Cougar milf cockriding in taboo threesome teen

Cougar milf cockriding in taboo threesome teen
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Sarah opened the door to her good friend Jane and let her in. "Hello Jane, it's been too long since we last got together" Sarah told Jane as she entered and the two walked into the living room. Sarah already had a that girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle of tea out for them. "So how's everything and how's Jake doing?" Sarah asked. The two were very close when they lived next to each other, but after Jane's husband died her and Jake moved closer to her mom's to help with everything.

The two got together a couple times a years but slowly it got less and less. "Jake is good he is going to a Jr. College close to home so he is still living at the house." Jane told her friend. Sarah told Jane that her oldest Kim was getting married in the spring and that she would like for her to come and Danial her son was in his last year of college up north.

She was jealous of Jane as it was quiet a little too quiet here all the time because with Mitch making partner, he was on the road a lot or late hours at the office.

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Jane told her that she enjoyed having Jake there as with Dave being gone he was all she had left. The two talked and talked till tea in drilling by a toy and thick dong living room turned to wine on the back porch. With the first empty bottle the two started to open up a little getting back to when they would tell each other everything. Sarah told Jane about how she hadn't had sex with Mitch in over a year, but she left out that she was getting a little from someone else.

Jane started to tell Sarah something a couple of times but would stop herself before telling her. It wasn't till the second bottle was almost empty that Sarah got Jane to tell her what was on her mind. Jane sat there for a moment with Sarah pushing her to tell her what she was holding back with.

"I'm… uh… I'm a cuckquean to my own son!" Jane blurted out before downing the whole glass of wine she was holding. Sarah was taken back by this for a moment till. "What is a Cuckquean Jane?" she asked. "Have you ever heard of a cuckold?" Jane asked her. "Um, yeah I think?" "It's that when your husband wants to watch you with another man" Sarah said.

"Yeah and this is just the opposite" Jane replied. "But how if it's your son?" Sarah asked.

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"And how did this start?" Pouring another glass of wine Jane starting at the beginning told Sarah how her life changed. Jane felt like she loved her son more than other mothers did as after Dave dying it was only the two of them outside her parents helping when he was real young. Jake grew into being the man of the house and then taking care of Jane by getting summer jobs to help out and always doing the cooking and cleaning so Jane didn't have to after working all day.

Jane always saw Jake as her little boy but around the age of eighteen Jake started to change and become a man. At first Jane didn't pay that much attention to it but the summer after turning eighteen, Jane and Jake were at a neighbor's house for a weekend BBQ and pool party. Jane was talking to another mother when Jake climbed out of the pool with only a pair of swim trunks on. Everything around her went quiet as the sight of her son standing there on the ladder with the water running down his hard chest and six pack ads.

Jane didn't know her son worked out that much to have a body like that, though would it do the things it did to her body. It wasn't till she heard her friend calling her name did she snap out of it and the feeling pass.

After that day she found herself looking at her son differently and her body was responding to it. Jane had her fair share of boyfriends after the death of her husband, but sex if it happen, the last time being over two years ago, wasn't the same to her anymore and she didn't know what she was looking for. Jane always told her son that she was more willing wife sharing threesome bi mmf aloud things if he was upfront with her instead of going behind her back.

So when Jake turned eighteen and told his mom that the guys from work wanted to take him out some Fridays for drinks, she let him if he didn't drive and didn't overdo it.

So it was on one of these Friday nights that Jake got dropped off after drinking with the guys very drunk. Jane had to help him in and to bed as he didn't even know where he was. Once in his room Jane got Jake out of his cloths and got him into bed. Jane caught herself staring at her son's body as her hand rubbed over is muscles and abs. Jake being totally wasted took his mother's hands as being from just a girl and placing one hand on top of hers pushed her hand down to his crotch.

This surprised Jane but she couldn't move her hand once it was placed on top of her son's bulge. Though it was her son and this was wrong, the size of the bulge and the fact that it was the first penis in years that she had touch made her want to feel and see more. Jane rubbed the outside of his boxers as the bulge grew in size till the head of Jake's penis started to pop out brunette babe victoria gets pussy fucked from behind leg hole of his boxers.

Jane not knowing what was coming over her, pulled down her son's boxers to a big cock flopping back onto his stomach. Jane gasped to the first sight of the size of it, it was the bigger then any cock she had saw and it was growing larger as it got harder. Jake placed her hand around it and Jane's fingers could barely touch because of how thick it was. Jane was now here standing over her son with her hands wrapped around his daytime adventure by sapphic erotica christen courtney and brigitte lesbians young and teen slowly stroking it up and down.

With both hands wrapped around the thing there was still about two inches sticking out. It was so thick and a mixture of a hard steel rod wrapping in soft flesh. Jane could feel the veins under the skin as she pumped away at it.

Jake had his head back on his pillow moaning as Jane jerked his cock faster and faster. After about ten minutes or so Jane felt Jake's cock stiffen even more and she knew that he was going to cum by the short little breaths he was taking. Not knowing what she was going to do when he would start cumming and not wanting to make a mess on him. Jane bent down and wrapped her lips around the big head of her son's cock and let Jake cum in her mouth.

Jane never let another man nor her late husband cum in her mouth as she felt that was just nasty, but her she was letting her son do it. It was a taste she never tasted before and it was a lot too as Jake filled her mouth causing her to swallow to aloud more in.

Once Jake finished he was out like a light and Jane licked up the cum that spilled out as she already swallowed most of it what was a little more. Jane cleaned up her son and tucked him in before heading to her room.

Jane ran a hot shower and sit on the floor of the shower broke down and cried for what she just did to her son. "OH MY GOD!!!, that was so hot Jane" Sarah told her as she sat across from her on the porch. "So what happen next?" she asked. "What happened next?" "I just gave my son and handjob and took his load of semen in my mouth" Jane told her.

"Yeah but if my son was as hot as her son I would do a lot more" Sarah replied. "Sarah!" "Well you did say that you became his cuckquean, so how?" Sarah asked. The next morning Jane was down in the kitchen making breakfast when Jake came in holding his head. She served him his plate with a side of aspen for the hangover. As they were sitting at the table Jake spoke up.

"Hey mom thanks for last night and everything." "Oh my god" Jane thought to herself he remembered it and now what is she going to do. "Mom, what's wrong?" Jake asked. After a moment of just sitting there Jane told her son "nothing" and to continue what he was saying. "Well mom I just wanted to thank you for getting me in and to bed because I don't even remember coming home" Jake told her.

"Oh thank you lord, he doesn't remember" Jane thought. After breakfast Jake left and Jane washed up but the whole time she was thinking about her son's cock and what happen the night before. She thought about it so much that she found herself naked in her bed masturbating to the memory of last night, holding her son's big thick cock in her hands.

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Stroking it as Jake moaned in pleasure and then taking his cum in her mouth and swallowing it. She didn't know why something so wrong, so taboo, so naughty was turning her on so much. Jane was on the edge of the biggest climax of her life and it was all to thinking about her son.


Jane drove her fingers deep inside her wet pussy just as her orgasm hit, wave after wave raced through her body till she was left not able to breath or move. Jane was so into telling Sarah the story that she didn't notice that Sarah now had her panties down around her ankles as she fingered her pussy.

"Sarah!" Jane yelled. "What this is so hot you are making me so horny just listening to it" Sarah replied. Jane watched for a moment as her friend fingered herself. The two had the same body build as both were around 5'8" and slender but Sarah always had the bigger boobs of DD to Jane's small C. Jane also was jealous of Sarah's strawberry blonde hair as Jane's was just brown. Jane stared at Sarah's firey red bush and she worked her fingers in and out just like when they would get a little too drunk a holiday parties and find themselves in a bathroom or spare room making-out and masturbating in front of teen sloppy deepthroat big cock pov k ultra hd kriss kiss other.

"So keep going" Sarah said with her legs spread not even trying to cover herself. This went big dicks fucking hard some porstars video for the next couple of weeks, Jake would go out after work on Fridays with the guys and come home drunk. Jane would but him to bed after getting him in sometimes even cleaning him up as he would puke on the yarn.

He seemed to be very horny when he was drunk always taking Jane's hand and placing it on his cock. Jane would jerk her son till his was fully hard and then suck it till he filled her mouth with his cum. Jane would then clean him up and retreat to her room to pleasure herself with the taste of her son's cum in her mouth. Afterwards she lay there in bed telling herself how wrong it was but then say how much she loved sucking that beautiful cock.

It was Friday night again and Jane sat on the couch watching her shows waiting for Jake to stumble in again. It was getting real late, later than usual and Jane fell asleep on the couch. She woke to the sounds of movement but didn't see anything in the dark room. Jane got up and headed to chunky latina in casting looking for a and as she walked down the hall she looked in on her son to see if he was home.

Jake was asleep on his bed laying on top of the covers still in his cloths. "Jane stop, don't go in there" she told herself. "But I just want to give him a kiss goodnight" Jane walked in just to kiss him but the feeling in her body to touch and feel his cock was too great.

Jake didn't smell of alcohol like the other times but Jane wasn't of clear mind to notice that. Jane reached down and undid his pants as she kneed next to his bed. She pulled them down to just below his boxers and once again Jake wasn't leading her but just laid there sleeping. When Jane reached in and pulled her son's cock out, she felt that it was a little sticky and there was a new smell to it. Though only the moon light from the window dimly lit the room Jane could see that Jake's public hair was matted and had something in it.

Jane wanted her son's cock though and wrapped her mouth around it and started to suck on the flaccid cock till it started to harden in her mouth. It tasted different, a little sweet and then it hit her that it was covered in the pussy juice and Jake had fuck someone before coming home.

Jane's pussy became super wet and a fire started burning in it. The feeling for the taboonish of not only sucking her son's cock but sucking the juices of another woman off it was too much for her. Jane fingered herself to orgasm while sucking her son's dirty cock and it was the greatest feeling in the world to her.

Before she would nicely suck on his dick not being able to get the whole thing in, but tonight she was trying to get as much in as she could causing her to gag a lot on it. With one hand still fingering herself the other hand would either stroke the shaft or play with the balls.

The taste of the mystery pussy was got now as Jane had cover her son's cock in her own saliva as she sucked and gagged on it. Jane felt Jake's cock stiffen and was about to swallow down her reward when all of a sudden he put a hand on the back of her head.

"Oh my fucking god mom, that's it" Jake said out loud as he cummed into her mouth. Jane froze stiff as he unload into her mouth.


Once done Jane got up and ran for the room from Jake knowing that it was his mother that was sucking his cock. She locked herself in her room for the night and it wasn't till late the next morning when she would come out. Jane walked down the stairs and found Jake sitting in the living room watching a movie. "Uh Jake, sweetie" Jane said as she daddy fucking my princess parts pussyplaying pussyfucking the bottom of the stairs.

"Yeah, mom" Jake replied pausing the movie. "About last night, that was wrong of me to…" Jake cut his mother off and told her that there was nothing wrong with what happen. That he loved her so much and that it was the best blowjob ever.


"Sweetie for a mother to do that to her own son though" Jane started again. "Wait did you say BEST EVER?" "Yeah, you know how hard it is to get a girl to go down on you, but to get a blowjob after fucking someone it." You can't get much better than that" Jake told her. "Look, it's not right and wrong." "I'm your mother and to do that…" "Look mom" Jake said standing and walking to her.

"I know that you love me not only as a son, but something inside of you loves the taboo of giving your son handjobs and blowjobs when he is drunk" he told her. "How do you know?" Jane asked. "After the first night that I thought I had a crazy dream that my mother gave me a handjob." "I set my camera up and caught you doing it again and again." "Then last night after skipping out on drinks with the guys and seeing a movie with this girl from school." "I take her back to her place fuck her and come home because she too lives with her folks and her dad would kill me if he saw me there in the morning." "I come home and you not only suck my cock the see how having another girl's cum on it turns you on so fucking much." "Uh, uh, fuck!" Sarah yells out as she came for the fourth and final time listen to Jane's story.

"So then what?" she ask. "Well he has come home a couple of times after hooking up with a girl and fucking her to have me suck him off" Jane replies.