Alluring slut rides a big cock for a wad of cash

Alluring slut rides a big cock for a wad of cash
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My sister went to an all girl's school. She was a senior, ready to graduate after four years of pleated green skirts, white blouses, knee high socks, ugly black flats and a small plaid bow tie. Nancy isn't the most beautiful girl in the world but she could hold her own in a crowded room.

Long light brown hair framed an oval face with gold flecked brown eyes. Her nose is straight and narrow, the tip of it curved slightly up over a quick smile of full tender lips.

Not a stunning beauty but at 18 she was morphing from cute to enchanting. I was in the Navy and hadn't seen my family in over a year when I came home on leave, a night that Nancy was at some big deal school dance.

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Mother was thrilled and we talked for a while, I asked about my sister and mom told me a story that broke my heart. Nancy was at the dance but she had to go alone. She tried to get three boys to go with her but they all refused her for one reason or another.

She said that Nancy was telling her friends that her date was called to work overtime and couldn't come. Mom gave me the dance invitation and asked me to visit Nancy at the school. Nobody knew I was her brother so I decided the surprise would be okay, not embarrassing for my teen sister. She sat at an empty table like an afterthought, sad eyes looking away from the dancing couples. I came up behind her, put my hands on her shoulders and said "Hi Nan, can I come to your party?" She recognized my voice and leaped from her chair, turned around and grabbed me in a full body hug.

"Ted, what are you doing here?!" she gushed. "I came to see you, mom said you wouldn't mind." Her eyes danced with joy "God it's been so long, Aunty sex with old man missed you so much!" She kissed my cheek then cast her eyes briefly to the dance floor and continued quietly "I'm glad you're here, you can talk to me." Just then another girl came across the floor towing a boy by the hand.

She studied me closely for a few moments then asked "Nancy, who's this?" My sister flushed and started to say "Sally, this is my&hellip." but I interjected quickly "almost broken date." I looked at Nan, "I sorry I'm late but I had a computer glitch at work I had to fix." It caught her off guard, her eyes blonde teen kitchen hd money hungry allys step daughter, she looked momentarily puzzled then she began to brighten with the realization I had just become a 'date', not her brother.

I saved her the shame of admitting to her friend that the only guy that would show up at a dance with her was her 22 year old sibling.

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She finished the introduction to Sally who looked at me with frank approval. The boy on her arm was momentarily forgotten as our eyes connected. My sister stretched up on her toes and kissed my cheek and murmured "Thank you." We tried to talk over the booming band but it was damn near impossible.

Every time we said something we had to put our mouths fat granny wants young cock in her pussy on the ear of the other to be heard. The only good part of that was I could smell her perfume, the fragrance green apple shampoo when I got close. Eventually I got tired of shouting at my sister so I asked her if she wanted to dance.

She gave me a happy face, grabbed my hand then led me to the floor where we began to twist, turn and gyrate to the heavy beat. This may have been an all girls academy but somewhere in the last four years my sister picked up some fairly sensual moves. I mean she wasn't just keeping the beat; she was flowing gracefully and artfully with the music.

When I joined the Navy Nancy was a little girl teetering on womanhood, but as I watched her dance I realized she had blossomed from awkward pubescence into an appealing young woman.

My sister was sexy. I stepped back a little and watched her. She was wearing a light blue semi-formal that hugged her closely from shoulders to waist then flared into a slender skirt that ended just above her knees. Dark seamed nylons sheathed very shapely legs. She wore heels that stood her 2" inches taller than her normal 5'7 but even then she was a half head shorter than me. The color of the dress complimented her creamy skin, the top of the dress swooped low across her chest; I couldn't help but look at the bra-less cleavage while she moved.

Nan has a nice firm rack and I was enjoying the view. A golden ankh hung from a gold chain around her neck, resting comfortably where her chest rose as the twin mounds of her breasts. I used the ankh as justification to stare at her tits.

The band took a break so we headed to the buffet table for punch and snacks. While she was piling pieces of cut fruit on her plate I commented on the necklace "Why are you wearing an ankh, I would think the powers around here would want that to be a cross?" "This is a girl's school, not a religious school." "Then it's not too restrictive?" Nancy looked up at me, venom dripped from her lips "Are you kidding?

The fucking uniform is bad enough, god, this is the first time a lot of girls get to show their stuff. There are a lot of fucked up laws and rules we are stuck with and the cunts that run our lives revel in rubbing our noses in those rules.

I'll be damn glad to get out of this shit stinking place and into a coed college where I can talk about boys without getting detention." The string of hardcore sailor language shocked me but I tried not to let her see a reaction "Show their stuff like cleavage?" She smiled demurely "Yeah, did you see Sally, if she stands up too fast her boobs will bounce out of her dress." I'd noticed that when we were being introduced.

I was also thinking my baby sister wasn't a baby any more, what she was saying and how she was saying it reminded me that she was full grown and feeling the onset of womanhood. I wondered briefly if she had yet experienced the most intimate acts as a woman.

I tried to imagine some lucky prick between her legs but the only picture I got in my mind was of her with legs spread, offering herself to three dates but no one was there to take advantage.

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An involuntary shiver snaked down my stomach and coiled around my nuts. I steered her through the crowd back to the table, my left hand resting on the small of her back as we wound our way side by side through the throng.

The taffeta dress was slipping under my palm and fingers; I could feel the muscles of her lower back flexing as she walked. At the table Nan looked up at me, her eyes flared wider and she smiled softly, the smile was private and intimate; a smile a young woman gives a young man, not a sister gives a brother.

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At that instant I was glad I had the good sense to clean up before I showed up; it was important that I looked good for her. The next set of music was softer, slower so the pairs on the floor were holding each other; the evening was getting more intimate.

Nancy and I danced a couple of times but we kept a respectful distance between our bodies just as brother and sister should. After the second dance Sally eased over to my sister and asked "Are you two enjoying yourselves?" "Yeah, why wouldn't we?" was the reply. "Cause you two look like statues, it's okay to relax and enjoy having his arms around you, you might even like it." My sister shaded red around the neck, "Maybe some of us aren't brazen sluts like our best friends are." Sally smiled up at me "I'd sure dance closer sofiya leon xxx sex story him." Brazen was a good word to describe the cute petite blonde, finding out if she was a slut would be fun too.

The band started another slow set so we put Sally on ignore and turned to each other again. Nancy was watching me carefully; I could read the message in her eyes, she didn't want her friends to think her date was afraid of her. I put my right arm around her, rested my hand on the rise of her butt, my left hand held hers against my chest while she put her head on my shoulder, her left arm around my waist. She was tense, shaking ever so lightly but we were keeping up the pretense of a couple.

Our bodies were bonded by our arms around each other, her tits and thighs rubbing on me as I led her around the floor. Her perfume was heady, sexy, and my cock began to react to the stimulus of the female clutched to me.

At first I tried to keep my developing erection from touching her so I bent my back slightly, easing the feel of her rubbing on it. Frail asian hottie boned with a dildo felt the shift and put her mouth next to my ear.

"Don't pull away; you must look really odd with your butt stuck out." "This is really wrong; you want to go sit down?" My sister put her lips next to my ear "We can't be self-conscience about having the same parents, can you think of me as a date, not your sister?" "That's the problem Sis, I've been thinking like that since I got here." She tilted her head back and drilled into my eyes with hers "Really?" I felt myself blush, "Yeah, you're really fucking sexy and that's got my nuts stirred up." Nancy took my salacious statement as a compliment, her eyes sparked happily and she brushed her lips on the corner of my mouth.

She put her mouth next to my ear again "You wouldn't believe how much I needed to hear that. That's how I want us to be the rest of the night.

I want everyone to think we are a couple." She paused then asked cautiously "Could I bother you for a little kiss, just a hint," she hesitated, "for Sally?" I didn't need any more encouragement; Nancy arched her back to look full into my face, when she did her lower body pressed closer to me.

I put my mouth over hers then let her feel what she was doing to me. My erection grew even more as I rubbed my pelvis on hers. The kiss went directly to my head, both heads; I got lightheaded as my balls poured boiling hormones into my blood. I felt Nancy s lips soften and warm under mine. I had to break off the kiss and put a little distance between us. We kept dancing but there was a difference, we were much less controlled, more at ease and natural as we moved to the music.

Nancy glanced at Sally who gave us a large smile of approval. My cock twitched and I flexed my ass, poking my sister with it. She smiled impishly, clasped her hands around my neck then returned the nudge with one of her own. We lightly kissed again as the music stopped. The dance lasted another hour and in that hour our sibling relationship withered and died.

By the time it was over I had danced with Nancy several more times. During the faster tunes she was much less inhibited, flexing and flowing, as if giving me a private showing of her moves. I managed to bump and grind, dirty dancing against her body, letting her know that she was exciting.

But it was the slow dances that worked best for us. After the second time of holding her in my arms as a date I wasn't being shy or brotherly. I made passes at her by playing with her ass and back; I made damn sure she knew I had an erection. For her part she encouraged me with quick tender kisses on my neck and lingering pelvic rubs against my distended cock while we embraced. Latin harlot shay evans has her pussy beaten up the final music notes drifted into silence she didn't seem to mind my lips on her neck as I slipped a stealthy hand between us and brushed across a breast.

We went to a late dinner with Sally and her date, Nancy sat next to me at the table, Sally directly across.

Just after we ordered my cell went off; it was our mother. "How are you and Nancy getting along?" she wanted to know. I knew Nancy wanted to keep our kinship secret so I left the table so the other two wouldn't know I was talking to our parent.

"Fine, she was really surprised to see me but we're having fun." "Good, because I have a problem. Your Aunt called, she's been in an accident and I'm going to get her and bring her home. She's okay but I'll probably stay at her place because it will be too late to drive back. Can you stay and keep Nancy company tonight, I'm not comfortable leaving her alone." "Sure mom, it won't be a problem." "Oh, thank you.

You can sleep in my bed if you want." I told my mother "That's okay, I'm used to couches." I couldn't tell my sister what mom had asked until I got her away from Sally for a few moments. Nan mulled over the news and murmured "Thanks, I hate busty harlot has her pussy plugged hard big butt and cumshot alone at night." We ordered wine and as the meal progressed we laughed and talked enjoying each others company through two bottles.

As the clock moved into the darker hours my sister and I managed to edge closer to each other, the pressure between our thighs increased after each glass of wine. I slipped off my loafer and began to tease her ankle with my toes was we dined. She put a hand under the table and squeezed my knee then ran her index finger up the inside of my leg and tweaked me just short of where my balls were churning.

Sally spoke up "Hey, Nan, where's your hand?" My sister smiled wickedly at her friend, "In his lap, you should try it." Again I was a little taken aback by my sister's boldness. I lifted her hand off my leg but not before I pulled it higher on my thigh and across my ever present hard-on. Just as Nancy went back to her dessert with both hands on top of the table I felt Sally's toes slip under the cuff of my pants.

The tipsy little tart was making a pass at me; she and I played footsie during dessert. We finally split from the other two about 1 am. I loaded my sister into my car and set off for the house. Nancy was half drunk on wine and the excitement of the evening. She leaned across the gap between the bucket seats and kissed my cheek again. "Thank you Ted, you saved my life tonight. I was dying of shame in there until you showed up.

What made you do that?" "Mom said you needed a date, so I decided to help you out." She hesitated then took a deep breath, "What about the other stuff, the kissing and touching, did mom tell you I needed that too?" I looked into golden brown eyes "Did you?" I could see her burn red under the streetlights.

She didn't answer the question but asked "Where are you staying tonight?" The last time I was home on leave I stayed with a good friend because mom had turned my old bedroom into a sewing room. "I don't know; mom's bed would freak me out, I guess the couch." Nancy rested her head on my shoulder, a hand lightly on my thigh, "I thought you don't like the couch." "I don't, the fucking thing is lumpy and uncomfortable as hell, I'm too tall for it." Nan said "Stop the car." I looked at the top of her head puzzled but pulled to the curb and stopped.

Nan twisted around in her seat then lay across the console and put her arms around my neck. A jolt of electrical current passed between us as she looked me directly in the eyes and said "Stay with me." She put her lips on mine in an overheated but tender kiss. The sweet taste of her lips was quickly followed by the tip of her tongue probing my mouth looking for mine.

In seconds my sister and I were heavily making out, my hand went to her breasts, she worked an arm between us and began to rub my throbbing erection. She fairly danced up the four steps to the porch of the little house; I followed her watching her ass swing, the dress swishing across the back of her legs. At the door she turned and stood waiting for me to open it.

She stepped up behind me, put her chin on my shoulder anal sex with hot girls grabbed my ass with both hands, "I want you to treat me like you haven't gotten laid in years sailor.

I want to be every seaport whore you've ever screwed in the next few hours." I could have pried the door open with the long hard pole jammed in my pants. As soon as the door clicked shut I grabbed my smoking hot date and pushed her up against the wall. Her hands went to my belt and zipper while I stripped her hose and panties down from under the skirt. As soon as my pants were around my ankles I turned her to the wall, hiked the skirt to her waist then slipped my cock between her legs searching for the entrance to her.

She stepped her feet wider, arched her back then gasped when I found her center and pushed hard and fast into the searing piece begging for me. My groin slapped her butt in a frenzy of fucking as she groaned her pleasure.

Nancy managed to catch her breath long enough to say "I can't move, my pantyhose are won't come off my feet." I reluctantly pulled my erection out of her, picked her up and carried her to her bed, leaving my pants and shoes in a pile by the front door.

She put her lips on mine and shot her long tongue into my mouth as I held her. At the bed I tossed my sister down then watched her laugh as I pulled the lingerie off her kicking feet. She grabbed the dress and pulled it off, baring her body before my eyes then flung the gown carelessly to the floor, "Fuck me Ted" she demanded then got to her hands and knees, her pussy a hot target between her legs, she rocked her hips in an ancient invitation.

I crawled onto the bed, between my sisters spread legs then put the end of my steel hard cock where she wanted it. I pushed into her hard enough to make her gasp and move her up the bed a few inches. Nan started fucking me with quick undulations of her hips, sliding her cunt on the shaft of my cock as I slid in and out of her.

First time sex with any woman is always a quickie for me. If Nancy had an orgasm that first time it was a minor one, one that escaped me but I knew for certain when I climaxed. I was aware that what we were doing was incest, forbidden and against the law but my balls didn't care. They had been building pressure for hours and now that I was over seven inches deep in a thrilling hot pussy they began to party hard. My nuts cinched up against the base of my pounding prick then let loose the forces of nature.

The end of my cock became a fountain, pouring surges of cum into my prom date. Her eyes sparkled with joy as I strained my back, trying to crawl inside her completely. I rolled off to her side, she threw her arm over me and nuzzled my ear "Please don't tell me your all washed up Sailor." I cupped a breast and pinched the nipple "I hate to disappoint you but I'm just getting started.

You'll have to put out all night." Nancy murmured her approval and reached for my cock to to keep me encouraged. "I want to be dirty; a fucking slut Ted.


I want you to use me any way you want, I'm your cunt for the night, make me bitchy, teach me what it's like to be a ship chasing whore." "Ship whores swallow a lot of cocks, fuck a lot of guys. I'd have to bring some friends over to help me out." Nancy rolled up onto my prone body, tucked her heels under my knees and pressed her crotch on mine "You could bring the entire Navy here tonight, I'd line them up alphabetically and take them all, I'd like that." She put her mouth over mine and lashed out with her tongue, I could feel her heart pounding against my chest.

I'm not sure I'd ever had a woman so damn hot. My cock had regained its full measure so I slipped it along the slit of her body then into her when she flexed her hips. She sat up on my lap, forcing my wood as far into her as she could get it and began to slide her smoking hot body on the asian whore has her hairy muff toy fucked well. She began to bark softly into the air as we fucked.

Her orgasm flared quickly from pretty hot latina babe toys her tight pussy our bodies joined and consumed her from head to toes.

She shook and quivered while groaning through clenched teeth. As she relaxed on the downside of her climax I rolled her off me to her stomach and mounted her from behind, drove my cock back into Nan's body and continued to fuck her.

She quickly heated back up to boiling. I hammered her violently, my balls crashing against her cunt lips until she was humping wildly under me; the bed was banging against the wall. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and moved it to the crack of her butt and slid the mushroomed head of it across her anus.

She shivered with a spasm of pleasure then raised her hips so I could penetrate her again. I fucked my little sister fast and furious until she came again in a body wrenching series of orgasmic explosions.

After she collapsed at the end of her wild orgasm I pulled out of my sister's cunt and rolled her over again. I straddled her so that her tits were tickling my nuts then put the end of my hard-on against her lips. She looked up at me with wild eyes, opened her mouth to let me fuck her face.

Nancy put her hands on my ass and helped me pump my cock between her lips. With each stroke she took me a little farther, it wasn't long before I could feel her tonsils caressing the end of my prick. She moved a hand from my butt and grabbed the shaft of my erection, holding it still so she could suck on it.

The pressure in my nuts was building rapidly as she worked on me. I came in waves as my cock convulsed. The first surge of cum gushed into her mouth; Nancy gagged a little and pulled off my cock.

The second shot splattered over her lips and cheek, a daub reached her hair. My sister moved my cock back between her lips again and let me finish in four more spurts, the pearly white cum seeping from the corners of her mouth and down her cheeks. She went to the bathroom to clean up while I straightened out the bed.

When Nan came back she launched herself across the room and tackled me, throwing me back onto the site of our incestuous reunion. "I never let a guy cum in my mouth before" she said just before she kissed me again. "How many guys have you fucked?" "I've had sex with two boys." she admitted.

"But they were just boys; not as exciting or experienced as this.


I just found out tonight that there is a difference between young sex and good sex. I liked being seduced; tonight was not a hurry up hump in the back seat of a Ford." "Is that what you think I did, seduce you?" "We seduced each other, I'm not so prudish I can't admit that.

I liked it when I saw you staring at my tits; I got hot when you started new sanny liyon xnxx story 2019 me with your prick while we danced and I knew I would take you to bed you when Sally started flirting with you at dinner." "You knew that?" "Yeah, even her boyfriend noticed, she'd fuck you in a minute." "Well, it's your tits that first attracted me.

They're nice tits. Firm, full bodied, hot and tender." I used all the modifiers I could think of that described the delightful mounds of flesh rising from her chest. I then went on to describe in detail how the rest of her body affected me, how she looked. As I talked intimately with my sister I was reacting to her again. She noticed my cock stirring then put put her mouth over it to encourage it even more. We moved from the blow-job to kissing passionately, tongues dueling, hands groping for sensitive parts of the other.

Nancy rolled to her back and repeated her desire "Treat me like a prostitute, tell me what to do to pleasure you. Pretend you just paid me money and tell me what you want; I'll do anything you want my sweet brother, anything at all." I leaned up on an elbow and took in the vista of the body lying beside me "When I fuck alicia takes the cock in her pussy whore I just slam it to her until I blow my nuts then sit back and watch someone else fuck her.

No work, no play, just fill her up then leave. That's not what I want to do right now. Tonight Nan I am going to show you how two people can enjoy each other for hours. I'll still do anything I want to you but you'll curl your toes again. Maybe tomorrow I'll invite a friend over then you can be a Navy slut for the two of us." She smiled delightedly, stretched her arms over her head and pointed her toes toward the end of the bed.

She was long, slender, nude and sexy as hell "Mmmm, oh yes, I'll be there for that. Should I invite Sally too?" "If you do that I'd have to bring three friends, two for each of you delicious novice hookers, could be a very hot night." Nancy wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me down until our noses were rubbing, "It's already been a hot night, let's make it hotter." She puckered her lips then licked mine with the tip of her tongue.


"What are you going to do to me now?" I began by exploring her entire body with my mouth. I kissed, felt, pinched, caressed, suckled and licked every sweet tender inch of her and she reacted by getting awesomely hot. The more she heated, the more I turned her on, the less inhibited she got. She didn't have control of her body, I did, and I twisted her and molded as I would a sex doll. She sucked my cock when I put it in her mouth, she spread wide when I slipped my tongue between her legs, she begged for an end to the sweet torture; "I'm on fire Ted!

Fuck me, fuck me so hard, oh god I need this!" I piled the two pillows on the bed then rolled her over so she was arched over them, ass high in the air, the next target for my lust. I slid the thick arrowed head of my erection up the crack of her sunny leon xxx bp having sex and pressed it gently against the backside opening.

Nancy gasped, arched further over the pillows and exhaled "Oh Yes! Put it in my ass!" We were both slick with body fluids so the end of my cock penetrated her butt easily. She was tight but eagerly flexed and pushed back on me as I dipped deeper and deeper into her nether hole.

She loosened up and as I stroked in and out I leaned over her back, reached under her pelvis and covered her clit with my hand then whispered in her ear, "This is what street walkers do Nancy; they take it in the ass." My words triggered a fit of rapid breathing and gurgling as another orgasm claimed her.

She cried out her release as her sphincter massaged my cock which convulsed and seized then filled my sister's anal canal with my third ball draining orgasm. I fell off her and she collapsed into a boneless mass of satisfaction beside me.

She never opened her eyes; she just passed out from the exhaustion and intensity of the sex. The next morning Nancy woke me up by nudging me, "Hey, wake up. Mom just called, she'll be home in a while." I peered up at her sitting beside me, she was in skin tight jeans and a snug Lady Ga-GA t-shirt, ready for the day but I wasn't sure how she felt about me now that the night was over and she'd had time to think about fucking her brother.

"About last night …&hellip." I started. Nancy cocked her head prettily then cooed softly "Last night was the best night I've ever had, the bitch between my legs is still smiling." "You're okay with me?" "Not only okay, but you promised me a date with some friends.

I already called Sally and she's ready to party; you just need to find three more lonesome sailors and a nice hotel room. A nice hotel, I don't want to play around in a cheap motel, I'm not that fucking depraved," she trailed a finger along the length of my limp cock, her gold flecked eyes brimming with promise, "not yet anyway, but you are going to teach me, right?"