Full body waxing story with xxx

Full body waxing story with xxx
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I was 11 years old my first time I ever did anything like this. I had older brothers that were into porn magazines, movies and fucked alot of girls that use to come around the house. So I was not blinding and knew what was going on.

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All what was around me made me a little horny fucking kid. My best friend (we will called him Tommy) Tommy was 2 years older then I and knew much more then I did about sex.

Tommy and I hung out everyday and everywere.


We were like each other shadows. One day Tommy and I were at Christina's house hanging out. Christina lived 2 house down from were I lived. She was around 15 years and had a big crush on my older brothers.

That day Tommy told me that he wanted to fuck her and if I wanted to watch him do it. I said yes and hidded around her house as Tommy was trying to convence Christina into letting him fuck her. As I sat there peaking at Tommy with his pants down playing with his dick I was getting turned on and I didn't care how Christina looked like. I missed it up when I started laughing because she keeped refusing him and told him to put his dick away because she wasn't going to do nothing.

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So nothing happen. Days went by and one night I had a dream of me going down on Tommy on the side of Christna's. I guess looking at his dick that day made me want it to be dreaming about it.


Then one night we were hanging out at Tommy's house in his bedroom playing video games. Then Tommy asked me if I ever jacked off before. I told him yes I have. He asked me if it felt good and I said yes. Then he asked me if I ever cumed. I was still shoting blanks at that time and didn't know what he was talking about.

So I said what do you mean about cum. He explained to me that the stuff that comes out of you dick. Non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks he locked his bedroom door and told me to pull out my dick and jack off and when it starts feeling real good to push like you need to pee.

So I pulled out my dick and Tommy was suprise at the size of my dick. He said I had a big dick for an 11 year old. I continued to jack off be before it was able to feel good his mom knocked on the door and told him that someone was one the phone for him. so I pulled up my pants and Tommy went to get the phone and returned to the room talking to some girl he knew.


As he was talking on the phone he pulled out his dick told me to look and busty teen cuttie gets stranger big cock in his car to play with it in front of me.

Again I was getting turned on but didn't want to make it obvious. So snice he was on the phone and it was getting late I told him I was going to go home. But he told me to wait with his hand. He hung up the phone and then asked me to let him suck my dick.

I looked at him all crazy then the phone rang again and he answered it. So I stuck around until he hung up. Then I told him did you really want to suck my dick. He said "yes I want to suck your dick but suck mine then I 'll suck yours". I said alright then his eyes open up wide and he said are you sure. I said yes but you are going to suck my dick right after.

He said yes then I said alright then. Tommy jumped off his bed and stood up and got in front of me as I sat on the other bed. Tommy pulled his dick out of his basketball shorts now playing with it in front of me.

I remember thinking what am I doing I am not gay but looking at Tommy's dick and how close I was to it just everything else in the back of my mind. I told him if I do this you are going to suck my dick. He said "I already said yes so come on it getting late and my brother will be coming home soon". So then I reached for his dick and put it in my hand. Then Tommy said "suck it' then I put his dick into my mouth. His dick was still soft but it didn't take long for him to get hard. Then he told me to stop and pulled up his basketball shorts.

He then open his bedroom door and checked if his parents were asleep.

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Then went as far as opening and closing the front house door to make it believe like I left and returned to the room. He turn on the TV, turn off the lights and took off all his clothes including his sock. Then Tommy laid on the floor and told me to "shh!!! come on". I then got on my knees in front of him and continued to suck on his dick. I couldn't believe I was just dreaming about doing this the other night. Tommy's dick taste like Dial soap a veay clean taste and his dick had a up cruve to it.

Everytime I pulled it out of my mouth it will hit his stomach hard and when it was in my month it hit the roof of it. I then got more into it and placed both of my hands on under his ass cheeks and started to pull all of Tommy's dick inside my mouth.

I was able to feel his ass muscles flex as I suck on his dick. dark lad bangs white beauteous gal interracial and hardcore ass muscles locked and stopped flexing but his dick started to flex.

So I pushed my head down as far as I could go and pulled his ass up to me. I was loving every bit of it. He then told me to stop and went to the bath room. I heard the shower turn on and off and he then returned back into the room.

He then asked me "how does his cum tasted". I said what do you mean because I didn't even know he had cum. He started laughing and I told him it's my turn now. He said "okay pulled down your pants and lay down".

So I did and thinking I was going to get a blow job in return. He grab a shit load of lotion and then started just jacking me off. I asked are you going to suck it. Then he started laughing again. I said fuck this and left out his bedroom window and as I was walking away he asked (still laughing) "how does my dick taste". This was my first time every sucking dick and I guess swallowing cum to but it wasn't my last.

More Ture stories to come.