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Big tit milf loves this cock round ass big tits
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I had always lived in a small town. Sure it was boring but I liked having no crime or anything else that is bad. "Hey man wana come camping with me on the hotty feels sperm in mouth smalltits and hardcore I asked as I called my best friend Milo.

"Yeah sure but give me like 30 minutes to get ready and I'll meet you at the lake" Milo said. Milo had always been the smart one of us. Sure he had his dumb points like when we boiled 2 gallons of used oil and threw in a huge piece of snow. "Ok I'll get the rest of us" I said. It was a big task getting all of us together without problems.

There were 7 of us in all (me, Milo, Ron, Tim, Jacob, Peter, and Tom). I was told that we were going to get another person in our small town of Granite. Little did I know that they would make this the best 4 days of my days on the planet.

It took me 40 minutes to get all the stuff ready. "They better fucking wait for me" I thought as I biked as fast I possibly could towards the lake. "Late again lad" Tom said. Tom was born in Dublin, Ireland and when he would get me mad id call him a Mick or a leprechaun.

"Go die you Mick bastard "I said in anger. "Don't be a dick lad." "We should see if that new kid wants to come" Ron said.


Ron was the youngest of us by 4 months, Tim being second youngest; I think he was just nervous about being by teen agers because other than Tim we were all 13-14.

"Have Ike do it" "You know I don't like talking to people" There was a chance that I would end up doing it anyway. "Do it you pussy ass faggot fuck", Jacob screamed at me. "Jesus Christ Jake no need to be a bitch", I said as I walked down the road to the house that just a week ago had a Remax sign in the front lawn. As I knocked on the mom and son porn storyd I was wondering who would answer.

"Hey I'm Ike and&hellip." I almost shit myself as I saw who opened that door. A girl with blondish-black hair with what I guessed as 36C boobs and I guessed weighed about 110 pounds. "And……" she asked with a slightly irritated tone. "And I thought that maybe a boy lived here so we would have someone else to come camping with us" I said.

"So you're saying a girl doesn't know how to camp" she said obviously thinking that I was being sexist. "No I'm not being sexist just girls don't really like to do that stuff". "Follow me". "Ok&hellip." I walked up the stairs of her house. "Uh won't your parents be mad" "They are at a concert or something" "What is your name" I asked in a confused tone. "Kensy why" She asked as we got to the top of the steps. "Just wondering" "Wait here" "All right" I waited for maybe 1 minute and she came out with a whole back pack of shit.

"You're coming" I asked. "Yeah" "Ok." We walked back to the gang in silence. "Finally" Milo said "we've been waiting for like half an hour" "Don't get your panties in a bunch" I said jokingly as we got closer they realized it was a girl. "Everyone this is Kensy.

She is coming with" ♦ ♦ old gay and young gay ♦ After we got the 3 tents set up, 2 were for us and 1 for Kensey, we got dinner going. Since I was the woodsman it was up to me (and 5 20 packs of Ramen) to feed us all.

I set up snares and went fishing. I caught 9 brook trout and brought them back. Jake was getting the fire going, Peter was setting up the cooking area, Milo was getting wood for the fire, Tom was digging out toilets, Ron was looking for water, and Tim was looking for berries or herbs.

Wondering what Kensy was doing I walked in her tent. "Hey Kensy dinner is al-"She was changing. She made to attempt to cover herself up. She just kept going. Her nipples were a perfect mixture of pink and brown. There was almost no hair on her pussy, the hair that was there was in the shape of a triangle.

Her ass was literally like a tan balloon. Oh and those legs were tan and looked like they would never quit. When she put on her shorts and tee shirt she asked me if id move because she was hungry. That night when I got up to "pee" I tried to beat it but Jake came out looking for me thinking I fell and broke something. The next morning I got up early to go check my snares. I wanted Kensy to come with me so I could apologize about last night but she wasn't in her tent.

Meh I might as well grab my soap and go to my hot spring and take a bath. ♦ ♦ ♦ As I you might think brooke scott has a face cumshot fetish closer and closer to my hot spring I could hear some type of moaning.

Thinking it was maybe a rabbit or something bigger in my snare I got out my knife, but as I got closer and closer to my snare the sound got quieter and quieter. "Meh I'm kinda cold. I'm going to take a bath" I thought about the warm waters of the hot spring that had turned in to a sort of pool. I had carved steps into it and a trench for the dirty water to go whenever I felt they needed to.

There it was again a rhythmic moan. I hot blowjob session with two delicious honeys on the hill overlooking the hot spring. Kensy was there rubbing herself. Almost instantly I became hard as the rock I was standing on.

She was completely naked and not fingering herself so I thought maybe she still had her hymen. I was never draining the water from that again. I had started to pull down my pants and old mother pleases her sons gf with a dildo my 6 inches to the world just as I was about to sit I started to fall. Shit. "AHHHHH" screamed me and Kensy in unison. "Ike what the fuck are you doing" Kensy screamed. I was still as hard as a rock.

I could feel her eyes on my erect member. "More like what the fuck are you still staring at" I asked in my defense "Why are your pants off" Kensy asked obviously denying that she was looking at my dick. "Because I want to take a bath" I told her. "Wait your turn" She told me.


About 45 seconds past then she asked me again "Why are your pants off" she repeated "and be truthful." "I was going to jerk off to you jerking off" I said ashamedly "Did you like what you saw" she asked me after pausing for a bit more. "Very much so" "Want me to start again?" "Yes" "Ok" Her fingers started going up and down her now swollen clit. It was just glistening with juices.

As soon as she took her hand off and licked it I almost lost it. "If you need some help tell me I'm always happy" I threw out there. "Ok lick me" She commanded me.

"OK!!" I put my tongue on her wet pussy and it was the best taste I've ever had. It was like an orgy of flavors in my mouth; at one time it would be salty then sweet then bitter. I had watched so much porn over the years that I knew exactly what to do. She started to moan harder and started to shake then it was like a drinking fountain where you drink liquid ecstasy. Even after she came I didn't stop. She wasn't only moaning then she was screaming.

After about 20 minutes of me tongue fucking the hell out of her she told me to stop. "Don't you want to feel it also" she asked me. "Shit yes but a woman comes first" I responded.

"Well I'm done" she exclaimed "Stand up." "OK!" "Tell me when you're about to cum" At first she started to jerk me off only but then I felt her tongue flick over my dick head.

Then complete warmth. I was in her mouth I could feel sexy sisters lupe burnett gets pantyhose ripped apart and pussy nailed hard dick head rubbing the back of her esophagus. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it a bit farther towards me. Of course she started to choke. After about 10 more minutes of my dick in her mouth I started to pant.

"Not yet" she told me. "I'm so close" I told her as I reached down to jerk myself off. She slapped away my hand. "Not yet!" "Okay" "I don't want my hymen to break so when you go away from your verge of coming fuck my asshole" she said.

I couldn't believe my ears "fuck her asshole?!?!" "Ok then" I told her. My dick was still wet from her mouth but I spit on her brown eye anyway. "This might hurt" I told her as I slid my dick in. "AHHHGH" She yelled. "A lot" I said then I let out a nervous chuckle.


There was no where I'd rather be that day. Her butt hole was 70+ times better than her mouth. Her butt hole was so tight and warm. I started thrusting and shoving my dick in and out of her ass.

As she turned screaming into moaning I thought I could hear her say something but then I thought this day was already crazy enough I might as well get schizophrenia. I decided to take it up a notch by talking dirty. "Who's my dirty little ass whore"? "I am Ike. I'm your dirty little ass bitch and I want you to cum on my face" She said. When she tits that nice deserve a load czechsuperstars cum on face I almost came in her asshole.

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About 10 minutes of sliding my dick in and out in and out in and out. I was panting. "Ok get on your knees" I told an eager Kensy. "Put it in your mouth I need some type of lube." "All right" "Oh I'm going to get cum all over your face, hair, and beautiful boobs." I said as I started beating off into her face.

"Come on Ike jizz all over my face and boobs" "Here you go" I shouted as I fired off my first load of semen into her hair.

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"UGHHHH" Jet after jet of hot sticky cum hit her face and hair. Finally when I was done I almost fainted because of how much pleasure I was in. "I wonder if the other guys will be mad" asked Kensy as she swallowed the last of my cum on her face and walked into the hot spring to clean her hair. "I don't know but I sure hope they aren't up looking for us" I said as I silently went up to the side of the spring". As I prepared to jump I yelled "BECAUSE I WANT YOU ALL TO MY SELF" and did front flip and we wrestled in the water for about 20 minutes.

That's how I like mornings; violent and full of sex.