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Milf bianka and teen sarai shared a hard cock on sofa threesome and blowjob
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For quite sometime my family has been the richest around, having the best of things with the best of people. We were the envy of a many a person. My father was a high priced attorney dealing in criminal cases, sometimes homocide with the largest firm there was around.

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My mother was a few years younger than him, a blonde, with full DD shona xxxstorys 2019 sex stories xxx paid for by my father, she had been both Prom Queen and head cheerleader. But slowly, we began to lose everything.

The stock we owned suddenly lost value or collapsed entirely. My father lost his job at the firm for some hot new babe who fucked the partners whenever they needed it.

Our net value went from over ten million to under Ten thousand, so we sold our house. My father unable to get a job with another firm because of bad relations and my mother pissed all the time, my father commited suicide when I was nine years old. Now, we live from week to week in the trashiest part of town. The Ferrarri promised to me upon my sixteenth birthday is now a thing only of dreams as now my sixteenth birthday approaches and I will not even be able to afford a car at all.

My mother has gotten a job at Save Mart to pay the bills, but that in no way, suffice to say, keeps us up to our normal standard. At fifteen, I strived to be more than my wildest dreams, but didn't know how. I have been told I am "hot" by male spectators quite a bit. My blonde hair reaching to the tip top of my ass looks amazing when wet against my pale white skin and I love the look of my perfect blue eyes with long dark eyelashes covering my beautiful face.

At fifteen, I am sprouting moderate B sized breasts which are so perky I am often suspected of stuffing, which I do not, and I have proven so in the locker room several times. I am not sexually experienced and my mother is very sheltering but not in the convential sense. Although we sit around talking about boys, sex never comes up. I know maid vs boss japanese xxx my mom was what you would call a slut in her younger days but I try not to think of that.

Sometimes she does bring guys over and they do stay the night, which, yes, upsets me, but not all too much as they are usually the kinds of guys I too am attracted to and it was from one of these guys that I spotted my first penis. Today begins just like any other day, by waking up. Once up, I begin to search for clothes as I have grown up in a non-male household since puberty, clothes are not used unless we feel the need.

Once I am dressed I wait at the curb for the bus as my mom is already at work and has been for an hour. Once the bus has picked me up, I sit on the bus and await my friend Susan, who is on the cheerleading squad with me who gets on at the next stop. When she gets on we begin to talk about things that have no general bearing on anything but always insext net real mother and son to perk you up.

Today, we talk about cars. "Ya, I am going to try to get a summer job to buy a car", she tells me. "Really? Where hires fifteen year olds?", I ask. "Not sure, haven't really looked yet", she says. "Hey, we could get a car together? You can get those police impounds that run for five hundred, so if we both make two-fifty we can afford one", I suggest.

"Maybe", she says. We often have ideas like this one but they seldome go further than the ideas of teenage girls. I remember once where we both promised to not wear a bra for a week, but we both did the first day because we thought someone would notice. Once at school, we head to clases, but I won't make you endure that because it is hellaciously boring, so we will skip to gym.

During gym we played basketball today and my team won big, so we went to the locker room to celebrate with a refreshing shower. Some girls in my year were shy and wore bathing suits to the shower, but I was certainly not one of them. I was comfortable among other women and enjoyed the shower water hitting my bare skin. So, once in the shower room I stripped off my jersey shirt and shorts, then my sky blue thong and bra and turned on one of the shower heads set into the middle of the room as girls began to close in around me.

Then, after the shower, I went to the lockers in the room without worrying about changing when I overheard something that interrested me.


"Ya, I made three hundred dollars in one night, isn't that great?" It was a girl named Sherry, who was also on the cheerleading squad with me. "How did you do that?" I inquired timidly. "Oh.well, you sure you wanna know?" Sherry asked, belittlingly and condescending. "Ya, cuz that sounds like great pay", I said.

"Well, there is this guy named paul who will set you up with a guy, he pays per task per minute, but the real money is in tips", sherry said. "What tasks?", I asked unknowingly. "Well, here is the price list.give it back to me tomorrow, k shug?", she said, then walked off, still naked, stopping at the door before mom san braezzrs sex story her state and dressing.

Task Per minute _____________________________________ Blowjob-------------1.00 Handjob-------------.50 Breast Fucking------1.50 Pussy Fucking-------4.00 Anal----------------5.00 Oral----------------.25 Special- Whore's Choice Of course the sight of such a "menu" disgusted me, so I threw it aside, but remembering she wanted it back I stuck it in my bag.

I could not even imagine women whoring themselves like that to strange men, but.5 dollars a minute? shit.that is.300 dollars an hour at pure anal! But wait, there is no way anyone's sticking anything up my way. On my way home that day I was set that there was nothing in this world that could convince me to do this, nothing, but things changed. When I got home my mom was crying, apparently, the bank had taken the Tv and all the kitchen appliances because we couldn't pay our bills and we only had six weeks to pay the house payment, which was now over two thousand dollars.

I ran up to my room, almost in tears, to find my TV, stereo and phone all gone. All that way left was fantastic czech cutie is teased in the mall and penetrated in pov chest, bed and the posters the repot men must have torn somehow from my walls.

When I threw my bag down in fury, out spilled the sheet of paper. Maybe I will try it, I will sleep on it. So I removed my clothes and climbed into bed. When morning came I had forgotten all about the "menu" as I believe I will soon come to call it and all about the troubles plagueing my family.

But by the time I was getting dressed I had remembered and had begun to think about it. There were definitely pros and cons. Pregnancy, Con, but that could be remedied by protection. Money, Pro, big is car, money is, is happiness. But no.its disgusting, isn't it?

When I was on the bus I sat by Bec again, this time hesitant to talk, but I knew I had to, but this would not be one of those meaningless idea talks, not even the ideal whose cute talk.this was serious.


When she get on she said,"Hey, what's up, you look blue." "The repot company came yesterday, took my phone, Tv, everything", I said, not quite making eye contact and biting my lip. "That sucks.maybe if we got jobs we could help your mom?", she suggested. "I have thought about it.and found somewhere that hires", I put forth. "Really? Where?", she asked. With this I handed her the "menu" and let her read for herself. As her eyes scanned it I could not tell what she thought, but then she looked up.

"Are you serious?", she asked. "I have to help make money", I said. "Then put me down, I want to help", she said. "Thanks", I was almost in tears now, not of sadness or happiness.but of raw emotion. "When you want to do it?", she asked. "I don't know, was thinking of calling the number on the back during lunch", I suggested.

"Do it", she confirmed. During lunch that day I went out back to use the payphone and ended up spending my entire wallet of money on the call because of the outrageous prices. So I dialed the number 1-800-7225-177 or, as I later learned, 1-800-TEEN-ASS. The voice on the other end was calm and friendly, "Hello?" It was definitely a woman.

"Erm.hello, I got your.erm, I guess flier, from a friend", I said. "You want to work for us?" she asked strictly with sudden tenseness.

"Me and my friend Bec, yes.", In said. "Our office is off william Street, can you come", the voice asked. "Umm, I.don't have a car", I said. "Where are you calling from?", she asked. "Outside of Devine High School", I said. "What time does school get out?", she asked. "3:30, sometimes four", I said. "A car will pick you up at 4:30, we can't risk being seen, look for a red van, pretty easy to spot", then the phone went dead.

After meeting up with Bec and telling her about our arrangements she said okay, we called our parents and told them we were staying late for a project and would walk home, then went to wait for the van. At slightly after 4:30 young girlfriend on webcam fucking her boyfriend large, bright red van pulled into the drive being driven by a large Vin Diesel like man with sun glasses and we ran out to him and jumped in when the sliding door opened.

He didn't talk the entire time until we reached a small suburban house and he said, "Get out" and took us to the door and told us to wait, then got back in the car and drove off. "Should we knock?", I asked. Bec reached forth with a nod and knocked heavily on the door. After about a minute or fake cop picks up ebony pro and fucks her a woman came to the door.

She looked to be about 30, with bright orange hair and freckles with size C breasts and long, luxorious legs.

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She was dressed in a hot pink robe and had it pink earrings. "Hello, The two people interrested?", she said with a hint of a british accent. " name is Lexia and this is my friend Rebecca", I said. "Call me Bec", Rebecca said. "And me Lex", I said. "Bec and Lex, step in" she asserted as she opened the door.

She led us through to a dining room as she talked, "Our businness is very secret, spicy czech sweetie gapes her pink pussy to the bizarre amateur and babe entering the study you must both be checked for wires, please, remove your clothing." Not feeling nervous I removed my shirt, pants and shoes, standing here in my bra and panties and seeing Bec doing the same.

Now that we were almost nude the new acquaintance pulled back my bra and peered inside, then pulled down my panties for a moment, spread my butt cheaks, then nodded as she did the same to bec and said, "You will not need more than your bra and panties from this point" and lead us into a basement as she explained a few things to us, "Over ten houses in this area are linked by basements to form an underground circuit which we like to think of as a super brothel", she grinned at her wording which I was sure she had used quite a few times then leading us to an office like setting motioned for us to sit down.

"Any questions, girls?" she asked. "How much can we make?", Bec asked. "Your average job can make anywhere from 100-500 dollars", the woman answered, "and call me Sherry" "When could we start", I asked.

"Well, we don't just throw girls out there, you start off with being eaten, handjobs, blowjobs, that sort of thing, then progress to actual sex. And you don'just start and go for the first job, because you have to have the beauty treatment/inspection before we give you and if you don't maintain your looks we charge you and do it again." "When can we do this beauty treatment?" "I can do it now if you like, just lay back and let me work" As we lay back she hovered over us, trimming our eyelashes, thinning eyebrows, then removing each of our bras and looking and feeling at them, then saying "your breasts seem to be in order, you wear very good bras", then removing our panties she said, "We will need to wax this" and then running to get wax materials me and Bec talked.

"She is gonna wax our cunts", I said. Bec smiled and said, "Gonna be fun, Lex, don't worry".

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When she returned she began spreading hot wax over our pussies and placing strips of paper on them, then telling us to get ready and ripping each one off to our excrutiating pain. "okay, now first girls, you will start off with blowjobs and being eaten. Now, being eaten is easy, REAL easy, just lay back, moan, lock his head in every once in a while, but blowjobs are very hard, actually, so I brought some dildos.

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With this she produced to neon colored clear dildos and handed one to each of us. "Now, the trick is all in the head, these dildos are a foot long, there is a mark at the nine inch mark that you are going to reach. Now, the head is very sensitive, the curve on the underside of the head is a sensitive point for many men and can make them cum easily, but remember, you are paid by the minute and guys love deep throating.

Try it, see how far you can get it in." Trying mine I found was only about to put it in to the six inch mark, but Bec was able to get ten inches and sherry called her a "natural" and bec apologized for my inaptitute. Sherry said to call when we thought we were ready for a job and could satisfy customers and reccomended practicing eating on each other.


"How can we practice blowjobs?", bec asked. "Well, dildos are good practice, not fun, but good", she assured her. "But I want more real practice", Bec pushed. Sherry grinned and pushed a button on the desk and in came to huge men, over six foot and told them she had a treat and to pull down their pants, which they did quickly.

"Here is your practice girls, go ahead", sherry offered. I did not want to ruin this oppurtunity for Bec, so I went ahead, after all, she was doing this to help me.

As I approached one of the men he smiled at me and pushed my head down to his ten inch cock. As I put it in my mouth I thought I was going to gag, but after I had covered it with saliva it suddently became easier and I began to enjoy the taste I went faster and faster and before I knew it I had the entire thing down my throat and just when I realized this he grabbed the back of my head and slammed me into him as he came all in my mouth.

My first taste of cum and I HATED it, never wanted to try it again. As I looked at Bec the same thing happened to her, but she looked lola foxx spreads her tight wet pussy at her 'client', grinned, stuck her tongue out which was covered with cum, swalled and presented the empty mouth. Looking down at the cum I had spit out made me wish I had swallowed. We got dressed and the van took us back to the school where we got out a bit dazed and walked home, not quite ready for another day but wanting it come none the less.