tip of his penis to the entrance of her vagina and entered her slightly. The warm, wet, velvety feeling of her sensitive place grasping his penis was like being in heaven.

He filled her so completely that it was like having a glove fit over one's hands. Every inch of her cavity was now filled up, and all the inner skin of her sensitive place could now feel the warm friction. There was not a single spot of hers that was not touched from inside. Same was for him. There was not a single inch on his penis that was not coated with her warm, wet, cavity.

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He savoured the feeling for a moment, and felt as if a man who had been thirsty for years had finally quenched his thirst, and kissed her lips. The sofa was narrow but it offered enough space for him to comfortable begin thrusting in-and out of her.

For the first few strokes he maintained the slowest possible pace. Initially all he was trying to do was feel the warmness and wetness. After a while, after a couple dozen strokes, he increased the speed of his thrusts and his strokes became more urgent, more powerful, driven by a singular purpose.


She had surrendered herself completely to the sensations that were erupting in her body. Both of his hands were holding down both of her hands and she felt slightly worried that the pleasure in her body should not become too much. Or else she could go mad. But here he had already gone mad. He was now varying the depth and speed of thrusts, he knew he had possessed her.


He had not just penetrated her body, but now he had penetrated her soul and mind as well. He knew that at that moment she was completely his. This feeling made him grow even madder still, and he kept going in and out, in and out, in and out. The full length of his penis rubbing powerfully across every inch of the inside of her sensitive places And soon they could both feel the fire spreading and growing wilder, and he knew that the volcano of pleasure would soon erupt!

Their breathing became extremely loud and their mouths uttered noises of pure raw instinctual pleasure.

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With each stroke he now uttered a word "YOU" in.and. out "ARE" in. and .out "COMPLETELY" in. and. out "MINE" in .and .out "FULLY" in. and .out "MINE!!!!!" A powerful downward thrust of his hips and the madness consumed them!!!!

And with that they both erupted in mutual orgasms, and for those moments their bodies and soul were entwined into one single flame of fire!

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He grunted loudly and she was completely breathless! His hands were still tightly holding her hands down. His lips were buried in her lips. It took quite a while for the world to return again. The fire that was burning him since hours had now finally calmed down and left them both in ashes.

He loosened his grip on her and began planting soft kisses all over body. She closed her eyes and was still lost in the memories of the fire. She held on to his head and brought him closer and they kissed for a long time again.